259 Boy Names Ending in ‘Son’ With Meaning

There’s a certain charm that comes with boy names ending in ‘son’. It’s like adding a bit of extra seasoning to an already delicious dish!

These names have a unique appeal, a resonance that turns heads and sparks intrigue. It’s interesting to note that some of the most influential figures in history have names ending in ‘son’.

Take, for instance, Nelson Mandela, a name that resonates with freedom, equality, and perseverance.

His first name, Nelson, is a shining beacon of inspiration for many. Similarly, Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, carries an ‘son’ ending name that’s well-etched into political history.

These names and the personalities they represent exemplify the unique and powerful resonance of names ending in ‘son’.

The Appeal of ‘Son’ Ending Names

Boy names that end in ‘son’ are becoming increasingly popular. Usage of  -son ending names in the U.S. has increased by 8% year on year from 1991.

Historically speaking, names with “son” are generally used for surnames. But from the late 80’s they are used more and more as first names.

Names ending in ‘son’ have an allure that’s timeless, circling back to their linguistic roots and historical significance.

They started as patronymic surnames, meaning ‘son of’, and have since grown into first names brimming with uniqueness and character.

They carry strength, tradition, and a hint of modern twist, making them a popular choice for today’s parents.

Top 10 Popular Boy Names Ending in 'Son'

Top 10 Popular Boy Names Ending in ‘Son’

  1. Jackson: This classic name is popular all around the world and means ‘son of Jack.’ It has been in the top 20 baby names for boys for several years now and shows no signs of fading away.
  2. Grayson: This name has gained popularity in recent years and means ‘son of the grey-haired one’ or ‘son of the bailiff.’ It’s a modern twist on the traditional name Gray, and has a cool edge to it.
  3. Mason: The name Mason means ‘one who works with stone.’ It’s a name that has been around for centuries and is still trendy today. It has stood the test of time due to its simple and classic appeal.
  4. Hudson: Hudson is a unisex name that has become more popular for boys in recent years. It means ‘son of Hugh’ and has a strong, confident sound to it.
  5. Tyson: This name means ‘son of Ty,’ and is a modern take on the traditional name Tyler. The name has a strong, masculine feel to it and is a great choice for parents looking for a unique name.
  6. Emerson: Emerson means ‘son of Emery’ and is a name that has been around since the 19th century. It’s a unisex name that has become increasingly popular for boys in recent years. It’s also a great choice for parents looking for a name that starts with the letter ‘E.’
  7. Wilson: This name means ‘son of Will’ and is a classic name with a simple but elegant feel. It’s been a popular name for decades and is still trending upwards.
  8. Edison: Edison means ‘son of Edward’ and is a unique name choice for parents. It has a strong, powerful sound to it, and its association with the famous inventor Thomas Edison, gives it an added cool factor.
  9. Carlson: This name means ‘son of Carl’ and has a Scandinavian origin. It’s a great choice for parents who want a unique name for their baby boy.
  10. Orson: Orson means ‘son of the bear’ and is a name with strong roots in English history. It’s a great name choice for parents who want a name that is both traditional and unique.

