93 Unique Colombian Names for Girls

When it comes to naming a child, many parents want to choose a name that is unique and holds special meaning for their little one.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a unique Colombian name for your baby girl, look no further!

Colombia has a rich culture and history, and its names reflect this diversity.

Here are some beautiful and uncommon Colombian names for girls that you may not have heard before.

Popular Colombian Names for Girls

Before we delve into some of the more unique and lesser-known names, let’s start by looking at some of the most popular names given to girls in Colombia.

These are the names that you’re likely to come across frequently, not just in Colombia but also in other Spanish-speaking countries.

  1. Abril: This is the Spanish word for April, representing both new life and springtime joy. Origin – Spanish
  2. Camila: This name comes from the Latin word “camillus” which means young servant. It’s a popular choice for its simplicity and elegance.
  3. Cala: A tranquil, untouched cove on the Colombian coastline, free from modern influences. Origin – Latin
  4. Chiyu: Meaning ‘eternal jewel,’ she gleams like the emeralds from Colombia’s mountainous mines. Origin – Spanish
  5. Ciara: Inspired by the radiant blue morpho butterfly, unique to the Colombian rainforest. Origin – Indigenous South American
  6. Divina: Embodying divine grace, she evokes the legend of the goddess Isabel who watches over Colombia. Origin – Latin
  7. Evangelia: Like an Evangelist spreading joy, she leaves every place happier than she found it. Origin – Greek
  8. Isabella: Of Hebrew origin meaning “devoted to God”, this name has gained popularity in recent years.
  9. Jua: A vibrant sunflower nurtured by Andean soil, flourishing even during the longest nights. Origin – Swahili
  10. Luru: An indigenous flower with potent healing properties, symbolizing strength and wisdom. Origin – Indigenous South American
  11. Marali: Embodying energetic fire and timeless resilience, akin to the unique Andean marsupial frog. Origin – Indigenous Andean
  12. Maria: A classic name that needs no introduction, Maria is a timeless choice for girls in Colombia. It also has multiple variations such as Mariana, Mariela, and Marcela.
  13. Nayra: Resembling the brave Andean condor soaring over snow-capped peaks, freedom pulses through her bold heart. Origin – Quechua
  14. Sofia: This name is derived from the Greek word “sophia” which means wisdom. It has been a popular choice for girls in Colombia for generations.

Unique Colombian Latin American Names for Girls

Now, let’s move on to some unique names that you may not have heard before but are sure to catch your attention.

These names have a distinct flavor that sets them apart from the popular choices, making them perfect for parents who want to give their daughters a one-of-a-kind name.

