Top Boy Names That Start with X And Their Meanings

It can be difficult to pick the perfect name for your little one – there are so many names and options and there are so many things to consider!

But if you’re looking for something truly unique, why not choose a baby boy name that starts with X?

Not only is it out of the ordinary, but names starting with ‘X’ often carry a sense of mysteriousness and might convey strong desirable traits in your growing child.

In this article, we dive into the realm of standout baby boy names that begin with the letter X.

Discover a carefully chosen collection of leading X-starting names, each accompanied by its one-of-a-kind and intriguing meaning.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an uncommon or simply love the letter X, this guide provides a wealth of inspiration for naming your son.

Why Choose a Boy Name Containing X?

X marks the spot – or in this case, your baby’s name!

Names starting with X are often associated with strength, courage and originality.

They tend to be unique and unconventional, making them perfect for parents looking for something distinctive.

Plus, names beginning with X can have a cool and edgy feel to them, adding an extra flair to your son’s personality from an early age.

People with names starting with X are often independent, innovative, and curious.

They possess a natural ability to think outside the box, leading them to come up with creative solutions to problems.

So if you want your child’s name to stand out and make a statement, consider choosing one that starts with the elusive letter X.

Popular X Names For Boys

Popular X Names For Boys

  • Xavier – Meaning “bright” or “new house.”
  • Xander – A short form of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people.”
  • Xaviero – A variation of Xavier.
  • Xavi – A trendy nickname for Xavier.
  • Xeno – Meaning “stranger” or “foreigner.”
  • Xanthe – A name meaning “golden” or “yellow.”
  • Xylon – Referring to “wood” or “forest.”
  • Xaiden – A modern variation of Aidan, meaning “little fire.”
  • Xiomar – Meaning “famous in battle.”
  • Xyrus – A unique, modern-sounding name.
  • Xavion – A creative twist on Xavier.
  • Xylan – A unique nature-inspired name.
  • Xian – A name with Chinese origins, meaning “heavenly.”
  • Xenon – A noble and rare name.
  • Xerxes – An ancient Persian name meaning “ruler over heroes.”
  • Xylan – A nature-inspired name, referring to “wood.”
  • Xylon – A name meaning “forest” or “woodland.”
  • Xyler – A modern and cool name.
  • Xavius – A variation of Xavier.
  • Xandar – A unique twist on Xander.
  • Xenos – A Greek origin name, meaning “strange voice.”
  • Xerion – An unusual name with a delightful meaning, “silvery.”
  • Ximon – A variation of Simon, it means “he has heard.”
  • Xayne – A cool twist on Zane, this name means “God is gracious.”
  • Xaphan – An ancient name with a hint of mystique, Xaphan means “the one who lights up.”

Boy Names with Historical Significance

  • Xenophon – A Greek name meaning “foreign voice.”
  • Xerxes – An ancient Persian name with historical significance.
  • Ximeno – A historic name with Spanish origins.
  • Xanthippus – A name from ancient Greece.
  • Xenocrates – A Greek philosopher’s name.
  • Xylon – A name from ancient history.
  • Ximun – A historical Basque name.
  • Xylon – An ancient and meaningful name.
  • Xantippe – A name associated with Socrates’ wife.
  • Xalbador – A Basque name with historical roots.
  • Xuthus – A name from Greek mythology.
  • Xerion – A historical and unique name.
  • Ximon – A historical Catalan name.
  • Xylon – An ancient name meaning “forest” or “wood.”
  • Xeno – A historical name meaning “stranger” or “foreigner.”
  • Xandros – A name from ancient times.
  • Ximeno – A historic Spanish name.
  • Xerion – A name with historical significance.
  • Ximen – A medieval Spanish name.
  • Xanthus – A name from ancient Greek mythology.

