Baby Boy Names that Start with F – 400 Meaningful Options

Hello, future parents out there! If you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably because you’re on the hunt for the perfect baby boy names. Why not consider starting with F?

Unusual, bold, and full of personality… just like your little one will be, no doubt!

If you’re currently expecting a son, and wondering what names beginning with letter F might be right for him, we’ve got 400 meaningful options here that are sure to inspire.

From classic favorites that will stand the test of time to modern monikers set to surge in popularity – explore this exclusive selection carefully before making your final choice!

F Names Boys – Personality and Cultural Significance

If cultural or religious significance is important to you, F names have got you covered. In Arabic, names like Farhan (meaning happy) or Faisal (meaning judge) are popular.

For those leaning towards Gaelic or Irish origins, Faolan means ‘little wolf’ – how adorable is that? Or, for a softer sounding name, consider Finn (meaning fair or white).

Felix (Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’) is another great option that has been on the rise in recent years ( jumped from 394 position in 2006 to 192 in 2022 ).

You know what’s interesting?

People whose name starts with F tend to have some amazing qualities. They’re friendly, loyal, creative, empathetic, imaginative, and reliable, just to name a few!

It’s pretty cool how names can sometimes give us a hint about someone’s personality, don’t you think?

Traditional F Boy Names

Traditional F Boy Names

  1. Francis: meaning “Frenchman”, this name has a timeless charm.
  2. Frederick: of German origin, it means “peaceful ruler”.
  3. Finnegan: of Irish origin, it means “fair”.
  4. Felix: Latin in origin, it means “happy” or “fortunate”.
  5. Fain: English for “merry” or “joyful”.
  6. Fane: English for “happy” or “joyful”
  7. Fergus: of Scottish origin, it means “man of force”.
  8. Franklin: originally an English surname meaning “free landholder”.
  9. Faye: French for “fairy” or “radiant”.
  10. Fitzgerald: of Irish origin, it means “son of Gerald”.
  11. Finn: Boy’s name of Irish origin, meaning “fair”.
  12. Fenton: of English origin, it means “marsh town”.
  13. Felton: also of English origin, it means “settlement on the field”.
  14. Fraser: Scottish for “strawberry flower”.
  15. Fitzroy: originally an English surname meaning “son of the king”.
  16. Fadil: Arabic for “generous” or “virtuous”.
  17. Fionn: Irish for “fair” or “white”.
  18. Finnian: meaning “fair” or “white”, this name has Irish and Scottish roots.
  19. Farran: of Arabic origin, it means “glory”.
  20. Frayne: Old English for “stranger” or “foreigner”.
  21. Faramond: Germanic name meaning “journey protection”.
  22. Fabian: Latin name meaning “bean grower” or “bean seller”.
  23. Fedor: Russian for “God’s gift”.
  24. Finnick: of Irish origin, it means “fair” or “white”.
  25. Faizan: Arabic for “grace” or “favour”.
  26. Fayvel: Yiddish for “bright”.
  27. Fedele: Italian for “faithful” or “loyal”.
  28. Faris: Arabic for “knight” or “horseman”.
  29. Ferris: of Irish origin, it means “rock”.
  30. Faisal: Arabic name meaning “judge”.
  31. Faustino: Spanish name meaning “fortunate”.
  32. Forrest: originally an English surname referring to someone who lived near a forest.
  33. Felicia: Feminine form of Felix, meaning “happy” or “fortunate”.
  34. Falan: Old English for “fallow land”.
  35. Florian: Latin name meaning “flowering”.
  36. Fletcher: originally an occupational surname for a maker of arrows.
  37. Farren: Germanic name meaning “adventurous” or “intrepid”.
  38. Finley: Originally an Irish and Scottish surname meaning “fair warrior” or “fair-haired hero”.
  39. Festus: Latin name meaning “festive” or “joyful”.
  40. Finbar: Irish for “fair-haired” or “blond”.
  41. Firmin: French name meaning “strong” or “firm”.
  42. Figaro: Italian for “barber”.
  43. Firston: Old English name meaning “first town”.
  44. Flip: diminutive of Philip, meaning “lover of horses”.
  45. Fingal: Scottish name meaning “fair stranger”.
  46. Ford: English name meaning “river crossing”.
  47. Freeman: English name meaning “free man”.
  48. Flavien: French form of Latin name Flavius, meaning “yellow” or “blond”.
  49. Fulton: Scottish surname meaning “field town” or “settlement on a field”.
  50. Fitzpatrick: Irish and English name meaning “son of Patrick”.

