240 Exquisite Girl Names Ending in N

Choosing a name for your newborn angel is both an exciting and daunting task.

As parents, you want to give your little girl a name that’s unique, charming, and meaningful.

What’s in a name? Everything! It’s the first gift you bestow upon your little princess, a gift she’ll carry and treasure all her life.

Now, if you’re drawn to the musical sound of names ending with the letter ‘N’, you’re in for a treat!

This blog unwraps a treasure trove of such names – from the popular and classic ones to those inspired by nature and varying cultures.

Let’s set sail on this fascinating journey of discovering baby girl names ending in N. Trust us, by the end of it, you might just find the perfect name resonating with your heart!

Why Choose a Girl Name ending in N?

Before we dive into the list of names, let’s explore the reasons why names ending in ‘N’ are a fan favorite among parents.

Firstly, they have a lyrical quality to them – something that makes them pleasing to the ears and easy to remember, a certain sense of rhythm and melody that makes them irresistibly appealing.

They possess a sonorous beauty that rolls off the tongue, casting a spell of enchantment wherever spoken.

Secondly, these names often have a rich history and meaning behind them. For instance, many names ending in ‘N’ have Hebrew or Latin origins, which adds a touch of cultural significance.

Lastly, these names beautifully complement the last name and are sure to make your daughter stand out from the crowd.

Spelling charm and grace, these ‘N’ ending names are like precious pearls in the vast ocean of naming possibilities, waiting to be discovered by discerning parents like you.

So, why not embark on this adventure and explore the captivating universe of baby girl names ending in N?

Popular Baby Girl Names Ending in N

Popular Baby Girl Names Ending in N

Let’s start with the names that are tried and tested by many parents. These names have been loved for ages, and their popularity continues to soar. Some of these popular gems include:

Adalyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Noble

Aileen – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Bright, shining light

Allison – Origin: English, Meaning: Noble, kind

Ann – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Grace

Aspen – Origin: English, Meaning: Quaking tree

Autumn – Origin: English, Meaning: Season name

Avalon – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Island of apples

Brooklyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Broken land or pretty brook

Cameron – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Crooked nose

Carolyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Free man

Christine – Origin: French, Meaning: Follower of Christ

Colleen – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Girl

Doreen – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Gift

Dawn – Origin: English, Meaning: To wake up

Ellen – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Shining light

Elin – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: Light

Erin – Origin: Irish, Meaning: From Ireland

Evelin – Origin: English, Meaning: Desired

Evelyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Desired, water, island

Gwendolyn – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Blessed ring

Helen – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, shining one

Jordyn – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: To flow down

Joan – Origin: English, Meaning: God is gracious

Joann – Origin: English, Meaning: God is gracious

Jocelyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Member of the Gauts tribe

Juliann – Origin: English, Meaning: Youthful, downy

Kaelynn – Origin: American, Meaning: Pure

Kathleen – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Pure

Karen – Origin: Danish, Meaning: Pure

Kaitlyn – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Pure

Katelyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Pure

Kristen – Origin: Danish, Meaning: Follower of Christ

Kirsten – Origin: Danish, Meaning: Follower of Christ

Lauren – Origin: English, Meaning: From the place of laurel trees

Lillian – Origin: English, Meaning: Lily

Lynn – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Lake

Madison – Origin: English, Meaning: Son of Maud

Megan – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Pearl

Morgan – Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Sea-born

Peyton – Origin: English, Meaning: Fighter’s estate

Quinn – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Wisdom, reason

Rosalyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Pretty rose

Rowan – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Little redhead

Shannon – Origin: Irish, Meaning: Old, wise

Siobhan – Origin: Irish, Meaning: God is gracious

Susan – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Lily

Wynne: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Blessed, fair

Yasmin: Origin: Persian, Meaning: Jasmine flower

Zephyrin: Origin: Greek, Meaning: West wind

Unique / Uncommon Baby Girl Names Ending in N

If you’re looking for something less common, here are a few unique baby girl names ending in ‘N’:

Adelyn: German in origin, meaning ‘noble’.

Ashlyn – Meaning: “Dream, vision” in Irish.

Braelynn – Origin: English, Meaning: Beautiful

Aislinn: Of Irish origin, it means ‘dream’ or ‘vision’.

Brailyn: A modern invented name.

Bronwen: Welsh origin, meaning ‘fair, blessed breast’.

Bronwyn: Welsh origin, meaning ‘Fair, blessed breast’.

Callan: Of Gaelic origin, signifies ‘battle’ or ‘rock’.

Carilyn: An American name which combines the names Cari and Lynn.

Damaryn: A unique girl’s name of English origin.

Devyn: English in origin, meaning ‘poet’.

Elysian: Derived from Elysium, the paradise in ancient Greek mythology.

Emersyn: American in origin, it’s a feminine form of Emerson.

Faolan: Irish name meaning ‘little wolf’.

Fallyn: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘Leader’.

Gracelyn: Combines the names Grace and Lynn.

Harlequin: A unique and distinctive name of Italian origin.

Ivalyn: A unique combination of Ivy and Lyn.

Isolyn: A unique girl’s name of uncertain origin.

