200 Boy Names That Start With U ( Meaningful Choices )

Hey there, future parent or name enthusiast! Selecting the perfect name for your little one isn’t just a fun part of the pregnancy journey, it’s also a significant step.

A name is the first gift you’ll give to your baby, a gift they’ll carry for life.

When it comes to naming your baby boy, the letter “U” offers a unique and intriguing starting point. From traditional to trendy, here are 200 boy names that start with U and their meanings.

The Importance of Names

Names are more than just labels. Its an incredibly important part of our identity. They represent identity, heritage, and can even influence personality.

They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.

Ever heard the saying, “a name can shape its bearer’s destiny”?

There’s a grain of truth there, my friend. So, take your time and choose a name that you love and one that will make your child proud.

Why Choose Names that Start with U

Now, let’s U-turn to a letter that’s been under the radar for too long – U. Unique, unassuming, and universally underrated.

Names that start with “U” are relatively uncommon, making them stand out from the crowd. Starting a name with “U” can help foster a sense of individuality and independence.

U names are unexpected treasures, with a blend of traditional and modern choices. The letter “U” can represent concepts such as unity, understanding, and uniqueness.

Choosing a name that starts with “U” can be a symbolic reminder of these qualities and values you want to instill in your child.

Plus, let’s face it, how cool would it be to have your child’s name starting with this uncommon letter?

Our Top Picks For Boy Names Starting With U

  1. Ulliam
  2. Ultan
  3. Urban
  4. Urijah
  5. Ulfric
  6. Umar
  7. Uriah
  8. Usul
  9. Uberto
  10. Ulrich
  11. Upton
  12. Urien
  13. Ulf
  14. Ulysses
  15. Uri
  16. Urizen
  17. Ulises
  18. Umberto
  19. Uriel
  20. Uzziah
Uncommon Boy Names With U

Uncommon Boy Names With U

  1. Uzochi: This name exudes spirituality with its meaning, “Way of God.” It carries a profound sense of purpose and connection to a higher power, making it a beautiful choice for parents seeking a name with a strong religious or spiritual connotation.
  2. Ualan: A name that signifies strength and health, Ualan is a name that speaks to the robust nature of your little one. It’s a name that can inspire thoughts of vitality and well-being.
  3. Ultron: Although linked to the Marvel supervillain, Ultron is a distinctive and futuristic choice. Its connection to a powerful character from the world of comics gives it an edgy, modern feel.
  4. Ulick: This name beautifully combines the meanings of “heart,” “mind,” and “spirit,” suggesting a harmonious and balanced individual. It’s a name that celebrates the holistic nature of a person.
  5. Uaithne: With a meaning tied to the color green, Uaithne is an excellent choice for parents with a love for nature and Irish heritage. It evokes images of lush landscapes and has a serene quality.
  6. Usaza: A name signifying “youthful” brings to mind the exuberance and energy of childhood. It’s a name that radiates vitality and a sense of fresh beginnings.
  7. Urijah: This name carries a deep spiritual significance, meaning “God is my light.” It’s a name that suggests a strong connection with faith and a guiding light in life.
  8. Uduak: With a meaning that denotes “will” or “desire,” Uduak is a name that reflects determination and the pursuit of one’s aspirations. It carries a sense of purpose and intention.
  9. Ucathya: This name is a powerful statement, signifying “worthy of praise.” It reflects qualities that are deserving of admiration and acknowledgment.
  10. Ulfric: Combining the meanings “wolf,” “power,” and “ruler,” Ulfric is a name that exudes strength and leadership. It’s a choice that suggests a commanding presence.
  11. Udayasooriyan: Similar to the rising sun, this name carries a sense of optimism and new beginnings. It’s a name that signifies the promise of a bright future.
  12. Uatu: Inspired by the Marvel Comics character, The Watcher, Uatu is a name that reflects an air of mysterious wisdom and guardianship.
  13. Udarathi: Associated with “Lord Vishnu,” Udarathi is a name deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and spirituality. It signifies a connection to the divine.
  14. Uchit: This name simply means “correct,” making it a choice that emphasizes doing what is right and just. It’s a name that celebrates moral integrity.
  15. Ulric: With a meaning of “wolf ruler” or “prosperity and power,” Ulric is a name that suggests both authority and success. It’s a name for a future leader.
  16. Usain: A name that means “handsome” carries with it the promise of good looks and charisma. It’s a choice that exudes confidence and charm.
  17. Unique: This modern name is a declaration of individuality. It signifies the uniqueness of your child and celebrates their distinct qualities.
  18. Uinseann: Signifying “to conquer,” Uinseann is a name that reflects determination, strength, and the ability to overcome challenges.
  19. Uchadev: Referring to “Lord Vishnu,” Uchadev is a name with profound spiritual connotations, signifying devotion and divine connection.
  20. Utah: Simple and straightforward, Utah means “high.” It’s a name that suggests a person with lofty aspirations and a strong sense of purpose.
  21. Ugène: A unique Norman form of “well-born,” Ugène is a name that suggests a noble and distinguished heritage.
  22. Ursus: With its ancient Roman origin and meaning “bear,” Ursus is a name that embodies qualities like strength, courage, and protectorship.
  23. Usul: Inspired by the Dune character Paul Atreides, “the strength at the base of a pillar,” Usul signifies a solid foundation and a source of unwavering support.
  24. Urbonas: With a meaning of “city dweller,” Urbonas can be a name that reflects an urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle and a connection to the city.
  25. Uecker: A name that means “edge of the forest,” Uecker brings to mind images of nature and the outdoors, making it a charming choice for nature-loving parents.

