225 Beautiful & Elegant Baby Girl Names That Begin With “M”

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby girl, one important decision is choosing her name.

This task can feel daunting with so many options available, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

It’s the first gift you’ll give to your princess! Let it exude enchantment and magic.

The decision you make now will have a lasting impact on your child’s entire life.

As you browse through this catalog of elegant baby girl names that start with M, may each name whisper stories and unfurl possibilities, guiding you toward that perfect moniker that your little girl will proudly carry.

Then, If you’re considering a name starting with ‘M’, you’re in luck. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of beautiful and meaningful ‘M’ names for your baby girl.

Reasons to Choose a Name Starting with ‘M’

Think ‘M’ for mesmerizing, magnificent, and memorable!

‘M’ is a letter that carries a sense of majesty and mystery, making names starting with ‘M’ unique and captivating.

Not only do ‘M’ names sound melodious, but they also often carry powerful meanings rooted in various cultures and languages.

‘M’ names are versatile, fitting seamlessly into both traditional and modern contexts.

Names beginning with ‘M’ have graced the annals of history, symbolizing strength, beauty, and wisdom.

These names possess an enduring charm that transcends the passage of time.

Choosing a name beginning with ‘M’ means giving your child a moniker filled with charm, wonder, and character that she will carry with pride.

So, if you’re in search of a name that’s as marvelous and memorable as your little one will be, consider starting with ‘M’.

Let this choice help your little girl shine and stand out.

So, are you ready to embark on the exciting journey to find the perfect ‘M’ name for your baby girl? Let’s dive right in!

Top Elegant Baby Girl Names That Start With M

Top Elegant Baby Girl Names Starting With ‘M’

Delve into the realm of ‘M’ names, and you’ll find an abundance of charm, grace, and individuality. These names resonate with a captivating allure that is bound to leave a spellbinding impression.

  1. Mabel: English origin, meaning ‘lovable’.
  2. Macey: French origin, meaning ‘weapon’.
  3. Macy: English origin, meaning ‘hill’.
  4. Madison: English origin, meaning ‘son of Maud’ but often used for girls.
  5. Maeve: Irish origin, meaning ‘intoxicating’.
  6. Magdalena: Greek origin, meaning ‘from Magdala’.
  7. Malia: Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘calm and peaceful’.
  8. Mallika: Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘jasmine’.
  9. Mallory: French origin, meaning ‘unfortunate’.
  10. Mandy: Latin origin, meaning ‘lovable’.
  11. Mara: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘bitter’.
  12. Marcela: Latin origin, meaning ‘Dedicated to Mars’.
  13. Marcella: Latin origin, meaning ‘Dedicated to Mars’.
  14. Marci: Latin origin, meaning ‘Dedicated to Mars’.
  15. Marcia: Latin origin, meaning ‘warlike’.
  16. Maren: Danish origin, meaning ‘of the sea’.
  17. Margaret: Greek origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  18. Margot: French diminutive of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  19. Maria: Latin origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’.
  20. Mariam: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’.
  21. Mariana: Latin origin, meaning ‘related to the god Mars’.
  22. Marianne: Combination of Maria and Anne, meaning ‘bitter grace’.
  23. Maribel: A combination of Maria and Isabel, signifies ‘beautiful sea’.
  24. Marie: French origin, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’.
