145 Beautiful Bengali Girl Names for Your Little Princess

Choosing a name for a baby girl is a joyous and significant event, filled with excitement and anticipation.

Bengali girl names are particularly enchanting, steeped in cultural richness and sweet melodies.

Whether you’re drawn to the lyrical elegance of traditional names or the modern charm of contemporary ones, the world of Bengali girl names offers a delightful tapestry of options.

Each name carries a story, a meaning, and an emotional resonance that may reflect virtues, nature, or even celestial wonders.

Are you ready to embark on a vibrant journey through the enchanting world of Bengali girl names?

Let’s dive in and explore some of the most beautiful and meaningful names that could be perfect for your little princess.

Bengali Naming Tradition

In the Bengali culture, the naming ceremony usually takes place on the 11th day after birth.

It involves various rituals and blessings from family members and elders.

Traditionally, Bengali names are chosen based on astrology and numerology, with the belief that it can have an impact on the child’s life and personality.

Many names also have religious or mythological significance, especially in Hindu families.

Classic/Traditional Bengali Girl Names

  1. Aloka – meaning ‘light’, representing enlightenment and brilliance.
  2. Aparna – meaning ‘leafless’, a name associated with Goddess Parvati who performed intense penance without even water or leaves.
  3. Bandita – meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘adored’, showcasing a sense of reverence and respect.
  4. Bhavani – one of the names of Goddess Parvati, symbolizing strength and motherhood.
  5. Chandana – meaning ‘sandalwood’, known for its fragrance and purity.
  6. Charulata – meaning ‘a beautiful creeper’, symbolizing grace and natural beauty.
  7. Damayanti – derived from Sanskrit, it is the name of a virtuous queen famous in Indian mythology.
  8. Devika – meaning ‘little goddess’, conveying divinity and grace.
  9. Ekta – meaning ‘unity’, reflecting harmony and togetherness.
  10. Gitanjali – meaning ‘an offering of songs’, famously used by Rabindranath Tagore, symbolizing artistic expression.
  11. Haimavati – another name for Goddess Parvati, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  12. Indrani – meaning ‘queen of Indra’, the God of Heaven, it signifies royalty and power.
  13. Ishika – meaning ‘paintbrush’, representing creativity and artistry.
  14. Jagriti – meaning ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’, reflecting awareness and growth.
  15. Kasturi – meaning ‘musk’, a rare and fragrant substance, symbolizing rarity and uniqueness.
  16. Lavanya – meaning ‘grace’ or ‘beauty’, embodying elegance and charm.
  17. Madhumita – meaning ‘sweetness’ or ‘full of honey’, representing a pleasing and affectionate nature.
  18. Manjari – meaning ‘a cluster of blossoms’, representing freshness and youth.
  19. Nalini – meaning ‘lotus’, a flower deeply significant in various cultural and religious contexts.
  20. Nirmala – meaning ‘pure’ or ‘immaculate’, reflecting simplicity and virtue.
  21. Parvati – another name of the divine consort of Lord Shiva, symbolizing power and devotion.
  22. Priyanka – meaning ‘someone dear to the heart’, reflecting endearment and affection.
  23. Radha – a timeless name derived from the beloved consort of Lord Krishna, symbolizing divine love.
  24. Rekha – meaning ‘line’ or ‘limit’, indicating demarcation or boundary.
  25. Sushmita – meaning ‘beautiful smile’, capturing a warm and pleasant disposition.
  26. Tanushree – meaning ‘beautiful‘ or ‘elegant’, embodying grace and beauty.
  27. Tara – meaning ‘star’, often associated with Goddess Tara, symbolizing radiance and protection.
  28. Ushoshi – meaning ‘morning’ or ‘dawn’, symbolizing new beginnings and hope.
  29. Vidya – meaning ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’, reflecting intellect and learning.
  30. Yashodhara – derived from the combination of ‘yash’ (fame) and ‘dhara’ (bearing), it means ‘bearer of fame’.
Bengali Girl Names

