140 Elegant Four Syllable Girl Names

Are you in search of the perfect name that radiates elegance and charm for your little one? Look no further!

Four syllable girl names offer a melodic rhythm and a touch of sophistication that can make your daughter’s name truly stand out.

These names often carry a sense of grandeur and grace, making them a popular choice for parents seeking a name with substance and style.

Dive into the world of four syllable girl names, and discover names that not only sound beautiful but also have fascinating meanings and origins.

Get ready to be enchanted by a list of names that are as vibrant and unique as your bundle of joy!

Vintage / Traditional Four syllable girl names

AlexandraGreek – Defender of the people; a name with a strong and noble heritage often associated with royalty.

AngelinaGreek – Messenger of God; a name that evokes a sense of divine purpose and grace.

ArabellaLatin – Yielding to prayer; a name with a melodic quality, often linked to deep faith and devotion.

CarolinaLatin – Free woman or song of happiness; a name that conveys a sense of liberty and joy.

CassandraGreek – Prophetess or unheeded prophet; a name steeped in mythology, symbolizing foresight and wisdom.

DominicaLatin – Belonging to the Lord; a name that denotes a strong connection to spirituality and faith.

DorotheaGreek – Gift of God; a name that signifies divine blessing and generosity.

EleanoraGreek – Light, mercy, compassion; a name filled with elegance and a sense of nurturing kindness.

ElisabethHebrew – God is my oath; a classic name with a timeless appeal, often associated with devotion.

EmilianaLatin – Rival or hardworking; a name that exudes strength, determination, and resilience.

EvangelineGreek – Bearer of good news; a name that carries an uplifting and joyous connotation.

GeorgianaLatin – Farmer or earth-worker; a name that reflects a deep connection to nature and hard work.

IsabellaHebrew – Devoted to God; a name that combines elegance with a profound sense of faith.

JosephinaHebrew – Jehovah increases; a name that suggests growth, abundance, and divine favor.

JuliettaLatin – Youthful or sky father; a name imbued with youthful energy and a touch of celestial charm.

MagdalenaHebrew – Of Magdala; a name that carries historical and biblical significance.

MariannaLatin – Blend of Mary and Anne, meaning bitter grace; a name that merges two classic names, symbolizing grace and resilience.

MelisandeOld French/Greek – Strong in work; a name that conveys a sense of industriousness and strength.

NatalinaLatin – Born on Christmas day; a festive name that brings to mind joy and celebration.

OctaviaLatin – Eighth; a name with a historical and classical feel, often associated with Roman heritage.

OpheliaGreek – Help or advantage; a name that suggests a caring nature and a willingness to assist others.

PalominaLatin – Dove; a name that evokes peace, purity, and gentleness.

SeraphinaHebrew – Fiery ones; a name that exudes passion, intensity, and heavenly beauty.

SusannahHebrew – Lily or rose; a name that signifies purity, beauty, and grace.

TheodoraGreek – Gift of God; a name that conveys a sense of divine blessing and favor.

ValentinaLatin – Strong or healthy; a name that embodies vitality, strength, and wellness.

ViolettaLatin – Violet flower; a name that brings to mind delicate beauty and the charm of nature.

WilhelminaGerman – Will to protect; a name that suggests strength, determination, and a protective nature.

VivianaLatin – Alive or full of life; a name that radiates energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness.

ZaharinaHebrew – Bright or dawn; a name that symbolizes new beginnings and radiant beauty.

Modern/ Classic 4 syllable girl names

Modern/ Classic 4 syllable girl names

AdeliciaGerman – Noble cheer. A name that combines nobility with a joyful spirit.

AdelinaGerman – Noble or nobility. A name that signifies high status and admirable qualities.

AlessiaItalian – Defender. Connotes protection and strength.

AmarillaSpanish – Little bitter one. Suggests a delicate balance of strength and sweetness.

AmelinaGerman – Work. Associated with diligence and a strong work ethic.

AnastasiaGreek – Resurrection. Conveys themes of rebirth and renewal.

AngelinaGreek – Messenger. Often associated with divine messages and protection.

ArianaWelsh/Italian – Silver. Evokes beauty and radiance, much like the precious metal.

AriannaGreek – Very holy. Suggests a deep sense of spirituality and sanctity.

AriellaHebrew – Lion of God. This name conveys strength and divine protection.

