299 Beautiful Asian American Girl Names Packed with Meaning

The cultural tapestry of Asian Americans is rich, diverse, and filled with beautiful names that reflect the vibrant traditions and heritage of various Asian countries.

From Chinese to Indian, Japanese to Korean, Filipino to Vietnamese, and many more, Asian American girl names encompass a wide range of meanings and origins.

In this article, we will explore 299 beautiful Asian American girl names, highlighting their significance and honoring the diversity within the Asian American community.

The Beauty and Diversity of Asian American Names

Asian American girl names are deeply rooted in cultural and historical significance, often reflecting the values, beliefs, and traditions of their respective countries.

These names not only hold a beautiful sound but also carry a story and meaning behind them.

They showcase the diverse backgrounds of Asian Americans and serve as a reminder of their strong connection to their heritage.

There’s also a long history of Asian Americans using Anglo or anglicized names – whether they adopted new White-sounding names like John or Jennifer, or changed the pronunciation or spelling of their original name to better suit English speakers.

While this may have been a survival tactic in the past, it’s important to embrace and celebrate one’s true cultural identity by using their given name.

299 Beautiful Asian American Girl Names Packed with Meaning

Popular Asian American Girl Names

Some of the most popular Asian American girl names include:

Aiko (Japanese): meaning “beloved child”

Anaya (Hindi): meaning “blessing” or “protection”

Chloe (Greek): meaning “young green shoot”

Evelyn (English): derived from the Old English name Aveline, meaning “desired”

Hana (Korean and Japanese): meaning “flower”

Jasmine (Persian): a fragrant flower name

Lila (Indian): derived from the Sanskrit word for “playful” or “amusing”

Mia (Japanese): meaning “beautiful”, “graceful”, or “cherry blossom”

Naomi (Hebrew): meaning “pleasantness” or “sweetness”

Sofia (Greek): meaning “wisdom”

Mary (English): meaning “wished-for child”

Eva (Hebrew and Spanish): meaning “life” or “living one”

Kailani (Hawaiian): meaning “sea and sky”

Amihan (Filipino): meaning “east wind”

Linh (Vietnamese): meaning “spirit” or “soul”

Ava (Persian): meaning “voice”, “sound” or “call”

Diana (Latin): meaning “divine”, “heavenly” or “goddess”

Natasha (Russian): meaning “birthday of the Lord”

Channary (Cambodian): meaning “moon-faced girl”

Haruko (Japanese): meaning “spring child” or “sunlight child”

Kaiya (Japanese): meaning “forgiveness” or “miracle”

Nari (Korean): meaning “lily”

Anouk (French and Dutch): meaning “grace” or “mercy”

Bao (Vietnamese and Chinese): meaning “precious”, “treasure”, or “valuable”

Manasa (Sanskrit): the name of a Hindu goddess and means “mind”, “intention” or “desire”

Nikola (Slavic): meaning “victory of the people”

Suki (Japanese): meaning “beloved”

Camarin (Filipino): meaning “chamber” or “secret room”

Maya (Sanskrit): meaning “illusion”, “magic”, or “enchantment”

Rina (Japanese and Hebrew): meaning “beloved” or “joyful song”

Chinese American Girl Names

Chinese culture is known for its rich history and intricate traditions, which are also reflected in their naming practices.

Chinese girl names often have beautiful meanings that symbolize virtues, blessings, or wishes for the child’s future.

Li Mei – Meaning “beautiful plum”

Jing Wei – Meaning “flourishing, majestic”

Xiu Ying – Meaning “elegant and clever”

Xiao Hua – Meaning “little flower”

Fang Yuan – Meaning “fragrant garden”

Ming Yue – Meaning “bright moon”

Mei Ling – Meaning “beautiful and delicate”

Yu Yan – Meaning “jade swallow”

Xin Rui – Meaning “happy and auspicious”

Xing Xing – Meaning “star”

Phoebe – Meaning “bright, shining one”

Chloe – Meaning “young green shoot”

Angel – Meaning “messenger”

Biyu – Meaning “jasmine rain”

Weiwei – Meaning “beautiful and precious”

Kristi – Meaning “follower of Christ”

Cindy – Meaning “woman from Kynthos”

Cheng – Meaning “accomplished, completed”

Huan – Meaning “joyful, pleased”

Lei – Meaning “thunderbolt”

Kiara – Meaning “clear, bright”

Chen – Meaning “morning sun”

June – Meaning “young”

Mei Xiang – Meaning “beautiful fragrance”

Michelle – Meaning “who is like God?”

