150 Meaningful Islamic Boy Names From Quran ( With Meaning )

Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or exploring Islamic tradition, picking a name from the Quran can be incredibly fulfilling.

This divine book is not just a spiritual guide; it’s a treasure trove of meaningful names, each resonating with a unique story of faith and wisdom.

These names are powerful symbols of Islamic heritage, reflecting the Quran’s teachings. In Islamic tradition, names bear a significant meaning and are considered a reflection of identity and values.

The act of choosing a name from the Quran is a meaningful practice observed by Muslims worldwide. The Quran, with its profound teachings, serves as an abundant source of meaningful and beautiful names.

Join us as we unravel this rich tapestry of Quranic names, each one a testament to the values and principles that stand at the heart of Islam.

Dive into a world of unique and profound meanings with our list of Islamic boy names derived straight from the Quran.

The Quran as a Source of Inspiration for Names

The Quran, considered to be the authentic and divine word of God, is a sacred scripture that is rich with profound and inspiring names.

These names are not merely labels but carry deep meanings that encapsulate virtues, character traits, and values that Muslims aspire to embody in their daily lives.

The act of choosing a name from the Quran goes beyond a mere identification; it establishes a profound connection to these inherent values and acts as a constant reminder of the individual’s spiritual journey and commitment to living a life aligned with these noble principles.

Therefore, naming based on the Quran is not just a superficial decision, but a deliberate and meaningful choice that encompasses the essence of one’s faith and devotion.

Direct Quranic names - Meaningful Islamic Boy Names

Direct Quranic names

Those explicitly mentioned in the Quran, are often associated with prophets, angels, or revered figures in Islamic history, offering a clear and explicit connection to the religious text.

  1. Abdul: A Quranic name that means “servant of God.”
  2. Abdullah: Quranic name meaning “servant of God”.
  3. Adam: First human and Prophet Adam. It means “man”.
  4. Ali: Quranic name referring to Ali Ibn Abi Talib. It means “elevated” or “exalted”.
  5. Akram: Derived from the Quranic root A-K-R, it means “most generous.”
  6. Asim: Meaning “shield”.
  7. Arafat: Refers to the Mountain of Arafat in the Quran.
  8. Ayyub: Quranic name for Prophet Ayyub. It means “returns to God”.
  9. Ayman: Quranic name meaning “blessed” or “right-handed”.
  10. Bilal: Quranic name referring to Bilal Ibn Rabah. It means “water, freshness, or sea”.
  11. Dawood: Quranic name for Prophet Dawood. It means “beloved”.
  12. Elias: Derived from the Quranic root I-L-Y-S, meaning “Yahweh”.
  13. Ghani: A Quranic name, it means “rich”.
  14. Hamza: Quranic name meaning “strong” or “steadfast”.
  15. Hakim: Quranic name meaning “wise” or “one who judges”.
  16. Harun: Quranic name for Prophet Harun. signifies “mountaineer” or “symbol of strength”.
  17. Hassan: Quranic name referring to Hassan Ibn Ali. It means “handsome” or “good”.
  18. Hussein: Quranic name referring to Hussein Ibn Ali. It means “handsome” or “beautiful”.
  19. Idris: Quranic name for Prophet Idris. It means “interpreter”.
  20. Ibrahim: Quranic name for Prophet Ibrahim. It means “father of many”.
  21. Ilyas: Meaning “the Lord is my God”
  22. Ishaq: Quranic name for Prophet Ishaq. It means “laughter”.
  23. Ismael: Quranic name for Prophet Ismael. It means “God hears”.
  24. Kazim: Means “one who restrains anger”
  25. Muhammad: Quranic name for Prophet Muhammad. It means “praised one”.
  26. Mumin: Quranic name meaning “believer” or “faithful”.
  27. Munir: A Quranic name that means “illuminating” or “shining.”
  28. Musa: Arabic form of Moses in the Quran. It means “saved from the water”.
  29. Nuh: Quranic name for Prophet Nuh. It translates to “comfort” or “rest”.
  30. Omar: Quranic name meaning “flourishing” or “life”.
  31. Qadir: Originating from the Quranic root, this name signifies “capable” or “powerful”.
  32. Rasheed: Quranic name meaning “righteous guide”.
  33. Salih: Quranic name for Prophet Salih. It means “virtuous”.
  34. Sajid: Meaning “one who prostrates”
  35. Shuaib: Quranic name for Prophet Shuaib. Means “guides along the correct path”.
  36. Sulaiman: Quranic name for Prophet Sulaiman. It means “man of peace”.
  37. Talib: A name derived from the Quran, which signifies a “seeker” or “student”.
  38. Tariq: Quranic name meaning “thing that knocks”.
  39. Uthman: Quranic name referring to Uthman Ibn Affan. It means “baby bustard”.
  40. Uzair: Quranic name for Prophet Uzair. It means “helper”.
  41. Wahid: Derived from the Quranic root W-H-D, it means “one” or “unique.”
  42. Yahya: Quranic name for Prophet Yahya. It means “God is gracious”.
  43. Yaqub: Quranic name for Prophet Yaqub. It means “supplanter”.
  44. Yunus: Quranic name for Prophet Yunus. It means “dove”.
  45. Yusuf: Mentioned in the Quran, referring to Prophet Yusuf(PBUH). It means “God will add”.
  46. Zaid: Quranic name meaning “growth” or “increase”.
  47. Zakariya: Quranic name for Prophet Zakariya. It means “God remembers”.
  48. Zaki: Meaning “pure” or “innocent.”
  49. Zubair: Quranic name referring to Zubair Ibn Al-Awwam. It means “strong” or “powerful”.

