410+ Boy Names That Start With V: Strong, Popular & Unique

If you’re on the hunt for boy names that start with V, you’ve come to the right place.

From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, from strong and bold to unique and enigmatic, we’ve compiled an extensive list for you.

With over 410 names to explore, you’re bound to find the perfect name that not only resonates with your taste but also befits your little one’s unique personality.

So, without any more delay, let’s dive into our collection of strong, popular, and unique boy names that start with V.

Strong Boy Names That Start With V

Strong Boy Names That Start With V

Who doesn’t want their kiddo to be the superhero of his own story? Strong names impart a sense of boldness and resilience. And guess what? The letter ‘V’ is chock-full of them.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Vincent: A classic and timeless name, often associated with creativity and sophistication.
  2. Vance: A strong and confident name, conveying a sense of determination and resilience.
  3. Victor: A name representing victory and success, often associated with leadership and accomplishment.
  4. Vaughn: A name with a touch of elegance and charm, often associated with individuals who are charismatic and stylish.
  5. Valen: A name with a gentle and caring nature, often associated with compassion and kindness.
  6. Vincenzo: A name of Italian origin, exuding sophistication and a sense of cultural heritage.
  7. Vahagn: A unique name with Armenian origins, representing strength and courage.
  8. Vander: A name with Dutch roots, often associated with power and authority.
  9. Valerius: A strong and noble name of Latin origin, reflecting bravery and honor.
  10. Valter: A name that means “ruler of the army”, conveying a sense of leadership and strength.
  11. Velibor: A powerful and brave warrior.
  12. Venkata: The name of a sacred hill or mountain.
  13. Viggo: A name meaning “war” or “battle.”
  14. Viking: A name associated with strength and resilience.
  15. Viriato: A legendary leader known for his courage and resistance.
  16. Vishnu: The name of a Hindu deity associated with preservation and protection.
  17. Vahan: A name meaning “shield” or “protector.”
  18. Valdas: A name representing strength and valor.
  19. Vasilios: A regal and noble name.
  20. Velichko: A name meaning “great” or “mighty.”
  21. Velimir: A name representing peace and harmony.
  22. Vijaya: A name meaning “victory” or “success.”
  23. Vladimir: A name associated with greatness and leadership.
  24. Voitto: A Finnish name meaning “victory.”
  25. Vonn: A short and strong name.

Fun fact: Vincent means “conquering” or “winning”, making it a perfect choice for your little champion.

Popular Boy Names That Start With V

Jumping on the trend bandwagon? There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, ‘V’ names are enjoying quite the moment in the spotlight.  Here are some of the most popular ‘V’ names for boys:

  1. Vance – A strong and determined individual, always striving for success.
  2. Vincent – A creative and artistic person with a passion for expression.
  3. Victor – A natural leader, confident and capable in any situation.
  4. Vaughn – A charismatic and charming individual, known for their magnetic personality.
  5. Valentino – A romantic and passionate soul, spreading love and joy wherever they go.
  6. Valerian – A wise and intuitive person, with a deep understanding of the world around them.
  7. Valiant – A courageous and fearless individual, always ready to face challenges head-on.
  8. Vicente – A compassionate and kind-hearted person, always willing to lend a helping hand.
  9. Viktor – A determined and ambitious individual, with a drive for success and achievement.
  10. Vito– A natural leader, with a strong sense of justice and fairness.
  11. Vadim– A name of Russian origin, meaning “to rule” or “to judge.”
  12. Vernon – A unique and quirky name, perfect for those who march to the beat of their own drum.
  13. Vihaan – A name of Indian origin, meaning “dawn” or “sunrise.”
  14. Vincenzo– A sophisticated and cultured individual, with a love for the finer things in life.
  15. Vishal – A strong and confident person, with a commanding presence.

Fun fact: In ancient Roman culture, Valentino was considered the patron saint of love and marriage.