Popular Baby Boy Names with F

  1. Finley
  2. Finn
  3. Francisco
  4. Fabio
  5. Frederick
  6. Freddy
  7. Fernando
  8. Florian
  9. Frankie
  10. Franco
  11. Ferdinand
  12. Faheem
  13. Finnegan
  14. Fraser
  15. Farouk
  16. Fenton
  17. Felipe
  18. Faizel
  19. Fabrizio
  20. Farid
  21. Faustino
  22. Faris
  23. Flynn
  24. Franz
  25. Fergus
  26. Floyd
  27. Fulvio
  28. Francis
  29. Fabian
  30. Friedrich

F Names in History and Literature

  1. Ferdinand: A Shakespearean name, meaning “bold voyager”.
  2. Fabrizius: A Roman general in the 3rd century.
  3. Faustus: In German legend, a man who sells his soul to the devil.
  4. Falstaff: One of Shakespeare’s most beloved characters, known for his wit and humor.
  5. Faramir: A character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.
  6. Fitzwilliam: The last name of Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.
  7. Flavius: A Roman emperor who ruled from 69 to 79 AD.
  8. Frodo: The main character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.
  9. Frankenstein: The famous monster created by Mary Shelley.
  10. Fabrizio del Dongo: A character in Stendhal’s novel “The Charterhouse of Parma”.
  11. Finn: A legendary hero in Irish mythology.
  12. Falco: The main character in the “Uncle Remus” stories by Joel Chandler Harris.
  13. Faithful: A character in John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress”.
  14. Faramond: King of the Franks from 426 to 428 AD.
  15. Fielding: The last name of the author of “Tom Jones” and other famous novels, Henry Fielding.
  16. Fantine: A character in Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables”.
  17. Faramir Took: A hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.
  18. Fleur: A character in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.
  19. Finley Jayne: A character in the steampunk novel “The Girl in the Steel Corset”.
  20. Fiona: The princess and love interest of Shrek in the animated movie franchise.
  21. Falada: The talking horse in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Goose Girl”.
  22. Fantine Tholomyès: A character in Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables”.
  23. Fitzroy Wentworth Wotton: A character in Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.
  24. Faustus Socinus: An Italian theologian and founder of the Unitarian movement.
  25. Finn MacCool: A mythical hero in Irish and Scottish folklore.
  26. Falstaffe Goodfellow: An elf character in Edmund Spenser’s epic poem “The Faerie Queene”.
  27. Francie Nolan: The main character in Betty Smith’s novel “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”.

Modern Baby Boy Names Starting with F

  1. Fynn
  2. Fox
  3. Felix
  4. Finnian
  5. Franklyn
  6. Fabio Jr.
  7. Fordham
  8. Fielder
  9. Farhan
  10. Finnick Jr.
  11. Frédérico
  12. Forest
  13. Fikri
  14. Faisal Jr.
  15. Fahad
  16. Flynnigan
  17. Fionnbarra
  18. Fabrizzio Jr.
  19. Faridullah
  20. Finnix
  21. Faustus Jr.
  22. Fraiser Jr.
  23. Fletcher Jr.
  24. Falon
  25. Flint
  26. Finnlay
  27. Fitzgerald
  28. Finley
  29. Finn
  30. Felix
  31. Francisco
  32. Fernando
  33. Finnegan
  34. Frances
  35. Franklin
  36. Forrest/Forest
  37. Francis
  38. Ford
  39. Frankie
  40. Frank
  41. Fabian
  42. Finnley
  43. Frederick
  44. Flynn
  45. Fletcher
  46. Fallon
  47. Franco
  48. Faulkner
  49. Fidel
  50. Fyodor