Additional Bengali Girl Names

  1. Adwitiya – meaning ‘unique’, signifying one of a kind.
  2. Ahana – meaning ‘first ray of the sun’, representing dawn and new beginnings.
  3. Alpona – a traditional name in Bengali culture, meaning ‘artistic design’ or ‘rangoli’.
  4. Baishali – meaning ‘prosperous’ or ‘wealthy’, representing richness in life.
  5. Bipasha – known as ‘river’ or associated with water bodies.
  6. Chaitali – meaning ‘born in the month of Chaitra’, signifying spring season.
  7. Chhaya – meaning ‘shadow’ or ‘reflection’, representing protection and mimicry.
  8. Dolon – meaning ‘swing’ or ‘palanquin’, symbolizing movement and grace.
  9. Ela – meaning ‘cardamom tree’, representing fragrance and exoticity.
  10. Hrishita – meaning ‘joyful’ or ‘who brings happiness’.
  11. Ipsita – meaning ‘desired’ or ‘wished for’.
  12. Jui – meaning ‘jasmine flower’, representing purity and simplicity.
  13. Kamala – another word for ‘lotus’, symbolizing beauty and purity.
  14. Koyel – a melodious bird, representing sweetness and charm.
  15. Laboni – meaning ‘grace’ or ‘beauty’, embodying elegance.
  16. Mahua – a flower known for its intoxicating fragrance, symbolizing allure.
  17. Mitul – meaning ‘friendly’, reflecting kindness and companionship.
  18. Naboneeta – meaning ‘newly gifted’, representing novelty and freshness.
  19. Oindrila – meaning ‘a woman with the attributes of Indra’, symbolizing power and nobility.
  20. Piyali – a river in Bengal, signifying natural beauty and tranquility.
  21. Rupali – meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘silver’, symbolizing radiance and beauty.
  22. Sharmishtha – meaning ‘hard-working’ or ‘with lots of joy’.
  23. Sreetama – meaning ‘fortunate’, representing good luck and blessings.
  24. Tilottama – an Apsara from Hindu mythology, signifying beauty and perfection.
  25. Ujjala – meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining’, symbolizing illumination and clarity.

Bengali Goddess Girl Names

  1. Annapurna – the goddess of food and nourishment, who provides sustenance to all.
  2. Arundhati – a name meaning ‘unrestrained’, also a figure in Hindu mythology known for her loyalty and virtue.
  3. Bishakha – meaning ‘a star’, symbolizing brightness and guidance.
  4. Chandi – a form of Durga, symbolizing the ferocious aspect of the mother goddess.
  5. Chitra – meaning ‘picture’ or ‘painting’, denoting creativity and artistry.
  6. Dipalika – meaning ‘a row of lamps’, symbolizing light and festivity.
  7. Durga – one of the most revered goddesses, symbolizing strength, power, and protection.
  8. Esha – meaning ‘desire’ or ‘wish’, reflecting aspiration and hope.
  9. Falak – meaning ‘star‘ or ‘sky’, representing ambition and vastness.
  10. Gayatri – a sacred name referring to a revered Vedic hymn and the goddess embodying it, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.
  11. Gauri – another form of Parvati, associated with purity and auspiciousness.
  12. Hrishita – meaning ‘joyful’ or ‘cheerful’, capturing a lively and positive essence.
  13. Ipsita – meaning ‘desired’ or ‘wished for’, reflecting aspiration and fulfillment.
  14. Jharna – meaning ‘spring’ or ‘fountain’, representing freshness and rejuvenation.
  15. Kamala – meaning ‘lotus’, a symbol of purity and enlightenment.
  16. Kali – the fierce goddess representing destruction and transformation, often seen as a motherly figure as well.
  17. Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, worshipped widely across Bengali households.
  18. Lilavati – meaning ‘graceful’ or ‘charming’, showcasing elegance and appeal.
  19. Maitreyi – a name derived from an ancient philosopher-queen, symbolizing friendship and wisdom.
  20. Naisha – meaning ‘special’ or ‘unique’, highlighting distinctiveness and individuality.
  21. Oishi – meaning ‘divine’ or ‘goddess’, conveying heavenly and pure qualities.
  22. Parvati – the divine consort of Lord Shiva, symbolizing love, devotion, and fertility.
  23. Pratyusha – meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘sunrise’, symbolizing new beginnings and optimism.
  24. Ranjana – meaning ‘delightful’ or ‘charming’, reflecting an endearing and pleasing nature.
  25. Sampurna – meaning ‘complete’ or ‘fulfilled’, representing wholeness and perfection.
  26. Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, music, art, and learning, embodying wisdom and creativity.
  27. Shakti – the personification of divine feminine power, embodying energy, strength, and the dynamic forces of the universe.
  28. Uma – another name for Parvati, representing tranquility and beauty.
  29. Urmi – meaning ‘wave’, capturing fluidity and grace.