Unique Boy Names That Start With V

For those parents who fancy a less-trodden path, unique ‘V’ names could be your calling.

How about ‘Vega’? It’s the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky, a standout for sure. Or consider ‘Voss’, an uncommon name with Norwegian roots.

There’s  also ‘Vala’, a Gaelic name meaning “chosen one.”

But wait, there’s more! Here are some other unique ‘V’ names that might pique your interest:

  1. Varro – A name of Latin origin, meaning “the first.”
  2. Varrick– An English name meaning “strong ruler.”
  3. Vangelis – A strong and angelic name, representing divine protection and guidance.
  4. Vanni – A lively and playful name, symbolizing joy and enthusiasm.
  5. Vedastus – A wise and knowledgeable name, signifying wisdom and enlightenment.
  6. Veremund – A noble and courageous name, representing bravery and honor.
  7. Verginius – A dignified and respected name, symbolizing integrity and leadership.
  8. Vesper – A mysterious and enchanting name, evoking the beauty of the evening.
  9. Varlam – A resilient and determined name, representing strength and perseverance.
  10. Varnava – A compassionate and nurturing name, symbolizing care and empathy.
  11. Varuna – A powerful and majestic name, representing cosmic forces and divine energy.
  12. Veríssimo – A truthful and sincere name, signifying honesty and authenticity.
  13. Vilgot – A curious and adventurous name, evoking a thirst for knowledge and exploration.
  14. Vinal – A creative and artistic name, symbolizing imagination and originality.
  15. Vaamdev – A charismatic and charming name, representing allure and magnetism.
  16. Vaanee – A serene and tranquil name, evoking peace and tranquility.
  17. Vaarshaney – A vibrant and energetic name, symbolizing vitality and liveliness.
  18. Vaarush – A refreshing and rejuvenating name, representing new beginnings and growth.
  19. Vaasavadatta – A graceful and elegant name, evoking beauty and sophistication.
  20. Volya – A free-spirited and independent name, symbolizing freedom and autonomy.
  21. Vratislav – A noble and esteemed name, representing honor and nobility.
  22. Vulcan – A strong and powerful name, evoking strength and determination.
  23. Vulferam – A fierce and formidable name, symbolizing courage and resilience.
  24. Vaakpati – A wise and eloquent name, representing mastery of speech and communication.
  25. Vaalmeeki – A wise and learned name, signifying knowledge and enlightenment.

Fun fact: In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the hall of fallen warriors where they are brought by valkyries after death.

International Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Václav: Slavic name meaning “more glory,” used by Bohemian kings and the patron saint of the Czech Republic.
  2. Vatsapal: Linked to “Lord Krishna.”
  3. Vatsar: A name connoting “A year.”
  4. Vatsin: Meaning “Lord Vishnu.”
  5. Vaydeesh: Signifying “God of the Vedas.”
  6. Vayujat: Associated with “Lord Hanuman.”
  7. Vayun: A name conveying “Lively.”
  8. Vayunand: Linked to “Lord Hanuman.”
  9. Vedbhushan: A name associated with “One adorned with knowledge of the Vedas.”
  10. Vedesh: Conveying “Lord of Vedas.”
  11. Valdemar: Scandinavian version of Waldemar, signifying “famous ruler,” borne by four Danish kings.
  12. Valente: Cool alternative to the romantic “Valentine” with Italian or Spanish flair, meaning “strong” and “healthy.”
  13. Vayya: Meaning “Friend.”
  14. Vea: A name signifying “Chief.”
  15. Ved: Conveying “Holy text.”
  16. Ved-vyaas: The name of a saint.
  17. Vedakumbh: Signifying “Lord Of The Vedas.”
  18. Vedamohan: Linked to “Lord Krishna.”
  19. Vedang: Meaning “From the Vedas.”
  20. Vedanga: A name linked to the “Meaning of Vedas.”
  21. Vedant: Conveying “Ultimate Wisdom” or “One who is blessed with Vedic knowledge.”
  22. Vedanth: Signifying “One who knows Vedas in depth.”
  23. Vedaprakash: A name conveying “Light of knowledge.”
  24. Valéry: French boy’s name meaning “foreign ruler,” offering a melodic and unique choice.
  25. Vân: Vietnamese name meaning “cloud” or “literature,” pronounced “VUN” or “VAN.”
  26. Vancho: Macedonian name derived from Vančo, a diminutive of Ivan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  27. Vendelín: Czech and Slovak version of Wendelin, meaning “wanderer” in German, offers a unique and trendy name.
  28. Vedati: Associated with “One who spreads knowledge” or “Another name of Goddess Parvati.”
  29. Vedatman: A name conveying “Lord Vishnu.”
  30. Vedatmane: Linked to the “Spirit of the Vedas.”
  31. Vedavrata: Meaning “Vow of the Vedas.”
  32. Vedavyasa: Signifying “Vedic saint” or “wisdom of Vedas.”
  33. Vlad: Common Eastern European name associated with Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, meaning “rule.”
  34. Vojtech: Slovak form of the Polish name Wojciech, combining “warrior” and “joy.”
  35. Völund: Mythological name from Old Norse, the Scandinavian counterpart of Wieland, possibly meaning “skilled” or “artful.”
  36. Vakha: A Chechen name meaning “To live.”
  37. Vakhtang: A Georgian name with the meaning “Body of a wolf.”
  38. Valerio: A Spanish and Italian name meaning “To be strong.”
  39. Vardan: An Armenian name signifying “Rose.”
  40. Vavrinec: A Slovak name meaning “From Laurentum.”
  41. Vegard: A Norwegian name connoting “Holy enclosure.”
  42. Věroslav: A Czech name with the meaning “Faith” and “Glory.”
  43. Vidmantas: A Lithuanian name meaning “To see” and “Intelligent.”
  44. Viên: A Vietnamese name signifying “Complete.”
  45. Viorel: A Romanian name linked to “Violet.”
  46. Vasumat: A name meaning “Lord Krishna.”
  47. Vasumitr: An ancient name.
  48. Vasupati: Signifying “Rich man.”
  49. Vasur: Conveying “Precious.”
  50. Vasuroop: Linked to “Lord Shiva.”
  51. Vasusen: The original name of Karna.
  52. Vatatmaj: Meaning “Lord Hanuman.”
  53. Vatradhara: Signifying “Practising penance, Lord Rama.”
  54. Vatsa: A name meaning “Our beloved son.”
  55. Vatsal: Linked to “One who is affectionate.”
  56. Vedeshwar: A name signifying “Wisdom of the Vedas.”
  57. Vedhapani: Linked to “One who is the Lord of the universe” or “Another name of Brahma.”
  58. Vedhish: A name signifying “One who knows all” or “Another name of Lord Brahma.”
  59. Vedmohan: Linked to “Lord Krishna.”
  60. Vedoday: Conveying “Bright like the sun.”
  61. Vedomohan: Linked to “Happiness” or “Another name of Lord Krishna.”
  62. Vedprakash: A name associated with the “Light of the Vedas.”
  63. Vedraj: Signifying “Lord Of All Vedas.”
  64. Vedswarup: Linked to the “Form of knowledge.”
  65. Veejay: A name connoting “Talkative.”
  66. Veekshan: Linked to “One who is full of wisdom.”
  67. Veenod: A name signifying “Disciplined and respectful.”
  68. Veer: Conveying “Brave.”
  69. Vafa: Linked to “Loyalty” or “Faithfulness.”
  70. Vafi: A name signifying “Complete.”
  71. Vaid: Conveying “Helper,” “Doctor,” or “Medicine.”
  72. Vian: A name connoting “Full of Life,” “Beautiful Soul,” “Lord.”
  73. Vafid: Signifying “Sky.”
  74. Vahab: A name meaning “One and Only God.”
  75. Vahib: Conveying “Bestowed,” “Liberal Donor,” or “The Only One.”
  76. Vahid: Signifying “The Only One.”
  77. Vajid: A name linked to “One who Perceives.”
  78. Vajit: Meaning “Wise.”
  79. Vakar: Linked to “Respect,” “Dignity,” or “Variant of Waqar.”
  80. Vakil: A name signifying “Lawyer” or “Advocate.”
  81. Valli: A name conveying “Creeper,” “Lightening,” or “Earth.”
  82. Vaqif: Associated with “Aware” or “Acquainted.”
  83. Vasim: A name meaning “Handsome,” “Attractive,” or “Honest.”
  84. Vazid: Linked to “Add Meaning.”
  85. Vazir: Signifying “Minister.”
  86. Vehan: Linked to “Power” or “Intelligent.”
  87. Vidun: A name connoting “Good Habits.”