Indirect Quranic names

These names are derived from the Quran but their meanings are not explicitly mentioned in the scripture. They are derived from Arabic roots that are used in the Quran.

Exploring Indirect Quranic names provides a broader perspective on the rich naming tradition in Islam.

  1. Adyan: Meaning “religious, pious”
  2. Adeel: Meaning “just”, “upright”
  3. Aman: Meaning “Security”, “safety”
  4. Bari: Meaning “creator”, “maker”
  5. Bahis: Meaning “researcher”
  6. Bashir: Meaning “bringer of good news”
  7. Dawar: Meaning “ruler”, “judge”
  8. Fahim: Meaning “understanding”, “wise”
  9. Faisal: Meaning “decisive”
  10. Fawad: Meaning “heart”
  11. Ghazanfar: Meaning “lion”
  12. Ghaffar: Meaning “cover”
  13. Hashim: Meaning “destroyer of evil”
  14. Hayat: Meaning “life”, “existence”
  15. Husam: Meaning “sword”, “sharp edge”
  16. Ijaz: Meaning “beyond the capability of human beings”
  17. Imran: Meaning “happiness”
  18. Irfan: Meaning “knowledge”
  19. Jafar: Meaning “stream”
  20. Jamil: Meaning “beautiful”
  21. Jawad: Meaning “noble”
  22. Kamal: Meaning “perfection”
  23. Karim: Meaning “generous”, “noble”
  24. Latif: Meaning “gentle”, “kind”
  25. Lutfi: Meaning “kind”, “gentle”
  26. Munif: Meaning “exalted”, “high”
  27. Nadim: Meaning “drink companion”
  28. Nasser: Meaning “winner”
  29. Nouman: Meaning “blood”, “life”
  30. Parvez: Meaning “pleasure”, “success”
  31. Qasim: Meaning “distributor”
  32. Rafiq: Meaning “friend”, “companion”
  33. Rahman: Meaning “merciful”
  34. Raza: Meaning “agreement”, “consent”
  35. Riaz: Meaning “gardens”, “meadows”
  36. Sabir: Meaning “patient”
  37. Safi: Meaning “pure”, “clear”
  38. Sahib: Meaning “companion”, “friend”
  39. Salman: Meaning “safe”, “undamaged”
  40. Sharif: Meaning “noble”, “honourable”
  41. Salim: Meaning “safe”
  42. Sarim: Meaning “brave”, “sharp sword”
  43. Sami: Meaning “listener”, “hearer”
  44. Talha: Meaning “a kind of tree”
  45. Tayyab: Meaning “good”, “pure”
  46. Taymullah: Meaning “servant of God”
  47. Ubaid: Meaning “small slave”
  48. Umar: Meaning “long-lived”
  49. Usman: Meaning “fast friend”
  50. Wadud: Meaning “loving”, “affectionate”
  51. Waseem: Meaning “handsome”, “good-looking”
  52. Wadi: Meaning “valley”
  53. Yamin: Meaning “towards right”
  54. Zafir: Meaning “victorious”
  55. Zahid: Meaning “ascetic”, “devoted to God”
  56. Ziyad: Meaning “growth”, “progress”
  57. Safiullah: Meaning “pure of God”

Less Common Islamic Boy Names from the Quran

Dive into a world of unique and profound meanings with our list of less common Islamic boy names derived straight from the Quran.

