300 Best Feminine Girl Names Ending in ‘A’

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a significant milestone.

It’s not just about picking a name; it’s about giving an identity that will be a part of her for life.

Have you noticed a rising trend in baby girl names ending in ‘A’?

From the charming to the regal these names have a beautiful ring to them, don’t they?

This comprehensive guide will take you on a fascinating journey, exploring the allure of these names, their historic legacies, and their contemporary appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or a modern name, from across the globe or around the corner, we’ve got you covered.

So, come along, and let’s dive into the enchanting world of feminine girl names ending in ‘A’.

Why Do Most Girl Names End With The Letter “A”?

You may have noticed that a significant number of girl names end with the letter ‘A’.

Have you ever pondered the reasons behind its immense popularity?

Well, there are a few possible reasons for this trend.

Many feminine nouns and adjectives in various languages tend to end in ‘A.’

This is also true for female names in many languages, making it a popular choice among parents.

In many cultures, including Western and Eastern societies, feminine names tend to end in ‘A’ due to its soft and delicate sound.

It also adds a musical quality to the name, making it more pleasing to the ear.

Moreover, many languages have grammatical rules that require feminine names to end in ‘A’.

In some cases, parents may choose to add an ‘A’ at the end of a unisex name to make it sound more feminine.

Lastly, many popular female names that have stood the test of time happen to end in ‘A’, leading to a domino effect of inspiration for parents.

Popular Feminine Girl Names Ending With 'A'

Popular Feminine Girl Names Ending With ‘A’

  1. Sophia – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Wisdom
  2. Emma – Origin: Germanic; Meaning: Universal
  3. Olivia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Olive Tree
  4. Ava – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Life
  5. Mia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Mine or Dear
  6. Isabella – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Devoted to God
  7. Amelia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Work
  8. Aria – Origin: Italian; Meaning: Air; Lioness
  9. Ella – Origin: Germanic; Meaning: Fairy Maiden
  10. Layla – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Night
  11. Anna – Origin: Hebrew, Greek, Latin; Meaning: Grace, Favor
  12. Leah – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Weary
  13. Maya – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Illusion
  14. Stella – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Star
  15. Lila – Origin: Arabic, Persian, Hindi; Meaning: Night Beauty
  16. Eva – Origin: Hebrew, Spanish; Meaning: Life, Living One
  17. Elora – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Light or Sunray
  18. Nova – Origin: Latin; Meaning: New
  19. Gia – Origin: Italian, Greek; Meaning: God’s Grace or Earth
  20. Aurelia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Golden One
  21. Lydia – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Beautiful or Noble One
  22. Dahlia – Origin: Scandinavian; Meaning: Valley or Flower Name
  23. Eliana – Origin: Hebrew, Spanish; Meaning: God Has Answered
  24. Mara – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Bitter or Sea of Bitterness
  25. Ariana – Origin: Welsh, Italian; Meaning: Silver and Holy One
  26. Sakura – Origin: Japanese; Meaning: Cherry Blossom
  27. Neha – Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi; Meaning: Love or Beautiful Eyes
  28. Aisha – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Living, Prosperous
  29. Lucia – Origin: Italian, Spanish; Meaning: Light or Graceful
  30. Arya – Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi; Meaning: Noble or Best
  31. Alessia – Origin: Italian, Greek; Meaning: Defender or Helper of Mankind
  32. Lara – Origin: Latin, Russian; Meaning: Famous or Cheerful
  33. Tiana – Origin: Latin, Slavic; Meaning: Fairy Queen or Ancestor
  34. Rhea – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Flowing Stream or Earth
  35. Ariella – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Lion of God or Angel Messenger
  36. Gloria – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Glory or Fame
  37. Catalina – Origin: Spanish; Meaning: Pure or Clear
  38. Selena – Origin: Greek, Spanish; Meaning: Moon or Goddess of the Moon
  39. Athena – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Wise Goddess of Wisdom and War
  40. Keira – Origin: Irish, Gaelic; Meaning: Dark, Dusky or Little Dark One
  41. Anita – Origin: Spanish, Portuguese; Meaning: Grace or Favor
  42. Evelina – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Little Bird or Life of God
  43. Nala – Origin: African, Sanskrit; Meaning: Successful or Stem of Lotus Flower
  44. Paloma – Origin: Spanish; Meaning: Dove or Peaceful
  45. Anya – Origin: Russian, Indian; Meaning: Graceful or Resurrection
  46. Liana – Origin: French, Hebrew; Meaning: To Bind or Join Together
  47. Talia – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Dew of God or Blooming Flower
  48. Zahara – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Flowering or Radiant
  49. Nila – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Blue or Sapphire
  50. Aryana – Origin: Slavic, Persian; Meaning: Noble or Most Holy One

