Top Boy Names Ending With N ( 225 Incredible Choices )

Expecting a precious little one soon? Congratulations!  We’re diving into the world of baby boy names ending with the letter N!

Get ready for a life filled with love, laughter, and endless precious moments.

Finding the perfect name for your baby is an exhilarating adventure! If you’re searching for boy names that end with N, look no further. We’ve got you covered!

From classic to trendy, here’s a list of boy names ending with N to help you find the perfect name.

So if you’re expecting a little boy soon or just love exploring new baby name options, this one’s for you! Let’s get started!

Why Choose N Ending Names For Your Baby Boy?

The letter N is highly regarded for its charm and uniqueness, especially when it comes to baby names. Many parents favor boy names ending with N for their strong and masculine sound.

In fact, names ending with N, such as Logan, Benjamin, Mason, Ethan, Aiden, and Jackson, are among the most popular choices in US.

Some parents are even opting for double N endings, like Quinn, Finn, Flynn, Brooklynn, Adalynn, and Adelynn, which make up about 2% of all names given to babies in the US.

This trend of names ending with N has seen a significant rise in recent years, distinguishing babies with a touch of distinction.

Classic Boy Names Ending With N

Classic Boy Names Ending With N

When it comes to picking a name for your little one, something timeless might be just what you’re after.

Classic boy names ending with N blend traditional charm with a unique twist, providing an enduring appeal that transcends passing trends.

Aaron: Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: “mountain of strength”, “strong”

Adrian: Origin: Latin; Meaning: “Son of Adria”

Alan: Origin: Celtic; Meaning: “harmony”

Allan: Origin: Celtic; Meaning: “harmony”

Alton: Origin: Old English; Meaning: “town at the source of the river”

Ashton: Origin: Old English; Meaning: “Town of ash trees.”

Benjamin: Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: “son of the right hand”

Brennan: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “descendant of Braonán”

Brian: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “high” or “noble.”

Bryson: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of Brice”

Byron: Origin: English; Meaning: “barn for cows”

Calvin: Origin: Latin; Meaning: “bald”

Cameron: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “crooked nose”

Christian: Origin: Greek; Meaning: “follower of Christ”

Clayton: Origin: English; Meaning: “clay settlement”

Colin: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “people of victory”

Collin: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “young cub”

Colton: Origin: English; Meaning: “coal town”

Damon: Origin: Greek; Meaning: “to tame, to subdue”

Darren: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “Oak Tree”

Dean: Origin: English; Meaning: “valley”

Devon: Origin: English; Meaning: “Deep valley dwellers”

Don: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “brown-haired chieftain”

Edwin: Origin: Old English; Meaning: “prosperous friend”

Donavan: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “brown-haired chieftain” or “strong fighter”.

Emerson: Origin: German; Meaning:”Son of Emery”

Ethan: Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: “strong, firm”

Ewan: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “born of the yew tree”

Flynn: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “descendant of Flann”

Franklin: Origin: English; Meaning: “free man”

Galvin: Origin: Irish; Meaning: “sparrow”

Gavin: Origin: Welsh; Meaning: “white hawk”

Glenn: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “valley”

Gordon: Origin: Scottish; Meaning: “great hill”

Grayson: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of the steward”

Hamilton: Origin: British; Meaning: “flat-topped hill”

Harrison: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of Harry”

Hayden: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of the hay valley”

Hudson: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of Hudd”

Irwin: Origin: English; Meaning: “boar friend”

Ivan: Origin: Russian; Meaning: “God is gracious”

Jackson: Origin: English; Meaning: “son of Jack”

Jaden: Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: “God has heard”

Jason: Origin: Greek; Meaning: “healer”

Jordan: Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: “to descend” or “to flow down.”

Julian: Origin: Latin; Meaning: “youthful”

Ken: Origin: Japanese; Meaning: “healthy, strong”

Kevin: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “handsome, gentle”

Kingston: Origin: English, Meaning: “king’s town”

Lennon: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “Lover”

Loren: Origin: English, Meaning: “from Laurentum”

Marvin: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: “friend of the sea”

Mason: Origin: English, Meaning: “stone worker”

Martin: Origin: Latin, Meaning: “warrior of Mars”

Melvin: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “chief, ruler”

Nathan: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “gift from God”

Nelson: Origin: English, Meaning: “son of Neil”

Nolan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “champion”

Owen: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: “young warrior”

Quinn: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “wise,” “sense,” or “reason.”