Unique and Less Common ‘Son’ Ending Names

While the above names are all popular choices, there are plenty of unique and less common ‘son’ ending names to choose from. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Dawson: This name means ‘son of David’ and has a strong, masculine sound to it.
  2. Lawson: Lawson means ‘son of Lawrence’ and has a trendy but classic appeal.
  3. Stetson: This name means ‘son of Stephen’ and brings to mind images of the wild west.
  4. Judson: Judson means ‘son of Jordan’ and is a name with both biblical and modern roots.
  5. Hudson: Hudson means ‘son of Hugh’ and has a strong, confident sound to it.
  6. Branson: This name means ‘son of Brandon’ and has a cool, modern vibe to it.
  7. Dyson: Dyson means ‘son of Dennis’ and is a great choice for parents looking for a unique and trendy name.
  8. Jefferson: Jefferson means ‘son of Jeffrey’ and has a presidential feel to it.
  9. Landerson: This name means ‘son of Landon’ and is a unique twist on the popular name.
  10. Pierson: Pierson means ‘son of Peter’ and has an elegant, sophisticated sound to it.
  11. Ellison: Ellison means ‘son of Elias’ and is a name with both traditional and modern appeal.
  12. Bason: Derived from the Old English word bas, it means ‘A person of short stature’.
  13. Harrison: Harrison means ‘son of Harry’ and has a strong, regal sound to it.
  14. Aison: Aison means ‘son of Andrew’ and is a unique and modern take on the traditional name.
  15. Hanson: Hanson means ‘son of Hans’ and has a strong, Scandinavian feel to it.

All Other Boy Names Ending in ‘SON’

Here is a comprehensive list of all the other boy names ending in ‘son’:

