340 Perfect O Names for Your Baby Boy

Are you looking for the perfect name for your baby boy starting with O?

Look no further! We’ve put together an extensive list of 340 baby boy names that begin with O to help you make this important decision.

From timeless classics to unique and meaningful names from various cultures, this comprehensive guide has it all.

Your child’s name will shape their identity and personality, so let’s explore these options together!

From Oliver and Owen to Obadiah and Onyx, explore our suggestions to find the most meaningful fit for your little one.

Classic O Names

Classic O Names

1. Oliver: Of English origin, this name means “olive tree.”

2. Oscar: A name of Irish and Norse origin, meaning “God spear.”

3. Owen: A Welsh name that means “young warrior” or “well-born.”

4. Orson: Of Latin origin, it means “bear cub.”

5. Orlando: An Italian name with historical significance, it means “famous throughout the land.”

6. Omar: A popular Muslim name that means “flourishing” or “long-lived.”

7. Otto: Of Germanic origin, it signifies “wealth” and “prosperity.”

8. Osiris: An ancient Egyptian name, symbolizing “powerful” and “mighty.”

9. Oren: A Hebrew name that means “pine tree.”

10. Oakley: A nature-inspired name, referring to the oak tree.

Hindu O Names

11. Omkar: A Sanskrit name signifying “the sound of the universe.”

12. Ojas: In Sanskrit, it means “radiant energy” or “vigor.”

13. Omkara: This name is derived from ‘Om’ and signifies “the divine sound.”

14. Oorjit: A unique name meaning “powerful” and “energetic.”

15. Ojaswin: Of Indian origin, it means “radiant” and “shining.”

16. Ohas: A name that symbolizes “praise” and “admiration” in Sanskrit.

17. Oorja: A Hindu name meaning “energy” or “strength.”

18. Omair: A variation of ‘Umair,’ it means “flourishing” in Arabic.

19. Omkarsh: A unique combination of ‘Omkar’ and ‘Ish,’ symbolizing “God of sound.”

20. Omesh: This name stands for “Lord Shiva” in Hindu culture.

Sikh O Names

21. Onkar: A Sikh name derived from ‘Omkar,’ representing the divine sound.

22. Ojasvee: A Sikh name meaning “radiant” and “luminous.”

23. Ovreet: A unique name that signifies “divine light.”

24. Ompreet: Combining ‘Om’ and ‘preet,’ it means “love for the divine.”

25. Ompal: A Sikh name that translates to “protector of the divine.”

26. Ojasvir: A meaningful name, it means “brave and radiant.”

27. Onveer: A Sikh name signifying “brave” and “courageous.”

28. Opinder: Combining ‘Opi’ (light) and ‘Inder’ (God), it means “light of God.”

29. Ojinder: A unique name, it symbolizes “radiant God.”

30. Onraaj: A Sikh name meaning “divine kingdom” or “king of kings.”

Muslim O Names

31. Osman: A Muslim name derived from ‘Uthman,’ it means “baby snake.”

32. Obaid: Of Arabic origin, this name signifies “servant of God.”

33. Omarion: A modern variation of ‘Omar,’ it has a similar meaning.

34. Owais: A name inspired by the Islamic prophet Uwais al-Qarni, meaning “small wolf.”

35. Omran: An Arabic name that stands for “solid structure” or “blessed tree.”

36. Ovais: A unique name that means “one who conveys” or “messenger.”

37. Osama: A well-known Muslim name that means “lion” or “young feline.”

38. Ozair: This name has Biblical and Islamic origins, symbolizing “helper.”

39. Othman: A traditional Muslim name, meaning “baby snake.”

40. Owain: A name of Arabic origin, signifying “young warrior.”

Christian O Names

41. Olaf: Of Norse origin, it means “ancestor’s descendant.”

42. Orion: A name inspired by Greek mythology, representing a prominent constellation.

43. Obadiah: A Biblical name that means “servant of God.”

44. Oscar: While it’s a common name, it’s a favorite among Christian families.

45. Obed: A Biblical name signifying “servant” or “worshiper.”

46. Oren: Also found in the Bible, it means “pine tree.”

47. Osias: A name that symbolizes “God is salvation.”

48. Octavian: A unique name with Latin origins, meaning “eighth.”

