230 Top French Names for Your Little Prince (With Meanings)

Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be as exciting as enjoying a fresh croissant on a sunny morning in Paris.

And with French names gaining popularity around the world, it’s no wonder many parents are drawn to these beautiful and unique options.

French boy names are not only beautiful and meaningful, but they also exude style and romance.

Whether you’re connecting with your French roots, appreciating the French language, or simply seeking a unique name, our collection of top trending French names for baby boys has you covered.

Dig in and discover the perfect name for your little boy!

The Charm of French Names

French names, like French wine, get better with time – they’re elegant, sophisticated, and have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Infused with rich history and culture, each name sings a song of its own, adding a touch of finesse to your baby’s identity.

Moreover, French names are diverse and versatile – from traditional to modern, classic to trendy – they have something for every parent.

Whether you’re looking for a name that honors your French heritage or simply captivated by the allure of French culture, these names offer a world of possibilities.

And if you’re worried about pronunciation, don’t be.

French names have a natural flow and rhythm that makes them easy to say and remember. With their distinct charm and timeless appeal, French names are sure to make a lasting impression.

Top Trending French Names for Boys

Top Trending French Names for Boys

We’ve curated a list of the crème-de-la-crème of French boy names:

  1. Louis: Meaning ‘renowned warrior’, this name has regal connotations and is a popular choice among French royalty.
  2. Henri: A classic name meaning ‘ruler of the home’, it has a strong and masculine feel to it.
  3. Gabriel: With its biblical roots, this name means ‘God is my strength’ and is a timeless choice for any little boy.
  4. Alexandre: This name exudes sophistication and intellect, with its meaning being ‘defender of mankind’.
  5. Jules: A charming name meaning ‘youthful’, it has a playful and cheerful vibe.
  6. Lucas: With its Latin origin, this name means ‘light’ and is a popular choice among parents worldwide.
  7. Etienne: Meaning ‘crown’, this name has an air of nobility and elegance.
  8. Lucien: This name has a vintage charm to it, meaning ‘light’ or ‘illumination’.
  9. Adrien: A strong and handsome name meaning ‘dark one’, it has been rising in popularity in recent years.
  10. Maximilien: With its grandeur and royal connotations, this name means ‘greatest’ or ‘most powerful’.
  11. Olivier: This name has a French twist to the classic ‘Oliver’, meaning ‘olive tree’ and symbolizing peace and prosperity.
  12. Matteo: With its Italian origin, this name means ‘gift of God’ and has a melodic sound that is pleasing to the ear.
  13. Emile: A timeless name meaning ‘rival’, it has a strong and masculine feel to it.
  14. Augustin: This name has an old-world charm, meaning ‘great’ or ‘magnificent’.
  15. Victor: With its triumphant meaning of ‘conqueror’ or ‘victorious’, this name is sure to make a statement.
  16. Hugo: This name is both classic and modern, meaning ‘mind’ or ‘intellect’.
  17. Noé: A delicate yet strong name meaning ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’, it has a calming and peaceful vibe to it.
  18. Raphael: This name has a regal and powerful feel to it, meaning ‘God heals’.
  19. Léo: A short and sweet name meaning ‘lion’, it’s perfect for your little king of the jungle.
  20. Gaspard: With its unique sound and meaning of ‘treasurer’, this name is sure to stand out.
  21. Antoine: A popular name in France, it means ‘invaluable’ or ‘priceless’.
  22. Thibault: With its royal origins and meaning of ‘brave people’, this name has a strong and noble feel to it.
  23. Théo: This name has a trendy and modern feel to it, meaning ‘gift of God’.
  24. Clément: A classic French name meaning ‘mild’ or ‘gentle’, it has a soft and calming sound.
  25. Valentin: Perfect for your little sweetheart, this name means ‘strong’ or ‘healthy’.
  26. Maxime: With its meaning of ‘greatest’, this name has a strong and confident vibe.
  27. Édouard: This grand and majestic name means ‘wealthy guardian’ and is perfect for your little prince.
  28. Mathis: With its biblical roots and meaning of ‘gift of God’, this name has a special and meaningful touch.
  29. Julien: A timeless and elegant name meaning ‘youthful’, it has a playful yet sophisticated vibe.
  30. Léon: Meaning ‘lion’, this name is perfect for your little king of the jungle.
  31. Olivier: A classic French name meaning ‘olive tree’, this name symbolizes peace and prosperity.