  25. Marielle: French origin, meaning ‘bitter’.
  26. Marietta: Diminutive of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’ or ‘rebellious’.
  27. Marigold: English origin, meaning ‘golden flower’.
  28. Marija: Croatian and Serbian form of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’.
  29. Marika: Diminutive of Maria, meaning ‘bitter’.
  30. Marina: Latin origin, meaning ‘of the sea’.
  31. Marissa: Latin origin, meaning ‘of the sea’.
  32. Marit: Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  33. Marjorie: Greek origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  34. Markéta: Czech form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  35. Marla: English origin, meaning ‘from the high tower’.
  36. Marlene: German origin, meaning ‘from Magdala’.
  37. Marley: English origin, meaning ‘Marshy or pleasant meadow’.
  38. Marnie: Latin origin, meaning ‘of the sea’.
  39. Marsha: Variant of Marcia, meaning ‘warlike’.
  40. Marta: Aramaic origin, meaning ‘lady’.
  41. Martha: Aramaic origin, meaning ‘lady’.
  42. Martina: Feminine form of Martin, meaning ‘warrior’.
  43. Marvina: English origin, meaning ‘friend of the sea’.
  44. Mary: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘beloved or bitter’.
  45. Masha: Russian origin, Diminutive of Maria.
  46. Mathilde: German origin, meaning ‘mighty in battle’.
  47. Matilda: German origin, meaning ‘mighty in battle’.
  48. Maud: Old German name, meaning ‘mighty in battle’.
  49. Maureen: Irish origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’.
  50. Mavis: English origin, meaning ‘songbird’.
  51. Maxine: Latin origin, meaning ‘greatest’.
  52. Maya: Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origin, meaning ‘water’, Indian- illusion
  53. Mayra: Spanish origin, meaning ‘beloved’.
  54. Meadow: English origin, meaning ‘grass, vegetation.
  55. Meena: Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘precious stone’.
  56. Meg: Diminutive of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  57. Megan: Welsh origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  58. Meghan: Welsh origin, meaning ‘pearl’.
  59. Melanie: Origin: Greek, Meaning: dark.
  60. Melinda: Origin: Latin, Meaning: sweet.
  61. Melissa: Origin: Greek, Meaning: bee.
  62. Melody: Origin: Greek, Meaning: song.
  63. Meredith: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: great chief.
  64. Mia: Origin: Italian, Meaning: mine or wished-for child.
  65. Micaela: Origin: Variant of Michaela, Meaning: who is like God?
  66. Michaela: Origin: Meaning: who is like God?
  67. Michelle: Origin: French, Meaning: who is like God?
  68. Mika: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: beautiful fragrance.
  69. Mikaela: Origin: Variant of Michaela, Meaning: who is like God?
  70. Mikayla: Origin: Variant of Michaela, Meaning: who is like God?
  71. Mildred: Origin: Old English, Meaning: gentle strength.
  72. Milena: Origin: Slavic, Meaning: gracious or dear.
  73. Miley: Origin: English, Meaning: smiley.
  74. Millicent: Origin: German, Meaning: strong in work.
  75. Milly: Origin: Diminutive of Millicent, Meaning: strong in work.
  76. Mimi: Origin: Diminutive of Miriam, Meaning: sea of bitterness or wonderful.
  77. Minerva: Origin: Latin, Meaning: intellect.
  78. Minnie: Origin: Diminutive of Wilhelmina or Minerva, Meaning: resolute protection or intellect.
  79. Mirabel: Origin: Latin, Meaning: wonderful.
  80. Mirabella: Origin: Latin, Meaning: wonderful.
  81. Miracle: Origin: English, Meaning: extraordinary event.
  82. Miranda: Origin: Latin, Meaning: admirable.
  83. Mireille: Origin: French, Meaning: to admire.