49. Osmond: Of English and Old German origins, it means “divine protector.”

50. Oliver: Popular among Christians, it means “olive tree.”

Jewish O Names

51. Oran: A Hebrew name meaning “pine tree.”

52. Ovadia: A unique Hebrew name, it means “servant of God.”

53. Osher: A name that signifies “happiness” and “blessing” in Hebrew.

54. Ovadiah: A variant of ‘Obadiah,’ meaning “servant of God.”

55. Orli: A Hebrew name that means “I have light.”

56. Otniel: A name with Hebrew origins, symbolizing “God is my strength.”

57. Ozny: A unique Hebrew name with a delightful sound.

58. Ovadya: A variant of ‘Ovadia,’ signifying “servant of God.”

59. Orin: A name that means “light” in Hebrew.

60. Ovadhu: A Hebrew name with a deep and meaningful sound.

Spanish O Names

61. Octavio: A Spanish name meaning “eighth.”

62. Orlando: As beautiful in Spanish as in Italian, it means “famous throughout the land.”

63. Osvaldo: A traditional Spanish name that means “divine power.”

64. Oriol: A name that signifies “golden” in Spanish.

65. Ovidio: A unique Spanish name with literary connotations.

66. Orellan: A distinctive name with Spanish roots, symbolizing “gold.”

67. Osmaro: A name that combines “Osmar” and “Omar,” signifying “famous” and “flourishing.”

68. Onesimo: A Spanish name meaning “useful” or “helpful.”

69. Ozuna: A unique name with Spanish origins, reflecting a modern feel.

70. Omero: A name with historical and mythological connections, signifying “Homer.”

Italian O Names

71. Orfeo: A unique Italian name with mythological connections, referring to Orpheus.

72. Ottone: An Italian name meaning “wealth” and “prosperity.”

73. Oreste: A name that has historical significance in Italian culture.

74. Osmano: An Italian variation of ‘Osman,’ signifying “baby snake.”

75. Orazio: An Italian name with a classic touch, meaning “hour” or “time.”

76. Ortensio: A name that reflects the elegance of the Italian language.

77. Orlandino: A diminutive form of ‘Orlando,’ symbolizing “little famous one.”

78. Ottaviano: A traditional Italian name meaning “eighth.”

79. Orso: An Italian name that translates to “bear.”

80. Oronzo: A name with Italian origins, referring to “a new beginning.”

Unique and Meaningful O Names

81. Onyx: A unique and intriguing name inspired by the precious stone.

82. Oceanus: A name with mythological significance, referring to the god of the ocean.

83. Orionis: A variant of ‘Orion,’ symbolizing the celestial hunter.

84. Oberon: A name with literary connections, often associated with Shakespeare’s plays.

85. Odysseus: The hero of Homer’s epic poem, ‘The Odyssey.’

86. Oisin: An Irish name that means “little deer” or “young deer.”

87. Osiris: A name with ancient Egyptian origins, signifying “powerful” and “mighty.”

88. Onslow: A unique English name with a distinguished sound.

89. Ozymandias: A literary name inspired by a famous poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

90. Osprey: A name that pays homage to the magnificent bird of prey.

Trendy O Names

91. Onyx: A trendy and modern name with a touch of luxury.

92. Orion: A name associated with space and the cosmos, perfect for future astronomers.

93. Oakley: A trendy nature-inspired name that’s gaining popularity.

94. Ocean: A name that reflects the vastness of the world and the mysteries of the sea.

95. Orlando: A trendy name with a hint of elegance and history.

96. Otto: A short and trendy name that’s easy to remember.

97. Ollie: A playful and endearing name for your little one.

98. Oscar: A classic name with a modern twist, ideal for any era.

99. Onyx: A sleek and fashionable name that’s bound to make a statement.

100. Oren: A trendy and meaningful name, signifying strength and growth.

Meaningful O Names

101. Orion: This name signifies the mighty hunter in Greek mythology.

102. Osiris: A name with ancient Egyptian roots, it symbolizes power and strength.