AureliaLatin – Golden one. Often associated with beauty and brightness, like gold.

AzaleaGreek – Dry flower. Symbolizes resilience and beauty in tough conditions.

CamelliaLatin – Young ceremonial attendant. Often associated with youth and service.

CarolinaLatin – Free man. Symbolizes independence and a free spirit.

CatalinaSpanish – Pure. Conveys a sense of innocence and cleanliness.

CelestiaLatin – Heavenly. A name that evokes celestial beauty and angelic qualities.

CordeliaCeltic – Heart or daughter of the sea. Represents warmth and the nurturing qualities of the ocean.

ElianaHebrew – My God has answered. Conveys a sense of divine response and gratitude.

ElowenaCornish – Elm tree. Represents strength and resilience, much like the tree.

EmiliaLatin – Rival. Suggests strength and a competitive nature.

EsmeraldaSpanish – Emerald. This name signifies something precious and rare, like the gemstone.

EvelinaLatin – Desired. Suggests being cherished and valued.

EvelinaLatin – Little Eve. Suggests a connection to life’s beginnings and innocence.

FeliciaLatin – Happy or lucky. Brings to mind joy, fortune, and a positive demeanor.

FelicianaLatin – Happy, fortunate. Brings to mind joy and good luck.

GabriellaHebrew – God is my strength. Conveys a sense of divine empowerment and support.

GeorginaGreek – Farmer. Evokes a connection to nature and earthiness.

GiovannaItalian – God is gracious. Often associated with kindness and divine favor.

IsabellaItalian – Devoted to God. Combines elegance with a profound sense of faith.

JulianaLatin – Youthful or sky father. Brings to mind vitality and a connection to the heavens.

Julietta – *Latin** – Youthful or sky father. Imbued with youthful energy and celestial charm.

LillianaLatin – Lily. A name that symbolizes purity and the delicate beauty of the flower.

LucianaLatin – Light. A name that evokes brightness and clarity.

MagdalenaHebrew – Of Magdala. Carries historical and biblical significance.

MaribellaLatin – Beautiful Mary. Combines classic beauty with a touch of elegance.

MariposaSpanish – Butterfly. Symbolizes transformation and beauty.

MariselaSpanish – Of the sea. Suggests a deep connection to the ocean and its mysteries.

MireilleFrench – Miracle. Conveys a sense of wonder and the extraordinary.

MirabellaLatin – Wonderful. Often associated with someone who brings joy and amazement.

OpheliaGreek – Help. Suggests a caring nature and a willingness to assist others.

PenelopeGreek – Weaver. A name that suggests creativity and the ability to bring things together.

PriscillaLatin – Ancient. Conveys timeless beauty and a sense of history.

RafaellaHebrew – God has healed. Conveys a sense of divine healing and restoration.

RosalinaSpanish – Little rose. Symbolizes beauty and tenderness, much like a rose.

SamariaHebrew – Watch tower. Symbolizes vigilance and protection.

SantianaSpanish – Follower of St. Anne. Indicates a spiritual devotion and reverence.

SebastianaGreek – Revered or venerable. A name that suggests respect and high regard.

SerafinaHebrew/Latin – Fiery ones. Exudes passion and heavenly beauty.

SeraphinaHebrew – Fiery ones. Conveys a sense of passion and divine fire.

TatianaRussian – Fairy queen. Brings to mind magical qualities and leadership in fantasy realms.

TheodoraGreek – Gift of God. Reflects divine blessing and favor.

ValeriaLatin – Strong, healthy. Represents vitality and well-being.

ViolettaLatin – Violet flower. Brings to mind delicate beauty and nature’s charm.

VivianaLatin – Alive or full of life. Suggests vibrancy and a zest for life.

Nature-inspired 4 syllable girl names

AzaleiaGreek – Dry flower, often used as a symbol of abundance and wealth in ancient cultures.

CallalilieGreek/Latin – Beauty and purity, a popular choice for wedding bouquets and ceremonies.

CameliaLatin – Young ceremonial attendant, named after the evergreen shrubs known for their glossy leaves and striking flowers.

ClementinaLatin – Gentle, merciful, a name that evokes a sense of kindness and grace.

DandeliaEnglish – Resilient flower, known for its ability to thrive in varied conditions and its bright yellow blooms.

