180 Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Choosing a name for your newborn can be an exciting yet daunting task.

It’s not just a name; it’s an identity that your child will carry for life. If you’re in search of baby girl names starting with the enchanting letter ‘I’, you are in the right place.

This letter beams with individuality and charm, infusing a sense of uniqueness in your little one’s persona.

From traditional to the more “Iris”, our comprehensive list promises an array of names that are not only beautiful but carry rich meanings as well.

Embark on this joyous journey of finding the perfect ‘I’ name for your baby girl.

The Charm Of ‘I’ Girl Names

The letter ‘I’ is the ninth letter of the alphabet, and it holds a special charm when it comes to baby names.

It signifies creativity, intuition, and sensitivity; traits that are often associated with females. This lends an air of elegance and grace to any name starting with ‘I’.

The letter ‘I’ opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to baby girl names. From traditional and timeless to modern and unique, there are numerous options to choose from.

Moreover, the letter also has a magical sound to it, making it an alluring choice for a child’s name. 

Top 10 Charming 'I' Names For Girls

Top 10 Charming ‘I’ Names For Girls

Among these names, ten strike as particularly charming and popular:

  1. Isabella: Of Hebrew origin, signifies “God is my oath.”
  2. Ivy: An old English name representing faithfulness.
  3. Isla: Scottish origin, named after the Islay River.
  4. Iris: From Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow.
  5. Imani: An African name meaning “faith.”
  6. Imogen: A British name with Celtic roots, meaning “maiden.”
  7. Ingrid: Of Scandinavian origin, it means “beautiful.”
  8. India: A name of English origin, after the country.
  9. Indigo: A Greek name symbolizing a deep color blue.
  10. Irene: A name of Greek origin, signifying “peace.”

Unique ‘I’ Names For Girls

If you’re looking for something more unique and less common. Here are some options to consider.

  1. Idalia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Witness the radiance of the sun
  2. Idalie – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Behold the sun
  3. Iesha – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Alive
  4. Ife Origin: Yoruba – meaning “love”
  5. Iiona – Origin: Hawaiian, Meaning: Violet-colored flower
  6. Ilia – Origin: Russian, Meaning: The Lord is my God
  7. Ilanis Origin: Hebrew – meaning “tree”
  8. Iliana – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, shining one
  9. Ijlal Origin: Arabic – meaning “respect, honor”
  10. Iolana – Origin: Hawaiian, Meaning: Soaring like an eagle
  11. Iolani – Origin: Hawaiian, Meaning: Royal hawk
  12. Iolanthe – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Violet flower
  13. Iolite – Origin: English, Meaning: Gemstone
  14. Iona – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Violet
  15. Ilona – Origin: Hungarian, Meaning: Shining light
  16. Ione – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Violet flower
  17. Iphigenia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Strong-born
  18. Ira – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Watchful
  19. Iria – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: From Iria
  20. Iresha – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Queen
  21. Irina – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Peace
  22. Isabeau – Origin: French, Meaning: God is my oath
  23. Isabelle – Origin: French, Meaning: God is my oath
  24. Isadora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gift of Isis
  25. Isaura – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gentle breeze
  26. Isela – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Devoted to God
  27. Ishtar – Origin: Akkadian, Meaning: Goddess of love and war
  28. Isidora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: A precious gift from the goddess Isis.
  29. Isobel – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: God is my oath
  30. Isolde – Origin: German, Meaning: Ice ruler
  31. Isra – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Night journey
  32. Itzel – Origin: Mayan, Meaning: Rainbow lady
  33. Iva – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Yew tree
  34. Ivana – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: God is gracious
  35. Ivetta – Origin: French, Meaning: Yew wood
  36. Ivey – Origin: English, Meaning: Climbing evergreen plant
  37. Ivi – Origin: Finnish, Meaning: Life
  38. Ivie – Origin: English, Meaning: Climbing evergreen plant
  39. Ivonne – Origin: French, Meaning: Yew wood
  40. Ivria – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: From the Hebrew name (‘Ivriyah) meaning “from the Hebrews”
  41. Ixora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: The name of a flowering plant
  42. Iyana – Origin: American, Meaning: Modern invented name
  43. Iyanna – Origin: American, Meaning: Modern invented name
  44. Iylah – Origin: English, Meaning: Moonlight
  45. Izabella – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Devoted to God
  46. Izara – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Pure
  47. Izel – Origin: Nahuatl, Meaning: Unique
  48. Izidora – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gifted with many gifts
  49. Izola Origin: Italian – meaning “from Isola”
  50. Izumi – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Fountain, spring
  51. Izuka Origin: Japanese – meaning “fountain”
  52. Izarra Origin: Basque – meaning “star”
  53. Ivory Origin: English – meaning “pure”
  54. Indie Origin: English – meaning “independent”
  55. Innis Origin: Scottish – meaning “island”
  56. Ira Origin: Hebrew – meaning “watchful one”
  57. Issey Origin: Japanese – meaning “first born”

‘I’ Girls Names from Round The World

The letter ‘I’ is not just limited to English names.

