500 Top Baby Boy Names That Start With ‘T’

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! As a new parent, one of the most important decisions you will make is what to name your baby boy.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect name. But fear not, we’re here to help!

In this ultimate guide, we’ve curated a list of 500 top baby boy names that start with T, along with their meanings, origins, and popularity rankings.

From classic and traditional to modern and unique, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your little prince!

Most Popular Boy Names that Start with T

Most Popular Boy Names that Start with T

To find the perfect name for your little one, start by exploring the most popular choices.

Take a look at top names in the United States that begin with the letter ‘T’. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your child’s future name is already adored by many!

  • Theodore
  • Thomas
  • Tristan
  • Theo
  • Tobias
  • Timothy
  • Tate
  • Tyler
  • Tony
  • Thiago
  • Travis
  • Tucker
  • Troy
  • Toby
  • Terry
  • Tom
  • Titus
  • Todd
  • Talon
  • Tomas
  • Taj
  • Tommy
  • Tahir
  • Trent
  • Tyson
  • Tanner
  • Teagan
  • Trenton
  • Tyrone
  • Talmai

According to recent statistics, these thirty names are the most popular boy names that start with T. While they may be common, they are classic and timeless choices.

If you’re looking for a baby name that’s tried and true, one of these might be perfect for your little one.

Unique T Names for a Boy with Meaning

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind name for your special boy?

Take a look at some unique names starting with T that are sure to turn heads.

  • Tadhg: Meaning “poet” in Irish Gaelic, this name is rising steadily in popularity.
  • Tamir: This Hebrew name means “tall” or “tall palm tree.”
  • Tobiah: From the Hebrew language, this name means “God is good.”
  • Thadius: Of Latin origin, this name means “brave heart.”
  • Takumi: This Japanese name means “artisan” or “skilled.”
  • Thanos: Of Greek origin, this popular baby boy’s name translates to “immortal.”
  • Telemachus: This Greek name translates to “far from battle.”
  • Trip: With Old English roots, this name means “to walk quickly or frivolously.”
  • Tristen: This French baby boy’s name translates to “noise of sorrow.”
  • Tyr: Of Norse origin, this name translates to “God of battle.”
  • Tiberius: This Latin baby boy’s name means “from the river Tiber.”
  • Triskelion: This unique Greek baby boy’s name translates to “three-legged.”
  • Tiberius: This Latin name translates to “from the river Tiber.”
  • Tripp: With Old German roots, this name means “to walk quickly or frivolously.”
  • Tulio: Of Italian origin, this name means “peaceful one.”
  • Tafari: This African name translates to “one who is respected or feared.”
  • Turnus: From Latin, this baby boy’s name translates to “protector.”
  • Teyo: With Native American roots, this name translates to “valiant one.”
  • Taran: This Celtic name means “thunder or lightning.”
  • Tango: This unique name has roots in the Latin language and translates to “touch.”

These unique T names for baby boys have fun meanings that can reflect your little one’s personality.

Some are traditional with ancient origins, while others are more modern and contemporary. No matter what your style is, you’ll surely find a perfect fit!

Cute Baby Boy Names Start with T

If you’re looking for a name that is both cute and unique, take a look at some of our favorites.

  • Teddy
  • Toby
  • Taavett
  • Troy
  • Taz
  • Trey
  • Tabor
  • Trigg
  • Tito
  • Tadeo
  • Tlaloc
  • Tex
  • Tater
  • Tag
  • Tully
  • Thutmose
  • Tad
  • Takoda
  • Tate
  • Tab
  • Tahmasp
  • Tavin
  • Tuck
  • Turbo
  • Theo
  • Tacitus
  • Tandy
  • Toto
  • Tevita
  • Tsukuyomi

If you’re looking for a name that’s adorable and playful, these cute and catchy names are perfect. Your baby boy is bound to steal hearts with one of these names!

20 Good Baby Boy Names Start with T with Meaning

If you’re looking for a name that is meaningful as well as attractive, here are some of our favorites.

  • Tyler – meaning “maker of bricks”
  • Thomas – meaning “twin”
  • Tristan – meaning “outcry” or “bold”
  • Theodore – meaning “gift of God”
  • Troy – meaning “foot soldier”
  • Tucker – meaning “cloth fuller”
  • Tate – meaning “cheerful”
  • Talon – meaning “large claw of a bird of prey”
  • Thane – meaning “nobleman”
  • Theon – meaning “godly”
  • Theron – meaning “hunter”
  • Torin – meaning “chief”
  • Terrence – meaning “tender-hearted”
  • Trace – meaning “brave”
  • Thorin – meaning “bold one”
  • Tycho – meaning “hitting the mark”
  • Tiberius – meaning “of the Tiber River”
  • Tennyson – meaning “son of Dennis”
  • Titus – meaning “honorable”
  • Tucker – meaning “cloth fuller”

Good names are not only meaningful and unique, but they also sound great and have a nice ring to them.