Unique ‘M’ Baby Girl Names

If you’re seeking something different for your baby girl, consider these less common ‘M’ names:

  1. Madigan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: ‘High tower’.
  2. Mahalia: Origin: Biblical Hebrew, Meaning: ‘tenderness’ or ‘affection’.
  3. Mahina: Origin: Hawaiian, Meaning: represents the moon.
  4. Magenta: Origin: Italian, Meaning: representing a color.
  5. Mabry: Origin: English, Meaning: ‘mud hill’.
  6. Maelis: Origin: French, Meaning: ‘princess’.
  7. Maelle: Origin: French, Meaning: ‘princess’.
  8. Makena: Origin: Hawaiian, Meaning: ‘happy one’.
  9. Makara: Origin: Cambodian, Meaning: represents the zodiac sign Capricorn.
  10. Marceline: Origin: Latin, Meaning: ‘little warrior’.
  11. Marinette: Origin: French, Meaning: diminutive of Marie, meaning ‘Of the sea’.
  12. Maritza: Origin: Spanish, Meaning: variant of Marit, meaning ‘pearl’.
  13. Marlaena: Meaning: a unique combination of Marla and Elena.
  14. Marlowe: Origin: English, Meaning: ‘driftwood’.
  15. Marjolaine: Origin: French, Meaning: ‘marjoram’.
  16. Marlana: Origin: German, Meaning: Woman from Magdala.
  17. Marlisa: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘star of the sea’.
  18. Marlise: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘wished-for child’.
  19. Marnie: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘rejoice’.
  20. Marvina: Origin: English, Meaning: feminine form of Marvin, meaning ‘friend of the sea’.
  21. Marvelette: Meaning: feminine form of Marvel, meaning ‘wonder’, ‘astonishment’.
  22. Marvella: Meaning: feminine form of Marvel, meaning ‘wonder’, ‘astonishment’.
  23. Marylou: Origin: Latin, Meaning: drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”.
  24. Marylyn: Meaning: a combination of Mary and Lyn.
  25. Maryn: Meaning: variant of Marin.
  26. Marzena: Origin: Polish, Meaning: ‘dream’.
  27. Matryoshka: Origin: Russian, Meaning: representing a traditional Russian nesting doll.
  28. Mauve: Meaning: representing a pale purple color.
  29. Maven: Origin: Yiddish, Meaning: ‘expert’, ‘connoisseur’.
  30. Mazarine: Meaning: unique French name.
  31. Meadow: Meaning: unique English name inspired by nature.
  32. Mechtild: Origin: German, Meaning: ‘strength in battle’.
  33. Medora: Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘mother’s gift’.
  34. Melantha: Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘black flower’.
  35. Melisande: Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘bee’ and ‘strength’.
  36. Melody: Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘song’.
  37. Melyssa: Origin: Greek, Meaning: unique variant of Melissa, this Greek name means ‘bee’.
  38. Mena: Origin: Diminutive of Philomena, Meaning: ‘strong friend’.
  39. Meryl: Origin: English, Meaning: “shining sea”.
  40. Merida: Origin: Celtic, Meaning: ‘pearl’.
  41. Meriel: Of Welsh origin, Meriel means ‘sea nymph’.
  42. Mireya: Origin: Spanish, Meaning: miracle.
  43. Mindy:  Origin: English, Meaning: “sweet” or “gentle”.
  44. Misty: Origin: English, Meaning: misty.
  45. Mitzi: Origin: German, Meaning: rebellion.
  46. Moira: Origin: Irish, Meaning: bitter.
  47. Mollie: Origin: Diminutive of Mary, Meaning: bitter.
  48. Molly: Origin: Diminutive of Mary, Meaning: bitter.
  49. Monica: Origin: Latin, Meaning: adviser.
  50. Monique: Origin: French, Meaning: alone or advisor.
  51. Morag: Origin: Scottish form of Sarah, Meaning: princess.
  52. Morgan: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: sea-born.
  53. Muriel: Origin: Gaelic, Meaning: bright sea.
  54. Mya: Origin: English, Meaning: emerald.
  55. Myra: Origin: Greek, Meaning: myrrh.
  56. Myrna: Origin: Irish, Meaning: beloved.
  57. Myrtle: Origin: Greek, Meaning: evergreen shrub.
  58. Myla: Origin: English, Meaning: soldier.
  59. Mylene: Origin: French form of Milena or Ludmila, Meaning: gracious or dear.
  60. Mylah: Origin: English, Meaning: merciful.
  61. Mystique: Meaning: representing a sense of mystery or mysticism.

‘M’ Baby Girl Names Across Different Cultures

Discover the captivating world of names from different cultures!