Dechen – Meaning “great happiness”

Hua – Meaning “flower”

Grace – Meaning “elegance, kindness”

Qiu Ying – Meaning “beautiful autumn”

Anshika – Meaning “minute particle”

Jia Li – Meaning “good and beautiful”

Sasha – Meaning “defender of mankind”

Lian – Meaning “graceful willow”

Jiayi – Meaning “auspicious one”

Hui Ying – Meaning “intelligent and clever”

Kaohly – Meaning “beautiful phoenix”

Pahoua – Meaning “flower”

Ying Yue – Meaning “reflecting moon”

Mai – Meaning “ocean, brightness”

Junko – Meaning “obedient child”

Japanese American Girl Names

Japanese culture is known for its refined and thoughtful approach to life, which is also reflected in their naming practices.

Japanese girl names often have serene and elegant meanings that reflect nature, beauty, and spirituality.

Sakura – Meaning “cherry blossom”

Hana – Meaning “flower”

Yuna – Meaning “gentle”

Emi – Meaning “beautiful blessing”

Kanade – Meaning “sound, music”

Aiko – Meaning “beloved child”

Ayane – Meaning “colorful sound”

Hina – Meaning “sunflower”

Yui – Meaning “gentle, superior”

Sora – Meaning “sky”

Kira – Meaning “glitter, sparkle”

Mei – Meaning “bud”

Kiko – Meaning “rare child”

Hikari – Meaning “light”

Rei – Meaning “lovely, beautiful”

Miu – Meaning “beautiful feather”

Yumi – Meaning “gentle beauty”

Akari – Meaning “light”

Ayumi – Meaning “walking with purpose”

Haruka – Meaning “distant, far-reaching”

Naomi – Meaning “pleasant, beautiful”

Hoshi – Meaning “star”

Michi – Meaning “path, way”

Nana – Meaning “seven”

Saki – Meaning “blossom of hope”

Kaito – Meaning “sea and sky”

NIna – Meaning “strong”

Kelly – Meaning “warrior”

Emma – Meaning “whole, universal”

Jun – Meaning “in the month of June”

Korean American Girl Names

Korean culture is known for its strong emphasis on family and community, which is also reflected in their naming practices.

Korean girl names often have meaningful and auspicious meanings that convey blessings or wishes for the child’s future.

Soo-jin – Meaning “graceful pearl”

Eun-mi – Meaning “kindness and beauty”

Ji-yoon – Meaning “wisdom”

Yeon-hee – Meaning “lovely, graceful”

Min-Ji – Meaning “clever intellect”

Soo-Min – Meaning “bright and sharp”

Hae-Won – Meaning “graceful garden”

Ji-Hyun – Meaning “wisdom and brightness”

Yuna – Meaning “lotus flower”

Min-Hee – Meaning “bright and joyous”

Ji-Ah – Meaning “wisdom and beauty”

Eun-Ji – Meaning “kind and merciful”

Na-Ri – Meaning “lily”

Nuri – Meaning “world”

Bo-mi – Meaning “beautiful and precious”

Sora – Meaning “conch shell”

Eun-Ha – Meaning “kind and beautiful”

Mina – Meaning “south, clever”

Ha-Yun – Meaning “graceful cloud”

Seo-yun – Meaning “felicitous omen”

Su-Min – Meaning “wise and quick-thinking”

Amy – Meaning “beloved”

Hye-Jin – Meaning “wise and valuable”

Eun-Bi – Meaning “kindness and joyfulness”

Jin-Ae – Meaning “truth and love”

Eugenie – Meaning “well-born, noble”

Jin-Kyung – Meaning “truth and brightness”

Su-Yeon – Meaning “graceful lotus”

Soo-Ah – Meaning “elegant”

Ju-Hyun – Meaning “wise and virtuous”

Indian American Girl Names

Indian culture is a fusion of diverse religions, languages, and traditions.

