Boy Names Ending With ‘On’ ( Short, Compact & Unique )

Welcome, future parents, to the magical world of baby-naming! 

Today, we’re delving into a delightful trend that you may have already noticed but perhaps haven’t fully explored yet – the irresistible allure of boy names ending with the letter ‘On’.

These names exude a certain charm and uniqueness that sets them apart from the crowd.

So, get ready to embark on this delightful naming journey and discover the perfect name that will leave a lasting impression on your little one.

The options are endless! Let the adventure begin!

Why Choose a Boy Name ending in ‘ON’?

There’s just something about that ‘On’ sound at the end of a name, isn’t there?

It rolls off the tongue, sounds modern, and has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it impossible to resist! 

It’s no wonder that this trend has caught on and is gaining more popularity each day. Popular boy names that end in ‘on’ include Mason, Jackson, Grayson, Hudson, and Jaxon.

And why should it not?

After all, ‘On’ ending names have a special charm that is hard to miss. 

So why not jump on the bandwagon and explore some of these fantastic options?

Most Loved Boy Names Ending with 'ON'

Most Loved Boy Names Ending with ‘On’

What is in a name? Well, when it comes to ‘On’ ending names, there is a lot of charm, love, and yes, a lot of popularity! Here are some of the most adored ‘On’ ending names that have captured the hearts of parents around the globe.

Let’s begin with the cream of the ‘On’ crop.

  1. Aaron: (AIR-ən) Hebrew origin, means ‘exalted’ or ‘high mountain’ or strong
  2. Ashton: (ASH-tən) English origin, means “ash tree town”.
  3. Barron: (BAR-ən) Old English origin, means “Noble warrior”.
  4. Benton: (BEN-tən) Old English origin, means “Bent grass enclosure”.
  5. Boston: (BAWS-tən) English origin, means “Town by the woods”
  6. Brandon: (BRAN-dən) Celtic origin, means “Prince”
  7. Byron: (BAHY-ərn) English origin, means “barn for cows”.
  8. Cameron: (KAM-rən) Scottish origin, means “crooked nose”.
  9. Carson: (KAHR-sən) Scottish origin, means “Son of marsh dwelling”.
  10. Clayton: (KLAY-tən) English origin, means “settlement by the clay pit”.
  11. Colton: (KOHLT-ən) English origin, means “from the coal town/ dark town”.
  12. Dalton: (DAWL-tən) English origin, means “from the valley town”.
  13. Deacon: (DEE-kən) English origin, means “Servant”.
  14. Easton: (EE-stən) English origin, means “east-facing place”.
  15. Edison: (ED-ə-sən) English origin, means “son of Edith”.
  16. Ellington: (EL-ing-tən) English origin, means “Ellis’s town”.
  17. Elton: (EL-tən) Old English origin, means “Ella’s town”.
  18. Everton: (EV-ər-tən) English origin, means “boar farm”.
  19. Eamon: (AY-mon) Irish origin, means “wealthy protector”.
  20. Falcon: (FAWL-kən) English origin, signifies freedom and power.
  21. Gideon: (GID-ee-ən) Hebrew origin, means “he who cuts down”.
  22. Grayson: (GRAY-sən) English origin, means “son of the steward”.
  23. Hudson: (HUHD-sən) English origin, means “son of Hugh”.
  24. Jackson: (JAK-sən) English origin, means “son of Jack”.
  25. Jonathon: (JAH-nə-thən) Hebrew origin, means “God has given”.
  26. Johnston: (JAWS-tən) Hebrew origin, means “God is gracious”.
  27. Johnson: /ˈdʒɒnsən/ Anglo-Norman Origin, means Son of John
  28. Keaton: (KEE-tən) Old English origin, means “where hawks fly”.
  29. Kenton: (KEN-ton) English origin, means “the royal settlement”.”.
  30. Lawson: (LAW-sən) English/ Scottish origin, means “son of Lawrence”.
  31. Leighton: (LEY-ton) English origin, means “Meadow settlement”.
  32. Levon: (LE-vən) Armenian origin, means “lion”.
  33. Lyon: (LY-on) French origin, means “lion”.
  34. Mason: (MEY-sən) French origin, means “worker in stone”.
  35. Milton: (MIL-ton) English origin, means “mill town”.
  36. Nixon: (NIK-sən) English origin, means “son of Nicholas”.
  37. Orson: (OR-sən) Latin origin, means “bear cub”.
  38. Ogden: (OG-den) English origin, means “oak tree valley”.
  39. Preston: (PRES-tən) Latin origin, means “priest’s town”.
  40. Peyton: (PAY-ton) English origin, means “fighting man’s estate”.
  41. Ryton: (RAHY-tən) English origin, means “rye town”.
  42. Saxon: (SAX-ən) German origin, means “from Saxonny”.
  43. Simon: (SAY-mən) Hebrew origin, means “he has heard”.
  44. Solomon: (SOL-ə-mən) Hebrew origin, means “peace”.
  45. Sutton: (SUHT-ən) English origin, means “south settlement”.
  46. Tyson: (TYS-ən) French origin, means “fire”.
  47. Thompson: (TOM-sən) English origin, means “son of Thom”.
  48. Triton: (TRY-ton) Greek origin, means “messenger of the sea”.
  49. Weston: (WEST-ən) English origin, means “western town”.