Here are some beautiful girl names from different languages that start with ‘I’. The letter ‘I’ is versatile, appearing in names from various cultures:

  1. Ibtisam Origin: Arabic – meaning “smile”
  2. Igraine Origin: Welsh – meaning “maiden”
  3. Iida Origin: Finnish – meaning “work”
  4. Ila Origin: Sanskrit – meaning “earth”
  5. Ildikó Origin: Hungarian – meaning “warrior”
  6. Ileanna Origin: Greek – meaning “bright, shining one”
  7. Iliana Origin: Greek – meaning “bright”
  8. Ilaria Origin: Italian – meaning “cheerful”
  9. Ilka Origin: Hungarian – meaning “light”
  10. Ima Origin: Basque – meaning “the one who leads”
  11. Iman Origin: Arabic – meaning “faith, belief”
  12. Imane Origin: Arabic – meaning “faith, belief”
  13. Imanol Origin: Basque – meaning “God with us”
  14. Imara Origin: Swahili – meaning “firm”
  15. Imaan Origin: Arabic – meaning “faith, belief”
  16. Imaani Origin: Swahili – meaning “faith”
  17. Imaanii Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  18. Imaanvi Origin: Hindi – meaning “faithful”
  19. Imaany Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  20. Imaaniya Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  21. Imaad Origin: Arabic – meaning “pillar of strength”
  22. Imaaniyah Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  23. Imad Origin: Arabic – meaning “pillar of support”
  24. Imaanvi Origin: Telugu – meaning “faithful”
  25. Imad Origin: Arabic – meaning “support”
  26. Imane Origin: Arabic – meaning “faith, belief”
  27. Imanol Origin: Basque – meaning “God with us”
  28. Imaan Origin: Arabic – meaning “faith, belief”
  29. Imaani Origin: Swahili – meaning “faith”
  30. Imaanii Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  31. Imaanvi Origin: Hindi – meaning “faithful”
  32. Imaany Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  33. Imaaya Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  34. Imaaniya Origin: Hausa – meaning “faith”
  35. Imaad Origin: Arabic – meaning “pillar of strength”
  36. Imaaniyah  Hausa – meaning “faith”
  37. Imaanvi Origin: Telugu – meaning “faithful”
  38. Imelda Origin: Unknown origin – meaning “universal battle”
  39. Ishi Origin:  Hindi – meaning “goddess Durga”
  40. Inari Origin: Japanese meaning “shrimp”
  41. Ifigenia Origin: Greek – meaning “strong born”
  42. Ikuyo Origin: Japanese – meaning “spring child”
  43. Inca Origin: Quechua – meaning “princess or ruler”
  44. Indah Origin: Indonesian – meaning “beautiful”
  45. Inez Origin:(Spanish) – meaning “pure”
  46. Irune Origin:Basque – meaning “moon”
  47. Izzie Origin: English – meaning “God is my oath”
  48. Izzy Origin: English – meaning “God is my oath”
  49. Ignacia Origin: Spanish – meaning “Fiery”
  50. Irit Origin: Hebrew – meaning “Asphodel flower”
  51. Iraja Origin: Indian – meaning “born of the sun”
  52. Izaro Origin: Basque – meaning “island”
  53. Izna Origin: Arabic – meaning “light”
  54. Izegbe Origin: Nigerian – meaning “long desired child”

‘I’ Girls Names From Literature

The world of literature is replete with compelling and memorable female characters with ‘I’ names.