  1. Adela: Derived from the Germanic word “adal” meaning noble, it reflects a sense of nobility and grace. It’s a popular choice across Latin America.
  2. Adriana: A feminine form of the name Adrian, which means “from Hadria”, a town in northern Italy. It’s a popular choice for its elegant sound and connection to Italian culture.
  3. Alondra: Meaning “lark” in Spanish, this name captures the essence of the bird known for its beautiful song and soaring flight.
  4. Belén: The Spanish name for Bethlehem, Belén is often used in honor of the birthplace of Jesus, reflecting deep cultural and religious significance.
  5. Caridad (Caridad denotes “charity,” referring to benevolence and generosity towards others.)
  6. Catalina: With roots in both Greek and Latin, this name means “pure” or “clear”. It’s also associated with Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a Christian martyr.
  7. Clarisa: An adaptation of the name Clara, meaning “bright” or “clear”. It’s a lovely choice that exudes clarity and elegance.
  8. Clemencia (Clemencia denotes “mercy,” referring to compassion and leniency towards others.)
  9. Constanza (Constanza stands for “constant and steadfast,” emphasizing reliability and unwavering commitment.)
  10. Dulce: This sweet name translates to “sweet” in Spanish, symbolizing a gentle and kind-hearted nature.
  11. Elena: Derived from the Greek name “Helene”, meaning “torch” or “bright light”. It has been a popular choice in Colombia for centuries and is also associated with Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine.
  12. Esmeralda: Inspired by the precious gemstone, this name means “emerald” in Spanish. It’s a beautiful choice that carries connotations of beauty, wealth, and strength.
  13. Esperanza (Esperanza embodies the concept of “hope,” symbolizing optimism and the belief in a positive future.)
  14. Fabiana: Derived from the Roman family name Fabius, which means “bean grower,” it’s a unique and meaningful choice in Latin American culture.
  15. Felicidad (Felicidad means “happiness,” capturing the essence of joy and contentment in life.)
  16. Fortaleza (Fortaleza means “fortitude,” indicating strength of mind and resilience in adversity.)
  17. Galilea: Inspired by the region of Galilee, this name carries both geographical and biblical significance, evoking a sense of ancient history and serene landscapes.
  18. Generosa (Generosa translates to “generous,” highlighting a giving and selfless nature.)
  19. Gracia (Gracia signifies “grace,” reflecting elegance and a refined sense of beauty and kindness.)
  20. Jimena: A variation of Ximena, this name means “listener” or “hearer”. It’s appreciated for its melodic sound and cultural heritage.
  21. Juana: A traditional Spanish name, Juana comes from the Latin word “Ioanna” meaning God is gracious. It was also the name of an important historical figure – Queen Juana I of Castile, also known as “Juana la Loca”.
  22. Liliana: Stemming from the Latin name Lilium, meaning “lily”, it symbolizes purity, beauty, and renewal.
  23. Luciana: A feminine form of the Latin name Lucianus, which means “light” or “illumination”. It’s a popular choice for its poetic sound and meaning.
  24. Luz (Luz translates to “light,” symbolizing illumination, clarity, and purity.)
  25. Manuela: This name has been gaining popularity in recent years and is derived from the Hebrew name “Emanuel” which means “God is with us”.
  26. Mariposa: Meaning “butterfly” in Spanish, this whimsical and enchanting name evokes images of transformation and natural beauty.
  27. Otanez: Named after the first fruit harvested in pre-colonial Colombia, she brings blessings to her community tenfold. Origin – Indigenous South American
  28. Paloma: Translating to “dove” in Spanish, Paloma is often associated with peace and tranquility, making it a cherished name across Latin American countries.
  29. Paz (Paz signifies “peace,” encompassing a state of tranquility and harmony in one’s life and surroundings.)
  30. Quelita: Like the radiant dawn rising over the coffee plantations in the fertile Cauca Valley. Origin – Spanish
  31. Rayen: An ancient Mapuche name that signifies a glowing brilliance as intense as the sun. Origin – Mapuche
  32. Regina: From the Latin word for “queen”, this name commands attention and respect, imbued with a sense of regal elegance.
  33. Sabina (Sabina means “wise,” reflecting wisdom and a deep understanding of life.)
  34. Tatiana: With roots in Latin and Russian, Tatiana is a sophisticated name that has been embraced in Latin America for its elegance and cultural blend.
  35. Valeria: This name has its roots in Roman mythology, derived from the name Valerius which refers to the Roman god of healing and health. It’s a beautiful choice that exudes strength and vitality.
  36. Verónica: This name means “true image” in Greek and is often associated with Saint Veronica, who is said to have wiped the face of Jesus. It’s a name that carries both historical and religious depth.
  37. Waira: Strong mountain winds sweeping through highland valleys reflect her resilient yet serene essence. Origin – Quechua
  38. Ximena: This name has its roots in the Basque language and means “listener” or “hearer”. It’s a popular choice for its unique sound and spelling.
  39. Xiomara: Another unique name with Basque origins, Xiomara means “famous in battle” or “warrior princess”. It’s a strong and empowering name for a girl.

Colombian Names from Nature

Colombia is a country blessed with diverse landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. It’s no wonder that many names are inspired by elements of nature.