Unravel these less-trodden treasures and let your child’s name be a beacon of distinction and divine blessing.

  1. Abbas: Meaning “stern, lion”
  2. Ahmet: “praiseworthy”
  3. Aamir: Meaning “prosperous”
  4. Aziz: Meaning  “powerful”
  5. Bahir: Meaning  “brilliant”
  6. Basil: Meaning “brave”
  7. Burak: Meaning  “bright”
  8. Cemil: Meaning “beautiful”
  9. Emir: Meaning  “commander”
  10. Fadil: Meaning “generous”, “honorable”
  11. Faiz: Meaning “victorious”
  12. Fahd: Translating to “cheetah”
  13. Farid: Meaning “unique”
  14. Ghulam: Meaning “servant”
  15. Haddad: Meaning “smith”, “blacksmith”
  16. Hafeez: Meaning “guardian”
  17. Hamid: Meaning “praiseworthy”
  18. Hisham: Meaning “generous”
  19. Ihsan: Meaning “beneficence”
  20. Iqbal: Meaning “scholar”
  21. Jabir: Meaning “noble”
  22. Jalal: Meaning “majesty, glorious”
  23. Javed: Meaning  “eternal”, “everlasting”
  24. Khalid: Meaning  “eternal”, “immortal”
  25. Malik: Meaning  “king”
  26. Majid: Meaning “noble”, “honorable”
  27. Mujib: Meaning “responder”
  28. Nabil: Meaning “noble”
  29. Nahid: Meaning “honorable”
  30. Najib: Meaning “noble, outstanding”
  31. Nizam: Meaning  “order”
  32. Osman: Meaning  “baby bustard”
  33. Qais: Meaning “lover”
  34. Rafi: Meaning “high”
  35. Sabur: Meaning “patient”, “enduring”
  36. Samir: Meaning “jovial”
  37. Shakir: Meaning “grateful”
  38. Tahir: Meaning “pure, clean”
  39. Tawfiq: Meaning  “prosperity”, “good luck”
  40. Uvais: Meaning “discipline”
  41. Waleed: Meaning “newborn”
  42. Waqar: Meaning  “dignity”, “respect”
  43. Yakub: Meaning “supplanter”
  44. Yusuf: Meaning “God will add”
  45. Zahir: Meaning “bright, shining”
  46. Zain: Meaning “beauty, grace”

Things to Consider when Choosing an Islamic Boy Name

Picking a Quranic name for your little one is a cherished tradition, but it requires careful consideration.

Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing a Quranic name for your boy:

  1. Think about the meaning of the name and how it aligns with your values and beliefs.
  2. Consider how the picked Islamic name is pronounced in your native language and if it flows well with your last name.
  3. Reflect on how the name feels to you personally and if it carries a special meaning or connection for your family.
  4. Seek input from your partner or other family members to ensure consensus on the selected name.
  5. Research the popularity of the name to avoid your child sharing a name with many others in their peer group.
  6. Consider using a variation of a popular name to make it more unique and meaningful for your child.
  7. Check if the chosen name has any negative connotations or associations that could potentially impact your child’s life.
  8. Think about how the name may be perceived in different cultural or societal contexts.
  9. Consider the practicality of the name, such as its length and ease of spelling and pronunciation.
  10. Trust your instincts and go with a name that resonates with you and feels right for your child.

Following these considerations can help you choose a beautiful, meaningful, and unique Quranic name for your baby boy.


The significance of the name is crucial, as it’s believed to influence a person’s character.

Remember, the pronunciation, cultural resonance, and personal connection are key factors to make it truly extraordinary!

Remember that ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name with love and intention, as it will become a part of your child’s identity forever. 

So, take your time, do some research and find the perfect name for your little one from the rich treasure trove of Islamic boy names in the Quran. 

Keep this beautiful tradition alive  and pass on meaningful names to future generations.

So, take your time to explore the names from the Quran and find the perfect one for your little blessing.

May Allah guide you in this important decision!

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