Cheers to finding the perfect ‘On’ ending name for your little man! Remember, the best name is one that resonates with you and feels right.

Unique and Rare ‘On’ Ending Boy Names

If you’re one for the road less traveled, never fear – there are plenty of unique ‘On’ ending names out there, waiting to be discovered!

Get ready to dive into the pool of uncommon ‘On’ ending names that are distinctive, yet charismatic.

  1. Acton: (AK-tun) Old English origin, means “oak tree settlement”.
  2. Alton: (AWL-tun) Old English origin, means “old town”.
  3. Audon: (AWD-un) French origin, means “old and rich”.
  4. Barton: (BAHR-tun) Old English origin, means “barley town”.
  5. Bolton: (BOHL-tun) Old English origin, means “settlement with a special building”.
  6. Brighton: (BRAHY-tun) English origin, means “beautiful town”.
  7. Braxton: (BRAK-stun) English origin, means “badger”.
  8. Bronson: (BRAHN-sun) English origin, means “son of the brown-haired one”.
  9. Brixton: (BRIK-stun) English origin, means “stone of brixi”
  10. Calton: (KAL-tun) Latin origin, means “calf farm”.
  11. Charlton: (CHARL-tun) English origin, means “settlement of the free peasants”.
  12. Camdon: (KAM-dun) English origin, means “enclosed valley”.
  13. Caxton: (KAK-stun) English origin,means “lump settlement”.
  14. Cotton: (KOT-tun) English origin, means “cottage town”.
  15. Denton (den-tuhn) : Origin: English, Meaning: From the town in the valley
  16. Devon: (DEH-vun) English origin, means “deep valley dwellers”.
  17. Felton: (FEL-tun) English origin, means “settlement on the field”.
  18. Fulton: (FULL-tun) Scottish origin, means “bird hill”.
  19. Galton: (GAL-tun) English origin, means “rented estate”.
  20. Gibson: (GIB-sun) English origin, means “son of Gilbert”.
  21. Halton: (HAL-tun) English origin, means “hall settlement”.
  22. Hamilton: (HAM-il-tun) Scottish origin, means “flat -topped hill”.
  23. Henderson: (HEN-dər-sən) Scottish origin, means “son of Henry”.
  24. Hutton: (HUHT-tun) English origin, means “settlement on the ridge or spur”.
  25. Irton: (EER-tun) English origin, signifies a place name.
  26. Jenson: (JEN-sun) Scandinavian origin, means “son of Jens”.
  27. Jaxon: (JAK-sun) English origin, means “God has been gracious”.
  28. Kelton: (KEL-tun) English origin, means “town of the keels”.
  29. Landon: (LAN-dun) Old English origin, means “long hill”.
  30. Layton: (LEY-tun) English origin, means “settlement with a leek garden”.
  31. Langston: (LANG-stun) English origin, means “Tall man’s town”.
  32. Lexington: (LEKS-ing-tun) English origin, means Town Of The New Law
  33. Marlon: (MAR-lun) French origin, means “little hawk”.
  34. Maxon: (MAK-sun) English origin, means “greatest”.
  35. Milson: (MIL-sun) English origin, means “son of Miles”.
  36. Nelson: (NEL-sun) English origin, means “son of Neil”/ “champion.
  37. Ogdon: (OG-dun) English origin, means “oak tree valley”.
  38. Orton: (OR-tun) English origin, means “shore settlement”.
  39. Paxton: (PAK-stun) Latin origin, means “peace town”.
  40. Patton: (PAT-ən) English origin, means “fighter’s town”.
  41. Randon: (RAY-dun) German origin, means “wolf shield”
  42. Ralston: (RAWL-stun) English origin, means “Ralph’s town”.
  43. Rexton: (REK-stun) English origin, means “king’s town”.
  44. Sampson: (SAM-pən) Hebrew origin, means “sun”.
  45. Sexton: (SEK-stun) English origin, means “sacristan”.
  46. Sheldon: (SHEL-dun) English origin, means “steep valley”.
  47. Simeon : (SIM-ee-ən) Hebrew origin, means “God has heard”.
  48. Tyrion: (TEER-ee-ən) American origin, unconfirmed meaning
  49. Upton: (UP-tun) Old English origin, means “upper settlement”.
  50. Vanston: (VAN-stun) Old English origin, means “settlement with a manor house”.
  51. Watson: (WAT-sun) English origin, means “son of Walter”.
  52. Wilton: (WIL-tun) English origin, means “place by a stream”.
  53. Xenon: (ZEE-non) Greek origin, means “foreigner, guest”.
  54. Zolton: (ZOL-tun) Hungarian origin, means “life”.

