180 Impactful Boy Names That End With ‘A’

Hey there, soon-to-be parents! Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling name-hunting adventure.

Today, we’re thinking outside the box and zooming in on boy names that end with ‘a’. Yeah, you read that right. A boy name with a traditionally feminine ending?

Absolutely! It’s stylish, it’s unique, it’s all the rage.

Now, let’s dive into the treasure trove of boy names ending in ‘a’. We promise these aren’t just any names – they’re cool, they’re trendy, and they’ve got that swagger!

Traditional / Classic Boy Names Ending in 'A'

Traditional / Classic Boy Names Ending in ‘A’

Let’s kick things off with some timeless classics. These names have been around for centuries, but they’re far from boring. –

  1. Ezra: A Hebrew name meaning ‘help’.
  2. Joshua: Derived from Hebrew, meaning ‘God is salvation’.
  3. Luca: Of Italian origin, meaning ‘man from Lucania’.
  4. Dakota: An American name meaning ‘friend’.
  5. Asa: A Hebrew name meaning ‘physician’.
  6. Koa: A Hawaiian name meaning ‘warrior’.
  7. Hamza: Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘steadfast’.
  8. Musa: A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘Moses’.
  9. Ira: A Hebrew name meaning ‘watchful’.
  10. Elisha: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is salvation’.
  11. Mustafa: Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘chosen’.
  12. Nikola: A Slavic name meaning ‘victorious people’.
  13. Isa: An Arabic name meaning ‘Jesus’.
  14. Krishna: A Hindu name meaning ‘dark’.
  15. Sasha: A Russian name meaning ‘defender of mankind’.
  16. Arya: A name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘noble’.
  17. Ilya: A Russian name meaning ‘Jehovah is God’.
  18. Kota: Of Japanese origin, meaning ‘happiness’.
  19. Dana: A Hebrew name meaning ‘arbiter’.
  20. Misha: A Russian name meaning ‘who is like God?’.
  21. Alva: A name of Scandinavian origin which means ‘elf’.
  22. Aquila: A name of Latin origin which means ‘eagle’.
  23. Arda: A Turkish name that means ‘region’.
  24. Isaia: A Greek name that translates to ‘God is my salvation’.
  25. Ireoluwa: A Yoruba name meaning ‘the goodness of God’.
  26. Jakoda: A boy’s name of Native American origin translating to ‘friend’.
  27. Mujtaba: A name of Arabic origin which means ‘the chosen one’.
  28. Pasha: Of Turkish origin, meaning ‘noble’.
  29. Zia: An Arabic name that translates to ‘light’.
  30. Azra: A Hebrew name meaning ‘virgin’.
  31. Kasra: A Persian name that stands for ‘a character in Persian language’.
  32. Raza: A Hebrew name meaning ‘secret’.
  33. Soma: A name of Hungarian origin meaning ‘body’.
  34. Yashua: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is salvation’.
  35. Kena: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God has taken’.
  36. Roma: An Italian name that refers to the city of Rome.
  37. Noa: A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘motion’ or ‘movement’.
  38. Raja: Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘hope’, ‘wish’.
  39. Jona: A variation of the biblical name Jonah, meaning ‘dove’.
  40. Tara: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘hill’ or ‘tower’.
  41. Surya: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘sun’.

Uncommon Boy Names Ending in ‘A’

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd? These unique boy names ending in ‘a’ are sure to make a statement.

