144 Rare and Majestic Girl Names Starting With Y

Choosing a name for your little girl is no less than an art.

It’s a decision that shapes her identity, mirrors your hopes for her future, and reflects your cultural heritage.

If you’re seeking something unique, something that doesn’t echo down every school hallway, consider a name that begins with Y.

Embellished with an exotic allure, Y girl names are a blend of traditional and modern, with a whisper of charm that’s all their own.

This guide will take you on a journey through the captivating world of Y names, exploring their beauty, cultural variations, historical significance, and contemporary appeal.

From the well-known to the undiscovered, from the realm of mythology to modern times, we invite you on this journey to find the perfect Y name for your baby girl.

The Beauty of ‘Y’ Names

The letter Y may be small, but it holds a powerful allure.

It is often associated with positive qualities such as youth, yearning, and yes, even yellow!

In ancient times, the shape of the letter was believed to symbolize two diverging paths coming together in unity.

Names starting with Y hold special meaning for parents who wish to symbolize the unity of two paths, two families, and two hearts.

Some popular traits associated with Y names include creativity, sensitivity, independence, and spirituality.

Y names also carry diverse meanings derived from their various origins.

For instance, Yasmin is derived from the Persian word for “jasmine,” symbolizing beauty and grace, while Yara comes from the Arabic word for “small butterfly,” representing freedom.

Uncommon Girl Names Starting with Y

‘Y’ Girl Names Of Modern Times

In recent years, ‘Y’ names have continued to rise in popularity, embodying a blend of tradition and modernity

These names have a certain uniqueness and freshness to them, making them perfect for parents looking for something trendy yet classic.

  1. Yazmin – A variant of Yasmin
  2. Yeimy – A Spanish variant of Amy
  3. Yuniar – An Indonesian name meaning ‘miracle, gift from God’
  4. Yesica – A Spanish form of Jessica
  5. Yukta – An Indian name meaning ‘attained, achieved’
  6. Ynes – A Spanish variant of Agnes
  7. Yezenia – A Spanish name meaning ‘follower of Christ’
  8. Yvona – A Czech variant of Yvonne
  9. Yazira – An Arabic name meaning ‘easy’
  10. Yueh – A Chinese name meaning ‘moon’
  11. Yarelli – A Spanish name meaning ‘water lady’
  12. Yestin – An Old English name meaning ‘justice, righteousness’
  13. Yordanka – A Bulgarian name meaning ‘farmer’
  14. Yeorgia – An English form of Georgia
  15. Yessecah – An African name meaning ‘precious’
  16. Yazmeen – A variant of Yasmin
  17. Yeira – A Hebrew name meaning ‘God
  18. Yamina – An Arabic name meaning ‘right’
  19. Ysabel – A Spanish form of Isabel, meaning ‘pledged to God’
  20. Yanina – A Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’
  21. Yasha – A Russian name meaning ‘defender’
  22. Yuliya – A Russian form of Julia
  23. Yeji – A Korean name meaning ‘talented and smart’
  24. Yakeen – An Arabic name meaning ‘belief, trust’
  25. Yamka – A Hopi name meaning ‘blossom’
  26. Yanni – A Native American name meaning ‘butterfly’
  27. Yaretzi – An Aztec name meaning ‘you will always be loved’
  28. Yekaterina – A Russian form of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’
  29. Yesim – A Turkish name meaning ‘jade’
  30. Yue – A Chinese name meaning ‘moon’
  31. Yedda – An English name meaning ‘beautiful voice’
  32. Yuri – In Japanese, it means ‘lily’.
  33. Yani – An Aboriginal name meaning ‘peace’
  34. Yumi – A Japanese name meaning ‘beauty’
  35. Yuna – A Korean name meaning ‘to endure’
  36. Yoshi – A Japanese name meaning ‘good luck’ or ‘good fortune’
  37. Ysra – An Arabic name meaning ‘wealth, power’
  38. Yezeniah – A Spanish variant of Yezenia
  39. Yomara – A Spanish name meaning ‘sea’
  40. Yutty – An English name meaning ‘youthful’
  41. Yannika – A Swedish name derived from the Greek goddess of youth, Hebe
  42. Yakelin – A Spanish name meaning ‘little valley’
  43. Yaelle – A French variant of  Yael, meaning ‘mountain goat’
  44. Yanessa – A Spanish variant of Vanessa
  45. Yazenia – An Arabic name meaning ‘flower’
  46. Yesika – A Spanish form of Jessica
  47. Yuina  – A Japanese name meaning ‘vegetable garden’
  48. Yanai – In Hebrew, it means ‘he will answer’
  49. Yuka – A Japanese name meaning ‘fragrant’
  50. Yvette – A French name meaning ‘symbolism of the yew tree’
  51. Yaiza – An Arabic variant of Jasmine

Uncommon Girl Names Starting with Y

Moving away from the mainstream, several lesser-known ‘Y’ names are equally charming. 