103. Oisin: An Irish name meaning “young deer,” connecting to nature.

104. Oceanus: Inspired by mythology, this name means “god of the ocean.”

105. Oberon: With literary associations, it represents strength and courage.

106. Orazio: An Italian name meaning “hour” or “time,” emphasizing the value of time.

107. Osmaro: A combination of “Osmar” and “Omar,” signifying fame and prosperity.

108. Ovadya: A unique Hebrew name, it means “servant of God.”

109. Orsino: An Italian name with historical significance.

110. Osmond: This English name means “divine protector.”

O Names from Around the World

111. Oleksiy: A Ukrainian name meaning “defender of men.”

112. Oisin: An Irish name that signifies “young deer” or “little deer.”

113. Oleg: A Russian name that means “holy” and “blessed.”

114. Oswald: Of Germanic origin, it signifies “God’s power.”

115. Omarion: A modern American name with a hint of tradition.

116. Otavio: A Portuguese name meaning “eight.”

117. Onni: A Finnish name that means “happiness.”

118. Ozzy: Often used as a nickname, it’s full of character.

119. Odilo: A unique name with Germanic roots, symbolizing “wealth.”

120. Ossian: This name has Irish and Scottish origins, signifying “little deer.”

O Names from Literature

121. Orlando: A name made famous by the works of Virginia Woolf.

122. Ozymandias: A poetic name from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s famous sonnet.

123. Oberyn: A character from George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.

124. Oscar: Often associated with Oscar Wilde, a literary giant.

125. Oliver Twist: A classic character from Charles Dickens’ novel.

126. Ondine: Inspired by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué’s ‘Undine.’

127. Orsino: A character from Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night.’

128. Orpheus: A mythological figure known for his musical talent.

129. Othello: The tragic protagonist of Shakespeare’s famous play.

130. Orson: A name associated with the talented actor Orson Welles.

O Names with Historical Significance

131. Octavian: This name was famously borne by Emperor Augustus.

132. Osman: Named after Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

133. Ovid: A reference to the Roman poet Ovid.

134. Oda Nobunaga: A prominent figure in Japanese history.

135. Oskar Schindler: Known for saving hundreds of Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

136. Orville Wright: One of the Wright brothers who pioneered aviation.

137. Oliver Cromwell: An influential figure in English history.

138. Otto von Bismarck: The “Iron Chancellor” who unified Germany.

139. Omar Khayyam: A renowned Persian mathematician, poet, and philosopher.

140. Oswald Mosley: A prominent British politician.

O Names from Nature

141. Ocean: Inspired by the vast and mysterious seas.

142. Oakley: A name that celebrates the strength and beauty of oak trees.

143. Onyx: A gemstone name that’s as unique as it is beautiful.

144. Olivier: A variation of ‘Oliver,’ it’s reminiscent of olive trees.

145. Oren: Meaning “pine tree,” it connects your child to nature.

146. Orval: A name that’s a blend of “gold” and “valley,” evoking natural beauty.

147. Orin: This name signifies “light,” a powerful natural element.

148. Osprey: A name inspired by the magnificent bird of prey.

149. Otto: Often associated with otters, this name is fun and quirky.

150. Oisin: Meaning “little deer,” it’s a beautiful natural symbol.

Italian O Names with Flair

151. Orsino: An Italian name reminiscent of elegance and style.

152. Orabella: A name that blends “beautiful” and “golden.”

153. Ottavio: Meaning “eighth,” it’s a name that exudes confidence.

154. Orlandino: A diminutive form of ‘Orlando,’ signifying “little famous one.”

155. Ornello: A unique Italian name with a sweet ring to it.

156. Orazio: This name means “hour” or “time” in Italian.