Cool And Fun Names That Start With V

  1. Vatroslav: A Croatian name that carries the powerful meanings of “fire” and “glory.”
  2. Vasanta: Derived from Sanskrit, this Hindu name represents the vibrant and joyful personification of spring, symbolizing brilliance and new beginnings.
  3. Vinicio: An Italian and Spanish name thought to be associated with the world of “wine,” evoking a sense of sophistication and pleasure.
  4. Vikram: With its origins in Hindu and Sanskrit, this name embodies “valor” and embodies strength, courage, and determination.
  5. Vidar: From Norse mythology, Vidar is the name of Odin’s son, renowned for his bravery and his role in avenging his father’s death by defeating Fenrir, the fearsome wolf.
  6. Valerian: A distinctive and captivating Roman name, Valerian signifies “strength” and may also be recognized as an herb name, adding a touch of nature-inspired uniqueness.
  7. Varg: Derived from Old Norse, Varg translates to “wolf,” symbolizing strength, loyalty, and independence.
  8. Volker: This German name is associated with the concept of the “people’s army,” reflecting unity, community, and collective strength.
  9. Vester: A Danish name, derived from Sylvester, carries the beautiful meaning of “of the forest,” making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts and those appreciating the serenity of woodlands.
  10. Volkan: A Turkish name that embodies the fierce power and energy of a “volcano,” symbolizing strength, passion, and intensity.
  11. Veasna: A unique and stylish Khmer name, Veasna represents the concepts of “destiny” and “imagination,” reflecting a sense of purpose and creativity.
  12. Vasco: Inspired by the renowned Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, this medieval Spanish name is perfect for future adventurers, embodying the spirit of exploration and curiosity.
  13. Verner: A Scandinavian name rooted in the meaning of “army guard,” symbolizing protection, strength, and loyalty.
  14. Vespasian: An intriguing name associated with a Roman emperor, Vespasian possibly conveys the notions of “evening” or “wasp” in Latin, adding an air of uniqueness and mystery.
  15. Vauquelin: A medieval French name that may carry the meaning of “foreign,” representing the fascination and allure of different cultures and experiences.
  16. Valens: This ancient Roman name, derived from Valentine, signifies “strength” and “health,” embodying vitality and well-being. It stands as a trendy and distinct choice, separate from the associations with Valentine’s Day. Notably, a fourth-century Roman emperor bore this name.
  17. Vitalis: A Roman name that conveys the essence of “life,” celebrating vitality, energy, and the zest for living.
  18. Vinnie: An English name with the meaning “to conquer,” reflecting determination, tenacity, and the ability to overcome challenges.
  19. Voldemort: The name of Harry Potter’s notorious archenemy, Voldemort is a unique and attention-grabbing choice, suitable for a middle name, evoking a sense of intrigue and excitement.