Robin: Origin: English, Meaning: “bright fame”

Ronan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “little seal”

Ryan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “little king”

Sean: Origin: Irish, Meaning: “God is gracious”

Simon: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “he has heard”

Stephen: Origin: Greek, Meaning: “crown”

Tristan: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: “sad” or “sorrowful”

Tyson: Origin: French, Meaning: “high-spirited.”

Vernon: Origin: English, Meaning: “place of alders”

Warren: Origin: English, Meaning: “park keeper”

Wilson: Origin: English, Meaning: “son of William”

Winston: Origin: English, Meaning: “joy stone”

Vivian – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Alive, lively

Zayn: Origin: Arabic, Meaning: “beauty, grace”

Zackeryn: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “God remembers”

Modern Boy Names Ending In N

Are you seeking unique and stylish names for your baby boy? These names, ending in N, are sure to capture your attention.

They exude a modern charm and hold deep significance.

Let’s delve into them further:

Aiden – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “essence of a little fire”

Arvin – Origin: German – Meaning: “people’s friend”

Braden – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “salmon”

Caden – Origin: Scottish – Meaning: “battle”

Damien – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “to tame”

Darian – Origin: Persian – Meaning: “gift”

Declan – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”

Elon – Origin: English – Meaning: “oak tree”

Fabian – Origin: Latin – Meaning: “bean grower”

Galen – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “calm”

Ian – Origin: Scottish – Meaning: “God is gracious”

Iven – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: “God is gracious”

Jovan – Origin: Slavic – Meaning: “God is gracious”

Jovian – Origin: Latin – Meaning: “Yahweh is merciful”

Kean – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “ancient”, “enduring.”

Keegan – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “small flame”

Kian – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “ancient king”

Kylan – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “narrow channel”

Kylian – Origin: Irish – Meaning: “striker”

Lachlan – Origin: Scottish – Meaning: “from the land of lakes”

Maximilian – Origin: Latin – Meaning: “greatest”

Orson – Origin: English – Meaning: “bear cub”

Paxton – Origin: English – Meaning: “peaceful town”

Preston – Origin: English – Meaning: “priest’s town”

Quentin – Origin: Latin – Meaning: “fifth”

Quinton – Origin: English – Meaning: “queen’s town”

Roman – Origin: Latin – Meaning: “inhabitant of Rome”

Taran – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: “thunder”

Upton – Origin: English – Meaning: “high town”

Urien – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: “privileged birth”

Vaughn – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: “small”

Waylon – Origin: English – Meaning: “land along side the facet road”

Xan – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “defender of men”

Xavien – Origin: American – Meaning: “bright, splendid”

Yaron – Origin: Hebrew – Meaning: “sing”

Yvan – Origin: Slavic – Meaning: “God is gracious”

Zaden – Origin: Arabic – Meaning: “fiery”

These names blend contemporary style with a unique appeal, making them perfect choices for your baby boy!

Unique Boy Names Ending With N

If you’re searching for a name that sets your child apart, explore these distinctive boy names that end with the letter N.

Each name possesses a touch of charm.

These names are ideal for your little one who is on the way.

Arden – Origin: English; Meaning: From the valley of the eagle

Baron – Origin: English; Meaning: Nobleman or Son of strength

Bastian – Origin: German; Meaning: Man of Sebastia

Branson – Origin: English; Meaning: Son of Brand or Son of the raven

Bryston – Origin: English; Meaning: Variant of “Bryce”

Cason – Origin: Scottish; Meaning: Son of the marsh-dwellers

Chetan – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Consciousness or Perception

Corbin – Origin: English; Meaning: Raven-haired

Corban – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: A gift consecrated to God

