Biblical Girl Name: Embrace Your Faith with 150 Deep Spiritual Names

Biblical names for girls endure the test of time, exuding a captivating blend of timeless charm and profound significance that resonates with modern parents.

These names, steeped in historical and religious connotations, transcend mere labels.

They weave narratives of faith, courage, and divine love, serving as a beautiful testament to one’s spiritual journey.

In the following sections, we will delve into the essence of these enduring names, rediscovering their origins, meanings, and the everlasting allure that keeps them alive in hearts and homes across generations.

Amidst an abundance of options, biblical girl names have withstood the trials of time, carrying with them a captivating blend of history, significance, and spiritual depth.

They embody virtues and convey messages of hope, faith, and love – values that parents often aspire to bestow upon their children.

The History and Significance of Biblical Girl Names

Biblical girl names hold significant historical and cultural value. These names have their origins in the Bible, which serves as a sacred text for many religious traditions.

Here is a brief overview of the history and significance of biblical girl names:

  1. Historical Context: The Bible is composed of various books that were written over a span of centuries. It contains stories, prophecies, laws, poetry, and teachings. Many of the names featured in the Bible reflect the cultural and religious practices of the ancient Near East, particularly in regions such as Israel and Mesopotamia.
  2. Religious Significance: Biblical girl names often carry religious meaning and symbolism. They are associated with important individuals, events, or virtues mentioned in the Bible. For example, names like Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, and Ruth are connected to prominent female figures who played significant roles in biblical narratives.
  3. Cultural Influence: Due to the widespread influence of Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), biblical names have had a lasting impact on naming traditions around the world. Many parents choose biblical names for their children as a way to honor their faith, family heritage, or to signify spiritual values.
  4. Symbolism and Meanings: Biblical girl names can have diverse meanings and interpretations. Some names reflect qualities such as strength, wisdom, grace, or devotion. Others may be associated with specific blessings, prayers, or promises from the biblical narratives.
  5. Timeless Appeal: One reason for the enduring popularity of biblical girl names is their timeless appeal. These names have a sense of tradition and rootedness, connecting individuals to a rich religious and cultural heritage.

Examples of popular biblical girl names include Sarah, Rachel, Esther, Hannah, Deborah, Naomi, Miriam, Elizabeth, and Abigail.

Each of these names has its own unique story and significance within the biblical context.

Top Biblical Girl Names and Their Meanings

Top Biblical Girl Names and Their Meanings

From classic favorites to more unique gems, biblical girl names offer a wide array of options for modern parents seeking timeless monikers.

  1. Abigail: Hebrew origin, meaning “Father’s joy”
  2. Adah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Ornament”
  3. Anna: Hebrew origin, meaning “Favor, grace”
  4. Atarah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Crown”
  5. Bathsheba: Hebrew origin, meaning “Daughter of the promise/oath”
  6. Bethany: Hebrew origin, meaning “House of figs”
  7. Claudia: Latin origin, meaning “Lame”
  8. Deborah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Bee”
  9. Dinah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Judged, vindicated”
  10. Drusilla: Latin origin, meaning “Dewy-eyed”
  11. Elizabeth: Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God.”
  12. Esther: Persian origin, meaning “Star”
  13. Eunice: Greek origin, meaning “Good victory”
  14. Eve: Hebrew origin, meaning “Living, life”
  15. Hannah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Grace”
  16. Hephzibah: Hebrew origin, meaning “My delight is in her”
  17. Jemima: Hebrew origin, meaning “Dove”
  18. Jerusha: Hebrew origin, meaning “Possession”
  19. Joanna: Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious”
  20. Junia: Latin origin, meaning “Youthful”
  21. Keturah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Incense”
  22. Keren-Happuch: Hebrew origin, meaning “Horn of antimony (eye paint)”
  23. Leah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Weary”
  24. Lois: Greek origin, meaning “More desirable”
  25. Lydia: Greek origin, meaning “Woman from Lydia”
  26. Magdalene: Hebrew origin, meaning “From Magdala”
  27. Mahalath: Hebrew origin, meaning “Stringed instrument”
  28. Martha: Aramaic origin, meaning “Lady, mistress”
  29. Mary: Hebrew origin, meaning “Bitter”
  30. Mehetabel: Hebrew origin, meaning “God benefits”
  31. Miriam: Hebrew origin, meaning “Sea of bitterness”
  32. Naomi: Hebrew origin, meaning “Pleasantness”
  33. Orpah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Back of the neck”
  34. Peninnah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Pearl”
  35. Salome: Hebrew origin, meaning “Peace”
  36. Sapphira: Greek origin, meaning “Beautiful”
  37. Sarah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Princess”
  38. Selah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Pause, reflection”
  39. Shiloh: Hebrew origin, meaning “His gift”
  40. Susanna: Hebrew origin, meaning “Lily”
  41. Tabitha: Aramaic origin, meaning “Gazelle”
  42. Tamara: Hebrew origin, meaning “Palm tree”
  43. Tamar: Hebrew origin, meaning “Date palm tree”
  44. Tirzah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Delightful”
  45. Tryphena: Greek origin, meaning “Delicate”
  46. Tryphosa: Greek origin, meaning “Delicate”
  47. Zipporah: Hebrew origin, meaning “Bird”

