200 Most Loved Baby Girl Names in France With Meanings


Ever wondered what makes French baby girl names so chic and enchanting?

You’re in the right place to discover the charm associated with these names.

From the classic and elegant to the unique and modern, French names are rich in history and brimming with sophistication.

So, let’s immerse ourselves in the world of top French baby girl names, which are sure to add an exquisite touch to your little darling’s identity.

Allez, Let’s dive in!

Cultural Influence on French Names

French culture and history have played a significant role in shaping the popular names of today.

Cultural influence plays a pivotal role in the choice and popularity of French names.

The rich tapestry of French culture, infused with its history, literature, regional variations, and religious beliefs, has shaped a diverse and appealing array of names for baby girls.

These influences are often deeply ingrained, carrying meanings that reflect the beauty, values, and uniqueness of the French ethos.

The following sections delve deeper into the cultural influences that shape French names, offering a fascinating glimpse into their allure and timeless appeal.

Overall, the diverse cultural influences in France have led to a beautiful mix of traditional, regional and unique names that continue to be popular choices for baby girls today.

Whether you’re looking for a rare and vibrant name or one with literary origins, French names offer a plethora of options that are sure to make your little girl stand out. 

Top French Baby Girl Names

Top French Baby Girl Names

Here are the Top French Baby Girl Names in France.

  • Agathe – Meaning: Good, kind-hearted
  • Alice – Meaning: Noble, kind-hearted
  • Alix – Meaning: Noble, exalted and esteemed
  • Anaïs – Meaning: Grace, favor, and divine blessings
  • Anna – Meaning: Grace, elegance, and beauty
  • Camille – Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant, symbolizing youthfulness and vitality
  • Charlotte – Meaning: Free man, representing independence and freedom
  • Chloé – Meaning: Blooming, green shoot, signifying growth and vitality
  • Clara – Meaning: Bright, clear, and radiant like a star
  • Clémence – Meaning: Merciful, gentle, and compassionate
  • Elsa – Meaning: Noble, exalted, and highly respected
  • Eva – Meaning: Life, living one, symbolizing vitality and energy
  • Gabrielle – Meaning: God is my strength, representing divine support and power
  • Inès – Meaning: Pure, holy, and virtuous
  • Juliette – Meaning: Youthful, symbolizing beauty and vibrancy
  • Jade – Meaning: Stone of the side, representing strength and stability
  • Léa – Meaning: Weary, symbolizing resilience and endurance
  • Léna – Meaning: Light, shining, and radiant
  • Léonie – Meaning: Lioness, symbolizing courage and strength
  • Lilou – Meaning: Lily, representing purity and innocence
  • Lina – Meaning: Tender, delicate, and gentle-hearted
  • Lola – Meaning: Sorrows, symbolizing resilience and strength in adversity
  • Louane – Meaning: Renowned warrior, representing bravery and courage
  • Louise – Meaning: Famous warrior, symbolizing strength and valor
  • Lucie – Meaning: Light, representing brightness and clarity
  • Lucile – Meaning: Light, symbolizing radiance and illumination
  • Maëlle – Meaning: Princess, chief, representing leadership and authority
  • Manon – Meaning: Bitter, symbolizing strength and resilience in challenging times
  • Margaux – Meaning: Pearl, representing beauty and purity
  • Marion – Meaning: Bitter, sea of bitterness, symbolizing strength and perseverance
  • Mila – Meaning: Gracious, dear, representing kindness and affection
  • Nora – Meaning: Honor, light, symbolizing dignity and enlightenment
  • Noémie – Meaning: Pleasantness, symbolizing joy and happiness
  • Rosalie – Meaning: Rose, representing beauty and love
  • Rose – Meaning: Rose flower, symbolizing love, passion, and elegance
  • Romane – Meaning: From Rome, symbolizing heritage and history
  • Salomé – Meaning: Peace, symbolizing tranquility and harmony
  • Sarah – Meaning: Princess, symbolizing nobility and grace
  • Thaïs – Meaning: Bandage, gift, representing healing and blessings
  • Zoé – Meaning: Life, symbolizing vitality and energy

Classic French Baby Girl Names

Classic French girl names carry an air of elegance and sophistication.

