Best Y Name For Boys: 211 Handpicked Names With Meaning

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an extraordinary voyage, a delightful adventure interwoven with cultural influences, personal significance, and a dash of creativity.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to find a name that not only sounds good but also has a special meaning behind it.

In this document, we have handpicked 211 unique names for boys along with their meanings to help you make the perfect choice for your little one.

While it may seem like Y names only have a few possibilities, there are many to choose from — long, short, a few traditional, some cool, and others beautifully unique!

So let’s dive into the world of Y names for boys and find the perfect fit for your little prince.

Traditional Y Names For Boys

Traditional Y Names For Boys

  1. Yash – Derived from Sanskrit, it means “glory” or “fame”.
  2. Yusuf – This Arabic name means “God increases” or “he adds”.
  3. Yuvan – A popular Indian name meaning “youthful” or “young”.
  4. Yosef – A Hebrew name meaning “may God add” or “God will increase”.
  5. Yuri – This Russian name means “farmer” or “earth worker”.
  6. Yakau – A traditional Belarusian name meaning “God will increase”.
  7. Yeshua – Meaning “salvation” in Hebrew, this is the original name of Jesus.
  8. Yale – An old English name meaning “fertile upland”.
  9. Yannis – A Greek variation of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”.
  10. Yair – This Hebrew name means “he shines” or “enlightened”.
  11. Yves – A popular French name meaning “yew tree” or “bow warrior”.
  12. Yosep – A traditional Korean name meaning “God will increase”.
  13. Yakubu – This Nigerian name means “God will add” or “may God protect”.
  14. Yannick – A Breton name meaning “God is gracious”.
  15. Yehuda – Hebrew for “praised” or “favored”.
  16. Yorick – Originating from Old German, it means “farmer” or “earth worker”.
  17. Yuma – A Native American name meaning “son of the chief”.
  18. Yaron – Hebrew for “to sing” or “to shout with joy”.
  19. Yul – A Russian name meaning “born at Christmas”.
  20. Yonatan – Hebrew for “God has given”.
  21. Yago – This Spanish variation of the name James means “may God protect”.
  22. Yasin – An Arabic name meaning “rich” or “wealthy”.
  23. Yohan – A French variation of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”.
  24. Yorgos – A Greek variation of the name George, meaning “farmer” or “earth worker”.
  25. Yasuo – A Japanese name meaning “peaceful man”.

Modern Y Names For Boys

  1. Yardley –  An English name meaning “enclosed meadow”.
  2. Yalevi – A unique name of Native American origin, meaning “spiritual leader”.
  3. York – This name gained popularity after the character Yorkie from the Netflix show “Black Mirror”. It means “wild boar estate” in Old English.
  4. Yaden – An alternative spelling to the popular name Aidan, meaning “little fire” or “fiery one”.
  5. Yazan – A trendy Arabic name meaning “calm” or “peaceful”.
  6. Yona – This Hebrew name means “dove” or “pigeon”, symbolizing peace and love.
  7. Yahir – Originating from Arabic, this name means “he who descends”.
  8. Yannis – A modern Greek name meaning “blessed by God” or “God is gracious”.
  9. Yarel – This Hebrew name means “fear of God”.
  10. Yazid – An Arabic name meaning “increasing” or “adding”.
  11. Yousef – A trendy variation of the name Joseph, meaning “he will add” or “increase”.
  12. Yannik – Derived from the name Yannick, it means “God is gracious”.
  13. Yovanny – A modern twist on the traditional name Giovanni, it means “God is gracious”.
  14. Yusef – An Arabic name meaning “God will increase”.
  15. Yuki – A beautiful Japanese name that signifies “Snow.”
  16. Yovan – A Serbian name derived from John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  17. Yahir – A meaningful Hebrew name that translates to “He will enlighten.”
  18. Yacine – An African name that conveys the qualities of being “Clean” or “Pure.”
  19. Yaroslav – A powerful Slavic name that embodies “Fierce” or “Glorious” characteristics.
  20. Yann – A charming Breton name, a variant of John, symbolizing “God is gracious.”
  21. Yasin – An Arabic name with a deep connection to a “Chapter in the Quran.”
  22. Yosuke – A virtuous and helpful Japanese name that carries a positive meaning.
  23. Yltze: It’s a Nahuatl name that’s quite unique, but its meaning is not widely known.
  24. Yash: This Sanskrit name means “Glory” or “Fame.”
  25. Yvo: It’s a Germanic name, a short form of Yvonne, and it carries the meaning of “Archer.”
  26. Yosef: A Hebrew name, a variation of Joseph, which means “He will add.”
  27. Yurii: This Russian name is a variation of Yuri, and it signifies “Farmer.”
  28. Yudai: A Japanese name that translates to “Gentle leader.”
  29. Yancy: A Native American name that can mean “Englishman” or “Yankee.”
  30. Yaxha: A Mayan name that holds a unique meaning but is not widely known.
  31. Yurik: It’s a Ukrainian name, a diminutive of Yuri, and it also means “Farmer.”
  32. Yohannes: An Amharic name that is a form of John and carries the meaning “God is gracious.”