As a result, Indian girl names are incredibly varied and unique with meanings that often reflect the rich spirituality and mythology of the country.

Aishwarya – Meaning “prosperity”

Aarushi – Meaning “first ray of sun”

Devi – Meaning “goddess”

Ishani – Meaning “beloved goddess”

Kavya – Meaning “poetry”

Meera – Meaning “prosperous, famous”

Neha – Meaning “love, rain”

Priya – Meaning “beloved”

Riya – Meaning “singer or graceful”

Aaradhya – Meaning “devoted to worship”

Siya – Meaning “prosperity, good fortune”

Nisha – Meaning “night”

Anika – Meaning “graceful”

Maya – Meaning “illusion, magic”

Devika – Meaning “little goddess”

Amara – Meaning “eternal”

Leela – Meaning “divine play”

Aarti – Meaning “prayer, ritual”

Anjali – Meaning “offering with devotion”

Isha – Meaning “goddess of knowledge”

Ritu – Meaning “season, time”

Sanjana – Meaning “peaceful”

Esha – Meaning “desired, wish”

Kavya – Meaning “poetry, literature”

Suhani – Meaning “pleasant, beautiful”

Harsha – Meaning “joy, happiness”

Avani – Meaning “earth”

Seema – Meaning “border, limit”

Tara – Meaning “star, princess”

Ananya – Meaning “unique, matchless”

Filipino American Girl Names

Filipino culture is a mix of indigenous, Spanish, and American influences, which is also reflected in their naming practices.

Filipino girl names are often a combination of traditional and modern elements, with meanings that honor family, faith, and nature.

Aaliyah – Meaning “high exalted one”

Jasmine – Meaning “fragrant flower”

Isabella – Meaning “devoted to God”

Sofia – Meaning “wisdom”

Maria – Meaning “sea of bitterness, rebelliousness”

Angelica – Meaning “angelic”

Cassandra – Meaning “shining upon mankind”

Madison – Meaning “son of Matthew”

Danielle – Meaning “God is my judge”

Mariana – Meaning “graceful sea”

Gabriella – Meaning “God is my strength”

Natalie – Meaning “born on Christmas day”

Victoria – Meaning “victory”

Elizabeth – Meaning “pledged to God”

Sophia – Meaning “wisdom, skillful”

Aurora – Meaning “dawn, goddess of the dawn”

Andrea – Meaning “strong, courageous”

Francesca – Meaning “free one”

Camilla – Meaning “young ceremonial attendant”

Carmen – Meaning “garden, orchard”

Angela – Meaning “angelic”

Althea – Meaning “healing power”

Danica – Meaning “morning star”

Alondra – Meaning “lark”

Divina – Meaning “divine”

Dalisay – Meaning “pure, sincere”

Calrla – Meaning “free woman”

Blessica – Meaning “blessed”

Carmelita – Meaning “garden of God”

Felicia – Meaning “happy, lucky”

Vietnamese American Girl Names

Vietnamese girl names often have poetic and beautiful meanings that reflect the natural beauty and spirituality of Vietnamese culture.

They also tend to honor virtues such as grace, intelligence, and strength.