  1. Ichabodine (Gothic Fiction) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  2. Icy (The Hotel New Hampshire) – Origin: English, Meaning: Resembling or characteristic of ice
  3. Idgie (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  4. Idra (Rabbinic Literature) – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Fig tree
  5. Ifemelu (Americanah) – Origin: Igbo (Nigerian), Meaning: Nothing is greater than God
  6. Igraine (Arthurian Legend) – Origin: Arthurian Legend, Meaning: Unknown
  7. Ila (The Shadow Lines) – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Earth, speech
  8. Imalda (Nonexistent Knight) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  9. Immaculata (The Dunwich Horror) – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Immaculate, pure
  10. Imogen (Cymbeline) – Origin: Celtic, Meaning: Beloved child
  11. India (Gone with the Wind) – Origin: English, Meaning: From the country India
  12. Indiana (Indiana) – Origin: English, Meaning: Land of the Indians
  13. Indigo (Cloud Atlas) – Origin: English, Meaning: Indigo plant or color
  14. Indie (Indelible) – Origin: English, Meaning: Independent or from India
  15. Inessa (Doctor Zhivago) – Origin: Russian, Meaning: Chaste, pure
  16. Inez (No Exit) – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Pure, holy
  17. Inge (The Tunnel) – Origin: German, Meaning: Meadow
  18. Ingrid (The Snow Queen) – Origin: Scandinavian, Meaning: Beautiful, fair
  19. Innocentina (The Elegance of the Hedgehog) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  20. Io (Greek Mythology) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Mythological figure
  21. Iris (The Blind Assassin) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Rainbow
  22. Irma (The Good Soldier) – Origin: German, Meaning: Whole, universal
  23. Irmina (Floating Islands) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  24. Isis (Egyptian Mythology) – Origin: Egyptian, Meaning: Throne
  25. Isla (The Daydreamer) – Origin: Scottish, Meaning: Island
  26. Isobel (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold) – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God is my oath
  27. Itica (Purge) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  28. Ivy (The Bean Trees) – Origin: English, Meaning: Ivy plant
  29. Idony (Medieval Literary) – Origin: Old Norse, Meaning: Active, vigorous
  30. Irene (The Forsyte Saga) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Peace
  31. Isadora (The Series of Unfortunate Events) – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gift of Isis
  32. Imbri (Ender’s Shadow) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  33. Irena (The Hunger Games) – Origin: Slavic, Meaning: Peace
  34. Itaga (Mortal Engines Quartet) – Origin: Unknown, Meaning: Unknown
  35. Inmaculada (Uncle Vanya) – Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Immaculate

Impossibly Cute Girl Names that Start With I

  1. Ivy Origin: English – meaning “faithfulness”
  2. Isabel Origin: Spanish – meaning “pledged to God”
  3. Isla Origin: Scottish – meaning “Island”
  4. Imogen Origin: Celtic – meaning “maiden”
  5. Iris Origin: Greek – meaning “rainbow”
  6. Iliana Origin: Greek – meaning “of the sun”
  7. Ingrid Origin: Norse – meaning “beautiful”
  8. India Origin: English – meaning “river”
  9. Irene Origin: Greek – meaning “peace”
  10. Isolde Origin: Celtic – meaning “ice ruler”
  11. Isra Origin: Arabic – meaning “nocturnal journey”
  12. Irina Origin: Russian – meaning “peace”
  13. Irina Origin: Italian – meaning “peaceful”
  14. Isha Origin: Hindi – meaning “goddess Parvathi”
  15. Ishana Origin: Sanskrit – meaning “sun”
  16. Ishita Origin: Hindi – meaning “superior”
  17. Ivana Origin: Italian – meaning “gift from God”
  18. Ivy Origin: Greek – meaning “faith”
  19. Ivette Origin: French – meaning “yew”
  20. Izabella Origin: Hungarian – meaning “pledged to God”
  21. Ilana Origin: Hebrew – meaning “oak tree”
  22. Inara Origin: Arabic – meaning “heaven sent”
  23. Indigo Origin: English – meaning “deep blue color”
  24. Idalia Origin: Greek – meaning “behold the sun”
  25. Isa Origin: Hebrew – meaning “strong-willed”
  26. Iolana Origin: Hawaiian – meaning “to soar”
  27. Idalina Origin: Portuguese – meaning “battle”
  28. Imani Origin: Swahili – meaning “faith”
  29. Ismeria Origin: Greek – meaning “knowledgeable”
  30. Ilisha Origin: Swahili – meaning “queenly”