These twenty names are all excellent choices for baby boys and have stood the test of time.

Modern Boy Names Starting with T

If you’re looking for a modern spin on traditional names, here are some of our favorite contemporary choices.

  • Talen
  • Tarun
  • Thyonn
  • Toussaint
  • Tobiah
  • Teige
  • Trax
  • Truitt
  • Tayo
  • Temur
  • Tristen
  • Tildon
  • Teo
  • Talin
  • Towan
  • Torrin
  • Taison
  • Tripp
  • Tremaine
  • Titan
  • Trace
  • Truett
  • Turner
  • Tytus
  • Tarek
  • Thelonious
  • Trevin
  • Thatch
  • Thorne
  • Taylor

For parents who want something trendy and fashion-forward, these modern names are a great option. They bring a fresh outlook to classic letters, which means their babies may have unique names that capture their unique personalities.

African American Baby Boys Names Starting with T

For parents who are looking for a name that is rooted in African American heritage, here are our favorites.

  • Tariq – meaning “one who knocks on the door”
  • Taban – meaning “brilliance or light”
  • Tamir – meaning “tall and handsome”
  • Tamarr – meaning “night”
  • Tanek – meaning “eternal life”
  • Tavon – meaning “twin”
  • Tevin – meaning “lively one”
  • Talulah – meaning “leaping water”
  • Trayvon – meaning “victorious”
  • Tyrell – meaning “haughty one”
  • Terrance – meaning “graceful and strong”
  • Taj – meaning “crown of glory”
  • Tameron – meaning “twin”
  • Taurean – meaning “strong and courageous”
  • Turay – meaning “the one who is victorious”
  • Tavarius – meaning “belonging to the goddess”
  • Tyrek – meaning “merciful ruler”
  • Tavorian – meaning “kingly ruler”
  • Thabo – meaning “joyful one”
  • Trory – meaning “courageous one”

These names have deep historical roots that can provide your baby boy with a strong sense of identity and connection to African American culture.

There’s nothing more powerful than having a name that speaks to your heritage!

All Other “T” Boy Names

  • Titian
  • Thanh
  • Tajinder
  • Tramaine
  • Tosin
  • Taghi
  • Tuomas
  • Tareeq
  • Talonn
  • Tarquin
  • Tyronne
  • Tajuan
  • Theseus
  • Thorvald
  • Temitope
  • Tynan
  • Tadanori
  • Trippin
  • Telemachus
  • Thaddaeus
  • Tavish
  • Tarak
  • Trumaine
  • Traycee
  • Temel
  • Trimurti
  • Traxton
  • Tejas
  • Travaris
  • Tullio
  • Thomasina
  • Tyrus
  • Tokala
  • Tsion
  • Thurgood
  • Tyjuan
  • Tintin
  • Travion
  • Tarique
  • Titusville
  • Tracie
  • Tulley
  • Theonas
  • Townes
  • Tykeem
  • Trapper
  • Tutankhamon
  • Tyce
  • Tenskwatawa
  • Telmo
  • Tavy
  • Taliesin
  • Troi
  • Tarleton
  • Teodoro
  • Tymothy
  • Tracey
  • Tamarius
  • Tavvy
  • Tarkan
  • Torsten
  • Thayden
  • Taironn
  • Tyberius
  • Tristynn
  • Taiyo
  • Tyrrell
  • Tamah
  • Talos
  • Tirso
  • Tatom
  • Tiziano
  • Teyvon
  • Tunney
  • Theotis
  • Torreon
  • Tymon
  • Taranjit
  • Tolbert
  • Tanmay
  • Talor
  • Tavie
  • Traegan
  • Trimayne
  • Tarun
  • Taddeo
  • Thure
  • Thrace
  • Trystan
  • Teymuraz
  • Toivo
  • Tobin
  • Talman
  • Tavers
  • Tally
  • Thorwald
  • Thorson
  • Tonio
  • Tynell
  • Torion

These names are perfect for parents who want a unique and unusual name for their son.

Whether they’re looking for something exotic, traditional, or modern, these names are sure to make everyone take notice!

Final Word

Naming your baby boy can be one of the most important and joyous decisions you’ll ever make.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, contemporary, or even exotic, there is a perfect name out there that will suit your son and his unique personality.

We hope this list has helped you in your search for the perfect name starting with T! Good luck, and happy name-hunting!

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