Jasmyn: A variant spelling of Jasmine.

Jazzlyn: A modern invented name.

Kailyn: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘slender’.

Katheryn: An elegant variant of the traditional Katherine.

Katilyn: Modern American in origin.

Karolyn – English in origin, meaning ‘joy’.

Kendalyn: A modern invented name.

Lakelyn: From the names Lake and Lynn.

Marilyn: Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘bitter’ or ‘rebellious’.

Lauralyn: Combines the names Laurel and Lyn.

Kailyn: A modern American name that combines the names Kai and Lynn.

Karyn: Danish in origin, a variant of Katherine meaning ‘pure’.

Larkin: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘rough’, ‘fierce’.

Leighton: English in origin, meaning ‘meadow town’.

Madelon: Dutch variant of Magdalene, meaning ‘from Magdala’.

Marilynn: A combination of Mary and Lynn, meaning ‘drop of sea, bitter or beloved’ + ‘lake’.

Nerwyn: Of Celtic origin, meaning ‘man maiden’.

Nolwenn: Of French origin, meaning ‘holy one from Noyal’.

Ovelin: A unique girl’s name.

Raelynn: A modern American name that combines Rae and Lynn.

Saffron: English in origin, it refers to the expensive and valuable spice.

Sherlyn – Origin: English, Meaning: Bright meadow

Whitlyn: Of English origin, meaning ‘white island’.

Yarlin: A unique girl’s name of American origin.

Zaryn: A modern invented name which could be derived from Zara or Karen

Solenn: French origin, meaning ‘Solemn’.

Tamsin: English origin, a variant of Thomasina meaning ‘twin’.

Tarralyn: A unique girl’s name combining Tara and Lynn.

Ursulyn: A unique feminine form of the Latin Ursus, meaning ‘bear’.

Valynn: A modern invented name.

Wren: English in origin, referring to a small songbird.

Nature Inspired Girl Names Ending in N

Nature Inspired Girl Names Ending in N

Nature can be a great source of inspiration for names ending in ‘N’. Here are some examples:

Aspen: After the Aspen tree

Auburn: A rich, reddish-brown color inspired by autumn leaves.

Autumn: Signifies the season

Carmen: Means ‘song’, inspired by the music in nature

Coralyn: Inspired by the coral reefs found in nature.

Crimson: A rich, deep red color

Daylyn: Combining ‘day’ and ‘Lyn’, symbolizing the brightness of nature.

Eden: Biblical paradise, also means delight

Elowen: Origin: Cornish, Meaning: Elm tree

Emberlyn: Combines ember, a small piece of burning coal or wood, and Lyn meaning ‘lake’

Falcon: A bird of prey

Fern: A green plant that loves shade

Frostin: Inspired by the cold weather condition, frost.

Glen: Refers to a valley, typically one that is long and deep

Golden: Inspired by the precious metal gold

Haven: A safe place, often used to describe a harbor

Halcyon: Greek origin, meaning ‘Kingfisher’.

Hyacinth: A type of flower

Irisin: A hormone released during exercise

Iryn: Means ‘peace’, inspired by the peacefulness in nature

Jacquelyn: Means ‘supplanter’, inspired by the changing nature of the environment

Jasmin: Refers to the Jasmine flower

Jocelyn: Means ‘joyous’, inspired by the happiness found in nature’s beauty

Lauren: Derived from laurel, symbolic of honor and victory.

Laurelin: Inspired by laurel trees

Lillian: Means ‘lily’, inspired by the beautiful flowers found in nature

Meadowlyn: Unique name combining ‘meadow’ and ‘Lyn’, reflecting the beauty of nature.

Mistylyn: Unique name combining ‘misty’, inspired by foggy weather, and Lyn.

Ocean: Refers to the sea

Pearlin: Inspired by the pearl gemstone

Quinlan: Means ‘fit, shape, form’

Rain: Inspired by the precipitation that sustains life in nature

Raylin: Combines ‘ray’, a beam of light, and Lyn.

Riverlyn: Name combining ‘river’ and ‘Lyn’.

Rosalyn: Derived from rose, symbolic of love and beauty

Roseann: A combination of Rose and Ann, rose is a type of flower

Saffron: An expensive and valuable spice

Savanna: Refers to the grassy plains found in nature

Seren: Means ‘star’, inspired by the twinkling stars in the night sky

Starlyn: A combination of Star, inspired by the night sky, and Lyn.

Taryn: Means ‘hill’, inspired by nature settings

Ursulynn: Means ‘bear’, inspired by the bear animal

Winterlyn: An invented name that combines winter, a season often associated with nature, and Lyn, meaning ‘lake’

Wren: A small songbird

Xanthein: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Yellow

Christian Baby Girl Names Ending With N

Allison: Origin: English, Meaning: Noble, Kind

Ashton: Origin: English, Meaning: Ash tree town

Bethan: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Pledged to God

Bronwen: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Fair, Blessed Breast

Caitlin: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Pure

Carolyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Free man

Dawn: Origin: English, Meaning: Daybreak, Sunrise

Faithlyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Faith, Trust

Farren: Origin: English, Meaning: Adventurous

Gracelyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Graceful

Helen: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, Shining Light

Imogen: Origin: English, Meaning: Innocent, Girl

Joan: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is gracious

Katelyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Pure

Lauren: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Laurel

Madelyn: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Woman from Magdala

Morgan: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Sea circle

Naomi: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Pleasantness

Payton: Origin: English, Meaning: Warrior’s estate

Quinn: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Wisdom, Reason

Raegan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Little King

Sharon: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: A plain

Tamsin: Origin: English, Meaning: Twin

Vivian: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Lively

Wendolyn: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: White ring

Zoeyann: A modern invented name combining Zoey and Ann.