  1. Natura – Nature-inspired
  2. Dara – Wise and compassionate
  3. Sena – Courageous and strong
  4. Jiva – Full of life and vitality
  5. Avia – Bird-like, free-spirited
  6. Zephyra – Gentle breeze, serene
  7. Mika – Gift from God
  8. Seva – Selfless and serving
  9. Pasha – Royal and regal
  10. Yara – Butterfly, graceful
  11. Zorba – Vibrant and lively
  12. Jaya – Victorious and triumphant
  13. Ona – Graceful and elegant
  14. Enea – Enthusiastic and energetic
  15. Elia – Bright and shining
  16. Cala – Beautiful and serene
  17. Mora – Wise and thoughtful
  18. Evara – Unique and special
  19. Ura – Noble and dignified
  20. Rafa – Healer and comforter
  21. Toma – Brave and bold
  22. Dana – Gifted and generous
  23. Gaia – Earth goddess, nurturing
  24. Zia – Radiant and full of light
  25. Lea – Delicate and graceful
  26. Oka – Peaceful and serene
  27. Daykota – Strong and resilient
  28. Deandra – Strong and courageous
  29. Deaundra – Noble and virtuous
  30. Decoda – Wise and insightful
  31. Demontra – Mysterious and alluring
  32. Devanta – Divine and spiritual
  33. Devendra – King of gods
  34. Dheera – Brave and courageous
  35. Dionta – Constant and loyal
  36. Divya – Divine and radiant
  37. Hamsa – Graceful and pure
  38. Hanzala – Eager and enthusiastic
  39. Haruma – Generous and kind-hearted
  40. Hinata – Sunflower, cheerful
  41. Ibukunoluwa – Blessed by God
  42. Ilerioluwa – Promise of God
  43. Iokepa – God will multiply
  44. Isaha – God saves
  45. Izra – Help and support
  46. Jawanza – Adventurous and daring
  47. Jayda – Precious and beloved
  48. Jeeva – Eternal and everlasting
  49. Jeramia – God will uplift
  50. Josha – God is salvation
  51. Jovonta – Joyful and vibrant
  52. Kaiea – Sea or ocean
  53. Kaivalya – Complete and liberated
  54. Kamakana – Precious gift
  55. Kaulana – Famous and renowned
  56. Kendrick – Brave and strong leader
  57. Krsna – Dark and mysterious
  58. Lorenza – Laurel tree, victorious
  59. Lopaka – Charming and charismatic
  60. Mahendra – Great and mighty king
  61. Narayana – Supreme being, all-encompassing

Short Boy Names Ending in ‘A’

Looking for a short and sweet name that end with ‘a’? Look no further! Here are some options to consider:

  1. Ata: A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘gift’.
  2. Erza: A Hebrew name meaning ‘help’.
  3. Kaya: Derived from Turkish, meaning ‘rock’.
  4. Mega: A Greek name denoting ‘great’.
  5. Raja: An Indian name signifying ‘king’.
  6. Reda: An Arabic name meaning ‘contentment’.
  7. Vega: An astronomical name from the brightest star in the Lyra constellation.
  8. Zia: An Arabic name that translates to ‘light’.
  9. Azra: A Hebrew name meaning ‘virgin’.
  10. Mia: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘dear’.
  11. Mina: Derived from German, meaning ‘love’.
  12. Raza: A Hebrew name meaning ‘secret’.
  13. Roma: An Italian name that refers to the city of Rome.
  14. Soma: A name of Hungarian origin meaning ‘body’.
  15. Zaya: A Mongolian name meaning ‘fate’.
  16. Alva: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘elf’.
  17. Ikaia: A Hawaiian name meaning ‘God delivers’.
  18. Kenta: A Japanese name meaning ‘healthy and strong’.
  19. Luna: Derived from Latin, meaning ‘moon’.
  20. Meba: An African name meaning ‘one who makes others happy’.
  21. Samba: An African name meaning ‘worshiper’.
  22. Yusha: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is salvation’.
  23. Alva: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘elf’.
  24. Isaia: A Greek name meaning ‘God is my salvation’.
  25. Pasha: A Turkish name meaning ‘noble’.
  26. Sota: A Japanese name meaning ‘suddenly’.
  27. Zaya: A Mongolian name meaning ‘fate’.
  28. Arda: A Turkish name meaning ‘region’.
  29. Ilija: A Slavic name meaning ‘Jehovah is God’.
  30. Kena: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God has taken’.
  31. Rosa: An Italian name meaning ‘rose’.
  32. Sema: An African name meaning ‘divine omen’.
  33. Toa: A Polynesian name meaning ‘warrior’.
  34. Tuvia: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is good’.
  35. Zisha: A Yiddish name meaning ‘sweet’.
  36. Ikaia: A Hawaiian name meaning ‘God delivers’.
  37. Jeptha: A Hebrew name meaning ‘he opens’.
  38. Joa: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God will add’.
  39. Kaia: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘pure’.
  40. Toa: A Polynesian name meaning ‘brave’.
  41. Tovia: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is good’.
  42. Trea: An English name meaning ‘three’.
  43. Alma: A Latin name meaning ‘nurturing’.
  44. Anna: A Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’.
  45. Aza: A Hebrew name meaning ‘powerful’.
  46. Baba: An African name meaning ‘born on Thursday’.
  47. Borna: A Croatian name meaning ‘fight’.
  48. Dacoda: An American name meaning ‘friend’.
  49. Easa: An Arabic name meaning ‘Jesus’.
  50. Ebba: A German name meaning ‘strength of an animal’.
  51. Juda: A Hebrew name meaning ‘praised’.

