Most Adored Girl Names in Singapore

Welcome to the enchanting world of baby names!

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey as we unveil the most beloved baby girl names in Singapore, affectionately known as the Lion City.

Within this captivating section, we will introduce you to a diverse collection of names that carry their own unique charm, resonating with the rich multicultural heritage of this vibrant city.

These names are not just a mere label of individuality, but rather a reflection of the values, dreams, and hopes that parents cherish for their precious children.

So, let’s dive deep into this awe-inspiring realm and explore these captivating names that have captured the hearts of Singaporean parents, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of their families’ stories.

Get ready to be enchanted by the beauty and significance behind each name, as we celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s baby girl names together.

A Glimpse of the Singaporean Culture

Singapore, a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities, sees a blend of names from various origins.

Predominantly, the names are from Malay, Chinese, Indian (especially Tamil), and Western influences, reflecting the country’s multi-ethnic makeup.

The names chosen for babies often mirror the multicultural and multilingual society, bearing the essence of the country’s mixed heritage.

Whether it’s the rhythm and spirituality captured in Indian names, the virtues and aspirations expressed in Chinese nomenclature, the grace and aesthetics of Malay names, or the trendy and modern appeal of Western names, each name tells a unique story.

This section offers an in-depth look at the myriad of ethnic baby girl names in Singapore, reflecting the enchanting mosaic of its diverse populace.

Popular Singaporean Baby Girl Names

Popular Singaporean Baby Girl Names

Common names for baby girls in Singapore span across a variety of cultures, often harmoniously combining traditional and contemporary influences.

Nur – meaning “light”

Melati – meaning “jasmine”

Bunga – meaning “flower”

Aida – meaning “reward”

Aini – meaning “eye”

Aisah – meaning “lively”

Adelina – meaning “noble”

Afrina – meaning “lovely”

Ah-Pei – meaning “beautiful”

Adilah – meaning “just”

Adikara – meaning “virtuous”

Aarifa – meaning “knowing”

Aatiya – meaning “gift”

Aayizah – meaning “respected”

Abaasa – meaning “lion”

Abirami – meaning “Goddess Parvati”

Mei (美) – meaning “beautiful”

Jin (金) – meaning “gold”

Yu (玉) – meaning “jade”

Zhu (珠) – meaning “pearl”

Bao (宝) – meaning “treasure”

Pei (佩) – meaning “jade”

Ai (爱) – meaning “love”

Fang (芳) – meaning “fragrance”

Jing (静) – meaning “calm/quiet”

Li (丽) – meaning “pretty”

Min (敏) – meaning “nimble/clever”

Zhen (真) – meaning “genuine”

Suriya – meaning “sun/god”

Lakshmi – meaning “Goddess of wealth”

Gayathri – meaning “song/hymn”

Ananya – meaning “unique/matchless”

Menaha – meaning “celestial”

Mirunalini – meaning “beaming sun”

Kaarkuzhali – meaning “curly-haired beauty”

Nandhini – meaning “delightful/beautiful”

Yuvarani – meaning “princess”

Yamini – meaning “night”

Avni – meaning “earth”

Aarohi – meaning “musical note”

Ishaanvi – meaning “daughter of Lord Shiva”

Saanvi – meaning “goddess Lakshmi”

Aditi – meaning “boundless”

Myra – meaning “aristocratic lady”

Sienna – meaning “reddish-brown”

Most Common Chinese Girl Names in Singapore

Chinese culture plays a significant role in naming trends in Singapore. These names reflect the values and aspirations of Chinese parents for their daughters.