Unique Baby Names Ending With ‘A’

  1. Gemma – Origin: Italian; Meaning: Precious Stone
  2. Nina – Origin: Spanish; Meaning: Little Girl
  3. Ayla – Origin: Turkish; Meaning: Moonlight
  4. Eva – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Life
  5. Nora – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Light
  6. Sasha – Origin: Russian; Meaning: Defender of Mankind
  7. Lyra – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Lyre
  8. Amara – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Eternal
  9. Seraphina – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Burning Ones
  10. Junipera – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Young Plant
  11. Astrida – Origin: Old Norse; Meaning: Godly Strength
  12. Saskia – Origin: Dutch; Meaning: Saxon Woman
  13. Lilith – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Of the Night, Ghost or Storm Goddess
  14. Gisellea – Origin: Germanic; Meaning: Pledge
  15. Aurora – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Dawn
  16. Calliope – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Beautiful Voice
  17. Reverie – Origin: French; Meaning: Daydream
  18. Cassiopeia – Origin: Greek; Meaning: She who shines around
  19. Nirvana – Origin: Sanskrit; Meaning: Ultimate Bliss
  20. Victoria – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Victory
  21. Alexandra – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Defending Men
  22. Julia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Youthful
  23. Katarina – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Pure
  24. Regina – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Queen
  25. Fiona – Origin: Gaelic; Meaning: Fair, Pale, White
  26. Flavia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Blond, Golden
  27. Soraya – Origin: Persian; Meaning: Princess
  28. Alessandra – Origin: Italian/Spanish/Greek; Meaning: Defender of Mankind
  29. Kiara – Origin: Italian/Irish/Welsh; Meaning: Little Dark One or Black Haired
  30. Marcella – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Young Warrior
  31. Samira – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Entertaining Companion, One who is of Good Company
  32. Dakota – Origin: Native American/Sioux; Meaning: Allies, Ally
  33. Mina – Origin: English/Hebrew; Meaning: Love, Protecting
  34. Luna – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Moon
  35. Simona – Origin: Italian/Slovene; Meaning: She has Heard, Listener
  36. Cecilia – Origin: Latin; Meaning: Blind
  37. Amina – Origin: Arabic/African/Swahili; Meaning: Trustworthy, Honest, Faithful
  38. Nadia – Origin: Slavic; Meaning: Hope
  39. Frida – Origin: Germanic; Meaning: Peaceful Ruler
  40. Ingridia – Origin: Scandinavian/Old Norse; Meaning: Beautiful Goddess
  41. Arianna – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Most Holy, Very Chaste
  42. Avelina – Origin: English/German/Latin; Meaning: Bird
  43. Rosalba – Origin: Spanish/Italian; Meaning: White Rose
  44. Martha – Origin: Aramaic/Greek/Latin; Meaning: Lady, Mistress of the House 
  45. Elena – Origin: Spanish/Italian/Russian/Greek; Meaning: Bright, Shining Light
  46. Amira – Origin: Arabic; Meaning: Princess, High-born Lady
  47. Heloise – Origin: French/Germanic; Meaning: Famous Warrior
  48. Malena – Origin: Scandinavian/Spanish/German; Meaning: Strong, Tower
  49. Cara – Origin: Latin/Gaelic/Italian; Meaning: Beloved, Friend 
  50. Anastasia – Origin: Greek; Meaning: Resurrection

Classic Feminine Girl Names Ending With ‘A’

Shall we embark on a nostalgic journey through time?

Imagine the age of knights and castles, the epoch of revolutions and discoveries, the era of Elizabeth and Victoria… Intrigued yet?

So, buckle up for this exciting ride into the past as we uncover some precious and timeless baby girl names ending in ‘A’.