There you have  uncommon boy names ending with ‘On’ for you to explore and consider for your little one.

Cross-Cultural Echoes: ‘On’ Ending Names

‘On’ ending names aren’t just a Western phenomenon, they’re beloved worldwide!

In Japan, names like Amon and Eijon are popular, while in Greece, names like Leon and Damon are all the rage. It’s a universal love affair!

Below are some more ‘On’ ending names that are loved across cultures!

  1. Aron: (A-ron) Scandinavian origin, means “mountaineer”.
  2. Akron: (AK-ron) Greek origin, means “elevation”.
  3. Baron: (BAR-on) Hebrew origin, means “son of strength”.
  4. Babson: (BAB-sun) English origin, means “son of Barbara”.
  5. Conan: (KO-nan) Irish origin, means “little wolf”.
  6. Damon: (DAY-mon) Greek origin, signifies “to tame or subdue”.
  7. Dylon: (DY-lon) Welsh origin, a variant of Dylan, means “like a lion”.
  8. Glenton( GLEN-tuhn) : Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Settlement in the glen
  9. Elon: (EE-lon) Hebrew origin, means “oak tree”.
  10. Eron: (E-ron) Hebrew origin, the name means “peace”.
  11. Faron: (FAHR-on) English origin, means “handsome servant or adventurous”.
  12. Ferron: (FE-rən) English origin, means “iron worker”.
  13. Graydon: (GRAY-dən) English origin, means “son of the gray-haired one”.
  14. Haron: (HA-ron) Arabic origin, means “forest or thicken or strength”.
  15. Keon: (KEE-on) Irish/ Hebrew origin, “God is gracious”.
  16. Jayon: (JAY-on) Indian origin, means “victorious”.
  17. Jaron: (JAHR-on) Hebrew origin, it means “cry of rejoicing or to sing”.
  18. Kwanon: (KWAN-on) Japanese origin, signifies the Buddhist goddess of mercy.
  19. Leron: (LE-ron) Hebrew origin, means “my light” or “my guide”.
  20. Neron: (NE-ron) Spanish origin, means “strong”.
  21. Orion: (O-ri-on) Greek origin, means “heaven’s light”.
  22. Pavon: (PAV-on) Spanish origin, means “peacock”.
  23. Rajon: (RAH-jon) Indian origin, signifies “Sun or Gift of God”.
  24. Shanon: (shuh-non) Irish origin, means “old river”.
  25. Solon : (SO-lən) Greek origin, means the wise choice.
  26. Tyron: (TYE-ron) Greek origin, means “born of yew” and “youth.”.
  27. Unison: (YU-ni-son) Latin origin, means “one voice”.
  28. Yonaton: (YO-na-ton) Hebrew origin, a variant of Jonathan, means “God has given”.
  29. Zion: (ZY-on) Hebrew origin, means “highest point”.

