290 Common Girl Names in Canada

There’s a special joy in picking out a name for your baby girl.

It’s a little like planting a seed and watching the mystery unfold as it grows into a unique individual.

Canada is a country known for its breathtaking scenery, friendly people and diverse culture.

In a country as culturally diverse as Canada, choosing a name is an adventure in itself, a delightful blend of tradition, trend, and a dash of the unexpected!

Whether you’re preparing to embrace a precious new addition to your family.

Or you’re just curious about popular names in the Great White North, buckle up as we journey through the fascinating world of Canadian baby girl names!

A Glimpse Of Canadian Naming Culture

Naming practices in Canada vary depending on an individual’s indigenous, English Canadian, or French Canadian background.

In the English Canadian context, naming customs closely align with those of the United States and the United Kingdom.

In Canada, the typical naming pattern begins with the surname, separated by a comma, followed by the given name, and, if applicable, the middle name(s).

If an individual has multiple middle names, the first one is usually preferred.

Canadian baby girl names are truly unique, reflecting a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and diversity.

From the poetic allure of Indigenous names to the graceful charm of French influences, and the vibrant infusion of names from around the world, Canadian baby girl names beautifully capture the multifaceted identity of the country.

Top Baby Girl Names in Canada

Top Baby Girl Names in Canada

These names are widely popular in Canada and reflect a mixture of traditional, trendy, and culturally diverse names.

Each carries its own charm and historical significance, offering parents a range of beautiful choices when naming their baby girl.

  • Abigail – Meaning: My father’s joy
  • Addison – Meaning: Child of Adam
  • Addison – Meaning: Child of Adam
  • Alice – Meaning: Noble or kind
  • Amelia – Meaning: Work
  • Aria – Meaning: Melody
  • Ava – Meaning: Life
  • Aarav – Meaning: Peaceful
  • Aubrey – Meaning: Ruler of the elves
  • Bella – Meaning: Beautiful
  • Charlotte – Meaning: Free man
  • Chloe – Meaning: Blooming
  • Cora – Meaning: Maiden
  • Ellie – Meaning: Diminutive of Eleanor or Ellen
  • Ella – Meaning: Beautiful fairy
  • Emily – Meaning: Industrious
  • Emma – Meaning: Universal
  • Grace – Meaning: Elegance and beauty
  • Hailey – Meaning: Hay meadow
  • Hannah – Meaning: Favor or grace
  • Harper – Meaning: Harp player
  • Hazel – Meaning: Hazel tree or hazelnut
  • Inaya – Meaning: Gift of God
  • Isabella – Meaning: Devoted to God
  • Layla – Meaning: Night
  • Lily – Meaning: Lily flower
  • Lily – Meaning: Lily flower
  • Lucy – Meaning: Light
  • Madison – Meaning: Son of Matthew
  • Mia – Meaning: Mine or Bitter
  • Mila – Meaning: Gracious
  • Natalie – Meaning: Christmas Day
  • Nora – Meaning: Light
  • Olivia – Meaning: Olive tree
  • Paisley – Meaning: Church
  • Penelope – Meaning: Weaver
  • Piper – Meaning: Flute player
  • Poppy – Meaning: Red flower
  • Ruby – Meaning: Precious gemstone
  • Savannah – Meaning: Treeless plain
  • Scarlett – Meaning: Red
  • Sienna – Meaning: Orange-red
  • Skylar – Meaning: Scholar or learned one
  • Sofia – Meaning: Wisdom
  • Sophia – Meaning: Wisdom
  • Sophie – Meaning: Wisdom
  • Stella – Meaning: Star
  • Victoria – Meaning: Victory
  • Violet – Meaning: Purple flower
  • Zoe – Meaning: Life

Traditional Girl Names of Canada

Canada has a rich history and diverse cultural heritage, which is reflected in its traditional girl names.

These names have been passed down through generations and continue to be popular choices for parents looking to honor their family’s roots.