Y Names with Spiritual and Cultural Significance

  1. Yogananda (Sanskrit) – Referring to “bliss through meditation.”
  2. Yair (Hebrew) – Meaning “he will enlighten.”
  3. Yoruba (African) – A name from the Yoruba people of West Africa.
  4. Yasir (Arabic) – Signifying “wealthy” or “prosperous.”
  5. Yudhisthira (Sanskrit) – The eldest of the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata.
  6. Yeshua (Hebrew) – A name for Jesus.
  7. Yannis (Greek) – A name with cultural and historical significance.
  8. Yama (Hindu) – The god of death in Hindu mythology.
  9. Yitzhak (Hebrew) – A name with cultural and religious ties.
  10. Yuma (Native American) – A baby name with spiritual significance.
  11. Yves (French) – A name with a rich cultural heritage.
  12. Yemaya (Yoruba) – The Yoruba goddess of the sea.
  13. Yaldabaoth (Gnostic) – A figure in Gnostic mythology.
  14. Yasin (Arabic) – A name associated with a chapter in the Quran.
  15. Yarilo (Slavic) – A Slavic god of fertility and springtime.
  16. Yudhishthira (Sanskrit) – The full name of the eldest Pandava brother.
  17. Yochanan (Hebrew) – A name with cultural and historical significance.
  18. Yen (Chinese) – A name with cultural ties to Chinese history.
  19. Yorick (Shakespearean) – A name with literary and cultural roots.
  20. Yggdrasil (Norse) – The World Tree in Norse mythology.
  21. Yusef (Arabic) – A name with cultural and religious significance.
  22. Yaakov (Hebrew) – A name with ties to the biblical figure Jacob.
  23. Yoshi (Japanese) – A name with cultural references to Nintendo’s Mario franchise.
  24. Yuuki (Japanese) – A name with cultural ties to samurai and bushido.
  25. Yahya (Arabic) – A name associated with the prophet John in Islam.
  26. Yana (Russian) – A baby name meaning “God is gracious” that has cultural significance in Russia.
  27. Yoma (Buddhist) – A term used in Buddhism to signify a day of spiritual practice.
  28. Yagmur (Turkish) – A name meaning “rain” that has cultural significance in Turkey.
  29. Yuyutsu (Sanskrit) – A character in the Mahabharata, known for his intelligence and diplomacy.
  30. Yehezkel (Hebrew) – A name with biblical and cultural significance in Israel.

Y Names with Literary, History and Cultural Inspiration

  1. Yoda – Inspired by the iconic character from Star Wars.
  2. Yorick (Shakespearean) – A character from “Hamlet.”
  3. Yann Martel – Inspired by the author of “Life of Pi.”
  4. Yser (Mythological) – A mythical name inspired by Norse mythology.
  5. Yancy (Literary) – A name inspired by the American author Robert W. Chambers.
  6. Yossarian (Literary) – The protagonist of “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller.
  7. Yngwie (Music) – Inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen, a renowned guitarist.
  8. Yul Brynner (Film) – Named after the legendary actor.
  9. Yann Martel (Literary) – In honor of the author of “Life of Pi.”
  10. Ymir (Mythological) – A giant in Norse mythology.
  11. Yancy (Literary) – Inspired by the American author Robert W. Chambers.
  12. Yassir (Music) – Inspired by the musician Yassir Chadly.
  13. Ysgramor (Gaming) – A legendary figure in the Elder Scrolls series.
  14. Yuki (Anime) – Inspired by characters in various anime series.
  15. Yondu (Film) – The character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
  16. Yancy (Film) – A name inspired by the character Yancy Butler from movies.
  17. Yitzhak (Music) – Named after the famous violinist Yitzhak Perlman.
  18. Yossarian (Literary) – The iconic character from “Catch-22.”
  19. Yves Saint Laurent (Fashion) – In honor of the renowned fashion designer.
  20. Yule (Literary) – Inspired by the traditional Christmas holiday season and its festive spirit.
  21. Yves Saint Laurent – Named after the famous fashion designer.
  22. Yanni – In honor of the renowned Greek musician.
  23. Yul Brynner – A tribute to the legendary actor.
  24. Yitzhak Rabin – Inspired by the former Prime Minister of Israel.
  25. Yuri Gagarin – Named after the first human in space.
  26. Yasser Arafat – In honor of the Palestinian leader.
  27. Yngwie Malmsteen – Named after the influential guitarist.
  28. Yves Klein – Inspired by the French artist.
  29. Yasser Al-Qahtani – In honor of the Saudi Arabian footballer.
  30. Yohan Blake – Named after the Jamaican sprinter.
  31. Yannick Noah – Inspired by the French tennis star.
  32. Yuvan Shankar Raja – In honor of the Indian music composer.
  33. Yoweri Museveni – Named after the Ugandan President.
  34. Yitzhak Perlman – In honor of the famous violinist.
  35. Yogi Berra – Named after the iconic baseball player.
  36. Yul Kwon – In honor of the reality TV star and host.
  37. Yousuf Karsh – Named after the renowned portrait photographer.
  38. Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Inspired by the legendary guitarist.
  39. Yoritomo Minamoto – Named after the Japanese samurai.
  40. Yassir Chadly – In honor of the musician and composer.