Dallan – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Little blind one

Destin – Origin: French; Meaning: Destiny or fate

Draven – Origin: English; Meaning: Child of beautiful shadows

Eamon – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Wealthy guardian

Eldon – Origin: English; Meaning: Elf hill

Elton – Origin: English; Meaning: From the old town

Ethen – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Strong, firm

Faron – Origin: English; Meaning: Handsome servant

Fenton – Origin: English; Meaning: Marsh town

Finnan – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Fair-haired, Famous hunter

Gabran – Origin: Scottish; Meaning: Close to God

Hadwin – Origin: English; Meaning: Friend in war

Heston – Origin: English; Meaning: Enclosure or settlement

Iain – Origin: Scottish; Meaning: Scottish form of “John”

Jathen – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: God has given

Jenson – Origin: Scandinavian; Meaning: Son of Jens (John)

Keagan – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Descendant of Aodhagán

Kennan – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Ancient

Kiran – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Beam of radiant light

Laken – Origin: English; Meaning: Lake

Leighton – Origin: English; Meaning: From the meadow town

Maddexon – Origin: English; Meaning: Son of Maddox

Marlon – Origin: English; Meaning: Little hawk

Niven – Origin: Scottish; Meaning: Holy, sacred

Orin – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Pale green or fair

Oisin – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Little deer

Quinlan – Origin: Irish; Meaning: Well-shaped or athletic

Raydon – Origin: English; Meaning: Broad Hillside

Rylan – Origin: English; Meaning: Advice

Tarquin – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Ruler

Varden – Origin: English; Meaning: From the green hill

Waylen – Origin: English; Meaning: Land by the road

Xavian – Origin: Spanish; Meaning: New House

Xavion – Origin: African; Meaning: Fighter

Yonatan – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Gift of God

Zalman – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Peaceful or safe

Zephon – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Watchman

Ziven – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Vigorous or full of life

Zylan – Origin: English; Meaning: Variant of “Dylan”

Trendy Boy Names Ending With N

For those who want to stay ahead of the latest trends, these trendy boy names ending with N are sure to capture your attention:

Adon – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Lord

Aman – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: The one who is peaceful

Aydan – Origin: Turkish – Meaning: From the moon

Ayden – Origin: Irish – Meaning: Little fire

Belden – Origin: English, Meaning: ‘beautiful prairie’.

Boston – Origin: English – Meaning: Town by the woods

Braxton – Origin: English – Meaning: Brock’s town

Brendan – Origin: Irish – Meaning: Prince

Brycen – Origin: English – Meaning: Son of Bryce

Corwin – Origin: English, Meaning: ‘heart’s friend’.

Darron – Origin: Irish, Meaning: ‘great’.

Dawson – Origin: English – Meaning: Son of David

Elgin – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: ‘high-minded; little Ireland’.

Falcon – Origin: English, Meaning: represents the bird of prey.

Gideon – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘feller of trees’.

Haven – Origin: English, Meaning: ‘safe place’.

Ibsen – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: ‘son of Ib’.

Jaylen – Origin: American – Meaning: Healer

Jaxon – Origin: English – Meaning: God is gracious

Jorden – Origin: Hebrew – Meaning: Descendant

Joyson – Origin: English  – Meaning: Son of happiness

Justin – Origin: Latin – Meaning: Just, fair

Kaiden – Origin: American – Meaning: Companion

Kenyon – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: ‘good-looking’.

Kyson – Origin: American – Meaning: Son of Kyle

Landon – Origin: English – Meaning: A hill with a long slope.

Leon – Origin: Greek – Meaning: Lion

Logan – Origin: Scottish – Meaning: Small hollow

Lysander – Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘liberator of mankind’.

Marlin – Origin: English, Meaning: variant of Marlon, ‘little hawk’.

Orion – Origin: Greek – Meaning: Heavens Light

Osborn – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: ‘divine warrior’.

Payton – Origin: English – Meaning: Fighter’s town

Raiden – Origin: Japanese – Meaning: Thunder and lightning

Rexton – Origin: English, Meaning: ‘king’s town’.

Rowan – Origin: Irish – Meaning: Little red-haired one

Stellan – Origin: Swedish, Meaning: ‘calm’.

Theron – Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘hunter’.

Vailen – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: ‘valley’.