Lesser-Known Biblical Girl Names

While some biblical names have stood the test of time and remain popular to this day, there are many other beautiful options that may not be as well-known.

These lesser-known names, however, carry with them the same depth and significance as more popular choices.

  1. Ashira: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “To sing”
  2. Bithia: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Daughter of God”
  3. Damaris: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Calf, gentle girl”
  4. Huldah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Weasel”
  5. Idalah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Work of God”
  6. Kerith: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Cutting off”
  7. Mahlah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Dance”
  8. Nehushta: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Bronze”
  9. Shiphrah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Beautiful”
  10. Thirza: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Delightful, pleasant”
  11. Jael: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Mountain goat”
  12. Keziah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Cassia, spice tree”
  13. Mara: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Bitterness”
  14. Persis: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Persian woman”
  15. Phoebe: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Radiant, shine”
  16. Priscilla: Origin – Latin, Meaning – “Ancient”
  17. Rachel: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Sheep, the gentle creatures of the meadows.”
  18. Rebecca: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “To tie”
  19. Ruth: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Friend”
  20. Sharon: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Plain, lowland”
  21. Shulamith: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Perfect peace”
  22. Syntyche: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Sweet fate”
  23. Terah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Wild goat”
  24. Zilpah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Fragrant droplet”
  25. Abital: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “My father is dew”
  26. Apphia: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Productive”
  27. Asenath: Origin – Egyptian, Meaning – “She belongs to her father”
  28. Berenice: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Bringer of victory”
  29. Bilhah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Shy, timid”
  30. Candace: Origin – Ethiopian, Meaning – “Queen mother”
  31. Chloe: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Blooming”
  32. Dorcas: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Gazelle”
  33. Elisheba: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “God is my oath”
  34. Elisheva: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “My God is a vow”
  35. Eunika: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Good victory”
  36. Hadassah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Myrtle tree”
  37. Iscah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “To behold”
  38. Jochebed: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Jehovah is glory”
  39. Marah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Bitterness”
  40. Michal: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Who is like God”
  41. Milcah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Queen”
  42. Qeren: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Horn”
  43. Rahab: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Broad, large”
  44. Raquel: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Ewe”
  45. Reumah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Raised”
  46. Sarai: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Princess”
  47. Sela: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Rock”
  48. Serah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Princess”
  49. Shua: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Cry for help”
  50. Talitha: Origin – Aramaic, Meaning – “Little girl”
  51. Tebah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Slaughter”
  52. Rhoda: Origin – Greek, Meaning – “Rose”
  53. Vashti: Origin – Persian, Meaning – “Beautiful”
  54. Zemira: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Song”
  55. Zina: Origin – Russian, Meaning – “Shining”
  56. Zorah: Origin – Hebrew, Meaning – “Hornet”

Biblical Girl Names with a Twist

While we have listed a variety of biblical girl names so far, there are still several more names that have been slightly overlooked despite their roots in the bible.