Whether you want something edgy, elegant, or quirky, there’s a Y name for every taste. Here are uncommon Y names that may catch your fancy:

  1. Yagmur – A Turkish name meaning ‘rain’
  2. Yaksha – A Sanskrit name meaning ‘nature spirit’
  3. Yanet – A Spanish variant of Janet
  4. Yarden – A Hebrew name meaning ‘to flow down, descend’
  5. Yashal – A Pakistani name meaning ‘facilitate ease’
  6. Yarrow – An English name derived from a healing herb
  7. Yasamin – A Persian variant of Jasmine
  8. Yeardley – An Old English name meaning ‘of the yard’
  9. Yerusha – A Hebrew name meaning ‘inherited’
  10. Yetta – A Yiddish name meaning ‘ruler of the household’
  11. Yildiz – A Turkish name meaning ‘star’
  12. Yonah – A Hebrew name meaning ‘dove’
  13. Yonina – A Hebrew name meaning ‘little dove’
  14. Yonita – A Hebrew name meaning ‘little dove’
  15. Yuli – A Mandarin name meaning ‘jade, fair’
  16. Yun – A Korean name meaning ‘lotus flower’
  17. Yusra – An Arabic name meaning ‘prosperity’
  18. Yveline – A French name meaning ‘yew’
  19. Yvon – A French name meaning ‘yew’
  20. Yzabel – A Spanish variant of Isabel
  21. Yanamaria – A combination of Yana and Maria
  22. Yasmeena – A variant of Yasmin
  23. Yemaya – An African name meaning ‘mother of fishes’
  24. Yeny – A name of Vietnamese origin meaning ‘night bird’
  25. Ylaine – A Scottish origin meaning “bright, shining light”
  26. Yalitza – A name of Mexican origin meaning ‘water lady’
  27. Yolonda – A Spanish variant of Yolanda meaning ‘violet flower’
  28. Yoshie – A Japanese name meaning ‘fragrant, virtuous’
  29. Ysanne – A variant of Yvonne
  30. Yashica – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘fame’
  31. Ysparkle – An English name meaning ‘sparkle’
  32. Ytsje – A Frisian name meaning ‘ice battle’
  33. Yulissa – A Spanish name
  34. Yvetta – A Czech variant of Yvette
  35. Yanamarie – A combination of Yana and Marie
  36. Ysabeau – A French variant of Isabel
  37. Ysabella – A Spanish variant of Isabel
  38. Yukino – A Japanese name meaning ‘snow’
  39. Ysolt – A Welsh name meaning ‘fair, beautiful’
  40. Yzabelle – A French variant of Isabel
  41. Yulia – A Russian variation of Julia, meaning ‘youthful’
  42. Yamila – An Arabic name meaning ‘beautiful’
  43. Ying – A Chinese name symbolizing ‘clever’ or ‘eagle’
  44. Yma – A Welsh name meaning ‘great’
  45. Yadira – A Hebrew name meaning ‘friend’
  46. Yelda – In Persian, it means ‘night’
  47. Yari – A Japanese name meaning ‘spear’
  48. Yoselin – A Spanish name meaning ‘little deer’
  49. Yukiko – A Japanese name that symbolizes the purity and beauty of a snow child.
  50. Yentl – A Yiddish name meaning ‘gentle’

‘Y’ Girl Names in Literature and Mythology

The letter Y may be small, but it holds a powerful allure.

In ancient times, the shape of the letter was believed to symbolize two diverging paths coming together in unity.