Short Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Vere: A short and sweet name of Norman and French origin that means “alder.”
  2. Vic: A shortened version of “Victor” that signifies “conqueror.”
  3. Vito: An Italian/Spanish name derived from Vitus, which means “life.”
  4. Vuk: A Serbian name pronounced as VOOK, representing “wolf.”
  5. Vaso: A Serbian name that means “King.”
  6. Vello: An Estonian name that signifies “Brother.”
  7. Vico: An Italian name meaning “Famous in battle.”
  8. Vid: A Slovene/Hungarian name that signifies “Life” or “wood.”
  9. Vide: A Swedish name that means “Willow.”
  10. Vinh: A Vietnamese name that signifies “Glory.”
  11. Vüqar: An Arabic name that represents “Dignity.”
  12. Vyd: A Lithuanian name that signifies “To see.”
  13. Valters: A Latvian name that means “From Wales.”
  14. Vasilijs: A Latvian name meaning “Kingly.”
  15. Val: A short, unisex name, derived from Valentine or Valerie, meaning “healthy” and “strong,” associated with actor Val Kilmer.
  16. Vali: Similar to Val, this cute name is a diminutive of names like Valerius, Valentin, and Valentine, all with hearty and strong meanings.
  17. Vayu: Ideal for an air sign baby, this V name means “air and wind” in Sanskrit and is the name of the Hindu god of air.
  18. Veeti: The Finnish form of Fredrik or Ferdinand, meaning “peaceful ruler,” perfect for a tranquil and cute name for boys.
  19. Veli: An adorable Finnish name meaning “brother.”
  20. Velvel: In Yiddish, it means “little wolf,” symbolizing loyalty and strength.
  21. Vern: A trendy name with a nature-inspired meaning, derived from the old-fashioned name Vernon, originally meaning “place of alders.”
  22. Vesa: Meaning “sprout” and “young tree” in Finnish, it’s a sweet name for a blossoming baby boy.
  23. Vida: A trendy name, derived from the German name Wido, meaning “wood,” and the Roman name Vitus, meaning “life.”
  24. Volos: A Slavic name meaning “ox,” associated with Slavic mythology as the god of cattle, the earth, underworld, and poetry.
  25. Vasya: A Russian name with the meaning “King.”
  26. Vazha: A Georgian name meaning “Son.”
  27. Vedad: A Bosnian name signifying “Love.”
  28. Vedran: A Croatian name with a cheerful connotation.
  29. Veikko: A Finnish name meaning “Brother.”
  30. Vetle: A Norwegian name with the meaning “Winter traveler” or “bear cub.”
  31. Vieno: A Finnish name connoting “Gentle.”
  32. Vili: A name found in Hungarian and Finnish, meaning “Resolute protector.”
  33. Vipin: A Sanskrit name associated with “Forest.”
  34. Voski: An Armenian name signifying “Gold.”
  35. Vaasu: Meaning “One who provides shelter” or “Another name of Lord Vishnu.”
  36. Vaayu: Signifying “Wind.”
  37. Vadin: Meaning “Speaks well.”
  38. Vahin: Associated with “Lord Shiva.”
  39. Vaj: Signifying “Born with supreme strength.”
  40. Vak: A name connoting “A precious gift” or “like a diamond.”
  41. Vakul: Meaning “One who is wise” and another name for Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.
  42. Valgu: A name associated with being “Attractive and good-looking.”
  43. Valin: Signifying “Tenacious.”
  44. Vam: A name connoting “An extraordinary and inspiring being.”
  45. Vanhi: Signifying “Fire.”
  46. Vanij: Linked to “Lord Shiva.”
  47. Varij: Resembling the “lotus.”
  48. Varil: Associated with “Water” and “Faithful.”
  49. Varin: A name signifying “Gifts.”
  50. Vario: Meaning “Courageous” or “Daring.”