Unique Bengali Names

  1. Aarohi – meaning ‘ascending’ or ‘progressing’, symbolizing growth and advancement.
  2. Anwesha – meaning ‘quest’ or ‘search’, symbolizing curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge.
  3. Anwita – meaning ‘reached’ or ‘connected’, symbolizing unity and completeness.
  4. Bhavya – meaning ‘grand’ or ‘magnificent’, reflecting splendor and elegance.
  5. Bhairavi – referring to a raaga in Indian classical music, denoting melodiousness and harmony.
  6. Bithika – meaning ‘garden’ or ‘flowerbed’, representing natural beauty and harmony.
  7. Chaitali – meaning ‘born in the month of Chaitra’, symbolizing new beginnings and joy.
  8. Churna – meaning ‘powder’ or ‘dust’, symbolizing subtlety and fineness.
  9. Debarati – meaning ‘speech of a goddess’, reflecting eloquence and divinity.
  10. Dishari – meaning ‘guide’ or ‘compass’, representing direction and leadership.
  11. Elora – meaning ‘light’ or ‘bright’, symbolizing clarity and illumination.
  12. Eshita – meaning ‘one who desires’, symbolizing ambition and determination.
  13. Falguni – meaning ‘born in the month of Falgun’, often associated with the festival of colors, Holi.
  14. Gargi – named after an ancient scholar, symbolizing wisdom and intellect.
  15. Hrishita – meaning ‘joyful’ or ‘happy’, reflecting a bright and cheerful disposition.
  16. Indrani – meaning ‘queen of Indra’, reflecting sovereignty and power.
  17. Ira – meaning ‘Earth’ and also another name for Goddess Saraswati, symbolizing knowledge and beauty.
  18. Jhumpa – meaning ‘cluster’ or ‘bunch’, representing togetherness and harmony.
  19. Jhilam – named after a river, representing flow and grace.
  20. Kaushiki – another name for Goddess Durga, symbolizing power and divine energy.
  21. Lipi – meaning ‘script’, reflecting literacy and expression.
  22. Lohini – meaning ‘red’ or ‘made of iron’, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  23. Mahasweta – meaning ‘great white’, symbolizing purity and greatness.
  24. Mitul – meaning ‘friendly’, embodying warmth and sociability.
  25. Nayantara – meaning ‘star of the eyes’, symbolizing beauty and uniqueness.
  26. Nibedita – meaning ‘dedicated’, representing devotion and commitment.
  27. Oindrila – meaning ‘matchless’ or ‘unique’, representing rarity.
  28. Piyali – named after a type of tree, symbolizing nature and growth.
  29. Pratiksha – meaning ‘waiting’, symbolizing patience and anticipation.
  30. Rimjhim – meaning ‘the sound of rain’, reflecting freshness and serenity.
  31. Rupashi – meaning ‘beautiful’, reflecting charm and attractiveness.
  32. Sanchita – meaning ‘collection’, symbolizing abundance and variety.
  33. Sreeja – meaning ‘daughter of Goddess Lakshmi’, symbolizing prosperity and grace.
  34. Tamalika – meaning ‘dark tree’ or ‘beauty’, symbolizing exotic and mysterious appeal.
  35. Tiyasha – meaning ‘wish’ or ‘desire’, reflecting aspiration and hope.
  36. Urmi – meaning ‘wave’, symbolizing fluidity and movement.
  37. Vaidehi – another name for Goddess Sita, symbolizing virtue and purity.
  38. Yogita – meaning ‘one who can concentrate’, reflecting focus and calmness.

Cute Bengali Girl Names

  1. Aditi – meaning ‘boundless’ or ‘infinite’, symbolizing freedom and limitless potential.
  2. Amrita – meaning ‘immortal’ or ‘full of nectar‘, reflecting eternal beauty and charm.
  3. Ahana – meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘first rays of the sun’, representing new beginnings and hope.
  4. Bina – meaning ‘musical instrument’ or ‘melody’, capturing harmony and sweetness.
  5. Chaira – meaning ‘bright’ or ‘charming’, embodying a lively and delightful nature.
  6. Diya – meaning ‘lamp’ or ‘light’, symbolizing illumination and guidance.
  7. Gargi – a wise philosopher from ancient India, symbolizing wisdom and intellect.
  8. Idhika – meaning ‘one who brings happiness’, reflecting joy and positivity.
  9. Jiya – meaning ‘heart’, symbolizing love and affection.
  10. Keya – a type of flower, representing uniqueness and delicate beauty.
  11. Lina – meaning ‘united’, symbolizing togetherness and harmony.
  12. Meera – another name for Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing prosperity and grace.
  13. Pihu – meaning ‘she is great’ or derived from a bird, reflecting endearment and cuteness.
  14. Riya – meaning ‘singer’ or ‘graceful’, embodying elegance and charm.
  15. Sia – another name for Goddess Sita, symbolizing virtue and purity.
  16. Tina – meaning ‘river’, symbolizing fluidity and movement.
  17. Zinia – a type of flower, representing vibrancy and beauty.

Bottom Line!

We’ve journeyed through a rich tapestry of names, each carrying its own unique story and symbolism.

Whether you’re seeking a name that embodies strength, beauty, wisdom, or grace, the variety offered is boundless.

We hope this collection has inspired you to find the perfect name that resonates with your heart.

Have a favourite or a name that caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

And remember, choosing a name is not just about its meaning or sound; it’s about the legacy and the love it carries forward.

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