  • Aaliyah – Meaning: Rising
  • Alaina – Meaning: Bright or shining light
  • Agnes – Meaning: Pure, holy
  • Alice – Meaning: Noble
  • Anna – Meaning: Grace
  • Audrey – Meaning: Noble strength
  • Beatrice – Meaning: Bringer of joy
  • Catherine – Meaning: Pure
  • Cecilia – Meaning: Blind
  • Charlotte – Meaning: Free
  • Christine – Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Clara – Meaning: Bright, clear
  • Denise – Meaning: Devotee of Dionysos
  • Dorothy – Meaning: Gift of God
  • Edith – Meaning: Prosperous in war
  • Elaine – Meaning: Shining light
  • Elizabeth – Meaning: My God is abundance
  • Emily – Meaning: Rival
  • Esther – Meaning: Star
  • Evelyn – Meaning: Desired
  • Florence – Meaning: Flourishing
  • Frances – Meaning: Free one
  • Gisele – Meaning: Pledge
  • Grace – Meaning: Divine favor
  • Hazel – Meaning: Hazelnut tree
  • Helen – Meaning: Bright, shining one
  • Irene – Meaning: Peace
  • Isabelle – Meaning: God is my oath
  • Jacqueline – Meaning: Supplanter
  • Jane – Meaning: God is gracious
  • Julie – Meaning: Youthful
  • Laura – Meaning: Laurel
  • Louise – Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Lucille – Meaning: Light
  • Madeleine – Meaning: Tower
  • Margaret – Meaning: Pearl
  • Margot – Meaning: Pearl
  • Marianne – Meaning: Bitter grace
  • Marion – Meaning: Bitter grace
  • Mary – Meaning: Bitter
  • Michelle – Meaning: Who is like God?
  • Pearl – Meaning: Precious gem
  • Rachel – Meaning: Ewe
  • Rose – Meaning: Flower
  • Ruth – Meaning: Companion, friend
  • Sarah – Meaning: Princess
  • Simone – Meaning: Heard
  • Sylvia – Meaning: Forest
  • Suzanne – Meaning: Lily
  • Victoria – Meaning: Victory

Modern Canadian Girl Names

Here are trendy names that are a blend of unique and unconventional, yet they hold a certain charm that makes them a popular choice among new-age Canadian parents.

  • Adelyn: A name meaning “noble” or “nobility”.
  • Aria: A name meaning “air” or “melody”.
  • Arya: A name meaning “noble” or “honorable”.
  • Aurora: A name meaning “dawn”.
  • Avery: A name meaning “elve’s ruler”.
  • Bella: A name meaning “beautiful”.
  • Eden: A name meaning “delight” or “paradise”.
  • Elliot: A name meaning “Jehovah is God”.
  • Ember: A name referring to a small piece of burning coal.
  • Esme: A name meaning “esteemed” or “loved”.
  • Everly: A name meaning “from the meadow of the wild boar”.
  • Felicity: A name meaning ” joy or good fortune”.
  • Freya: A name referring to the goddess of love and beauty.
  • Hadley: A name meaning “heather field”.
  • Hazel: A name referring to the hazelnut tree or the color.
  • Harper: A name meaning “harp player”.
  • Iris: A name referring to the iris flower or the rainbow.
  • Ivy: A name referring to the climbing plant.
  • Juniper: A name referring to the evergreen shrub.
  • Kinsley: A name meaning “king’s meadow”.
  • Layla: A name meaning “night”.
  • Lila: A name meaning “night” or “dark beauty”.
  • Luna: A name meaning “moon”.
  • Maeve: A name meaning “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”.
  • Mila: A name meaning “gracious” or “dear”.
  • Nova: A name meaning “new” or “star”.
  • Oakley: A name referring to the oak tree meadow.
  • Olive: A name referring to the olive tree or the color.
  • Paisley: A name referring to a pattern of intricate designs.
  • Penelope: A name meaning “weaver”.
  • Peyton: A name meaning “from the warrior’s town”.
  • Piper: A name meaning “flute player”.
  • Presley: A name meaning “priest’s meadow”.
  • Quinn: A name meaning “chief” or “counsel”.
  • Sage: A name referring to the herb or a wise person.
  • Savannah: A name meaning “treeless plain”.
  • Scarlett: A name referring to the color scarlet.
  • Serenity: A name referring to a state of calmness.
  • Sienna: A name referring to a reddish-brown color.
  • Skylar: A name meaning “scholar” or “etymologist”.
  • Stella: A name meaning “star”.
  • Tatum: A name meaning “cheerful” or “full of spirit”.
  • Teagan: A name meaning “attractive” or “beautiful”.
  • Thea: A name meaning “goddess” or “divine”.
  • Violet: A name referring to the purple flower.
  • Willow: A name referring to the tree with slender branches.
  • Wren: A name referring to the small songbird.
  • Zara: A name meaning “blooming flower” or “radiance”.