  1. Agatha – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Good-hearted
  2. Alea – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Exalted, noble
  3. Alexandria – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Defender of mankind
  4. Augusta – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Majestic
  5. Bianca – Origin: Italian, Meaning: White
  6. Clara – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Bright, clear
  7. Cordelia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Jewel of the sea
  8. Cressida – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gold
  9. Deborah – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Bee
  10. Delilah – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Delicate
  11. Edna – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Pleasure
  12. Eudora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Good gift
  13. Flora – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Flower
  14. Freda – Origin: German, Meaning: Peaceful ruler
  15. Geena – Origin: English, Meaning: Queen
  16. Greta – Origin: German, Meaning: Pearl
  17. Helena – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Light
  18. Henrietta – Origin: French, Meaning: Estate ruler
  19. Ida – Origin: German, Meaning: Industrious one
  20. Isadora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Blessing from Isis
  21. Jemima – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Dove
  22. Joanna – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is gracious
  23. Katerina – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pure
  24. Katrina – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pure
  25. Leona – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Lion
  26. Lucinda – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Light
  27. Miranda – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Admirable
  28. Minerva – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Intellect
  29. Norma – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Rule
  30. Octavia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Eighth
  31. Oona – Origin: Irish, Meaning: One
  32. Portia – Origin: Latin, Meaning:  Referring to a pig, hog, or doorway.
  33. Priscilla – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Ancient
  34. Queenie – Origin: English, Meaning: Queen
  35. Quiana – Origin: American, Meaning: Silky
  36. Rebecca – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: To tie, to bind
  37. Rosa – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Rose
  38. Samantha – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Listener
  39. Serena – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Calm, tranquil
  40. Tamara – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Palm tree
  41. Theodora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Divine gift
  42. Ursa – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Bear
  43. Ursula – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Little female bear
  44. Valentina – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Strength, health
  45. Veronica – Origin: Latin, Meaning: True image
  46. Wilhelmina – Origin: German, Meaning: Resolute protection
  47. Wilma – Origin: German, Meaning: Will, desire, and helmet
  48. Xiomara – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Battle ready
  49. Yara – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Small butterfly
  50. Zara – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Princess

Contemporary Girl Names Ending With ‘A’

As we embrace the 21st century, we find that baby girl names ending in ‘A’ continue to evolve and stand strong in their appeal.

With borders and cultures blending seamlessly, names from around the world have become mainstream.

This offers a diverse range of modern, unique, and familiar options for naming.

  1. Alaya – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Dwelling, abode
  2. Alina – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Noble
  3. Bella – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Beautiful
  4. Breanna – Origin: Celtic, Meaning: Strong, virtuous, honor
  5. Brianna – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Noble, virtuous
  6. Celina – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Heaven
  7. Ciara – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Dark-haired
  8. Clarissa – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Bright, clear
  9. Dalia – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Gentle, delicate
  10. Danica – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Morning star
  11. Daria – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Wealthy
  12. Elena – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Shining light
  13. Elisa – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is my oath
  14. Freya – Origin: Norse, Meaning: Noble woman
  15. Gabriella – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is my source strength
  16. Gianna – Origin: Italian, Meaning: The Lord is gracious
  17. Hana – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Flower
  18. Ina – Origin: German, Meaning: Pure
  19. Isla – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Island
  20. Jayla – Origin: American, Meaning: One who is special
  21. Juliana – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Youthful
  22. Kiera – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Dark
  23. Kyla – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Victory
  24. Lana – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Attractive, peaceful
  25. Lea – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Meadow
  26. Maia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Good mother
  27. Mira – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Sea, ocean
  28. Neva – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Snow
  29. Nyssa – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Beginning
  30. Olivia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Olive tree
  31. Orabella – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Beautiful seacoast
  32. Pippa – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Lover of horses
  33. Prisha – Origin: Indian, Meaning: God’s gift
  34. Raelynn – Origin: American, Meaning: Ewe, female sheep
  35. Reina – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Queen
  36. Sana – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Brilliance
  37. Sofia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Wisdom
  38. Tia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Princess
  39. Tiara – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Crown
  40. Una – Origin: Irish, Meaning: One
  41. Vida – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Found
  42. Viola – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Violet
  43. Wanda – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Wanderer
  44. Willa – Origin: German, Meaning: Desire
  45. Xandra – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Defender of mankind
  46. Xena – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Guest, stranger
  47. Yalena – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Sun ray
  48. Zaria – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Blooming flower
  49. Zinnia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Flower
  50. Zora – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Dawn

Girl Names From Around The World Ending With ‘A’

In the spirit of celebrating diversity and embracing global influences, here are fifty beautiful baby girl names ending in ‘A’ from around the world:

  1. Adela – Origin: German, Meaning: Noble
  2. Aisha – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Alive or she who lives
  3. Akira – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Bright, Clear
  4. Amara – Origin: Igbo (Nigerian), Meaning: Grace
  5. Amina – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Trustworthy, faithful
  6. Bianka – Origin: Hungarian, Meaning: White
  7. Carmina – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Song
  8. Dakota – Origin: Native American, Meaning: Friend
  9. Dania – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is my judge
  10. Ela – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: Earth
  11. Elenora – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Light
  12. Esmeralda – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Emerald
  13. Farah – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Joyful or beautiful
  14. Farida – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Unique
  15. Fatima – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Daughter of the Prophet
  16. Gia – Origin: Italian, Meaning: A precious gift from God.
  17. Helia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Sun
  18. Harper – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Harp player
  19. Inga – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: Inge’s Garden
  20. Isabella – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: God is my oath
  21. Ivana – Origin: Russian, Meaning: God is gracious
  22. Jada – Origin: American, Meaning: Wise
  23. Kamila – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Perfect or complete
  24. Kira – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Throne
  25. Keira – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Dark-haired
  26. Luna – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Moon
  27. Lila – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Night
  28. Marta – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Lady
  29. Marika – Origin: Hungarian, Meaning: Bitter
  30. Nia – Origin: Swahili, Meaning: Purpose
  31. Nida – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Call
  32. Oksana – Origin: Ukrainian, Meaning: Praise be to God
  33. Olena – Origin: Ukrainian, Meaning: Light
  34. Priya – Origin: Hindi, Meaning: Beloved
  35. Pia – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Pious
  36. Qiana – Origin: American, Meaning: Silky
  37. Qistina – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Justice
  38. Rafa – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Happiness, prosperity
  39. Rufina – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Red-haired
  40. Sakura – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Cherry Blossom
  41. Tania – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Fairy queen
  42. Tessa – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Harvest
  43. Usha – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Dawn
  44. Uma – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Nation
  45. Vera – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Faith
  46. Wafa – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Loyalty
  47. Xavia – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: New house
  48. Yara – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Small butterfly
  49. Yulia – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Youthful
  50. Zahra – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Flower
  51. Zoya – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Life

Nature Inspired Girl Names Ending With ‘A’

Nature-inspired names have a certain charm to them, reflecting a connection with the earth and natural elements. Here are fifty beautiful baby girl names ending in ‘A’ inspired by nature:

  1. Alpina – Origin: Alps, Meaning: From the Alps
  2. Amaranta – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Flower that never fades
  3. Aurora – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Dawn
  4. Azalea – Origin: English, Meaning: A flowering shrub
  5. Bora – Origin: Albanian, Meaning: Snow
  6. Calantha – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Beautiful flower
  7. Celia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Heaven
  8. Coralia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Coral
  9. Dahlia – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: Flower
  10. Dara – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Oak tree
  11. Daria – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Wealthy or fertile
  12. Eira – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Snow
  13. Elara – Origin: Greek Mythology, Meaning: Mother of the 50 Giants
  14. Evelina – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Life-giving or birdlike
  15. Gaia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Earth
  16. Giada – Origin: Italian, Meaning: Jade
  17. Halona – Origin: Native American, Meaning: Happy fortune
  18. Iona – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Purple jewel
  19. Isla – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Island
  20. Jaya – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Victory
  21. Jara – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: River
  22. Kacia – Origin: English, Meaning: Acacia tree
  23. Kiona – Origin: Native American, Meaning: Brown hills
  24. Lavana – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Salt
  25. Lea – Origin: English, Meaning: Meadow
  26. Mena – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Moon
  27. Myra – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Sweet-smelling oil
  28. Natura – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Nature
  29. Nyla – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Cloud
  30. Oceana – Origin: English, Meaning: Ocean
  31. Oma – Origin: Native American, Meaning: Ocean
  32. Palmira – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Pilgrimage
  33. Pema – Origin: Tibetan, Meaning: Lotus
  34. Quila – Origin: Inca, Meaning: Goddess of the Moon
  35. Rosalba – Origin: Italian, Meaning: White Rose
  36. Raina – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Queen
  37. Riba – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Fish, Cattle Stall
  38. Sora – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Sky
  39. Sylvia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Forest
  40. Talia – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Dew from heaven
  41. Terra – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Earth
  42. Uma – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Tranquility
  43. Ursa – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Bear
  44. Vanna – Origin: Cambodian, Meaning: Golden
  45. Vega – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Falling star
  46. Winta – Origin: African, Meaning: Desire
  47. Yolanda – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Violet flower
  48. Zada – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Prosperous
  49. Zahara – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Shining or bright
  50. Zenobia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: The Legend of Zeus

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of vintage classics or the contemporary allure or the multicultural richness or the earthy appeal there’s bound to be a perfect ‘A’ ending name for your baby girl.

These names, appreciated across different cultures and times, carry a sense of grace, strength and uniqueness.

The beauty of these names lies in their diversity which resonates with the unique personality every child brings into the world.

Whatever you choose, remember it’s a name that will accompany your child throughout her life journey, so make it a name that she’ll love and be proud of. 

So take your time, explore all the options and have fun choosing the perfect baby girl name ending in ‘A’ for your little one. 

Happy naming!

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