Their timeless appeal makes them a perennial favorite among parents.

  • Aimée (EM-ay): Meaning – beloved
  • Blanche (BLAHNSH): Meaning – white, fair
  • Célestine (se-LES-teen): Meaning – heavenly
  • Diane (dee-AN): Meaning – divine
  • Émilienne (ay-mee-LYEN): Meaning – rival
  • Fabiola (fa-bee-OH-la): Meaning – bean grower
  • Giselle (zhee-SEL): Meaning – hostage, pledge
  • Héloïse (ay-LUH-waz): Meaning – healthy, wide
  • Isolde (ee-ZOLD): Meaning – ice ruler
  • Josette (jo-ZET): Meaning – God will add
  • Karine (ka-REEN): Meaning – beloved
  • Léontine (LAY-on-teen): Meaning – lion-like
  • Maëlle (MA-el): Meaning – chief, prince
  • Ninon (nee-NON): Meaning – grace
  • Odette (oh-DEHT): Meaning – wealth
  • Paulette (po-LET): Meaning – small, humble
  • Quitterie (kee-TER-ee): Meaning – tranquility
  • Renée (ruh-NAY): Meaning – reborn
  • Simone (see-MON): Meaning – one who hears
  • Thérèse (tuh-REZ): Meaning – summer
  • Ursula (UR-soo-la): Meaning – little bear
  • Vivienne (vee-VYEN): Meaning – alive, life
  • Wanda (VAN-da): Meaning – shepherdess, wander
  • Xaviera (zav-YAIR-uh): Meaning – bright, splendid
  • Yvette (ee-VET): Meaning – yew, archer
  • Zélie (zay-LEE): Meaning – solemn, religious
  • Aurélie (or-AY-lee): Meaning – golden
  • Bernadette (behr-na-DET): Meaning – brave bear
  • Colette (ko-LET): Meaning – victory of the people
  • Daphnée (daf-NAY): Meaning – laurel
  • Élise (EL-eez): Meaning – God is my oath
  • Fabienne (fa-bee-EN): Meaning – bean grower
  • Ghislaine (gis-LEN): Meaning – hostage, pledge
  • Henriette (ahn-REE-et): Meaning – ruler of the home
  • Ivette (ee-VET): Meaning – yew, archer
  • Joëlle (jo-el): Meaning – Yahweh is God
  • Klervi (kler-VEE): Meaning – key of life
  • Lucette (loo-SET): Meaning – light
  • Mireille (mee-RAY): Meaning – to admire
  • Nicolette (nee-ko-LET): Meaning – victory of the people
  • Océane (o-SAY-ahn): Meaning – ocean
  • Perrine (pe-REEN): Meaning – rock
  • Quiterie (kee-TER-ee): Meaning – tranquility
  • Roxane (roks-AN): Meaning – dawn
  • Sylvette (sil-VET): Meaning – forest
  • Tiphaine (tee-FEN): Meaning – manifestation of God
  • Ursuline (ur-SU-leen): Meaning – little she-bear
  • Véronique (ve-ro-NEEK): Meaning – true image
  • Wilhelmine (vil-he-MIN): Meaning – will, desire, helmet, protection
  • Yolande (yo-LAHND): Meaning – violet flower

Unique French Baby Girl Names

Here are Unique French baby girl names:

  • Abélia (a-BAY-lee-a): Meaning – breath, sigh
  • Alizée (AL-ee-zay): Meaning – trade wind
  • Béatrice (bay-a-TREES): Meaning – she who brings happiness
  • Bérengère (ber-EN-jair): Meaning – bright raven
  • Capucine (ka-pu-SEEN): Meaning – nasturtium (flower)
  • Chérie (sheh-REE): Meaning – darling
  • Clotilde (klo-TEELD): Meaning – illustrious in battle
  • Désirée (day-zee-RAY): Meaning – desired, wished for
  • Delphine (del-FEEN): Meaning – dolphin
  • Élodie (ay-LO-dee): Meaning – foreign riches
  • Énora (ay-NOR-a): Meaning – honor, grace
  • Faustine (foh-STEEN): Meaning – fortunate, lucky
  • Fleur (FLUHR): Meaning – flower
  • Guillemette (gee-uh-MET): Meaning – helmet, protection
  • Gisèle (zhee-ZEL): Meaning – pledge, hostage
  • Héloïse (ay-lo-EEZ): Meaning – healthy, wide
  • Honorine (o-no-REEN): Meaning – honor, dignity
  • Isabeau (ee-SAH-bo): Meaning – consecrated to God
  • Isaline (EE-sa-leen): Meaning – God is my oath
  • Joséphine (zhoh-zay-FEEN): Meaning – God will increase
  • Joëlle (zhoh-EL): Meaning – God is willing
  • Kariane (ka-ree-AN): Meaning – beloved
  • Katell (ka-TEL): Meaning – pure, chaste
  • Léonide (LAY-o-nead): Meaning – lion-like
  • Léopoldine (lay-o-pol-DEEN): Meaning – bold people
  • Maëlys (ma-AY-lees): Meaning – pearl
  • Mélusine (may-loo-ZEEN): Meaning – honey bee
  • Nolwenn (nohl-WEN): Meaning – holy one
  • Noémi (noh-AY-mee): Meaning – pleasantness
  • Odile (oh-DEEL): Meaning – wealth, fortune
  • Orlane (or-LAN): Meaning – golden
  • Priscille (pree-SEEL): Meaning – ancient
  • Prune (PROON): Meaning – plum
  • Quitterie (kee-TER-ee): Meaning – the fourth one
  • Raphaëlle (ra-fa-EL): Meaning – God has healed
  • Régine (re-ZHEEN): Meaning – queenly
  • Sidonie (see-do-NEE): Meaning – from Sidon
  • Tatiana (tat-YA-na): Meaning – fairy queen
  • Tiphaine (tee-FAHN): Meaning – manifestation of God
  • Ulysse (oo-LEES): Meaning – wrathful
  • Ursule (ur-SOOL): Meaning – little bear
  • Véronique (vay-RO-neek): Meaning – victory bringer
  • Wilhemine (vee-la-MEEN): Meaning – helmet, protection
  • Xavière (gzav-YAIR): Meaning – new house
  • Xénia (KSEN-ya): Meaning – hospitality, welcoming
  • Ysolde (ee-SOLD): Meaning – ice ruler
  • Zélie (zay-LEE): Meaning – God is my oath

Rare And Vibrant Baby Girl Names

Here are Rare And Vibrant French Baby Girl Names:

  • Adélaïde (a-de-LAYD): Meaning – noble, nobility
  • Adele (a-DEHL) – Meaning: Noble, kind
  • Angélique (aun-zhay-LEEK) – Meaning: Angelic
  • Annette (ann-ET) – Meaning: Grace
  • Apolline (apo-LEEN): Meaning – strength
  • Blanchette (blansh-ET): Meaning – white, fair
  • Brigitte (bri-ZHEET) – Meaning: Exalted one
  • Cécile (seh-SEEL) – Meaning: Blind
  • Celeste (ce-LEST) – Meaning: Heavenly
  • Chantal (shon-TAAL) – Meaning: Stony place
  • Claudette (klaw-DET) – Meaning: Lame
  • Clarimonde (kla-ri-MOND): Meaning – light of the world
  • Danielle (dahn-YELL) – Meaning: God is my judge
  • Denise (deh-NEEZ) – Meaning: Devotee of Dionysus
  • Éliane (AY-lee-an) – Meaning: God is my light
  • Éponine (ay-po-NEEN): Meaning – horse goddess
  • Esméralda (ez-may-RAL-da): Meaning – emerald
  • Félicité (fe-lee-SEE-tay): Meaning – happiness
  • Fifi (FEE-fee): Meaning – God will add
  • Geneviève (zhe-neh-VYEV): Meaning – tribe woman
  • Hélène (ay-LEN): Meaning – shining light
  • Hortense (or-TANS): Meaning – gardener
  • Jacqueline (zhak-LEEN): Meaning – supplanter
  • Laurette (lor-ET) – Meaning: Little laurel
  • Leonie (LEO-nee) – Meaning: Lioness
  • Léa (LAY-a) – Meaning: Weary
  • Léonore (lay-o-NOR): Meaning – light
  • Madeleine (ma-deh-LEN) – Meaning: Tower of strength
  • Margot (MAR-go) – Meaning: Pearl
  • Maria (ma-REE-a) – Meaning: Bitter, beloved
  • Mélisande (may-lee-SAND): Meaning – strong in work
  • Mignon (min-YON): Meaning – cute, darling
  • Nanette (nah-NET) – Meaning: Grace
  • Nimue (nim-OO-ay): Meaning – memory
  • Noelle (no-EL) – Meaning: Christmas
  • Olympe (o-LIMP): Meaning – from Olympus
  • Pétronille (pe-tro-NEEL): Meaning – rock
  • Prudence (proo-DANS): Meaning – caution, discretion
  • Quintina (kin-TEEN-a): Meaning – fifth
  • Séraphine (se-RAY-feen): Meaning – fiery ones
  • Suzanne (soo-ZAN): Meaning – lily
  • Suzette (soo-ZET) – Meaning: Lily
  • Tatienne (ta-TYEN): Meaning – fairy queen
  • Therese (tuh-REZ) – Meaning: Reaper
  • Urielle (oo-ree-EL): Meaning – God is my light
  • Valerie (va-LE-ree) – Meaning: Strong, valiant
  • Victoire (VEEK-twar) – Meaning: Victory
  • Yseult (ee-ZULT): Meaning – fair lady
  • Zoé (zo-AY): Meaning – life

Unique French Girl Names From Literature

These unique French girl names from literature show the diverse range of inspiration for popular names in France.

  • Antoinette (ahn-twan-ET): From “Wide Sargasso Sea” by Jean Rhys
  • Aurore (oh-ROHR): From “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo
  • Celestine (ce-LES-teen): From “The Story of a Soul” by Saint Thérèse of Lisieu
  • Célimène (se-lee-MEN): From Molière’s “The Misanthrope”
  • Clarisse (kla-REES): From Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”
  • Cosette (ko-ZET): From Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”
  • Desdemona (dez-de-MO-na): From “Othello” by William Shakespeare
  • Esmée (ez-MAY): From “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer
  • Esmeralda (ez-may-RAL-da): From Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
  • Eulalie (eu-LA-lee): From “The Nun” by Denis Diderot
  • Javotte (ja-VOT): From “Cinderella”
  • Josephine (joh-ze-FEEN): From “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott
  • Julienne (joo-lee-EN): From “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas
  • Lucienne (loo-see-EN): From “The Vagabond” by Colette
  • Marianne (mah-ree-AHN): Symbol of the French Republic
  • Mathilde (mah-TEELD): From Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace”
  • Mélanie (may-lah-NEE): From “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell
  • Ondine (on-DEEN): From “Undine” by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué
  • Zéphine (zay-FEEN): From Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”

Bottom Line!

In the end, the beauty and diversity of French girl names is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of France.

These names, imbued with historical significance, cultural nuances, and literary inspirations, can add a unique charm and elegance to your little girl’s identity.

Whether you lean towards the traditional, the unusual, or the literary, there’s a French name waiting to captivate you and perfectly encapsulate the bundle of joy you are about to welcome.

So, take inspiration from this list and choose the perfect French name for your bundle of joy! 

Bonne chance! (Good luck!) 

So go ahead, explore and choose a unique French name for your little one.

Vive la France! (Long live France!)

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