Viaan – Origin: Indian – Meaning: Little full of life

Wilden – Origin: English, Meaning: ‘from the wild’.

Yavin – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘he will understand’.

Yuvan – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Youthful, strong, healthy

Combined Boy Names Ending With N

If you’re looking for a truly unique name for your baby boy, why not consider combining two names that end with ‘N’? This can result in a creative, one-of-a-kind name that holds special meaning. Here are some intriguing combined boy names that end with ‘N’.

If you find yourself torn between two names you love, why not combine them?

Here are some examples of blended boy names that end with N:

Axton (Axel + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: Town of ash trees

Brinton (Brian + Clinton): Origin: English, Meaning: Settlement near a burnt-down farm

Braylon (Brayden + Lon): Origin: English, Meaning: To have hope

Brixton (Brice + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: The stone of Brixi

Carson (Carl + Jason): Origin: Scottish and Irish, Meaning: Son of marsh-dwellers

Clinton (Cliff + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: Hilltop town

Denton (Dean + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: From the town in the valley

Glenton (Glen + Anton): Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Settlement in the glen

Hilton (Hill + Anton): Origin: Old English, Meaning: Settlement in the hill

Jaxton (Jack + Paxton): Origin: English, Meaning: Son of Jack

Jayden (Jay + Aiden): Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Thankful or God has heard

Kayden (Kai + Aiden): Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Son of Cadan or fighter

Layton (Lance + Peyton): Origin: English, Meaning: Settlement with a leek garden

Linton (Linn + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: From the flax enclosure

Maxon (Max + Mason): Origin: English, Meaning: Greatest or Largest, Variant of Max

Maxton (Max + Paxton):Origin: English, Meaning: Town of Mack’s people

Nixon (Nick + Mason): Origin: English, Meaning: Son of Nicholas

Paxson (Paul + Mason): Origin: English, Meaning: Peace

Payson (Paul + Mason): Origin: English, Meaning: Son of peace

Rayden (Ray + Aiden): Origin: English, Meaning: Wise protector or counselor

Renton (Ren + Anton):  Origin: English, Meaning: Settlement by the stream

Rixon (Rick + Mason): Origin: English, Meaning: Brave ruler or Strong ruler

Trenton (Trent + Anton): Origin: English, Meaning: Town by the Trent River

Tayden -(Taylor +Aiden): Origin: American – Meaning: Combination of Taylor  and Aiden

Zayden (Zane + Aiden): Origin: English, Meaning: To have hope

Tips for Picking a Name that Ages Well

Selecting a name for your child is a significant decision that will accompany them throughout their lifetime. 

While it may be tempting to choose a trendy or unique name, it’s important to consider how that name will age over time. Here are some tips for selecting a name that ages well:

  1. Avoid following passing fads: While it’s tempting to choose a currently popular name, remember that trends come and go. A name that’s trendy now may sound outdated in a few years.
  2. Consider the meaning: A name’s significance is as important as its phonetic appeal. Choose a name with a positive or meaningful definition, rather than just one that sounds pleasing.
  3. Embrace family names: They honor and carry forward a family legacy, and hold enduring power and significance for your child as they grow.
  4. Test the name: Before officially giving the name to your child, try saying it out loud in different situations (like calling them from another room or introducing them to someone new). This will help you see how the name feels and if it goes well with your last name.
  5. Think long-term: While cute and unique names may be appealing at first, consider how the name will suit your child as they become an adult. Choose a name that will remain appropriate and professional as your child grows.

Keep in mind that the name you select for your child is a lasting gift that will shape their identity. Choose a name thoughtfully and carefully, one that will be cherished for a lifetime.


There you have it, Our N-credible list of boy names ending with N!

To sum up, the journey of picking the perfect name for your baby boy ending with ‘N’ can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Whether you’re leaning towards classic, trendy, modern or unique names, we hope this list has helped guide your decision.

So go ahead and pick the perfect boy name ending with N for your little one and get ready to welcome him into the world with love and joy.

In conclusion, Whether you go for a single name or decide to combine two names, make sure to consider the meaning and potential longevity of the name.

Remember, this is just a small list of options – there are countless more names out there waiting to be discovered. Happy searching! Happy Naming!

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