Inspiring Baby Girl Names That Start With I

  1. Isabella: Isabella is an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth, which comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, meaning “devoted to God” or “God is my oath.” It is a popular name for its elegant and feminine sound and has been used in literature, music, and film.
  2. Ivy: Ivy is derived from the English word for the climbing plant with small yellow flowers. It has a strong botanical association and symbolizes friendship, faithfulness, and wedded love.
  3. Ingrid: Ingrid is a Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful” or “fair.” It is also the name of a goddess in Norse mythology who presided over knowledge, fertility, and battle.
  4. Imogen: Imogen is derived from the Celtic name Innogen, meaning “maiden,” and has been used as a name since Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline where Imogen was a beautiful princess.
  5. Iris: Iris is a Greek name meaning “rainbow” and is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods, and bringer of good news.
  6. India: India is derived from the word for the country in the Indian Subcontinent ( South Asia ) and has been used as a name since colonial times. It can also mean “river” in Sanskrit.
  7. Isadora: Isadora is derived from the Greek name Isidora, meaning “gift of Isis,” who was an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with motherhood, magic, and fertility.
  8. Isla: Isla is a Scottish name meaning “island.” It has gained popularity in recent years due to its sweet and melodic sound.
  9. Irene: Irene is a Greek name meaning “peace.” It was also the name of an ancient Greek goddess of peace and was popularized in the Middle Ages by Saint Irene, who was known for her charitable works.
  10. Imani: Imani is a Swahili name meaning “faith” and has been gaining popularity as a name in recent years. It is also a popular virtue name, representing trust and confidence in oneself.
  11. Ilana: Ilana is a Hebrew name meaning “oak tree.” In Jewish tradition, an oak tree symbolizes strength and stability.
  12. Iolana: Iolana is a Hawaiian name meaning “to soar” or “to fly.” It is a beautiful name that evokes a sense of freedom and adventure.
  13. Idalia: Idalia is a Greek name meaning “behold the sun” and has been used in literature and poetry as a symbol of beauty and radiance.
  14. Ishana: Ishana is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “sun,” reflecting its Hindu origins. It is also another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati and is a popular choice for its unique and exotic sound.
  15. Izabella: Izabella is a variation of the name Isabella, meaning “pledged to God.” It is a popular choice for its elegant and graceful sound.
  16. Ilaria: Ilaria is an Italian name meaning “cheerful” or “joyful.” It is a beautiful and uplifting name for a baby girl.
  17. Imara: Imara is a Swahili name meaning “strong,” representing strength, resilience, and determination.
  18. Irisa: Irisa is derived from the Greek word for rainbow, symbolizing diversity and beauty. It can also mean “iris,” the flower.
  19. Ileana: Ileana is derived from the Greek name Helen, meaning “bright” or “shining.” It has been used as a name in various cultures and has a strong and regal sound.

Choosing the Right ‘I’ Name for Your Baby Girl

With so many beautiful ‘I’ names to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect one for your little girl. 

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options and find the ideal name:

  • Consider the meaning of the name: Each ‘I’ name has a unique meaning that may resonate with you and your family. Think about what qualities or traits you want your daughter to embody and choose a name that reflects those values.
  • Think about the sound: As you say each name out loud, pay attention to how it sounds. Does it harmonize smoothly with your surname? Is it easy to pronounce?
  • Look for names with personal significance: Perhaps there is a special place or person in your life that starts with ‘I’. You can honor them by choosing a name that reminds you of them.
  • Consider the popularity of the name: If you prefer a more unique name, steer clear of popular names like Isabella or Ivy. On the other hand, if you don’t mind your daughter sharing her name with others, feel free to choose a more common ‘I’ name.
  • Involve your partner in the decision: Choosing a name for your child is a joint effort, so make sure to discuss and agree on the final choice with your partner.
  • Trust your instincts: Ultimately, you should choose a name that feels right to you. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions sway you if you are set on a particular ‘I’ name for your baby girl.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, there’s a wealth of beautiful ‘I’ names out there, waiting to suit your little girl perfectly.

Whether you prefer traditional, popular, or unique names, we hope this list has inspired you.

Remember, choosing a name for your new arrival is a significant step as it forms a major part of her identity.

The list of ‘I’ names above is diverse, meaningful, and rich in culture and history, ensuring that your baby girl will have a name that’s as unique and special as she is.

Whether you are drawn to a name because of its origin, its literary reference, or simply the way it sounds, each ‘I’ name carries its own charm and elegance.

Pick a name that you love and that holds meaning for your family, and your baby girl will surely grow to embody the qualities associated with her beautiful ‘I’ name.

We wish you joy in finding the perfect ‘I’ name for your little one.

Happy naming!

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