Linh – Meaning “spirit”

Mai – Meaning “flower”

Nga – Meaning “elegant”

An – Meaning “peaceful”

Bich – Meaning “jade”

Cam – Meaning “orange fruit”

Diep – Meaning “leaf”

Hoa – Meaning “flower, blossom”

Lien – Meaning “lotus flower”

My – Meaning “beautiful, elegant”

Nguyet – Meaning “moon”

Phuong – Meaning “phoenix, fragrance”

Thao – Meaning “grass, plant”

Trang – Meaning “white”

Huong – Meaning “fragrance”

Lan – Meaning “orchid”

Kim – Meaning “gold”

Thuy – Meaning “water”

Ngoc – Meaning “precious gem”

Eileen – Meaning “bright, shining one”

Jeannie – Meaning “God is gracious”

Ly – Meaning “poetic, beautiful”

Maggie – Meaning “pearl”

Tiffany – Meaning “manifestation of God”

Quyen – Meaning “beautiful, elegant”

Tuyet – Meaning “snow”

Rosie – Meaning “rose”

Kiều – Meaning “graceful”

Xanthe – Meaning “golden, fair-haired”

Lana – Meaning “light, ray of sun”

Thai American Girl Names

Thai girl names often have beautiful meanings that reflect the country’s rich culture and spirituality. They also tend to be short, simple, and easy to pronounce.

Saranya – Meaning “charm”

Karnchana – Meaning “good heart”

Anong – Meaning “beautiful lady”

Chutima – Meaning “warm, friendly”

Jiraporn – Meaning “sweetness of the moon”

Narumon – Meaning “sweet-smelling flower”

Orapan – Meaning “beautiful sunrise”

Patchara – Meaning “great blessing”

Sirin – Meaning “beautiful fairy”

Mali – Meaning “jasmine flower”

Chanya – Meaning “graceful woman”

Supansa – Meaning “golden dream”

Pimchanok – Meaning “beautiful like a flower”

Nataya – Meaning “dancer”

Tida – Meaning “daughter”

Siriwan – Meaning “charming and beautiful”

Somjai – Meaning “happiness”

Waranya – Meaning “charming lady”

Bui – Meaning “precious, valuable”

Lek – Meaning “small, tiny”

Janya – Meaning “gracious gift”

Allison – Meaning “noble, kind”

Ladda – Meaning “beauty”

Cherry – Meaning “cherished, beloved”

Myra – Meaning “fragrant, sweet-smelling”

Nonglak – Meaning “angelic beauty”

Pear – Meaning “diamond”

Nim – Meaning “clever, smart”

Brenda – Meaning “flame, sword”

Jantra – Meaning “moonlight”

Cambodian American Girl Names

Cambodian girl names often have meanings that honor important virtues and qualities such as wisdom, kindness, and grace. They also tend to have Sanskrit or Pali origins.

Srey – Meaning “lady”

Kosal – Meaning “clever”

Vanna – Meaning “golden”

Maya – Meaning “illusion, dream”

Jessa – Meaning “one who sees clearly”

Kiri – Meaning “mountain”

SreyRam – Meaning “lady of beauty”

Yasmin – Meaning “jasmine flower”

Sita – Meaning “furrow (of a plowed field)”

Bopha – Meaning “flower”

Kalyanee – Meaning “graceful”

Laura – Meaning “bay laurel, honor”

Chhom – Meaning “intelligent, bright”

Kamala – Meaning “lotus”

Nirin – Meaning “dainty, delicate”

SitaAngkun – Meaning “beautiful gold”

Soma – Meaning “moon”

Pisay – Meaning “beautiful moon”

Selena – Meaning “the moon”

Sokhanya – Meaning “princess”

Linda – Meaning “pretty, beautiful”

Nisay – Meaning “dew”

Kaliyanei – Meaning “beautiful flower”

Nita – Meaning “goodness, morality”

Patricia – Meaning “noble, patrician”

Touna – Meaning “sweetheart”

Borey – Meaning “diamond”

Narinda – Meaning “calm, peaceful”

Sopheara – Meaning “beautiful smile” ̣

Dara – Meaning “star” ̣


Asian American girl names are an exquisite blend of beauty, meaning, and culture. As you embark on the journey of choosing a name, embrace the richness of your cultural lineage.

After all, in naming your child, you’re giving her a precious piece of her heritage, a connection to her roots, and a unique identity that she will carry with pride.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that holds meaning and significance to you and your family.

Happy naming!  🌸

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