Unique / Rare Canadian Girl Names

Here are unique and rare baby girl names that you can find in Canada.

These names are not as common but they are beautiful and carry a unique charm of their own.

  • Adalyn – Noble
  • Anais – Graceful
  • Brinley – Burnt meadow
  • Brynlee – Hill with brook
  • Calliope – Beautiful voice
  • Cecily – Blind
  • Dahlia – Flower named after botanist A. Dahl
  • Delilah – Delicate
  • Elodie – Marsh flower
  • Elowen – Elm tree
  • Farrah – Joy
  • Fleur – Flower
  • Greta – Pearl
  • Gwendolyn – Fair and blessed
  • Haisley – Hazel meadow
  • Hattie – Ruler of the home
  • Indie – Independent
  • Isolde – Ice ruler
  • Joss – Cheerful
  • Jovie – Joyful
  • Keira – Dark-haired
  • Kinsley – King’s meadow
  • Leilani – Heavenly flower
  • Lenore – Light
  • Makena – Happy one
  • Marlow – Atop the hill overlooking the serene lake.
  • Nellie – Bright, shining one
  • Nerida – Sea nymph
  • Odessa – Wrathful
  • Opal – Precious gemstone
  • Petal – Flower petal
  • Prudence – Caution, wisdom
  • Quinley – Descendant of the hero
  • Quintessa – Fifth-born
  • Romilly – From the Roman town
  • Saffron – Yellow spice
  • Serenity – Peaceful
  • Tallulah – Leaping water
  • Tamsin – Twin
  • Una – One
  • Umbria – Shadow
  • Vada – Famous ruler
  • Verity – Truth
  • Waverly – Meadow of quivering aspens
  • Willow – Graceful tree
  • Xanthe – Golden, yellow
  • Xenia – Hospitality
  • Yara – Small butterfly
  • Zinnia – Flower

Nature-Inspired Canadian Girl Names

Nature has always been a rich source of inspiration for names, and in Canada, it’s no exception. Here are 50 gorgeous nature-inspired girl names that are popular in Canada:

  • Amber – signifies warmth, energy, and protection.
  • Aspen – derived from the aspen tree, symbolizes determination, community, and resilience.
  • Aurora – derived from the Latin word for “dawn,” associated with new beginnings and hope.
  • Autumn – associated with change, abundance, and harvest.
  • Blossom symbolizes growth, beauty, and the start of something new.
  • Breeze – signifies freshness, lightness, and gentle movement.
  • Brooke – associated with streams and rivers, symbolizes tranquility and flow.
  • Cherry – associated with the cherry tree, symbolizes beauty and renewal.
  • Celeste – derived from the Latin word for “heavenly,” represents peace and serenity.
  • Cloud – represents tranquility, dreaminess, and inspiration.
  • Coral – derived from the marine organism, symbolizes protection and transformation.
  • Crystal – represents clarity, purity, and healing.
  • Daisy – signifies purity, innocence, and new beginnings.
  • Dawn – represents the beginning of a new day and fresh opportunities.
  • Fern – signifies sincerity and humility.
  • Heather – derived from the flowering plant, represents beauty and solitude.
  • Holly – associated with Christmas, represents joy, protection, and goodwill.
  • Hazel – derived from the hazelnut tree, associated with wisdom and protection.
  • Iris – symbolizes wisdom and courage.
  • Ivy – symbolizes resilience and friendship.
  • Jasmine – signifies grace and elegance.
  • Laurel – derived from the laurel tree, represents honor, victory, and achievement.
  • Lily – represents purity and innocence.
  • Luna – derived from the Latin word for “moon,” associated with femininity and intuition.
  • Marigold – represents passion, creativity, and positive energy.
  • Meadow – signifies beauty, serenity, and abundance.
  • Nova – signifies newness, energy, and brightness.
  • Olive – symbolizes peace and harmony.
  • Petal – associated with flowers, signifies beauty, delicacy, and fragility.
  • Pearl – represents purity, beauty, and wisdom.
  • Raven – associated with mystery and intelligence.
  • River – symbolizes flow, adaptability, and change.
  • Rose – symbolizes love and beauty.
  • Sky – represents freedom and vastness.
  • Skyler – derived from the word “sky,” represents freedom and vastness.
  • Snow – symbolizes purity, tranquility, and serenity.
  • Sparrow – symbolizes freedom, resilience, and adaptability.
  • Spring – associated with renewal, growth, and vitality.
  • Star – symbolizes guidance, inspiration, and aspirations.
  • Storm – signifies power, strength, and resilience.
  • Summer – signifies warmth, relaxation, and adventure.
  • Sunny – signifies brightness, positivity, and happiness.
  • Violet – represents creativity and spirituality.
  • Winter – associated with stillness, introspection, and transformation.