Cute Names For Boys Starting With U

  1. Ua: Thai name meaning “charitable” and “kind.”
  2. Uberto: Italian boys’ name, a variation of Hubert, with the meaning “bright heart.”
  3. Udo: Igbo name meaning “peace.”
  4. Ugo: Italian form of Hugo or Hugh, signifying “heart, mind, spirit.”
  5. Ulfin: From ancient Britain, it means “little wolf,” with a loyal and fierce vibe.
  6. Ülo: Livonian name with origins and the lovely meaning “joy.”
  7. Uri: Hebrew name meaning “my light.”
  8. Urs: German name meaning “bear.”
  9. Usko: Finnish boys’ name meaning “faith.”
  10. Utu: Sumerian name with the meaning “sun” and a connection to the sun god in mythology.
  11. Uan: Lao name meaning “beloved younger sibling.”
  12. Uche: West African, Igbo name signifying “wisdom.”
  13. Udi: Hebrew name that means “one.”
  14. Ulli: German name meaning “prosperous ruler.”
  15. Uni: Derived from Old Norse, it means “to enjoy.”
  16. Uno: Swedish and Old Norse name signifying “one” or “enjoy.”
  17. Urh: Slovene name signifying “prosperous leader.”
  18. Ury: Medieval English name meaning “God is my light.”
  19. Uzi: Hebrew name meaning “my power.”
  20. Uzoma: West African, Igbo name with the meaning “good way.”
  21. Uddip: Name that means “giving light.”
  22. Ujala: Name with the meaning “bright.”
  23. Ujas: Name signifying “bright.”
  24. Ulas: Name that means “noble.”
  25. Udu: Name with the meaning “water.”

