220 Adorable Baby Girl Names Beginning with ‘Z’

Choosing the perfect name for your little princess can be both exciting and overwhelming.

The name you choose will be her lifelong companion, shaping her identity and leaving a lasting impression.

If you’re searching for something uniquely beautiful, why not consider a name that begins with ‘Z’? This often-overlooked letter is the start of many enchanting and meaningful names.

From ‘Zara’, which means ‘blooming flower’, to ‘Zoe’, signifying ‘life’, these names are filled with charm and personality.

Our list of 220 adorable baby girl names beginning with ‘Z’ is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

So take a seat, relax, and start your journey towards discovering that perfect ‘Z’ name for your baby girl.

Why Choose Z Name For Your Child?

Z Name, also known as the last name in the alphabet, is often overlooked in baby name books.

However, recent studies have shown that children with last names beginning with Z are more likely to display increased levels of perseverance, creativity, and independence.

Names beginning with “Z” are often associated with modernity, adventure, and innovation. They can reflect a sense of forward-thinking and openness to new experiences.

Further, names starting with less common letters like “X,” “Y,” or “Z” can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your child’s name.

They stand out and may make a memorable impression.

Plus, with fewer people choosing names starting with ‘Z’, your child’s name will be distinct and less likely to be shared by others in their class or neighborhood.

In astrology, the Letter Z is often associated with the planet Venus. Venus symbolizes love, beauty, and harmony.

As a result, individuals with names starting with the Letter Z may possess some Venusian traits.

They are often seen as attractive and charismatic, with a natural ability to draw others towards them. So, if you have a name starting with Z, you might just have that special charm!

Beautiful Z Names For Girls

Beautiful Z Names For Girls

  • Zadie: a spunky name meaning “lucky.”
  • Zahara: a beautiful Arabic name meaning “blooming flower.”
  • Zaina: a graceful name meaning “beautiful and prosperous.”
  • Zendaya: a trendy name derived from the Shona word for “to give thanks.”
  • Zephyra: a unique and elegant name meaning “west wind.”
  • Zia: a short and sweet name meaning “light” or “splendor.”
  • Zinnia: a cheerful and colorful flower often associated with thoughtfulness.
  • Zoe: a classic Greek name meaning “life.” 
  • Zora: a powerful name meaning “dawn” or “light.”
  • Zuri: a Swahili name meaning “beautiful” or “good.”

Strong Z Names For Girls

  • Zahira: a powerful Arabic name meaning “shining, luminous.”
  • Zelda: a bold and mysterious name meaning “gray battle.”
  • Zenobia: an ancient Greek name representing strength and power.
  • Zora: a Slavic name that means “dawn” or “glowing dawn.”
  • Zuri: a Swahili name meaning “beautiful” or “good-looking.” 
  • Zoraida: a Spanish name meaning “dawn” or “rising light.”
  • Zephyrine: a lovely and unique name meaning “west wind.”
  • Zenith: an uplifting name that means “highest point” or “peak of success.”
  • Zuleika: a regal and exotic Persian name meaning “brilliant beauty.”
  • Zelda: a bold and dramatic name meaning “woman warrior.”

Unisex Z Names For Girls

  • Zayn: a name of Arabic origin meaning “beauty, grace.”
  • Zeke: a trendy and cool name that means “shooting star” in Hebrew.
  • Zion: a unisex name with biblical roots representing strength and protection. 
  • Zola: a literary name that means “earth” or “ball of earth.”
  • Zuri: a Swahili name meaning “beautiful” or “good-looking.”

Popular Baby Girls Names That Start With ‘Z’

Here are some popular baby girl names starting with ‘Z’ that have stood the test of time and continue to be a favorite among parents:

  • Zabella: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zaida: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Prosperous
  • Zaila: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zaira: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Rose
  • Zalika: Origin – Swahili, Meaning – Well-born
  • Zamara: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zanaya: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zandra: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Defender of mankind
  • Zaneta: Origin – Slavic, Meaning – God’s gracious gift
  • Zara: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Princess
  • Zarae: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zaria: Origin – Slavic, Meaning – Princess
  • Zasha: Origin – Russian, Meaning – Defender of mankind
  • Zayla: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zaylee: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zaylia: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zayn: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Beautiful, Graceful
  • Zaynab: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Aromatic blossom
  • Zazie: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zea: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Grain, Life
  • Zeena: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Hospitable
  • Zelia: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Zealous
  • Zelina: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zella: Origin – German, Meaning – Little battle
  • Zelda: Origin – German, Meaning – Gray fighting maid
  • Zelene: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zena: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Hospitable
  • Zenaida: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Of Zeus
  • Zenia: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Hospitable
  • Zenobia: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Life of Zeus
  • Zephyr: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Wind blowing from the west.
  • Zeta: Origin – Greek, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zetta: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zia: Origin – Arabic, Meaning – Light
  • Zina: Origin – Russian, Meaning – Hospitable
  • Zinnia: Origin – German, Meaning – Flower
  • Zipporah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – Bird
  • Zita: Origin – Italian, Meaning – Seeker
  • Ziva: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – Radiance
  • Zlata: Origin – Slavic, Meaning – Golden
  • Zarely: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zeynep: Origin – Turkish, Meaning – Precious
  • Zhoey: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Ziani: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zianna: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zihanna: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zillah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – Shadow
  • Zinachimdi: Origin – Igbo (Nigerian), Meaning – Show me God
  • Zirah: Origin – Unknown, Meaning – Unknown
  • Zitlaly: Origin – Nahuatl (Aztec), Meaning – Star

Classic Baby Girls Names That Start With ‘Z’

For parents who prefer traditional and timeless names, here are some classic baby girl names starting with ‘Z’.

  • Zephyrine: Origin – Greek, Meaning
  • Zabrina – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zaina – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Beautiful
  • Zalina – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Shining
  • Zareen – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Golden
  • Zariyah – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Shining
  • Zaya – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zayra – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zelena – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Green
  • Zelie – Origin: French, Meaning: Sunlight
  • Zelma – Origin: German, Meaning: Helmet of God
  • Zia – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Light
  • Zoa – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Life
  • Zoe – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Life
  • Zula – Origin: African, Meaning: Brilliant
  • Zya – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyana – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyra – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Princess
  • Zyria – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyla – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zylah – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zylene – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyma – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zymora – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyna – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zyon – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zoe – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Life
  • Zoey – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Life
  • Zofia – Origin: Polish, Meaning: Wisdom
  • Zola – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Earth
  • Zofira – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zona – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Girdle
  • Zora – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Dawn
  • Zoraida – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Enchanting
  • Zosia – Origin: Polish, Meaning: Wisdom
  • Zoya – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Life
  • Zuri – Origin: Swahili, Meaning: Beautiful
  • Zurie – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zuza – Origin: Polish, Meaning: Lily
  • Zari – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Golden
  • Zarionna – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zariya – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zarriah – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zaryah – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zaviera – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: New home
  • Zaybree – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zayda – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Prosperity
  • Zayleigh – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zaylie – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  • Zemirah – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Song

Unique Baby Girls Names That Start With ‘Z’

For parents looking for a more unique and unusual name for their baby girl, here are some options starting with ‘Z’.

  • Zarah – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Flowering
  • Zaelynn – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zahara – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Flower, shining
  • Zamani – Origin: Swahili; Meaning: Time, age
  • Zandrae – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zarielle – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zarina – Origin: Persian; Meaning: Golden
  • Zarrah – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Variant of Zahrah, meaning “blooming flower”
  • Zerah – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Dawn, brightness
  • Zhara – Origin: Persian; Meaning: Shining, radiant
  • Ziana – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zienna – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zivah – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Brightness, radiance
  • Zoelle – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zoiey – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zafina – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zahira – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Radiant, shining
  • Zamira – Origin: Slavic; Meaning: Songbird
  • Zamora – Origin: Spanish; Meaning: Olive tree
  • Zanika – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zavannah – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zavia – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zadie – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: princess
  • Zaelee – Origin: English; Meaning: Heavenly
  • Zaelia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Festival of roses
  • Zahari – Origin: Bulgarian; Meaning: God Has Remembered
  • Zahnia – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Free Spirit,
  • Zailyn – Origin: English; Meaning: Gift of God
  • Zaima – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Leader
  • Zainabu – Origin: Swahili; Meaning: fragrant flower
  • Zairah – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: flower
  • Zakayla – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Pure
  • Zalea – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zarayah – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: radiance
  • Zama – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Thaw
  • Zamiya – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: flower
  • Zanae – Origin: Persian n; Meaning: news
  • Zareen – Origin: Persian; Meaning: golden
  • Zendaya – Origin: African; Meaning:  gratitude
  • Zea – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Grain