From Western to Eastern, ‘On’ ending names are indeed a universal hit!

The Short & Compact Boy Names Ending in ‘On’

Are you a fan of minimalist, short names?

This section is just for you! Here, we’ve gathered a selection of compact boy names that end with ‘On’, offering a blend of charm and strength.

  1. Aeon: (EE-on) Greek origin, means “eternity”.
  2. Alon: (A-lon) Hebrew origin, it means “oak tree”.
  3. Bon: French origin, means “good”.
  4. Con: Irish origin, means “hound, wolf”.
  5. Deon: Greek origin, means “follower of Dionysius”.
  6. Don: Scottish origin, signifies “Proud chief”.
  7. Hon: English origin, short for ‘honey’.
  8. Ion: Greek origin, means “going”.
  9. Jon: English/ Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious”.
  10. Leon: Greek origin, signifies “lion”.
  11. Lon: Spanish origin, signifies “Noble or Ready”.
  12. Mon: Japanese origin, signifies “crest, emblem”.
  13. Pon: English origin, a unique and modern choice.
  14. Ron: Hebrew and Old Norse origin, means “Mountain of strength or ruler’s counselor”.
  15. Son: Korean origin, means “to extend”.
  16. Von: German origin, signifies “Son of”. A short, stylish, and optimistic choice.
  17. Won: Korean origin, with different meanings.
  18. Xon: A unique and modern name for parents looking for something out of the ordinary.
  19. Yon: English/French/Hebrew origin, suggests “God has favored” or “Lost Bloom” or “Dove”
  20. Yvon: (EE-von) French origin, means “yew wood”.

Remember, short doesn’t mean less impactful. These names are proof that sometimes, less truly is more!

All Other Boy Names Ending in ‘ON’