Boy Names With U From The World

  1. Uʻilani: Meaning “Heavenly beauty,” it evokes images of unparalleled beauty, resonating with Hawaiian culture’s natural elegance.
  2. UJin: Of Korean origin, signifying “House” or “Protect genuine,” it reflects the values of protecting one’s heritage and authenticity, contributing to the rich tapestry of Korean linguistic diversity.
  3. Ulderico: An Italian name meaning “Merciful ruler,” reflecting the historic influence of Italy on European culture and leadership.
  4. Umran: Of Arabic origin, translating to “Exalted nation,” it showcases the Arabic language’s profundity in conveying a sense of pride and achievement.
  5. Unathi: Hailing from the Xhosa culture, meaning “With us,” it beautifully represents unity and togetherness in the linguistic and cultural mosaic of South Africa.
  6. Urmas: Estonian for “Frost,” evoking serene qualities, a tribute to Estonia’s connection with the natural world.
  7. Uros: A Serbian name signifying “Man” or “Lord,” emblematic of Serbian language and traditions, emphasizing strength and leadership.
  8. Usama: Of Arabic origin, meaning “Lion,” symbolizing courage and fearlessness, resonating with the rich history of the Arabic language.
  9. Uthman: Arabic for “Baby bird,” signifying innocence and delicacy, adding depth to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Arab world.
  10. Uttara: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “North,” a testament to Sanskrit’s influence in guiding the way forward and its continued significance in Hindu culture.
  11. Uduakobong: From the Ibibio culture, meaning “God’s will,” emphasizing a strong connection to spirituality and divine guidance in the linguistic landscape of Nigeria.
  12. Ufuk: Turkish and Arabic for “Horizon,” symbolizing hope, a concept celebrated in the diverse linguistic and cultural heritage of Turkey and the Arab world.
  13. Uhuru: From Swahili, meaning “Freedom,” symbolizing the ideals of liberty and self-determination in Swahili-speaking regions of East Africa.
  14. Ujarak: Greenlandic for “Stone,” symbolizing strength and endurance, a reflection of Greenland’s unique linguistic and cultural heritage.
  15. Ulvi: An Arabic name translating to “Exalted,” symbolizing nobility and esteem, adding to the linguistic and cultural richness of the Arabic-speaking world.
  16. Umid: Persian for “Hope,” a concept deeply rooted in Persian culture and language, inspiring optimism and faith in the future.
  17. Umukoro: Meaning “Young man” in West African cultures, celebrating youth and potential, contributing to the linguistic diversity of West Africa.
  18. Unai: Basque for “Cowherd,” signifying care and responsibility, highlighting the rich Basque linguistic and cultural traditions.
  19. Urbano: Italian and Spanish name meaning “City dweller,” reflecting the adaptability and resourcefulness associated with urban living in these culturally diverse regions.
  20. Usman: Urdu and Indonesian for “Baby bird,” symbolizing the innocence and vulnerability of youth, reflecting linguistic and cultural nuances in these regions.
  21. Umaid: Meaning “One who inspires,” suggesting the power of motivation and influence, enriching the linguistic and cultural diversity in regions where this name is celebrated.
  22. Umakant: Connected to Hindu mythology, signifying devotion, showcasing the deep spiritual and mythological roots in Hindu culture and language.
  23. Umakar: A name signifying “A priceless gift,” emphasizing the immeasurable value of an individual, a theme deeply cherished in various cultures and languages.
  24. Umanand: Meaning “Lord Shiva,” deeply rooted in Hinduism, reflects the strong connection to the divine and the worship of revered deities, contributing to the linguistic and cultural depth of Hindu traditions.
  25. Umaru: Derived from the Arabic name “Umar,” meaning “Long-lived” or “Prosperous,” this name symbolizes longevity and success. It is also widely recognized in different African cultures, representing leadership and endurance.

U Names With Powerful Meanings For Boys

  1. Uzziah: “My power is God” with a modern vibe
  2. Ubirajara: “Lord of the spear”
  3. Urmazd: “Lord of wisdom”
  4. Uarkhag: “Like a wolf”
  5. Ural: Named after the Ural Mountains
  6. Uladzimir: “Famous and peaceful ruler”
  7. Ueli: “Prosperous ruler”
  8. Uwe: “Edge of a sword” or “terror”
  9. Uatsilla: God of thunder and harvests
  10. Uhtric: “Pre-dawn” and “mighty ruler”
  11. Uday: “Group of warriors” (Arabic)
  12. Ukeme: “Strength” (Ibibio)
  13. Ulmo: “King of the sea” (Literature)
  14. Urho: “Brave” (Finnish)
  15. Ur-nanshe: “Warrior of Nanshe” (Sumerian)
  16. Usayd: “Young lion” (Arabic)
  17. Uthyr: “Terrible” (Welsh)
  18. Utku: “Victory” (Turkish)
  19. Uzzi: “My power” (Biblical Hebrew)
  20. Uzziel: “My power is God” (Biblical Hebrew)