Ashlyn: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Dream

Cathleen: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pure

Dian: Origin: French, Meaning: Divine

Eileen: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Bright, Shining

Fionn: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Fair or White

Gillian: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Youthful

Helen: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, Shining one

Irisin: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Rainbow

Lillian: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Lily

Noellen: Origin: French, Meaning: Christmas

Paigein: Origin: English, Meaning: Young Child

Reagan: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Little ruler

Rosalin: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Rose

Shirlyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Bright Grassland

Tarynn: Origin: English, Meaning: Blend of Tara and Erin

Vivien: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Alive

Willowyn: Origin: English, Meaning: Willow-tree meadow

Zephyn: Origin: Greek, Meaning: West wind

International Girl Names Ending In N

From different corners of the world, here are some international names ending in ‘N’:

Afreen: Persian origin, meaning ‘Beautiful’.

Aislinn: Irish origin, meaning ‘Dream’.

Amberlynn: Arabic origin, meaning Amber, meadow.

Arleen: Unknown origin, meaning unknown.

Asin: Indian origin, meaning Pure.

Aylin: Turkish origin, meaning ‘Moon halo’.

Britann: English origin, meaning ‘From Britain’.

Caitlin: Unknown origin, meaning unknown.

Catherine: Greek origin, meaning ‘Pure’.

Chien: Vietnamese origin, meaning ‘Combat’.

Emman: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Faith’.

Fatin: Arabic origin, meaning ‘Captivating’.

Ffion: Welsh origin, meaning ‘Foxglove’.

Gretchen: German origin, meaning ‘Pearl’.

Haidyn : Arabic origin, meaning ‘Strength’.

Huyen: Vietnamese origin, meaning ‘Jet black’.

Irlyn: Gaelic origin, meaning ‘Warrior’.

Iryn: Ukrainian origin, meaning ‘Peace’.

Jasleen: Punjabi origin, meaning ‘Absorbed in singing God’s praises’.

Jean: Scottish origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Jian: Chinese origin, meaning ‘Healthy’.

Julianne: French origin, meaning ‘Youthful, downy’.

Kaitlin – Irish in origin, meaning ‘pure’.

Karin: Swedish origin, meaning ‘Pure’.

Kathleen: Irish origin, meaning ‘Pure’.

Larkyn: v Origin, meaning ‘Of Lorcan’.

Lien: Vietnamese origin, meaning ‘Lotus’.

Madelyn: English origin, meaning ‘High tower’.

Maryellen: Judaism origin, meaning ‘drop of the sea, bitter’.

Maureen: Irish origin, meaning ‘Star of the sea’.

Min-jun: Korean origin, meaning ‘Quick-witted and smart’.

Nolyn – Irish in origin, meaning ‘champion’.

Odelyn: French origin, meaning ‘Little wealth’.

Orian: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Light of God’.

Quiyin: Chinese origin, meaning ‘Musical instrument’.

Raylynn: American origin, meaning ‘wise protector’.

Rhiannon: Welsh origin, meaning ‘Divine queen’.

Rhoslyn: Welsh origin, meaning ‘Rose valley’.

Sean – Origin: Irish, Meaning: God is gracious

Sharon: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘A plain’.

Shireen: Unknown origin, meaning unknown.

Sloan: Irish origin, meaning ‘Warrior’.

Solenn: Breton and French origin, meaning ‘Solemn’.

Taryn: English origin, meaning ‘From the Earth’.

Tristyn: Welsh in origin, meaning ‘sorrowful’ or ‘sad’.

Thuylinh: Vietnamese origin, meaning ‘Water spirit’.

Vivien– Latin origin, meaning ‘Alive’.

Wren: English origin, meaning ‘Small bird’.

Xueqin: Chinese origin, meaning ‘Snow’.

Zurin: Basque origin, meaning ‘White’.

Final Thoughts!

From the enchanting allure of nature-inspired names like Aspen and Crimson, to the captivating charm of international names such as Afreen and Aislinn, the quest for the perfect ‘N’-ending name for your baby girl is an intriguing journey.

Each name possesses its own unique narrative and significance, bestowing upon your child a sense of identity that resonates with culture, nature, or personal traits.

So, embark on this delightful exploration and discover these captivating options.

Remember, the perfect name is waiting just around the corner, ready to become a part of your little one’s unique story! 

No matter what name you choose, your baby girl is sure to be loved and cherished.

So don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the world around us, and let nature guide you in finding the perfect name for your little girl.

Congratulations on your new addition and happy naming!

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