Unique and Uncommon Boy Names Starting with F

  1. Faelan: Irish for “little wolf”.
  2. Faraday: of English origin, it means “iron maker”.
  3. Finvarra: In Irish mythology, the king of the fairies.
  4. Fisher: originally an occupational surname for a fisherman.
  5. Franziska: German for “free woman”.
  6. Fortune: English word name meaning “luck” or “chance”.
  7. Farley: derived from an Old English place name meaning “fern clearing”.
  8. Frasier: Scottish surname meaning “strawberry bush”.
  9. Frost: English word name representing the cold season.
  10. Francois: French form of Francis, meaning “Frenchman” or “free man”.
  11. Flanagan: Irish surname meaning “red” or “ruddy”.
  12. Fennec: French for a small desert fox.
  13. Firth: derived from an old English word for a body of water.
  14. Flick: German diminutive of Friedrich, meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  15. Fane: derived from an Old English word for a banner or flag.
  16. Falke: German for “falcon”.
  17. Frosty: nickname representing the cold season.
  18. Florence: derived from the Latin name Florentius, meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous”.
  19. Fenchurch: English surname meaning “fenced churchyard”.
  20. Florin: Romanian form of Florian, meaning “flowering” or “flourishing”.
  21. Fredricus: Latin form of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  22. Fitzhugh: derived from an Old French nickname for someone with dark hair or complexion.
  23. Filmor: English name meaning “famous sea”.
  24. Finch: English surname representing a small bird.
  25. Fulk: derived from an Old English name meaning “people’s guard”.
  26. Fadi: Arabic for “savior” or “redeemer”.
  27. Fulgencio: Spanish form of Fulgentius, meaning “shining” or “bright”.
  28. Fennell: derived from the Gaelic word for a white marsh flower.
  29. Faron: derived from an Old French word for “handsome”.
  30. Finlo: derived from an old Irish name meaning “white champion”.
  31. Fikret: Turkish for “intelligence” or “reason”.
  32. Farrell: derived from an Irish surname meaning “hero” or “champion”.
  33. Fenmore: English name meaning “marsh moorland”.
  34. Florinio: Italian form of Florian, meaning “flowering” or “flourishing”.
  35. Favian/Fabian: Latin for “bean grower”.
  36. Ferdie/Ferdy: short form of Ferdinand, meaning “brave traveler” or “bold voyager”.
  37. Fahmin: Urdu name meaning “understanding” or “knowledgeable”.
  38. Fabiano: Italian form of Fabian, meaning “bean grower”.
  39. Fanibhushan: Sanskrit name meaning “adornment of the sky”.
  40. Ferran: Catalan form of Ferdinand, meaning “brave traveler” or “bold voyager”.

Short Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Fox
  2. Finn
  3. Frank
  4. Fred
  5. Flynn
  6. Felix
  7. Ford
  8. Fynn
  9. Finnian
  10. Finian
  11. Fabio
  12. Fitz
  13. Fritz
  14. Fitzie
  15. Falko
  16. Falco
  17. Falken
  18. Fynnix
  19. Flinn
  20. Fidelio
  21. Fender
  22. Finnick
  23. Finnlay
  24. Flint
  25. Finnegan
  26. Fray
  27. Frey.
  28. Fahd
  29. Flann
  30. Faabis
  31. Fahim
  32. Faid
  33. Falah
  34. Fateh
  35. Fawad
  36. Ferran
  37. Firoz
  38. Fabion
  39. Faber
  40. Fabio
  41. Faby
  42. Fady
  43. Fain
  44. Fang
  45. Fan
  46. Fane
  47. Fant
  48. Fara
  49. Fashawn
  50. Fate
  51. Fatt
  52. Fay
  53. Faz
  54. Febe
  55. Fe
  56. Fedele
  57. Federico
  58. Fedor
  59. Fedora
  60. Fede

Powerful Names For A Boy Starting With F?

  1. Finnegan: meaning “fair-haired warrior”.
  2. Francis: derived from the Latin name Franciscus, meaning “Frenchman” or “free man”.
  3. Falcon: representing strength and bravery.
  4. Forrest/Forest: symbolizing resilience and endurance.
  5. Felix: of Latin origin, meaning “lucky” or “successful”.
  6. Finnian: meaning “fair” or “white”.
  7. Frederick: derived from the Germanic name Friduric, meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  8. Fernando: of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “brave traveler” or “bold voyager”.
  9. Faris: Arabic for “knight” or “horseman”.
  10. Farrell: derived from an Irish surname meaning “hero” or “champion”.
  11. Fayiz: Arabic for “victor” or “conqueror”.
  12. Fergus: of Irish origin, meaning “man of strength” or “supreme man”.
  13. Federico: of Italian origin, meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  14. Firas: Arabic for “lion” or “brave”.
  15. Flint: representing strength and durability.
  16. Fergal: derived from an Irish name meaning “brave” or “courageous”.
  17. Fidelio: of Latin origin, meaning “faithful” or “loyal”.
  18. Foster: meaning “forest guardian” or “keeper of the woods”.
  19. Favian/Fabian: Latin for “bean grower”.
  20. Fulvio: Italian form of Fulvius, meaning “yellow” or “blond”.