More Options For Baby Boy Names Starting With V

  1. Vaast
  2. Vadik
  3. Vadim
  4. Vadimir
  5. Vahit
  6. Väinö
  7. Valdemaras
  8. Valdimárr
  9. Valdis
  10. Valentyn
  11. Valère
  12. Valeri
  13. Valeriano
  14. Valerianus
  15. Valya
  16. Varghese
  17. Vasilica
  18. Vasilii
  19. Vasily
  20. Vasko
  21. Vedat
  22. Vendel
  23. Vibianus
  24. Vibius
  25. Vibol
  26. Victorianus
  27. Victorius
  28. Vidas
  29. Vikenti
  30. Viktar
  31. Viktor
  32. Viktoras
  33. Viliam
  34. Vilim
  35. Vilis
  36. Vincentius
  37. Vinko
  38. Vinzent
  39. Vissente
  40. Vitus
  41. Vlastimir
  42. Vojislav
  43. Vojta
  44. Volodya
  45. Vosgi
  46. Vova
  47. Vragi
  48. Vulcanus
  49. Vulfgang
  50. Vygantas
  51. Vaasavan
  52. Vabhavi
  53. Vachan
  54. Vachasya
  55. Vadin
  56. Vadiraj
  57. Vadish
  58. Vadivel
  59. Vagesh
  60. Vagindra
  61. Vagish
  62. Vahin
  63. Vaibhav
  64. Vaibhnav
  65. Vaidesh
  66. Vaidhik
  67. Vaidhvik
  68. Vaidhyat
  69. Vaidic
  70. Vaidik
  71. Vaidyut
  72. Vaijayi
  73. Vaikhan
  74. Vaikunth
  75. Vainavin
  76. Vairaj
  77. Vairaja
  78. Vairat
  79. Vairochan
  80. Vaisaka
  81. Vaish
  82. Vaishant
  83. Vaishnav
  84. Vaishnov
  85. Vaishvik
  86. Vaivat
  87. Vajasani
  88. Vajasi
  89. Vajendra
  90. Vajrabahu
  91. Vajrajit
  92. Vajraksh
  93. Vajraksha
  94. Vajrang
  95. Vajrin
  96. Vakpati
  97. Vakshal
  98. Vakul
  99. Valak
  100. Valavan
  101. Valdas
  102. Valin
  103. Vallabh
  104. Vallaki
  105. Vallav
  106. Vallik
  107. Vallur
  108. Valmeki
  109. Valmik
  110. Valmiki
  111. Vaman
  112. Vamdev
  113. Vamshi
  114. Vamsi
  115. Van Raj
  116. Vana
  117. Vanad
  118. Vanajit
  119. Vanchit
  120. Vandan
  121. Vandin
  122. Vandit
  123. Vanij
  124. Vaninadh
  125. Vanjul
  126. Vanmali
  127. Vans
  128. Vansh
  129. Vanshil
  130. Vanshul
  131. Vanshya
  132. Var
  133. Varad
  134. Varadraj
  135. Varah
  136. Varatam
  137. Varatar
  138. Varchas
  139. Varchasv
  140. Vardaan
  141. Vardan
  142. Vardham
  143. Vardhaman
  144. Vardhan
  145. Vardhin
  146. Vardhit
  147. Varendra
  148. Varenya
  149. Varenyam
  150. Varesh
  151. Varun
  152. Vidyan
  153. Vihan
  154. Virel
  155. Vrishin
  156. Vyomak
  157. Vatsal
  158. Vasuthevan.
  159. Veekshith.


In conclusion, ‘V’ names offer a galaxy of options for your little star. Whether you’re after strong, popular, or unique, this letter offers a smorgasbord of choices.

Remember, naming your kid isn’t a race—it’s a journey. You’ll know when you stumble upon ‘the one’.

Finally, got a favorite ‘V’ name or a cool story behind your choice?

We’d love to hear about it. Feel free to comment, share, and start a convo with fellow soon-to-be ‘V’ parents. After all, who said the naming journey should be traveled solo?

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