Ai: Love and affection, a bond that is deep and profound

An: Peaceful and tranquil

Bao: Treasure, precious and valuable

Cai: Wealth and fortune, bringing abundance and prosperity

Chen: Morning bringing new hope

Chun: Spring, a season of new beginnings

Di: Empress, a noble and powerful ruler

Fang: Fragrant and delightful, filling the air with sweetness

Feng: Phoenix and maple, symbols of beauty and rebirth

Guo: Fruit, representing fertility and abundance

He: Lotus, symbolizing purity and harmony

Hong: Wild goose or swan, symbolizing grace and beauty

Hui: Intelligent and wise, possessing great knowledge

Hua: Flower blooming with grace

Jia: Beautiful and good

Jie: Clean and pure, free from impurities

Jing: Quiet and serene

Ju: Chrysanthemum, a flower of elegance and resilience

Lan: Orchid, a symbol of elegance and refinement

Li: Strength and beauty

Lian: Lotus, connecting people with its beauty and grace

Ling: Soul, representing one’s spiritual essence

Mei: Beautiful and enchanting

Min: Quick-minded and clever

Na: Elegant and graceful, with refined manners

Ning: Peaceful and serene, creating a sense of calmness

Ping: Stable and peaceful, bringing harmony to others

Qian: Prosperity and wealth

Qi: Fine jade, a precious gem that is highly valued

Qing: Blue and green, representing nature’s beauty and tranquility

Qiu: Autumn, a season of harvest and change

Ru: Scholar and Confucian, pursuing knowledge and wisdom

Shuang: Bright and clear, like a crystal

Shu: Kind-hearted and gentle

Wen: Culture and writing, promoting wisdom and knowledge

Xia: Rosy clouds adorning the sky

Xiao: Morning and dawn

Xin: New and fresh, like a youthful heart

Xing: Star shining brightly in the night sky

Xiu: Elegant and exquisitely beautiful

Xue: Study and learn with diligence

Yan: Swallow bird, known for its elegance and agility

Yanyan: Beautiful swallow bird soaring gracefully

Ying: Clever and quick-witted

Yue: Moon casting its gentle glow

Yun: Cloud floating in the sky

Zhen: Chaste and virtuous, upholding moral integrity

Common Malay Baby Girl Names in Singapore

The Malay community in Singapore also contributes to the unique mix of baby girl names. Here is a list of popular Malay baby girl names in Singapore.

Aisyah: A name that signifies being alive and living.

Amina: A name that represents trustworthiness and faithfulness.

Amal: A name that means hope and expectation.

Amira: A name that denotes a princess and a leader.

Alia: A name that is exalted.

Balqis: A name that signifies the Queen of Sheba.

Batoul: A name that signifies a virgin.

Batrisyia: A name that represents intelligence and wisdom.

Bilqis: A name that signifies the Queen of Sheba.

Dahlia: A name that represents the Dahlia flower.

Dania: A name that means close or near.

Dalili: A name that means guide and model.

Durrah: A name that represents a pearl.

Fadwa: A name that reflects self-sacrificing.

Farah: A name that brings joy and happiness.

Farhana: A name that brings joy and happiness.

Fatimah: A name that signifies being the daughter of the Prophet.

Fauziah: A name that signifies success.

Hana: A name that represents happiness.

Hani: A name that embodies happiness and contentment.

Iman: A name that symbolizes faith.

Khaliesah: A name that represents eternity.

Khadijah: A name that means premature child.

Khatijah: A name that means premature child.

Laila: A name that signifies the night.

Mira: A name that denotes a princess and peace.

Nabila: A name that means noble and distinguished.

Nadia: A name that means caller.

Nadira: A name that represents something rare and precious.

Nafisa: A name that represents something precious and delicate.

Nur: A name that represents the light.

Qistina: A name that embodies justice.

Raihanah: A name that signifies a sweet-smelling flower.

Rania: A name that represents a queen.

Raissa: A name that reflects being easy-going.

Sabrina: A name that signifies a white rose.

Safiyyah: A name that represents purity and serenity.

Siti: A name that means woman.

Syafiqah: A name that reflects compassion and tenderness.

Syahira: A name that means famous.

Tasnim: A name that represents a spring in paradise.

Umayma: A name that means little mother.

Wardah: A name that signifies a rose.