157. Ottone: Signifying “wealth” and “prosperity,” it’s a name with substance.

158. Osira: A unique name with Italian charm.

159. Orsola: A beautiful name that means “bear.”

160. Ognissanti: This name signifies “All Saints” in Italian.

Spanish O Names

161. Ortega: A Spanish name with a rich history.

162. Orellan: A name with a unique Spanish sound.

163. Osmano: An Italian name with Spanish flair.

164. Osuna: A name with a trendy Spanish touch.

165. Oriel: Meaning “golden” in Spanish, it’s a name with radiance.

166. Osorio: A distinctive name with historical significance.

167. Osmarino: A name that combines ‘Osmar’ and ‘marino,’ signifying “fame” and “sea.”

168. Ovejas: This unique Spanish name means “sheep.”

169. Osmin: A Spanish name with a strong and memorable sound.

170. Orfelina: A name with Spanish roots, symbolizing “gold.”

English O Names With Elegance

171. Oliver: A classic English name with timeless appeal.

172. Orson: An English name that sounds dignified.

173. Orville: A name with a vintage charm and history.

174. Osmond: Meaning “divine protector,” it’s both strong and elegant.

175. Osbourne: A distinguished English name.

176. Otis: An English name with a modern touch.

177. Orlow: A name that signifies “noble” and “famous.”

178. Oswin: Meaning “God’s friend,” it’s a name with a deep meaning.

179. Odell: An English name that signifies “rich” and “prosperous.”

180. Orwin: A name that sounds both strong and graceful.

O Names With Hebrew Heritage

181. Ovadya: A Hebrew name meaning “servant of God.”

182. Osher: In Hebrew, this name signifies “happiness” and “blessing.”

183. Ozny: A unique Hebrew name with a delightful sound.

184. Omri: A Biblical name with a strong history.

185. Ornan: This Hebrew name has a powerful and rich tone.

186. Oz: A name that simply means “strength” in Hebrew.

187. Orion: A name that signifies “light” and “bravery.”

188. Otniel: Meaning “God is my strength,” it’s a name with faith.

189. Onraaj: A unique Hebrew name meaning “divine kingdom.”

190. Ofir: A name that signifies “gold” and “abundance.”

Elegant and Unique O Names

191. Orestes: A name with a touch of Greek mythology.

192. Olegario: A unique name with a powerful sound.

193. Orpheus: Inspired by the legendary musician in Greek mythology.

194. Odelino: A name that sounds elegant and unique.

195. Ositadimma: A beautiful Igbo name meaning “from today onwards.”

196. Obediah: A name with historical and religious connotations.

197. Ortzi: A Basque name that signifies “sky.”

198. Odhran: An Irish name meaning “pale” or “sallow.”

199. Olexiy: A Ukrainian name with a distinctive sound.

200. Olanrewaju: A Yoruba name that means “God has made a way.”

Short and Sweet O Names

201. Olly: A short and sweet variation of ‘Oliver.’

202. Otto: A simple and strong name.

203. Ozzy: A catchy and memorable name.

204. Omri: A short and meaningful name.

205. Oz: A single-syllable name with a strong impact.

206. Oni: A name that’s easy to remember.

207. Ode: A name with a poetic touch.

208. Orliss: A unique and short name.

209. Oti: A brief yet charming name.

210. Orio: A short and distinctive name.

Future-Ready O Names

211. Octavius: A name with a sophisticated ring, perfect for a future leader.

212. Oberon: A name that inspires courage and strength.

213. Ollivander: A unique name with a whimsical feel.

214. Orwell: A name that pays tribute to the famous author George Orwell.

215. Ozias: A strong and rare name with biblical significance.

216. Osbourne: A dignified name with timeless appeal.

217. Ozymandias: A name that captures the essence of poetry and power.

218. Orlandino: A name that combines tradition with a modern twist.

219. Orsino: A name that evokes images of Shakespearean elegance.

220. Oisin: A unique name with deep Irish roots.

Modern and Fresh O Names

221. Onyx: A modern name inspired by a precious gemstone.

222. Orion: A fresh name with cosmic connections.