Unique Boy Names That Start With Y

Unique boy names that start with the letter Y provide an opportunity to give your little guy a distinctive and uncommon moniker.

Explore this list of rare Y names to find the perfect choice for your baby:

  1. Yarrow – A nature-inspired name.
  2. Yale – A strong and classic name.
  3. Yazan – A unique Arabic name meaning “bold.”
  4. Yeats – Inspired by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats.
  5. Yosef – A Hebrew name meaning “God will increase.”
  6. Yeoman – Meaning “attendant” or “servant.”
  7. Yaakov – A Hebrew name derived from the biblical figure Jacob.
  8. Yonas – An Ethiopian name meaning “dove.”
  9. Yogi – Inspired by the spiritual and physical discipline of yoga.
  10. Yoshio – A Japanese name meaning “good respect.”
  11. Yurem – A unique Spanish name meaning “God will establish.”
  12. Yachin – A Hebrew name meaning “he will establish.”
  13. Yoon – A Korean unisex name meaning “reason, cause.”
  14. Yesid – A Spanish name derived from the Arabic name Yasir.
  15. Yaxkin – A Mayan name meaning “sun.”
  16. Yonah – A Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  17. Yorick – Meaning “farmer” in Dutch.
  18. Yiorgos – A Greek form of George, meaning “farmer.”
  19. Yakup – A Turkish form of Jacob.
  20. Ywain – A name with Arthurian legend origins.
  21. Yorvin – Meaning “wild boar friend” in Old Norse.
  22. Yahweh – A Hebrew name meaning “I am.”
  23. Yates – An English name meaning “gatekeeper.”
  24. Yaromir – A Slavic name meaning “famous and peaceful.”
  25. Yarkona – Meaning “green” in Hebrew.

Y Names for Twins and Multiples boys

  1. Yael and Yaron
  2. Yovani and Yovar
  3. Yorick and Yannick
  4. Yacine and Yusef
  5. Yoruba and Yogananda
  6. Yarrow and Yestin
  7. Yul and Yves
  8. Yosuke and Yuki
  9. Yitzhak and Yosef
  10. Yorin and Yaxha
  11. Yash and Yorwin
  12. Yarilo and Yarvik
  13. Yorlen and Yenten
  14. Yemaya and Yair
  15. Yann and Yves
  16. Yogananda and Yogan
  17. Yacoby and Yachim
  18. Yossarian and Yoruba
  19. Yvan and Yosin
  20. Yungwei and Yungwu

More Names for Baby Boys Starting with Y

  1. Yarrow
  2. Yestin
  3. Yovani
  4. Yorvik
  5. Yovin
  6. Ysander
  7. Yannick
  8. Yestley
  9. Yarlow
  10. Yanoa
  11. Yovin
  12. Yorin
  13. Yovar
  14. Yalon
  15. Yorvik
  16. Yavon
  17. Yarrowen
  18. Yoxan
  19. Yenten
  20. Yaelan
  21. Yarrowen
  22. Yoxan
  23. Yenten
  24. Yerik
  25. Yacoby
  26. Yestin
  27. Yorwin
  28. Yovani
  29. Yaron
  30. Yaldo
  31. Yanoah
  32. Yelvin
  33. Yorlen
  34. Yosin
  35. Yorvan
  36. Yaliv
  37. Yorvin
  38. Yentil
  39. Yosael
  40. Yarwin


The quest for the perfect name for your baby boy is an extraordinary journey, intertwined with culture, personal meaning, and a touch of creativity.

To wrap up, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to baby names.

However, with this curated list of 211 handpicked Y names for boys, you have a wonderful selection of traditional and modern choices that might just come in handy when the time is right.

We hope that our guide has helped narrow down your choices and helped you decide on which name suits your little bundle of joy best.

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!

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