Fun Baby Boy Names With The Letter U

  1. Uriasz: Rare Polish variation of Uriah, with a trendy Z ending.
  2. Urdin: Basque name meaning “Blue.”
  3. Ulloriaq: Greenlandic name meaning “Star.”
  4. Uranus: Celestial name for astronomy lovers, representing the seventh planet.
  5. Untamo: Finnish name with the meaning “Dream.”
  6. Urien: Ethereal name with ties to Arthurian legend, meaning “privileged birth.”
  7. Utz: German name meaning “Prosperous ruler.”
  8. Ursinus: Roman name meaning “Bear.”
  9. Uxío: Galician name meaning “Well-born.”
  10. Uzay: Turkish name signifying “Space.”
  11. Uttar: Indian name meaning “North.”
  12. Ulrik: Scandinavian name signifying a “Prosperous ruler.”
  13. Urban: Latin name translating to “city dweller,” with modern appeal.
  14. Uolevi: Finnish name with cute nicknaming potential, akin to Olaf.
  15. Uchenna: Igbo name meaning “Wisdom of the father.”
  16. Umberto: Italian-flavored U name with “bright warrior” and “bear cub” meanings.
  17. Ulf: Old Norse name simply meaning “wolf,” strong and loyal.
  18. Umbriel: Unique celestial name from Latin for “shadow,” linked to a moon of Uranus.
  19. Ukko: Finnish name meaning “old man” with a cool mythological touch.
  20. Uther: Welsh name associated with King Arthur’s father, despite the “terrible” meaning.

Additional Options For Baby Boy Names With U

  1. Ulisse
  2. Ufuoma
  3. Ugochukwu
  4. Uğur
  5. Uilleag
  6. Uilleam
  7. Ùisdean
  8. Ujaraq
  9. Úlfr
  10. Úlfur
  11. Ulisses
  12. Ülvi
  13. Umaru
  14. Ümit
  15. Ümran
  16. Ümran
  17. Umut
  18. Urbain
  19. Urbanus
  20. Uria
  21. Ursicinus
  22. Usem
  23. ‘Uriyah
  24. ‘Uriy’el
  25. Urki
  26. Urlan
  27. Urmen
  28. Uromod
  29. Urooj
  30. Uroš
  31. Ustoz
  32. Utarou
  33. Utayo
  34. Uteh
  35. Uten
  36. Uthai
  37. Usher
  38. Ushio
  39. Ustacio
  40. Uvaldo
  41. Uvedale
  42. Utkarsh
  43. Utopia
  44. Uttuni
  45. Uzziyyah
  46. Upamanyu
  47. Upendra
  48. Upendranath
  49. Upesh
  50. Upjas
  51. Uppala
  52. Uppas
  53. Urav
  54. Urjani
  55. Urmiya
  56. Urugay
  57. Urvang
  58. Urvish
  59. Ushakanta
  60. Ushan
  61. Ushangu
  62. Ushnisin
  63. Utanka

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

Choosing the perfect name isn’t always as easy as ABC, or in this case, as easy as ‘U’.  Here are some tips to consider when selecting a name for your baby boy:

  1. Consider the meaning and origin of the name – does it align with your family’s culture or values? Does it have a significant or special meaning?
  2. Think about potential nicknames or shortened versions of the name, and whether you like them.
  3. Consider how the name will sound with your last name, and whether it flows well.
  4. Research the popularity of the name – do you prefer a unique name or one that is more common?
  5. Think about how the name will age with your child – will it be suitable for all stages of their life?
  6. Ask for opinions from friends and family, but ultimately trust your own instincts and choose a name that feels right for you and your family.
  7. Don’t be afraid to mix and match names or use variations of traditional names to create a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy.  Ultimately, the most important thing is choosing a name that you love and that will make your child proud throughout their life.


In the end, the right name is the one that resonates with you.

Whether it’s a popular ‘U’ name or an uncommon one, the best name is one that reflects your hopes and dreams for your little one.

From classic choices to modern gems, the list showcases the beauty and diversity of “U” names.

From our list of 200+ meaningful baby boy names, we hope you’ve found inspiration and guidance for selecting a name that holds significance for you and your family.

Now, it’s your turn! Share your favorite ‘U’ names in the comments.

Let’s continue the exploration together. Remember, naming your child should be a joy, not a chore. So enjoy the journey and happy naming!

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