Good French Names for Boys

In addition to the top trending names, there are many other French names that would make a wonderful choice for your little boy.

Here are some more options to consider:

  1. Baptiste: Meaning ‘baptizer’.
  2. Cyrille: Meaning ‘lordly’ or ‘masterful’.
  3. Gael: Meaning ‘generous’.
  4. Aurelien: Meaning ‘golden’.
  5. Damien: Meaning ‘to tame’ or ‘subdue’.
  6. Achille Meaning ‘pain’ or ‘lips’.
  7. Gauthier: Meaning ‘ruler of the army’.
  8. Rémi: Meaning ‘oarsman’.
  9. Léandre: Meaning ‘lion man’.
  10. Adélard: Meaning ‘noble and brave’.
  11. Pascal: Meaning ‘Easter’.
  12. Sylvain: Meaning ‘from the forest’.
  13. Fabien: Meaning ‘bean grower’ or ‘fava bean’.
  14. Théophile: Meaning ‘loved by God’.
  15. Alain: Meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining’.
  16. Flavien: Meaning ‘golden-haired’.
  17. Yves: Meaning ‘yew tree’.
  18. Sébastien: Meaning ‘venerable one’ or ‘revered’.
  19. Bellamy: Meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘good-looking’.
  20. Jérôme: Meaning ‘sacred name’.
  21. Gustave: Meaning ‘staff of the Goths’.
  22. Armand: Meaning ‘soldier’ or ‘warrior’.
  23. Firmin: Meaning ‘firm’ or ‘steadfast’.
  24. François: Meaning ‘free man’.
  25. Cédric: Meaning ‘chief’ or ‘war leader’.
  26. Arnaud: Meaning ‘eagle power’ or ‘powerful eagle’.
  27. Octave: Meaning ‘eighth’ or ‘born eighth’.
  28. Nathanaël: Meaning ‘gift of God’.
  29. Amable: Meaning ‘lovable’ or ‘kind’.
  30. Gaétan: Meaning ‘from Gaeta’, a city in Italy.
  31. Loup: Meaning ‘wolf’.
  32. Armel: Meaning ‘bear prince’.
  33. Jaques: French form of ‘James’, meaning ‘supplanter’ or ‘one who follows’.
  34. Jourdain: French form of ‘Jordan’, meaning ‘flowing down’ or ‘descend’.
  35. Nicolas: Meaning ‘victory of the people’.
  36. Benoit: Meaning ‘blessed’.
  37. Ludovic: Meaning ‘famous warrior’.
  38. Noël: French word for Christmas.
  39. Côme: Meaning ‘order’ or ‘peaceful’.
  40. Rémy: Derived from the Latin name ‘Remigius’, meaning ‘oarsman’.
  41. Brice: Meaning ‘speckled’ or ‘freckled’.
  42. Romain: French form of ‘Romanus’, meaning ‘of Rome’.
  43. Thierry: Meaning ‘powerful ruler’.
  44. Dalton: Meaning ‘from the valley town’.
  45. Réjean: Derived from the Latin name ‘Regianus’, meaning ‘kingly’ or ‘regal’.
  46. Lancelot: Meaning ‘servant’ or ‘attendant’.
  47. Elie: French form of ‘Elijah’, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’.
  48. Faustin: Meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘lucky’.
  49. Marcel: Derived from the Roman god of war, Mars.
  50. Emeric: Meaning ‘home-ruler’.

There are also many variations and spellings for these names, so don’t be afraid to get creative and find the perfect fit for your little one!

One, Two, Three Syllable French Names

From the snappy one-syllable names like Blaise (meaning to lisp or stutter) to the melodic two syllable ones like Marcel (little warrior), all the way to the grandiose three syllable monikers like Nathanaël (gift of God), there’s plenty to choose from.