Yasmin: A name that represents the jasmine flower.

Zafirah: A name that signifies success.

Zahra: A name that signifies a flower and blossom.

Zara: A name that signifies a blossoming flower.

Zulaikha: A name that reflects brilliant beauty.

Most Common Tamil Names in Singapore

The Tamil community in Singapore also has a remarkable mix of beautiful and meaningful baby girl names. Here is a list of the most common Tamil names in Singapore:

Aahna – A modern Tamil baby name meaning “exist”.

Aamaal – A modern baby name meaning “she hopes”.

Aamani – A beautiful name meaning “Spring” and “good wish”.

Abirami: Goddess Parvathi, a symbol of power and femininity

Aishwarya: Wealth and richness epitomized

Akshaya: Eternal and everlasting

Anjali: An offering made with utmost devotion

Banhi – Meaning “fire” (fire walking originated in Tamil Nadu).

Bhavika – A modern Tamil baby girl name meaning “well-meaning,” “righteous,” and “cheerful”.

Bhanumati – Meaning “bright” or “shining”.

Chandini: A shining star in the night sky

Daevi – Meaning “deity” or “goddess”.

Dipti – A popular name meaning “ray of light”.

Driti – A powerful name meaning “courage”.

Dwani – Meaning “pleasant voice or sound”.

Deepa: A source of light, like a radiant lamp

Divya: Divine and heavenly in nature

Devika – A diminutive name meaning “like an angel” or “a little goddess”.

Davina – Beloved one

Deepamala – Row of lamps

Deerthana – Holy water

Dhanvi – One of the names of the Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Dhivja – Meaning “heavenly” or “brilliant”.

Elakya – An artistic Tamil name meaning “literature”.

Eswari – Another name for the Goddess Parvati.

Eyalisai – Meaning “music”.

Gayathri: A sacred song or hymn that touches the soul

Geetha: A melodic song or hymn that resonates

Hema: The preciousness and brilliance of gold

Himaja – One of the names of the Goddess Parvati, the feminine creator.

Indu: Gentle and serene like the moon

Jaya: Victory and success achieved

Jayantika – One of the names of the Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength and purity.

Kavitha: A beautifully crafted poem that captivates

Kriti – Meaning “winner” or “work of art”.

Lakshmi: The embodiment of wealth and prosperity

Laya – Meaning “rhythm”.

Lalitha – A popular Tamil name, another name of the Goddess Durga.

Madhi – Meaning “brilliant” and “full moon”.

Madhavi: A creeper adorned with exquisite flowers

Malathi: A vine that exudes a fragrant aura

Mithra – Meaning “friend”.

Niravi – Meaning “bliss”.

Prajina – Meaning “wisdom”.

Rithya – Meaning “lucky”.

Sayuri – Meaning “flower” in Tamil.

Shalini: One who is simple and humble in nature

Sneha: A name associated with love and affection

Shruti: The melody and rhythm of Indian classical music.

Sumithra – Meaning “friend” or “companion”.

Tanvi: Delicate, beautiful, and gentle like a  fairy

Tharani – Meaning “earth” or “the world”.

Uthra: A star in the constellation of Arcturus, associated with auspiciousness and good fortune.

Vanitha: The feminine form of “leader” or “queen”.

Yamini: One who is as captivating as the night.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your beloved daughter is a momentous task.

It’s a decision that she will carry with her throughout her life.

Remember, every name has a unique story to tell, a different meaning to convey, and a distinctive personality to reflect.

So take your time, savor the journey of selecting a name, and when you find the one that resonates, it will just feel right.

After all, this is your first precious gift to your daughter, a whisper of love that will echo throughout her life. 

So choose wisely and with love, for your baby girl deserves nothing less than the perfect name.

Congratulations on embarking on this exquisite journey of parenthood!

May your daughter bring you endless joy, laughter, and love.

May her name be a special reminder of the incredible blessings she brings into your life.

Welcome to motherhood!

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