  1. Daylon
  2. Shannon
  3. Jameson
  4. Greyson
  5. Jaxson
  6. Waylon
  7. Harrison
  8. Bryson
  9. Kingston
  10. Jason
  11. Leon
  12. Dawson
  13. Preston
  14. Remington
  15. Simon
  16. Paxton
  17. Karson
  18. Emerson
  19. Daxton
  20. Kayson
  21. Kameron
  22. Anderson
  23. Orion
  24. Colson
  25. Kason
  26. Tyson
  27. Jaxton
  28. Jayceon
  29. Solomon
  30. Winston
  31. Princeton
  32. Peyton
  33. Kashton
  34. Kolton
  35. Kaison
  36. Kyson
  37. Jamison
  38. Stetson
  39. Jayson
  40. Kannon
  41. Braylon
  42. Cannon
  43. Benson
  44. Samson
  45. Sutton
  46. Watson
  47. Axton
  48. Trenton
  49. Nixon
  50. Wilson
  51. Cason
  52. Dillon
  53. Nelson
  54. Quinton
  55. Lennon
  56. Jefferson
  57. Cayson
  58. Houston
  59. Ramon
  60. Talon
  61. Jaxxon
  62. Jon
  63. Wesson
  64. London
  65. Branson
  66. Judson
  67. Maison
  68. Davion
  69. Dion
  70. Zyion
  71. Ayson
  72. Bryton
  73. Daemon
  74. Kyon
  75. Jaceyon
  76. Kayvon
  77. Nosson
  78. Terrion
  79. Jevon
  80. Kaydon
  81. Mahlon
  82. Paxon
  83. Trevion
  84. Ziyon
  85. Kanyon
  86. Keion
  87. Sion
  88. Deshon
  89. Halston
  90. Jamieson
  91. Million
  92. Ruston
  93. Tennyson
  94. Auston
  95. Dexton
  96. Drayton
  97. Hutson
  98. Auron
  99. Hanson
  100. Kemarion
  101. Keston
  102. Tavon
  103. Yeison
  104. Adon
  105. Coulson
  106. Kamdon
  107. Remmington
  108. Robinson
  109. Ron
  110. Shelton
  111. Chayton
  112. Deron
  113. Fallon
  114. Jhon
  115. Travion
  116. Bryston
  117. Crimson
  118. Emmerson
  119. Graeson
  120. Kaylon
  121. Princeston
  122. Quenton
  123. Daxson
  124. Drayson
  125. Holston
  126. Jaison
  127. Javeon
  128. Sebastion
  129. Wynston
  130. Darron
  131. Dayson
  132. Dreyson
  133. Woodson
  134. Camdon
  135. Daveon
  136. Dutton
  137. Hilton
  138. Newton
  139. Rayvon
  140. Saxton
  141. Vinson
  142. Braeson
  143. Brison
  144. Erickson
  145. Jacion
  146. Madison
  147. Poseidon
  148. Bexton
  149. Dillion
  150. Jayton
  151. Kayvion
  152. Laron
  153. Legion
  154. Zaylon
  155. Zebulon
  156. Bastion
  157. Bryon
  158. Camarion
  159. Emon
  160. Jovon
  161. Lamarion
  162. Lexton
  163. Linkon
  164. Maeson
  165. Bayron
  166. Jettson
  167. Kaeson
  168. Theron
  169. Triston
  170. Ariyon
  171. Brendon
  172. Darion
  173. Champion
  174. Dixon
  175. Haroon
  176. Keyon
  177. Kipton
  178. Khyson
  179. Salomon
  180. Xion
  181. Jaceon
  182. Raylon
  183. Stockton
  184. Kenyon
  185. Von
  186. Carlton
  187. Eldon
  188. Everson
  189. Jaycion
  190. Jayvon
  191. Ammon
  192. Charleston
  193. Amon
  194. Colston
  195. Larson
  196. Marion
  197. Stratton
  198. Jordon
  199. Kanon
  200. Tayson
  201. Demarion
  202. Haddon
  203. Morrison
  204. Taron
  205. Ahron
  206. Brayton
  207. Heston
  208. Payson
  209. Treyton
  210. Treyvon
  211. Brennon
  212. Darrion
  213. Graceson
  214. Kevon
  215. Kion
  216. Taylon
  217. Daron
  218. Jaiceon
  219. Maxson
  220. Tayvon
  221. Aceson
  222. Creighton
  223. Holton
  224. Kavion
  225. Zamarion
  226. Lavon
  227. Tavion
  228. Trayvon
  229. Breon
  230. Travon
  231. Jetson
  232. Kylon
  233. Lawton
  234. Rion
  235. Wellington
  236. Jaymeson
  237. Kayceon
  238. Nation
  239. Walton
  240. Dyson
  241. Jayveon
  242. Karon
  243. Kavon
  244. Antwon
  245. Jaceion
  246. Koleson
  247. Macon
  248. Pearson
  249. Tayvion
  250. Weldon
  251. Alston

Your Guide to the Perfect ‘On’ Ending Name for Your Prince Charming

When selecting an ‘On’ ending name for your child, don’t simply follow trends. Consider how it sounds with your surname, its meaning, cultural significance, and if it resonates with your family values. Here are tips for finding the perfect ‘On’ ending name:

  • Look for a meaningful connection: Choose a name that holds significance for you, whether it’s cultural, personal, or spiritual.
  • Consider the initials: Avoid potential teasing by making sure the initials don’t spell out any words that could be used negatively.
  • Say it aloud: Test how the name sounds with your surname and make sure it feels natural to say.
  • Get creative: Don’t be afraid to combine different names, take inspiration from literature or history, or even create a unique name that has personal meaning.

With these tips in mind, you’ll surely find the perfect ‘On’ ending name for your little prince charming!


So there you have it, folks – the ultimate guide to boy names ending with ‘On’.

As you embark on this exciting journey of naming your little one, remember – the perfect name is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

With these tips in mind, we hope you find the perfect ‘On’ ending name for your little prince charming!

Remember, ultimately, the most important thing is that it feels right for you and your family.

Happy naming!

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