  1. Aurora: This name comes from the Latin word “aurora” meaning dawn. It’s a popular choice for its association with new beginnings and hope.
  2. Aurora (“dawn”) – Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the early morning light.
  3. Azul: Meaning “blue”, Azul is often used as a unique and beautiful middle name in Colombia.
  4. Azucena (“lily”) – A delicate and elegant name, like the lily flower it represents.
  5. Cassandra: Of Greek origin meaning “shining upon man”, this name is associated with the beautiful tropical bird – the red-crowned Amazon parrot, also known as “Cassandra” in Colombia.
  6. Cielo: This Spanish word translates to “sky” in English, making it an ethereal and poetic name choice.
  7. Cielo (“sky”) – Capturing the vastness and limitless expanse of the heavens.
  8. Coral (“sea growth”) – Reflecting the vibrant and colorful underwater reefs.
  9. Estrella (“star”) – Inspired by the twinkling stars in the night sky.
  10. Floriana (“flower”) – Signifying the natural beauty and fragrance of flowers.
  11. Luna: This name needs no explanation as it means “moon” in Spanish. It’s a popular choice for its gentle and dreamy sound.
  12. Margarita: Derived from the Greek word “margarites” meaning pearl, this name also happens to be the name of Colombia’s national flower – the orchid Cattleya trianae.
  13. Marisol: A combination of two Spanish words “mar” (sea) and “sol” (sun), this name evokes images of sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear waters.
  14. Montaña (“mountain”) – Symbolizing the majesty and grandeur of mountains.
  15. Natalia: Meaning “Christmas Day” in Latin, this name is often given to girls born around the holiday season. It carries connotations of joy and celebration.
  16. Océane (“ocean”) – Conjuring images of the deep, vast, and mysterious sea.
  17. Selva (“jungle”) – Evoking the lush, dense forests full of mystery and life.
  18. Solana: Another nature-inspired name, Solana means “sunny place” or “sunshine”. It’s a lovely choice for its cheerful and warm sound.
  19. Valentina (“valley”) – Reflecting the serene and picturesque landscapes of valleys.

More Colombian Girl Names

If you’re looking for more options, here are additional names for your consideration.

  1. Alegria: Meaning “Joy” or “Happiness,” representing the lively spirit of Colombian celebrations. Origin – Spanish
  2. Alejandra: Meaning “defender of mankind,” embodying strength and protection. Origin – Greek
  3. Alondra: Derived from “Lark” or “Songbird,” representing melodious beauty and freedom. Origin – Spanish
  4. Amaranta: Inspired by roots, meaning “Everlasting Flower,” symbolizing enduring beauty and timeless grace. Origin – Latin
  5. Aurelia: Meaning “golden,” representing inherent brightness and warmth. Origin – Latin
  6. Azucena: Meaning “Madonna Lily,” symbolizing purity, grace, and elegance. Origin – Spanish
  7. Canela: Derived from “Cinnamon,” symbolizing warmth, sweetness, and spice. Origin – Spanish
  8. Cielo: Derived from “Sky” or “Heaven,” symbolizing limitless possibilities and serenity. Origin – Spanish
  9. Dulcinea: Rooted in literature, meaning “Sweetness” or “Gentleness,” embodying kindness and tenderness. Origin – Spanish
  10. Estrella: Derived from “Star,” representing guidance, brilliance, and individuality. Origin – Spanish
  11. Lumina: Inspired by Latin roots, meaning “Illumination” or “Light,” embodying enlightenment and positive energy. Origin – Modern
  12. Luminara: A name inspired by Latin, combining “luminous” and “ara” (altar). Origin – Modern
  13. Mariposa: Meaning “Butterfly,” representing transformation, freedom, and the vibrant colors of Colombian biodiversity. Origin – Latin
  14. Oriana: Meaning “Golden,” representing brilliance, prosperity, and the warmth of the Colombian sun. Origin – Latin
  15. Renata: Meaning “Reborn” or “Born Again,” signifying a fresh start and resilience. Origin – Latin
  16. Sarita: Meaning “little princess,” capturing endearing charm and royal grace. Origin – Spanish
  17. Selva: Derived from “Jungle” or “Forest,” signifying wild beauty, mystery, and resilience. Origin – Latin
  18. Sirena: Inspired by maritime culture, “Mermaid” represents mystery, enchantment, and a connection to water.
  19. Solara: A blend of “sol” (sun) and “ara” (altar), symbolizing radiant beauty and spiritual grace. Origin – Indigenous Colombian languages
  20. Viviana: Meaning “Full of Life,” symbolizing vitality, energy, and vivaciousness. Origin – Latin
  21. Zafira: Meaning “Victorious” or “Triumphant,” embodying strength and success. Origin – Arabic


Choosing a name is more than just picking a word; it’s about embracing a story, a heritage, and a meaning that will echo throughout a child’s life.

Whether captivated by the serene imagery of nature-inspired names or moved by the cultural depth of Colombian heritage, the options are as rich and diverse as Colombia itself.

Explore these names with your family and friends to see which resonate. You might find a name that fits beautifully and carries special significance for your little one.

Embrace the beauty of Colombian culture and language by giving your child a unique and meaningful name that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Choose a name that speaks to your heart and reflects your family’s love and values. Your little one is sure to shine bright with any of these beautiful Colombian names.

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