One syllables french names

  1. Luc (light)
  2. Max (greatest)
  3. René (reborn)
  4. Ciel (sky)
  5. Félix (happy, lucky)
  6. Hans (God is gracious)
  7. Karl (free man)
  8. Luis (renowned warrior)
  9. Pierre (rock, stone)
  10. Rémy (oarsman)
  11. Tom (twin)
  12. Yann (God is gracious)
  13. Chase (hunt)
  14. Gael (generous)
  15. Beau (handsome)
  16. Claude (lame)
  17. Guy (guide, leader)
  18. Jean (God is gracious)
  19. Roy ( Red or king )
  20. Blaise (to lisp or stutter)
  21. Paul (small or humble)
  22. Marc (warlike)
  23. Joël (Jahweh is God)
  24. Bleu (blue)
  25. Mel (honey)

Two syllables french names

  1. Étienne (crowned, wearing a garland)
  2. Fabien (bean grower)
  3. Sylvain (of the forest)
  4. Théo (gift of God)
  5. Aurèle (golden)
  6. Cyrille (lordly, masterful)
  7. Damien (to tame, subdue)
  8. Adrien (dark one)
  9. Charles (free man)
  10. Dorian (from the sea)
  11. Flavien (golden-haired)
  12. Gaspard (treasurer)
  13. Hugo (mind, intellect)
  14. Jérémie (the Lord loosens)
  15. Maxime (greatest)
  16. Nathan (He gave)
  17. Olivier (olive tree)
  18. Quentin (fifth)
  19. Raphaël (God has healed)
  20. Sacha (defending men)
  21. Clement (merciful, gentle)
  22. Octave (eighth)
  23. Raymond (wise protection)
  24. Yvan (God is gracious)
  25. Julien (youthful)
  26. Laurent (from Laurentum)
  27. Gustave (staff of the Goths)
  28. Armand (soldier, warrior)
  29. François (free man)
  30. Simon (the listener)

Three syllables french names

  1. Bastien (venerable, majestic)
  2. Gabriel (God is my strength)
  3. Thierry (ruler of the people)
  4. Camille (young ceremonial attendant)
  5. Emmanuel (God is with us)
  6. Valentin (strong, healthy)
  7. Amaury (powerful ruler)
  8. Romain (from Rome)
  9. Ludovic (famous warrior)
  10. Lucien (light)
  11. Noël (Christmas)
  12. Victorin (victorious, conqueror)
  13. Cédric (chief, war leader)
  14. Sébastien (venerable one, revered)
  15. Thibault (bold people)
  16. Ismaël (God will hear)
  17. Alexandre (defending men)
  18. Francklin (free landholder)
  19. Rémy-Jean (oarsman, God is gracious)
  20. Eloi (chosen one)
  21. Donovan (noble, dark warrior)
  22. Valère (strong, healthy)
  23. Maximilien (greatest)
  24. Théodore (gift of God)
  25. Augustin (great, magnificent).

These are just a few examples of French names and their meanings, but there are countless more to discover and choose from.

Rare and Less Common French Names

Feeling adventurous? Consider these unique and less common French names: 

  1. Aimé (beloved)
  2. Thibault (bold people)
  3. Matthias (gift of God)
  4. Elodie (foreign riches)
  5. Fleur (flower)
  6. Aubin (fair, white)
  7. Hervé (battle worthy)
  8. Lino (flax)
  9. Océane (ocean)
  10. Sylvaine (of the forest)
  11. Esmé (esteemed, beloved)
  12. Marceline (little warrior)
  13. Maxence (greatest)
  14. Bérénice (bringer of victory)
  15. Cerise (cherry)
  16. Loup-Garou (werewolf)
  17. Rémi (oarsman)
  18. Félicien (happy, lucky)
  19. Morgane (sea-born, sea circle)
  20. Virgile (staff bearer)
  21. Zéphyrine (west wind)
  22. Ange (angel)
  23. Oriane (gold)
  24. Corentin (tempest, hurricane)
  25. Séverine (stern, serious)
  26. Eugène (well-born, noble)
  27. Clémentine (merciful, gentle)
  28. Léonard (brave lion)
  29. Estelle (star)
  30. Désiré (desired)
  31. Blanche (white, fair)
  32. Emmeline (work)
  33. Rosalie (rose)
  34. Isolde (ice ruler)
  35. Roch (rest)
  36. Dimitri (earth-lover)
  37. Philippine (lover of horses)
  38. Théoden (king)
  39. Giselle (pledge, hostage)
  40. Baptiste (baptist)
  41. Noémie (pleasantness)
  42. Gaëtan (from Gaeta)
  43. Raphaëlle (God has healed)
  44. Sylvie (from the forest)
  45. Narcisse (sleep, numbness)
  46. Quintin (fifth)
  47. Eustache (fruitful)
  48. Adélaïde (noble, nobility)
  49. Géraldine (ruler with the spear)