Indigenous Canadian Girl Names

The beauty and richness of Canada’s Indigenous culture are reflected in these unique and meaningful names.

  • Adsila – Blossom
  • Aiyana – Eternal Blossom
  • Alawa – Pea
  • Aponi – Butterfly
  • Ayasha – Little One
  • Cheyenne – People of a Different Language
  • Chenoa – Dove
  • Dakota – Friends
  • Doli – Bluebird
  • Dyani – Deer
  • Galilahi – Attractive
  • Halona – Happy Fortune
  • Imala – Disciplinarian
  • Istas – Snow
  • Kachada – White (Hopi)
  • Kasa – Dress Furry (Hopi)
  • Kasa – Dressed in Furs
  • Kaya – Elder Sister (Hopi)
  • Kimi – Secret
  • Kiona – Brown Hills
  • Kitchi – Brave
  • Lenmana – Flute Girl
  • Lesedi – Light
  • Lulu – Rabbit
  • Maka – Earth
  • Miki – Moon
  • Mitena – Coming Moon
  • Nizhoni – Beautiful
  • Nova – Chases Butterfly
  • Numees – Sister
  • Ominotago – Beautiful Voice
  • Ooljee – Moon
  • Opa – Owl
  • Pavita – Clear Water
  • Pocahontas – Playful One
  • Salali – Squirrel
  • Sakari – Sweet
  • Sequoia – Sparrow
  • Sioux – Snake
  • Sitsi – Daughter
  • Tadita – One who Runs
  • Taima – Thunder
  • Tala – Wolf
  • Talulah – Leaping Water
  • Tiponi – Child of Importance
  • Tupi – To Pull Up
  • Wikimak – Wife
  • Winona – First Born Daughter
  • Zaltana – High Mountain

Popularity Of Names By Region

In the vast expanse of Canada, regional variations in popular baby girl names are quite apparent.

In British Columbia, the love for nature is reflected in popular choices like Lily and Hazel.

Alberta seems to have a penchant for classic names with a modern twist, with names such as Harper and Ava leading the charts.

Heading to the Prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, names like Sophia and Mia are notably popular.

Ontario, with its diverse population, has a broad range of popular names such as Olivia, Emma, and Ava.

In contrast, in Quebec, the French influence is prominent with names like Léa, Emma, and Jade being top choices.

The Atlantic provinces, including Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, favor traditional names like Emma, Charlotte, and Ava.

This regional variation in name popularity not only adds to the richness of Canadian cultural diversity but also makes the process of choosing a baby girl name a fascinating journey into the country’s cultural and linguistic landscape.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a significant first step on her life journey.

As we’ve journeyed through Canada, we’ve seen the beautiful blend of classic, modern, and indigenous names.

These names, deeply rooted in diverse cultures and languages, reflect Canada’s rich mosaic of regional influences.

Whether you’re inspired by nature, tradition, or cultural heritage, we hope that this comprehensive guide has illuminated the path on your naming journey.

Remember, the best name for your child is the one that resonates deeply with you.

Believe in your choice, for it will become the sweetest sound in the language of your child’s life. 

We wish you all the best on this exciting and meaningful journey of naming your baby girl!

So go ahead, embrace your favorite name, and welcome your little one with love and pride.

Happy parenting! 

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