International Boy Names Ending in ‘A’

  1. Akira: A Japanese name meaning ‘bright’.
  2. Asoka: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘without sorrow’.
  3. Bodha: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘knowledge’.
  4. Cakra: An Indonesian name meaning ‘powerful’.
  5. Dawa: A Tibetan name meaning ‘moon’.
  6. Eka: An Indonesian name meaning ‘one’.
  7. Fadwa: An Arabic name meaning ‘sacrifice’.
  8. Harsha: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘happiness’.
  9. Jaya: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘victory’.
  10. Karna: An Indian name meaning ‘ear’.
  11. Laksa: An Indonesian name meaning ‘one hundred thousand’.
  12. Madhava: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘sweet like honey’.
  13. Naga: An Indonesian name meaning ‘dragon’.
  14. Osman: A Turkish name meaning ‘tender youth’.
  15. Pasha: A Turkish name meaning ‘noble’.
  16. Qalifa: An Arabic name meaning ‘caliph’.
  17. Rama: An Indian name meaning ‘pleasing’.
  18. Shiva: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘auspicious one’.
  19. Takuya: A Japanese name meaning ‘open-minded’.
  20. Uma: An Indonesian name meaning ‘life’.
  21. Veda: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘knowledge’.
  22. Wira: An Indonesian name meaning ‘hero’.
  23. Xia: A Chinese name meaning ‘glow of the sunrise’.
  24. Yoga: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘union’.
  25. Zahra: An Arabic name meaning ‘brilliant’.
  26. Aditya: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘sun’.
  27. Baingana: An African name meaning ‘people are equal’.
  28. Chandra: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘moon’.
  29. Daksha: An Indian name meaning ‘competent’.
  30. Eraka: An Indonesian name meaning ‘grain’.

Tips for Choosing the Right Boy Name Ending in ‘A’

When you’re looking for a boy’s name ending in ‘A’ there are a few important things to consider. First, think about pronunciation.

It’s best to choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell, so your child won’t have to constantly correct or explain it in the future.

Next, consider the cultural and historical significance of the name.

Many names ending in ‘A’ come from diverse cultures and languages, and they often carry deep meanings that can add special significance to your child’s identity.

Another factor to think about is the name’s versatility.

Will it work well at different stages of your child’s life, from infancy to adulthood? Names that grow with your child and suit different life stages are usually the best choices.

It’s also important to consider how the name sounds when combined with the middle and last names. Say it aloud, write it down and see how it feels.

Make sure it flows well and creates a harmonious combination. Lastly, while unique names can be wonderful, it’s worth considering whether a name is too unusual.

You may want to avoid excessively uncommon names, so your child won’t always have to explain or clarify their name.

Remember, choosing a name is a significant decision that shapes a child’s identity. Take your time, consider these factors, and make a choice that feels right for your family.


With these 180 impactful boy names that end with the letter “A”, the perfect name choice for your newborn is just a few clicks away.

Each of these names has something special to offer – whether it be a cultural connection, a meaningful origin story, or simply a unique and attractive sound.

You’ll find one that fits your vision for your little one’s identity and legacy.

Whether you are looking for something classic or modern, stronger or more subtle.

Exploring this list will reveal such an array of interesting and beautiful options that finding the perfect baby name will feel like a breeze.

Go ahead, take your time, open up the possibilities and see which of these powerful names feels best to both you and your future child.

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