Adorable Baby Girl Names With ‘Z’ – International

Here are some international names starting with ‘Z’ for parents looking for a unique and cultural name for their baby girl.

  • Zephyra (Greek: West wind) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: West wind
  • Zephyrine (Greek: Breeze) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Breeze
  • Zerelda (German: Armored battle-maiden) – Origin: German, Meaning: Armored battle-maiden
  • Ziba (Persian: Beautiful) – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Beautiful
  • Zinat (Arabic: Beauty, Adornment) – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Beauty, Adornment
  • Ziya (Turkish: Light, Splendor) – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: Light, Splendor
  • Zuleika (Arabic: Fair, Brilliant) – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Fair, Brilliant
  • Zulema (Arabic: Healthy, Safe) – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Healthy, Safe
  • Zulima (Arabic: Peace) – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Peace
  • Zulma (German: Peace, Protection) – Origin: German, Meaning: Peace, Protection
  • Zyanya (Nahuatl: Forever, Always) – Origin: Nahuatl, Meaning: Forever, Always
  • Zyta (Polish: A Harvester) – Origin: Polish, Meaning: A Harvester
  • Zuzanna (Polish: Lily) – Origin: Polish, Meaning: Lily
  • Zya (Greek: Born of Zeus) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Born of Zeus
  • Zyaire (African American: Fair, Water) – Origin: African American, Meaning: Fair, Water
  • Zylpha (English: Help) – Origin: English, Meaning: Help
  • Zymir (American: Fair, Water) – Origin: American, Meaning: Fair, Water
  • Zynab (Arabic: Fragrant flower) – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Fragrant flower
  • Zyrus (American: Fair, Water) – Origin: American, Meaning: Fair, Water
  • Zyshaun (American: Fair, Water) – Origin: American, Meaning: Fair, Water
  • Zytaveon (American: Fair, Water) – Origin: American, Meaning: Fair, Water
  • Zeinab – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Ornament, beauty
  • Zemira – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Song, music
  • Zephirine – Origin: French; Meaning: West wind
  • Zerlina – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zeruiah – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Balsam tree
  • Zia – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Light, splendor
  • Ziara – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zilpah – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Drop, sprinkle
  • Zinia – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zinobia – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Ziyana – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Unknown
  • Zophia – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Wisdom
  • Zoraya – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Dawn, sunrise
  • Zuriel – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: God is my rock
  • Zaylee – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Sea strength
  • Zakira – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Rememberer
  • Zalena – Origin: Armenian; Meaning: Sunshine
  • Zamia – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Song
  • Zandrai – Origin: Unknown; Meaning: Protector of mankind
  • Zarrah – Origin: English; Meaning: Days awakening
  • Zepplyn – Origin: German; Meaning: Zeppelin
  • Zhanna – Origin: Russian; Meaning: God is gracious
  • Ziona – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Variant of Ziyona, meaning “sign, monument”
  • Zoanna – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Life
  • Zukie – Origin: Japanese; Meaning: Moon
  • Zea – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Grain, life
  • Zefira – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: West wind
  • Zehava – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Golden

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing a name for your baby girl is an exciting and deeply personal journey. ‘Z’ names are unique, full of history, and rich with meaning.

From Zyanya, a Nahuatl name meaning ‘Forever, Always’, to Zephyra, a Greek name symbolizing the ‘West wind’, there’s a lot to explore.

These names speak volumes about your aspirations and the bright future you envision for your child. So, why not make it unique, powerful, and resonate with meaning?

We hope this comprehensive list helps you find the perfect ‘Z’ name for your baby girl. And remember, the best name is the one that speaks to your heart.

So don’t rush it, take your time, and the perfect name will come to you.

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