French Names With Deep Meanings

Looking for a name with a deeper significance? Check out these French names with profound meanings:

  1. Hugo: This name comes from the Latin word for “mind” or “intellect.” It’s a great choice for parents who value intelligence and creativity in their children.
  2. Isabelle: Meaning “God is my oath,” this name has religious undertones that could be meaningful for some families.
  3. Lucien: Derived from the Latin name Lucianus, meaning “light,” this name has a beautiful and powerful message of illumination.
  4. Julien: This name, which means “youthful,” may be perfect for parents who want to instill a sense of youthfulness and vitality in their child.
  5. Maxime: With roots in the Latin word for “greatest,” this name carries a strong sense of ambition and greatness.
  6. Amélie: This charming name means “hardworking” or “industrious,” making it a perfect choice for parents who value diligence and determination.
  7. Gaspard: Originally a Persian name, this moniker means “treasurer,” symbolizing wealth and prosperity.
  8. Vivienne: Derived from the Latin word for “life,” this name has a beautiful and powerful message of vitality and energy.
  9. Emilie: With roots in the Latin word for “rival” or “emulating,” this name is perfect for parents who want to instill a competitive spirit in their child.
  10. Nathalie: This name comes from the Hebrew name Nathanael, meaning “God has given.” It’s a beautiful reminder of the blessings in our lives.
  11. Aurélien: Meaning “golden,” this name represents wealth and prosperity, making it a great choice for parents who hope for their child’s success.
  12. Gabriel: With roots in Hebrew and meaning “God is my strength,” this name has strong religious connotations that may hold deep meaning for some families.
  13. Raphaël: This name is derived from the Hebrew name Raphael, which means “God has healed.” It’s a beautiful and powerful reminder of hope and healing.
  14. Juliette: Derived from the Latin word for “youthful,” this name has a sweet and charming meaning.
  15. Thierry: With roots in the Germanic name Theodoric, meaning “ruler of the people,” this name has a strong and powerful message of leadership.
  16. Belle: This simple yet elegant name means “beautiful” in French, making it a great choice for parents who hope to instill confidence and self-love in their child.
  17. Olivier: Derived from the Latin name Oliverius, meaning “olive tree,” this name symbolizes peace and fruitfulness.
  18. Céleste: This ethereal name means “heavenly” or “celestial,” making it a perfect fit for parents who value spirituality and connection to the divine.
  19. Léonard: With roots in the Germanic name Leonhard, meaning “brave lion,” this name represents strength and courage.
  20. Sophie: Derived from the Greek name Sophia, meaning “wisdom,” this name is a great choice for parents who value intelligence and knowledge.

Overall, French names are rich with history and meaning, making them a wonderful choice for your child.

Whether you go with a traditional, rare, or deeply meaningful name, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little one.


In the end, whatever name you pick, remember that it’s a gift you’re giving your child – a gift that’ll stay with them forever.

So go ahead, choose a name that your little prince can wear with pride.

Because, after all, what’s in a name? Everything. So take your time, explore different options and meanings, and ultimately choose a name that holds special significance for you and your family.

Know a French name that should have made the list? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and favorite French names in the comments below.

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)  Happy naming!

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