EdelweissaGerman – Noble white, a rare alpine flower that signifies courage and devotion.

GardeniaEnglish – Flower, famous for its fragrant white flowers and glossy green foliage.

HarmoniaGreek – Harmony, concord, representing balance and peaceful coexistence.

HuckleberryEnglish – Sweet berry, a small, dark fruit that is both delicious and nutritious.

HyacinthaGreek – Flower, associated with the story of Hyacinthus in Greek mythology and known for its beautiful spring blooms.

JaponicaJapanese – Flowering plant, often referring to the Japanese quince or camellia.

JonquiliaLatin – Daffodil, a cheerful spring flower that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

LavandulaLatin – Lavender, prized for its aromatic properties and soothing fragrance.

LilacinaLatin – Lilac, a delicate flower known for its lovely scent and pastel colors.

MarigoldaEnglish – Golden flower, traditionally used in celebrations and known for its vibrant yellow and orange hues.

MargaritaGreek – Pearl or Daisy flower, a name that conveys both elegance and simplicity.

OrchidianaLatin – Orchid flower, representing luxury, beauty, and strength.

PersephoneaGreek – Bringer of destruction (associated with spring flowers), referring to the goddess Persephone who is linked to both the underworld and the renewal of spring.

PetalinaGreek – Leaf or petal, often used to evoke images of delicate and intricate floral parts.

PoinsettiaLatin – Christmas flower, known for its bright red and green foliage commonly associated with holiday decorations.

PrimaveraLatin – Spring, symbolizing rebirth, regeneration, and the beauty of the changing seasons.

RosalindaSpanish – Beautiful rose, a name that reflects both beauty and romanticism.

SnowdrophiaGreek/English – Snowdrop flower, a delicate white flower that signals the end of winter.

SunfloweriaEnglish – Sunflower, known for its large, bright yellow blooms that follow the sun’s path.

TangeriniaSpanish – Small orange fruit, a sweet and tangy citrus fruit often enjoyed fresh.

TuberoseaLatin – Tuberose flower, valued for its strong fragrance and used in perfumery.

VerbenaiaLatin – Sacred tree, historically associated with healing and protection.

WisterianaEnglish – Wisteria flower, admired for its cascading clusters of purple or white flowers.

ZinnianaGerman – Type of flower, representing endurance and lasting affection.

ZyphrinaGreek – West wind, gentle breeze, a poetic name that evokes a sense of tranquility and calm.

Japanese 4 syllable girl names

Ayaka彩花 – Colorful flower, a name that evokes a vibrant and lively personality.

Emiko恵美子 – Blessed, beautiful child, symbolizing grace and elegance.

Haruka遥香 – Distant fragrance, suggesting a subtle and enduring charm.

Ichika一千花 – One thousand flowers, representing abundance and diversity.

Kanako加奈子 – Child of great blessings, indicating prosperity and joy.

Kohana小花 – Little flower, a name that signifies delicate beauty and gentleness.

Marika茉莉花 – Jasmine flower, associated with purity and a sweet scent.

Minako美奈子 – Beautiful child, denoting simplicity and attractiveness.

Reika玲花 – Lovely flower, suggesting elegance and refinement.

Sayaka沙耶香 – Clear, scented, a name that conveys clarity and a pleasing aroma.

Tomoko智子 – Wise child, symbolizing intelligence and wisdom.

Yurika百合香 – Lily fragrance, representing purity and a delicate scent.

Asuka飛鳥 – Flying bird, signifying freedom and a soaring spirit.

Chihiro千尋 – Thousand questions, indicative of curiosity and a quest for knowledge.

Himari陽葵 – Sunflower, symbolizing warmth and cheerfulness.

Keiko恵子 – Blessed child, suggesting favor and good fortune.

Miyako美夜子 – Beautiful night child, evoking the serene and enchanting beauty of the night.

Natsuki夏希 – Summer hope, a name that brings to mind warmth and optimism.

Sakura – Cherry blossom, representing renewal and the fleeting beauty of life.

Yumiko由美子 – Reason, beauty child, indicating rationality combined with attractiveness.

Kiyomi清美 – Pure beauty, a name that suggests innocence and clarity.

Masami正美 – Proper beauty, representing righteousness and charm.

Noriko典子 – Law, order child, symbolizing discipline and orderliness.

Sachiko幸子 – Happy child, suggesting joy and contentment.

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