223. Ocean: A name that represents the vastness of the sea.

224. Olympus: A modern name inspired by the majestic mountain.

225. Ozzy: A trendy name that’s easy to remember.

226. Oslo: A modern name with a cosmopolitan feel.

227. Oriel: A unique name with contemporary charm.

228. Omen: A name that carries a sense of mystery and significance.

229. Oran: A fresh name with Gaelic roots.

230. Oren: A modern name signifying strength and vitality.

The Coolest O Names

231. Octavius: A name with an air of sophistication.

232. Orson: As cool as it is timeless.

233. Orlando: A name that exudes charm and charisma.

234. Olivier: With a touch of international flair.

235. Osmano: A name that’s both trendy and rich in history.

236. Ortensio: With an Italian coolness that can’t be denied.

237. Osmin: A name with a stylish edge.

238. Oceanus: As cool and vast as the ocean itself.

239. Orpheus: A name with mythological mystique.

240. Oxton: A name that sounds unique and trendy.

O Names of Wisdom

241. Osher: A name that signifies happiness and blessings.

242. Oren: A name that connects to the wisdom of nature.

243. Orson: A name that embodies wisdom and strength.

244. Ovidio: With literary connotations, it’s a name of wisdom.

245. Omarion: A name that signifies strength and wisdom.

246. Omar Khayyam: Honoring the wisdom of a great philosopher.

247. Octavius: A name with classical wisdom.

248. Oliver Cromwell: Signifying wisdom in leadership.

249. Orestes: A name that honors the wisdom of Greek mythology.

250. Ottone: A name that symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

African O Names

251. Oluwanifemi: A Yoruba name meaning “God loves me.”

252. Osaretin: Of Nigerian origin, signifying “God answers prayers.”

253. Onyedikachukwu: An Igbo name meaning “who is like God?”

254. Osei: Of Akan origin, meaning “noble.”

255. Olabode: A Yoruba name that means “wealth returns.”

256. Osahon: A Benin name signifying “God’s gift.”

257. Osezele: An Edo name meaning “God’s will.”

258. Onoriode: A name of Urhobo origin, signifying “God’s gift.”

259. Olarotimi: A Yoruba name that means “God is with me.”

260. Olamide: A Yoruba name meaning “my wealth has come.”

Powerful and Unique O Names

261. Onslow: A unique name with a touch of power.

262. Orvyn: A name that signifies “boar friend,” symbolizing strength.

263. Osborn: With Germanic roots, it’s a name of strength.

264. Ogden: An English name symbolizing the “oak valley.”

265. Orvell: A name that signifies “true to his word.”

266. Obasi: An Igbo name meaning “at the end.”

267. Octavio: A name with a regal ring, symbolizing power.

268. Oswyn: Meaning “God’s friend,” it’s a name of strength.

269. Oxley: A name with a touch of power and nature.

270. Orrett: A unique name with a strong and memorable sound.

271. Onslow: A name that embodies adventure and bravery.

272. Orlando: Signifying courage and charisma.

273. Oslo: With a cosmopolitan feel, it’s a name of adventure.

274. Ottorino: A name with a sense of grandeur and adventure.

275. Orso: Meaning “bear” in Italian, it’s a name of strength and adventure.

276. Osric: A name with historical significance, signifying bravery.

277. Oxton: A name that sounds daring and unique.

278. Octavian: A name with a sense of adventure and leadership.

279. Osamu: A Japanese name meaning “ruler” and “brave.”

280. Owain: With Welsh origins, it signifies adventure and youth.

Charming and Romantic O Names

281. Oliviero: An Italian name with a romantic touch.

282. Orian: Signifying “rising sun,” it’s a name of charm.

283. Orfeo: With a touch of musical romance.

284. Orpheus: A name with poetic and romantic connotations.

285. Ortensio: An Italian name symbolizing love and beauty.

286. Orville: A charming name with vintage romance.

287. Ovidio: An Italian name that resonates with literary romance.

288. Orlandino: With a sense of romance and tradition.