Unique X Name for Boys

  • Xylo – A trendy and unique name meaning “wood.”
  • Xael – A distinctive and modern-sounding name.
  • Xeraphim – A creative and unique choice.
  • Xylonis – A one-of-a-kind name inspired by “wood.”
  • Xylonar – A unique twist on “Xylon.”
  • Xyndel – A fresh and unconventional name.
  • Xyric – A modern and unique name.
  • Xylander – A creative and distinct choice.
  • Xylander – A twist on “Xander” with a unique touch.
  • Xalvador – A unique variation of the name Salvador.
  • Xydeon – A distinctive and modern name.
  • Xavian – A fresh take on Xavier.
  • Xylander – A name with a modern and unique feel.
  • Xyran – A unique and trendy option.
  • Xiro – A short and uncommon name.
  • Xyris – A name with an appealing sound.
  • Xyvian – A unique and contemporary name.
  • Xylar – A name with a crisp and stylish feel.
  • Xadrian – A fresh and distinctive choice.
  • Xylan – A name inspired by nature, symbolizing strength and growth.
  • Xanthippos – A unique and striking name with Greek origins.
  • Xbalanque – A powerful and unique Mayan name meaning “hidden jaguar.”
  • Xever – A charming name with a hint of mystery, meaning “forever” or “eternal.”
  • Xhemal – A unique and modern Albanian name meaning “sunrise.”
  • Xalvador – A contemporary twist on the name Salvador, meaning “savior.”

Male Celebrities with X Names

  • Xavier Samuel – An Australian actor known for his roles in “Twilight” and “The Loved Ones.”
  • Xander Berkeley – An American actor famous for his appearances in “The Walking Dead” and “24.”
  • Xavier Dolan – A Canadian filmmaker and actor.
  • Xzibit – The stage name of American rapper and TV host Alvin Joiner.
  • Xavier Cugat – A famous Spanish-American bandleader and musician.
  • Xavier Naidoo – A German singer and songwriter.
  • Xavier Rudd – An Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Xavier Henry – A former NBA player.
  • Xian Lim – A Filipino actor and singer.
  • Xavier Hernandez – A common name with Spanish origins, often associated with famous figures in various fields.
  • Xavier Madera – A social media influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Xavier Woods – The ring name of professional wrestler Austin Watson.
  • Ximon Lee – A fashion designer known for his unique creations.
  • Xeno Muller – A Swiss rower and Olympic gold medalist.
  • Xherdan Shaqiri – A Swiss professional footballer.
  • Xavier McDaniel – A former NBA player.
  • Xander Schauffele – A professional golfer from the United States.
  • Xolani Mnguni – A South African boxing trainer.
  • Xabier Arzalluz – A Spanish politician.
  • Xian Gaza – A Filipino businessman and social media personality.

X Names Across Different Cultures for Boys

  • Xander – A popular name in various cultures.
  • Xavier – A name with Spanish and Basque origins.
  • Xian – A Chinese name meaning “heavenly.”
  • Xerxes – An ancient Persian name.
  • Xolani – A South African name.
  • Ximon – A Catalan name.
  • Xan – A Basque name.
  • Ximeno – A name with Spanish origins.
  • Xabier – A Basque variation of Xavier.
  • Xian Gaza – A Filipino name.
  • Xylander – A unique name suitable for various cultures.
  • Xiomar – A name with German and Spanish roots.
  • Xylon – A nature-inspired name appreciated in different cultures.
  • Xandros – A name with a universal and timeless appeal.
  • Xolani Mnguni – A name combining South African and Zulu elements.
  • Xylonis – A name with a distinctive touch, crossing cultural boundaries.
  • Xandar – A name that can resonate with diverse cultures.
  • Xadrian – A name suitable for different cultural backgrounds.
  • Xaelan – A versatile name appreciated in various cultures.
  • Xiron – A unique name with cross-cultural appeal.
  • Xi-wang – A Chinese name meaning “hope.”
  • Xavi – A diminutive of Xavier, popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Ximon – Another variation of Simon, with Catalan roots.