  1. Maayan: Hebrew origin; Meaning: ‘spring of water’.
  2. Madhuri: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘sweetness’.
  3. Mafalda: Italian origin; Meaning: ‘powerful battler’.
  4. Mahdiya: Arabic origin; Meaning: ‘guided to the right path’.
  5. Mahika: Indian origin; Meaning: ‘dew drops’.
  6. Mahira: Hebrew origin; Meaning: ‘skillful’.
  7. Mahsa: Persian origin; Meaning: ‘like the moon’.
  8. Maitreyi: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘friendly’.
  9. Mai: Vietnamese origin; Meaning: ‘cherry blossom’.
  10. Maja: Scandinavian origin; Meaning: ‘splendid’.
  11. Makenzie: Scottish origin; Meaning: ‘comely’.
  12. Mamta: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘affection’.
  13. Manisha: Indian origin; Meaning: ‘wisdom’.
  14. Manasi: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘a woman who has beautiful intellect’.
  15. Manasvi: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘intelligent’.
  16. Manika: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘jewel’.
  17. Manvi: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘humanity’.
  18. Mahima: Sanskrit origin; Meaning: ‘glory’.
  19. Mandana: Persian origin; Meaning: ‘eternal’.
  20. Manami: Japanese origin; Meaning: ‘beautiful love’.
  21. Manon: French origin; Meaning: ‘beautiful queen’.
  22. Manya: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘worthy of honor’.
  23. Marika: Czech origin; Meaning: variant of Maria.
  24. Marelle: French origin; Meaning: a variant of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’.
  25. Marisol: Spanish origin; Meaning: a sunny name that combines ‘Maria’ and ‘sol’ (sun).
  26. Mariska: Hungarian origin; Meaning: a diminutive of Maria.
  27. Masha: Russian origin; Meaning: a diminutive of Maria.
  28. Matahari: Indonesian origin; Meaning: ‘sun’.
  29. Maylin: Chinese origin; Meaning: ‘beautiful jade’.
  30. Maylinn: Modern variant of Maylin.
  31. Mehak: Indian origin; Meaning: ‘fragrance’.
  32. Mehal: Origin: Hindi, Meaning: ‘cloud’.
  33. Mehnaz: Persian origin; Meaning: ‘the moon’s glory’.
  34. Mehreen: Persian origin; Meaning: ‘as beautiful as the moon’.
  35. Meghna: Indian origin; Meaning: ‘like a cloud’.
  36. Mei: Japanese origin; Meaning: ‘beautiful’.
  37. Meja: Swedish origin; Meaning: ‘table’.
  38. Mela: Greek origin; Meaning: ‘black, dark’.
  39. Meli: Hawaiian origin; Meaning: ‘honey’.
  40. Melina: Greek origin; Meaning: ‘honey’.
  41. Mercedes: Spanish origin; Meaning: ‘grace’.
  42. Mercia: Old English origin; Meaning: ‘boundary gate’.
  43. Mercy: Latin origin; Meaning: ‘compassion’.
  44. Mihika: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘mist, fog’.
  45. Mikako: Japanese origin; Meaning: ‘beautiful, fragrant child’.
  46. Mikayla: American origin; Meaning: ‘who is like God?’.
  47. Mila: Slavic origin; Meaning: ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’.
  48. Mileva: Serbian origin; Meaning: ‘gracious’.
  49. Milee: Indian origin; Meaning: ‘a sweet fruit’.
  50. Mili: Origin: Diminutive of Milena, Meaning: ‘gracious’.
  51. Milica: Origin: Serbian, Meaning: ‘gracious’.
  52. Milena: Origin: Slavic, Meaning: ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’.
  53. Miles: Origin: Latin, Meaning: ‘soldier’.
  54. Milica: Origin: Serbian, Meaning: ‘gracious’.
  55. Mitali: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘friendly’.
  56. Miya: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: ‘beautiful truth’.
  57. Miyabi: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: ‘elegance’.
  58. Miyako: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: ‘beautiful night child’.
  59. Miyu: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: ‘beautiful truth’.
  60. Mizuki: Origin: Japanese, Meaning: ‘beautiful moon’.
  61. Moksha: Origin: Indian, Meaning: ‘liberation’ in Hindu philosophy.
  62. Mona: Origin: Gaelic, Meaning: ‘noble, good’.
  63. Morgan: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: ‘sea-born’.
  64. Morgana: Origin: Variant of Morgan, Meaning: ‘sea-born’.
  65. Moriah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: ‘chosen by God’.
  66. Mridu: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘soft’.
  67. Mridula: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘soft or tender’.
  68. Mukta: Origin: Indian, Meaning: ‘liberated’.
  69. Mukti: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘freedom’.
  70. Muna: Origin: Arabic, Meaning: ‘wishes, desires’.
  71. Munira: Origin: Arabic, Meaning: ‘illuminating, shedding light’.
  72. Muriel: Origin: Gaelic, Meaning: ‘bright sea’.
  73. Mya: Origin: Scandinavian and Italian, Meaning: ‘mine’ or ‘bitter’.
  74. Myra: Origin: Greek, Meaning: ‘myrrh’.
  75. Myrna: Origin: Irish, Meaning: ‘tender, gentle’.
  76. Myrtle: Origin: English, Meaning: referring to the myrtle tree.
  77. Mysia: Origin: Ancient region in Anatolia, now modern-day Turkey.
  78. Mythili: Origin: Indian, Meaning: ‘princess of Mithila’.
  79. Madhavi: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘springtime, sweet’.
  80. Maitri: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘friendship’.
  81. Mokshi: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘liberation’.
  82. Mauli: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘crown’.
  83. Mahi: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: ‘the world’.

Final Thoughts

With a universe full of magnificent ‘M’ names, the perfect appellation for your cherubic darling is within reach.

The ‘M’ names traverse the spectrum from classic to contemporary, from mainstream to off-beat, and from regal to whimsical, offering something for every parental preference.

So, take a deep dive into this treasure trove of ‘M’ names, be inspired by accomplished ‘M’-named celebrities, and embrace the joyous journey of naming your little girl.

She’ll carry with her for life, so make it unforgettable, just like her!

Hold on to that name that makes your heart flutter, for that is your intuition guiding you.

After all, a name is more than just a name. It’s a melody, a memory, a legacy.

The perfect ‘M’ name for your little girl is waiting in these lines – find it, cherish it, and bestow it. Happy naming journey!

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