289. Ovelio: A name with a poetic touch of romance.

290. Ozim: A charming name that signifies love and hope.

O Names with Global Appeal

291. Orion: A name loved across various cultures.

292. Oliver: With global popularity, signifying peace and harmony.

293. Omar: A name with international charm, symbolizing eloquence.

294. Oscar: A name recognized worldwide, signifying bravery.

295. Osman: With a strong presence in various cultures.

296. Otto: A timeless name with global appeal.

297. Octavio: Loved in Spanish-speaking countries.

298. Onyx: A name with a sleek and modern global vibe.

299. Osiris: A name with ancient Egyptian roots and global resonance.

300. Odhran: An Irish name that connects to various cultures.

O Names Inspired by Nature & Environment

301. Oceanus: A name signifying the vastness of the ocean.

302. Orval: A name that connects to nature and serenity.

303. Osprey: Inspired by the majestic bird of prey.

304. Oaklen: A name that symbolizes the strength of an oak tree.

305. Orson: With natural connotations, signifying a bear.

306. Oisin: A name inspired by nature and Irish legends.

307. Olwen: A Welsh name meaning “white footprint.”

308. Oswald: A name that connects to forests and power.

309. Orwell: Inspired by nature and the famous author George Orwell.

310. Otis: A name signifying a place with abundance.

Noble and Timeless O Names

311. Orville: A name with vintage charm and nobility.

312. Octavius: A name that embodies regal elegance.

313. Osbourne: With historical resonance and nobility.

314. Odysseus: Named after the heroic figure from Greek mythology.

315. Octavian: A name of nobility and leadership.

316. Oberon: A name with Shakespearean nobility.

317. Orsino: Inspired by noble characters from literature.

318. Ossian: A name with Celtic nobility.

319. Oswin: With noble connections, signifying a friend of God.

320. Olaf: A timeless name with regal roots.

Poetic and Artistic O Names

321. Orpheus: A name that resonates with the world of poetry.

322. Ortzi: With Basque origins, signifying the beauty of the sky.

323. Oriel: A name that connects to artistic and musical grace.

324. Orson: A name with artistic and cinematic connotations.

325. Omero: An Italian name with literary and poetic appeal.

326. Oris: A name with a sense of artistic rhythm.

327. Odelino: A name that sounds artistic and creative.

328. Omarion: With a touch of artistic uniqueness.

329. Otman: An artistic name with cultural significance.

330. Onesto: An Italian name with poetic charm.

Religious and Spiritual O Names

331. Orion: A name that connects to the stars and the cosmos, signifying spirituality.

332. Oved: A Hebrew name meaning “worshiper” and “servant.”

333. Orin: A name that signifies “light” in Irish, connecting to spiritual enlightenment.

334. Omri: A Biblical name symbolizing devotion and faith.

335. Osiris: A name with ancient Egyptian roots, representing rebirth and resurrection.

336. Osman: A name with significance in Islamic history, named after Osman I.

337. Obadiah: A Hebrew name meaning “servant of God,” signifying religious dedication.

338. Origen: With roots in Christianity, this name embodies spiritual origins and beginnings.

339. Onraaj: A unique name symbolizing a divine kingdom.

340. Orson: A name with an aura of wisdom and faith.


That concludes our list of O names, covering a wide range of meanings and inspirations.

Hopefully our list of 340 perfect O names for boys have helped make the process of finding a name that resonates with you and your family just a little easier.

Whether you’re looking for a name with historical significance, global appeal, or artistic charm, there’s sure to be an O name that catches your eye.

Remember, ultimately the most important thing is to choose a name that resonates with you and your family. Good luck on your naming journey!

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