X Names with Faith and Spirituality for Boys

  • Xander – A name often associated with protection and faith.
  • Xavier – Meaning “bright” or “new house,” symbolizing spiritual growth.
  • Xian – A name with a celestial meaning, signifying a connection to the divine.
  • Xarif – A name suggesting a faithful and honorable nature.
  • Xolani – A name meaning “peace,” reflecting spiritual tranquility.
  • Ximon – A name representing a heavenly connection.
  • Xan – A name associated with grace and spiritual purity.
  • Ximeno – A name with Spanish origins, reflecting a rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
  • Xabier – A Basque variation of Xavier, symbolizing enlightenment.
  • Xeraphim – A unique name with angelic connotations.
  • Xalvador – A name hinting at salvation and spiritual grace.
  • Xiomar – A name that combines elements of fame and spirituality.
  • Xylon – A nature-inspired name suggesting a connection to the natural world.
  • Xandros – A name with an ancient and spiritual resonance.
  • Xolani Mnguni – A name reflecting the spiritual traditions of the Zulu people.
  • Xylonis – A name that can evoke a sense of spiritual uniqueness.
  • Xandar – A name that may inspire thoughts of exploration and spiritual journeys.
  • Xadrian – A name that could represent a devoted and faithful individual.
  • Xaelan – A name with a soothing and spiritual sound.
  • Xiron – A name that can suggest strength and faith in challenging times.

literary Boy Names Starting With X

  • Xavier – A classic name with a timeless appeal.
  • Xander – A name that has become a classic in modern literature.
  • Xeno – A name with a classic feel, representing foreign lands and adventures.
  • Xan – A short and classic name with literary charm.
  • Xylon – A name that can evoke images of enchanting forests in literature.
  • Xalvador – A classic-sounding name with a hint of Spanish flair.
  • Xymon – A name that combines classic elements with a modern twist.
  • Xandar – A name that sounds like it belongs in an epic tale.
  • Xandros – A classic and heroic name.
  • Xolani – A name with a classic and timeless sound.
  • Xian – A name that can fit into both classic and contemporary literature.
  • Xalvador – A name reminiscent of classic romance novels.
  • Xael – A classic-sounding name with a fresh and modern twist.
  • Xalvador – A name that could belong to a classic hero.
  • Xalon – A name that sounds like it could come from a classic adventure story.
  • Xandar – A name with an adventurous and classic feel.
  • Xiomar – A name that can evoke classic tales of valor.
  • Xylonar – A name with a classic and mythical quality.
  • Xarif – A name that can fit into classic tales of honor and nobility.
  • Xylander – A classic name with a hint of uniqueness.

Gender-Neutral X Starting Names for Kids

  • Xael – A gender-neutral name with a modern twist.
  • Xylan – A name inspired by nature that works for all genders.
  • Xyris – A unique and gender-neutral choice.
  • Xyden – A modern and versatile name.
  • Xyler – A unisex name with a stylish sound.
  • Xion – A short and gender-neutral name.
  • Xalvador – A versatile name with a hint of Spanish flair.
  • Xiron – A name that can be used for any gender.
  • Xolani – A unisex name with a timeless sound.
  • Xandar – A name that works for all genders.
  • Xarif – A gender-neutral name suggesting honor and nobility.
  • Xylander – A modern and unisex choice.
  • Xeraphim – A unique name suitable for any gender.
  • Xyland – A gender-neutral name with a natural touch.
  • Xalvador – A name that can be used by individuals of any gender.
  • Xyran – A modern and gender-neutral option.
  • Ximon – A unisex name with a classic sound.
  • Xymon – A versatile name suitable for all genders.
  • Xylanar – A name that can be embraced by individuals of any gender.
  • Xadrian – A gender-neutral name with a trendy feel.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide delves into the captivating world of baby boy names commencing with the letter X.

Offering a wide array of choices, from timeless classics to modern gems, it caters to diverse preferences for expecting parents.

Whether you’re into names with a rich historical background, a touch of spirituality, or following the latest trends, this collection has got you covered.

So go ahead and explore the unique and meaningful names starting with X to find the perfect fit for your little one!

Keep in mind that ultimately, it’s not just about finding a name, but also about the love and care you give to your child.

Happy naming!

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