  1. Anderson – Son of Andrew.
  2. Anson – Son of Anne.
  3. Aeson – Uncertain meaning.
  4. Aceson – Son of Ace.
  5. Addison – Son of Adam.
  6. Adison – Son of Adam.
  7. Alisson – Son of Alice.
  8. Alison – Son of Alice.
  9. Alyson – Son of Alice.
  10. Amerson – Son of Amery.
  11. Arison – Son of Ari.
  12. Arrison – Son of Arris.
  13. Bryson – Son of Brice.
  14. Bronson – Son of Brown.
  15. Benson – Son of Ben.
  16. Brayson – Son of Bray.
  17. Brookson – Son of Brook.
  18. Brentson – Son of Brent.
  19. Blesson – Bright fame.
  20. Braison – Combination of Bray and Jason.
  21. Breyson – Son of Bray.
  22. Carson – Son of Carr.
  23. Colson – Son of Colin.
  24. Cason – Son of Case.
  25. Cayson – Son of Cay.
  26. Coulson – Son of Cole.
  27. Crimson – Deep red color.
  28. Clarkson – Son of Clark.
  29. Coleson – Son of Cole.
  30. Chason – Uncertain meaning.
  31. Davidson – Son of David.
  32. Denilson – Son of Denis.
  33. Daxson – Son of Dax.
  34. Drayson – Son of Dray.
  35. Dayson – Son of Day.
  36. Dreyson – Son of Drey.
  37. Dason – Son of Dase.
  38. Darikson – Son of Darik.
  39. Dipson – Son of Dip.
  40. Darson – Son of Dar.
  41. Daeson – Son of Dae.
  42. Daison – Son of Daise.
  43. Dakson – Son of Dak.
  44. Dalson – Son of Dal.
  45. Danielson – Son of Daniel.
  46. Danson – Son of Dan.
  47. Dauson – Son of Daus.
  48. Davison – Son of David.
  49. Deason – Son of Deas.
  50. Delson – Son of Del.
  51. Denison – Son of Denis.
  52. Dennison – Son of Dennis.
  53. Denson – Son of Den.
  54. Dickson – Son of Dick.
  55. Dilson – Son of Dil.
  56. Dison – Son of Dis.
  57. Draeson – Son of Drae.
  58. Draison – Son of Drai.
  59. Drason – Son of Dra.
  60. Dreson – Son of Dre.
  61. Eason – Son of Ease.
  62. Everson – Son of Ever.
  63. Edson – Son of Edward.
  64. Eddison – Son of Eddie.
  65. Elson – Son of El.
  66. Ericson – Son of Eric.
  67. Ederson – Son of Eder.
  68. Eliason – Son of Elias.
  69. Eriksson – Son of Erik.
  70. Enderson – Son of End.
  71. Erikson – Son of Erik.
  72. Erickson – Son of Erick.
  73. Ferguson – Son of Fergus.
  74. Fredson – Son of Fred.
  75. Finson – Son of Fin.
  76. Frankson – Son of Frank.
  77. Greyson – Son of Grey.
  78. Garrison – Son of Garrison.
  79. Gibson – Son of Gib.
  80. Gerson – Son of Ger.
  81. Graceson – Son of Grace.
  82. Godson – Son of God.
  83. Gunnison – Son of Gunni.
  84. Henderson – Son of Hendry.
  85. Henson – Son of Hen.
  86. Huckson – Son of Huck.
  87. Hutson – Son of Hut.
  88. Hanson – Son of Hans.
  89. Hinson – Son of Hin.
  90. Harryson – Son of Harry.
  91. Hutchinson – Son of Hutch.
  92. Huxson – Son of Hux.
  93. Hardison – Son of Hardis.
  94. Iverson – Son of Iver.
  95. Iason – Uncertain meaning.
  96. Ison – Uncertain meaning.
  97. Ierson – Uncertain meaning.
  98. Jameson – Son of James.
  99. Jaxson – Son of Jax.
  100. Jason – Healer.
  101. Jenson – Son of Jens.
  102. Jettson – Son of Jett.
  103. Johnson – Son of John.
  104. Jaymeson – Son of Jayme.
  105. Jeyson – Son of Jey.
  106. Jamyson – Son of Jami.
  107. Juddson – Son of Judd.
  108. Jasson – Uncertain meaning.
  109. Jeison – Uncertain meaning.
  110. Jaimeson – Son of Jaime.
  111. Jahson – Uncertain meaning.
  112. Jamesson – Uncertain meaning.
  113. Jaymison – Son of Jaymi.
  114. Jedson – Son of Jed.
  115. Jepson – Son of Jep.
  116. Jeferson – Son of Jefferson.
  117. Jaeson – Son of Jae.
  118. Jamason – Son of Jama.
  119. Jameison – Son of Jameis.
  120. Jaymason – Son of Jayma.
  121. Jeisson – Son of Jeis.
  122. Jennings – Son of Jenn.
  123. Karson – Son of Karl.
  124. Kayson – Son of Kay.
  125. Kason – Son of Kas.
  126. Kaison – Son of Kais.
  127. Kyson – Son of Kys.
  128. Kolson – Son of Kol.
  129. Koleson – Son of Kole.
  130. Kaeson – Son of Kae.
  131. Khyson – Son of Khy.
  132. Kenson – Son of Kens.
  133. Larson – Son of Lars.
  134. Layson – Son of Lay.
  135. Lanson – Son of Lann.
  136. Liedson – Son of Lied.
  137. Mason – Stone worker.
  138. Maison – French word for “house”.
  139. Mayson – Son of May.
  140. Madison – Son of Maud.
  141. Maeson – Son of Mae.
  142. Mackson – Son of Mack.
  143. Manson – Son of Mann.
  144. Marson – Son of Mars.
  145. Mattson – Son of Matt.
  146. Maxson – Son of Max.
  147. Melson – Son of Mel.
  148. Morrison – Son of Mor.