International Boy Names That Start With F

  1. Fabio: Italian
  2. Fernando: Spanish/Portuguese
  3. Faris: Arabic
  4. Fulbabu: Indian
  5. Finnegan: Irish
  6. Francois: French
  7. Florian: German/Romanian
  8. Fujio: Japanese
  9. Filip/Filipe: Polish/Serbian/Croatian
  10. Federico: Italian/Spanish
  11. Felix: German/Dutch/Romanian
  12. Fumito: Japanese
  13. Fernand: French
  14. Fausto: Italian/Portuguese/Spanish
  15. Faisal: Arabic
  16. Fiachra: Irish
  17. Francis/Francesco: English/Italian
  18. Fadi: Arabic
  19. Ferdinand: German/Spanish/Portuguese
  20. Fukashi: Japanese
  21. Fahad: Arabic
  22. Filimon: Greek/Russian
  23. Farhad: Persian
  24. Finnian/Fionnán: Irish
  25. Fabrizio: Italian
  26. Fadil: Arabic
  27. Fedya/Foma: Russian
  28. Faruk: Turkish
  29. Faustino: Spanish/Italian
  30. Farkas: Hungarian
  31. Fortunato: Italian/Spanish/Portuguese
  32. Fathi: Arabic
  33. Fujisane: Japanese
  34. Farah: Arabic
  35. Fachtna: Irish
  36. Ferenc: Hungarian
  37. Fawaz: Arabic
  38. Fiorello: Italian/Spanish
  39. Farooq/Farouk: Arabic
  40. Frode: Norwegian/Danish
  41. Folke: Swedish/Norwegian/ Danish
  42. Faruq: Arabic
  43. Fadili: Albanian
  44. Faheem/Fahim: Arabic
  45. Farrell: Irish/Scottish
  46. Franz/Frans: German/Dutch/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish
  47. Fawzi: Arabic
  48. Faolán: Irish
  49. Facundo: Italian
  50. Fujitaka: Japanese

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boy Names with F

Choosing the perfect name for your child can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for a specific letter.

But hopefully, these tips have given you some practical, creative, and meaningful ideas for how to choose the perfect F names for your little one.

Look to your heritage:

If you’re looking for a more traditional name that has a personal connection, consider looking at your family’s heritage.

This could include names like Franco, Felix, or Fabiana, all of which have roots in different cultures.

Not only will this give your child a unique and meaningful name, but it can also help keep family traditions alive.

Consider famous namesakes:

If you’re a fan of popular culture or history, consider naming your child after a famous person with an F name.

This could include names like Franklin, Fitzgerald, or Florence, all of which have a rich history in different fields.

Not only will your child have a unique name, but they will also have a connection to someone great who shares their name.

Think outside the box:

If you’re looking for a name that stands out a little more, consider looking at more creative or unique names. 

This could include names like Fable, Fawn, or Finch, all of which are more unexpected but still have a lovely ring to them. 

Keep in mind, though, that more unique names may be harder for your child to spell or pronounce as they grow up.

Look for meaning:

If you’re looking for a name that has a specific meaning, try searching for names with ‘F’ roots.

This could include names like Faith, Felicity, or Fiona, all of which have lovely meanings behind them.

Giving your child a name with a positive, powerful meaning can help them feel empowered and confident as they grow up.

Say it out loud:

Finally, once you have a list of potential names, make sure to say them out loud. You want to choose a name that not only looks great on paper but also sounds lovely when spoken aloud.

Saying the name out loud can also help you get a sense of how it might be pronounced or perceived by others.


So there you have it – a brief tour through the fabulous world of F names.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, culturally significant, celebrity-inspired, or downright unique, ‘F’ names have something for everyone.

Good luck in your naming journey! Remember, whatever name you choose will be perfect for your little one because it was chosen with love.

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