These names, although not as commonly used, carry an equally profound depth of meaning and significance.

  1. Abiah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Yahweh is my father”
  2. Ada: Origin: Germanic, Meaning: “Adornment”
  3. Achsah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Anklet”
  4. Amariah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Yahweh has promised”
  5. Ariel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Lion of God”
  6. Athaliah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Yahweh is exalted”
  7. Azubah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Deserted”
  8. Bashemath: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Perfumed”
  9. Beulah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Married”
  10. Bernice: Origin: Greek, Meaning: “Victorious”
  11. Bethel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “House of God”
  12. Carmel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Garden, orchard”
  13. Charity: Origin: English, Meaning: “Love, kindness”
  14. Delilah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Delicate”
  15. Eden: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Place of pleasure”
  16. Ednah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Delight”
  17. Eliada: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “God knows”
  18. Eliora: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “God is my  guiding light”
  19. Elisha: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “God is my salvation”
  20. Galilee: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Rolling, turning”
  21. Hallel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Praise”
  22. Hadlai: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Worldly”
  23. Hosanna: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Deliver us”
  24. Ishah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Woman”
  25. Jahel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Mountain Goat”
  26. Jecoliah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Yahweh is able”
  27. Jedida: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Beloved”
  28. Jedidah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Beloved”
  29. Kenaz: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Hunter”
  30. Ketziah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Cassia”
  31. Lael: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Belonging to God”
  32. Lemuel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Belonging to God”
  33. Mahalaleel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Praise of God”
  34. Mehetabel: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Whom God benefits”
  35. Merab: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Increasing”
  36. Moriah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Chosen by God”
  37. Neriah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Lamp of Yahweh”
  38. Noa: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Motion”
  39. Noah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Rest, consolation”
  40. Oholibamah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Tent of the high place”
  41. Ornan: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “That rejoices”
  42. Palti: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “My deliverance”
  43. Penina: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Pearl”
  44. Phebe: Origin: Greek, Meaning: “Bright, pure”
  45. Prisca: Origin: Latin, Meaning: “Ancient”
  46. Puah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Splendid”
  47. Tikva: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Hope”
  48. Tirza: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Pleasantness”
  49. Uzit: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “I will take away”
  50. Uri: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “My light”
  51. Vaniah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Yahweh is praise”
  52. Yael: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Mountain goat”
  53. Zebudah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Endowed”
  54. Zillah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Shadow”
  55. Zohar: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: “Light, brilliance”

The Role of Religious Names in Modern Society

In today’s society, religious names have become increasingly popular among parents of all faiths.

Many people choose to give their children biblical or religious names as a way to honor their faith and connect them to their spiritual roots.

However, these names are not just confined to families of specific religions. They have also gained popularity due to the timeless and meaningful nature of their meanings.

In a world where traditional names are often replaced by trendy and unique ones, biblical names provide a sense of familiarity and tradition.

Moreover, religious names also carry a powerful message and serve as a reminder of the values and lessons found in religious texts.

They can inspire kindness, love, strength, and faith in both the individual bearing the name and those around them.

In addition, religious names can also serve as a conversation starter and provide an opportunity to share one’s beliefs with others.

Overall, biblical and religious girl names hold a special significance in modern society and continue to be chosen by parents for their deep meanings and timeless appeal.

Final Thought

In conclusion, biblical girl names are timeless treasures, each holding a profound spiritual significance and bearing the weight of a rich cultural heritage.

They serve as more than just a way to identify an individual; they are a testament of faith, a symbol of hope, and a manifestation of love.

Whether you gravitate towards the well-known or the less explored, each name is a beautiful tapestry of history, a unique story waiting to be carried forward.

So, when you choose a biblical name for your little girl, remember, you’re not just picking a name; you are choosing a legacy. 

So, consider carefully and choose wisely. May your child’s name be a blessing and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

They are more than just names; they are a legacy of faith, love, and hope.

Selecting a biblical name for your child can be a beautiful way to honor a rich heritage and instill a sense of purpose and spiritual identity from the very beginning.

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