  149. Myson – Son of My.
  150. Nelson – Son of Neil.
  151. Nason – Son of Nase.
  152. Nickson – Son of Nick.
  153. Nilson – Son of Nil.
  154. Naason – Uncertain meaning.
  155. Naelson – Son of Nael.
  156. Neeson – Son of Nee.
  157. Neilson – Son of Neil.
  158. Nicholson – Son of Nichol.
  159. Nisson – Son of Nis.
  160. Nixson – Son of Nix.
  161. Nyson – Son of Nys.
  162. Olson – Son of Ole.
  163. Oakeson – Son of Oakes.
  164. Patterson – Son of Pate.
  165. Payson – Son of Pay.
  166. Pearson – Son of Piers.
  167. Peyson – Son of Pey.
  168. Paxson – Son of Pax.
  169. Peterson – Son of Peter.
  170. Quason – Uncertain meaning.
  171. Quinison – Son of Quin.
  172. Quintusson – Son of Quintus.
  173. Rockson – Son of Rock.
  174. Ronson – Son of Ron.
  175. Ranson – Son of Ran.
  176. Risson – Son of Ris.
  177. Rhieson – Son of Rhie.
  178. Rawson – Son of Raw.
  179. Ramonson – Son of Ramon.
  180. Reason – Uncertain meaning.
  181. Rayson – Son of Ray.
  182. Ryerson – Son of Rye.
  183. Robertson – Son of Robert.
  184. Robson – Son of Rob.
  185. Richardson – Son of Richard.
  186. Rickson – Son of Rick.
  187. Rodson – Son of Rod.
  188. Ryson – Son of Rys.
  189. Samson – Sun.
  190. Sampson – Sun.
  191. Stevenson – Son of Steven.
  192. Sansoon – Uncertain meaning.
  193. Stephenson – Son of Stephen.
  194. Treyson – Son of Trey.
  195. Tayson – Son of Tay.
  196. Thompson – Son of Thom.
  197. Tennyson – Son of Tenn.
  198. Tolson – Son of Tol.
  199. Trayson – Son of Tray.
  200. Thaison – Uncertain meaning.
  201. Tison – Uncertain meaning.
  202. Taison – Uncertain meaning.
  203. Trason – Uncertain meaning.
  204. Treson – Son of Tre.
  205. Tavisson – Son of Tav.
  206. Tyson – Son of Ty.
  207. Tompson – Son of Tom.
  208. Uson – Uncertain meaning.
  209. Urbanusson – Son of Urbanus.
  210. Urquhartson – Son of Urquhart.
  211. Vincentiusson – Son of Vincentius.
  212. Vanderson – Son of Vander.
  213. Vinson – Son of Vin.
  214. Vanson – Son of Van.
  215. Watson – Son of Watt.
  216. Wesson – Son of Wesley
  217. Woodson – Son of Wood
  218. Willson – Son of William
  219. Wattson – Son of Watt
  220. Bryceson – Son of Bryce
  221. Whitson – Son of White
  222. Williamson – Son of William
  223. Winson – Son of Win
  224. Xaverson – Son of Xavier
  225. Xenson – Son of Xeno
  226. Xyson – Son of Xylo
  227. Xanson – Son of Xan
  228. Xonson – Son of Xon
  229. Yeison – Son of Yeis
  230. Yeferson – Son of Yef
  231. Yefferson – Son of Yef
  232. Yahson – Son of Yah
  233. Yeyson – Son of Yey
  234. Yason – Son of Yas
  235. Yonason – Son of Yon
  236. Yvenson – Son of Yven
  237. Zanson – Son of Zan
  238. Zenson – Son of Zen

Tips on Choosing the Right ‘Son’ Ending Name

Choosing the right ‘son’ ending name is like picking out the perfect outfit – it should resonate with you!  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your baby’s name:

  • Consider the meaning behind the name. Many ‘son’ ending names have strong meanings that can add depth and significance to your child’s name.
  • Think about the sound and flow of the name. Does it roll off the tongue easily? Is it too difficult to pronounce?
  • Consider family names or names with personal significance. This can be a great way to honor family members or incorporate your own culture into your child’s name.
  • Think about nicknames that may come from the name. Do you like the potential nicknames that could arise from the name?
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a unique or less common ‘son’ ending name. These names can make your child stand out and be memorable.
  • Most importantly, choose a name that you and your partner both love. After all, it will be your child’s name for the rest of their life.


So there you have it, folks! ‘son’ ending names are a delightful blend of tradition and modernity, offering a sea of choices for parents-to-be.

Make the big decision and choose a ‘son’ ending name for your bundle of joy.

This guide has been a helpful companion in your quest for the perfect boy name. Remember, as long as the name resonates with you, it’s the perfect choice!

Best of luck in your search for the perfect boy name – may you find one that brings you both peace and joy. Happy naming!

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