  1. Yseult – A tragic heroine in Celtic legend. Origin: Celtic. Meaning: Uncertain, possibly “fair” or “beautiful”.
  2. Ygritte – A fiercely independent character from ‘Game of Thrones’. Origin: Fictional. Meaning: Unknown.
  3. Ylva – A female wolf in Swedish folklore. Origin: Swedish. Meaning: “She-wolf”.
  4. Yvaine – A star personified in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust’. Origin: Fictional. Meaning: Unknown.
  5. Yolanda – Appears in many romantic European tales. Origin: Spanish. Meaning: “Violet flower”.
  6. Yasmine – The princess in the Persian epic ‘Amir Arsalan’. Origin: Persian. Meaning: “Jasmine flower”.
  7. Yumiko – A popular name in Japanese manga. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: “Beautiful child” or “archery child”.
  8. Yelena – A character from Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’. Origin: Russian. Meaning: Form of Helen, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
  9. Ysa – A character in various Spanish novels. Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Uncertain, possibly a variant of Isa, a diminutive of Isabel meaning “God is my oath”.
  10. Yael – A heroine in the Bible’s ‘Book of Judges’. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: “Mountain goat” or “God’s strength”.
  11. Yuette – Origin: French and Old German. Meaning: “yew.”
  12. Yona – A princess in the anime ‘Akatsuki no Yona’. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: “Dove” or “pigeon”.
  13. Yuki – A common name in Japanese literature and anime. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: “Snow”.
  14. Yolana – A character in several European folktales. Origin: Unknown. Meaning: Unknown.
  15. Yaffa – A character in multiple Hebrew tales. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: “Beautiful” or “lovely”.
  16. Yazhi – A Navajo name meaning ‘little one,’ used in Native American literature. Origin: Native American (Navajo). Meaning: “Little one” or “small”.
  17. Ysadora – An alternative spelling for ‘Isadora,’ often appeared in Greek mythology. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Gift of Isis” or “Present from the goddess.
  18. Yuma – A protagonist in various anime series. Origin: American. Meaning: “Son of the Chief” in Native American (Quechua)
  19. Yoloxochitl – An Aztec goddess of flowers. Origin: Nahuatl (Aztec). Meaning: “Flower” or “turquoise”.
  20. Yara – A character from ‘Game of Thrones’. Origin: Fictional. Meaning: Unknown.
  21. Yemaja – A sea goddess in Yoruba religion. Origin: Yoruba. Meaning: Unknown.
  22. Yesenia – A protagonist in a popular Mexican telenovela. Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Uncertain, possibly derived from Jessenia, a variant of Jessica meaning “God beholds”.
  23. Yoko – A common name in Japanese literature. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: “Positive child” or “sun child”.
  24. Yvet – A character from medieval European romances. Origin: Unknown. Meaning: Unknown.
  25. Yoki – A character in various Native American tales. Origin: Native American. Meaning: Unknown.
  26. Yolande – A character in many European epics. Origin: Unknown. Meaning: Unknown.
  27. Yaeli – A character in numerous Israeli novels. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Variant of Yael, meaning “mountain goat” or “God’s strength”.
  28. Ylajali – A character in Knut Hamsun’s ‘Hunger’. Origin: Fictional/Norwegian. Meaning: Unknown.
  29. Yelpa – A Buddhist goddess. Origin: Buddhist. Meaning: Unknown.
  30. Yevpraksiya – A character in Russian literature. Origin: Russian. Meaning: Derived from Greek Eupraxia, meaning “good deeds” or “good action”.
  31. Yaotl – A character in Aztec mythology. Origin: Nahuatl (Aztec). Meaning: “Warrior” or “enemy”.
  32. Yota – A character in Greek folklore. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Unknown.
  33. Yavanna – A Valar from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium. Origin: Fictional. Meaning: Unknown.
  34. Ysolde – A character from the ‘Dragon Kin’ series. Origin: Fictional. Meaning: Unknown.
  35. Yolka – A character in Russian literature. Origin: Russian. Meaning: “Christmas tree”.
  36. Yudhika – A character in Hindu epics. Origin: Sanskrit/Hindi. Meaning: Derived from Yudhishthira, meaning “steady in battle” or “one who is firm in battle”.
  37. Yeva – A character in Armenian folktales. Origin: Armenian. Meaning: “Eve” or “life”.
  38. Yashoda – Foster-mother of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology. Origin: Hindi/Sanskrit. Meaning: “Success” or “fame giver”.
  39. Yumna – A character in Arabian Nights. Origin: Arabic. Meaning: “Blessedness” or “right hand”.
  40. Yaela – A character in Jewish folklore. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Variant of Yael, meaning “mountain goat” or “God’s strength”.
  41. Yevgenia – A character in Russian literature. Origin: Russian. Meaning: Feminine form of Yevgeny, meaning “well-born” or “noble”.
  42. Yasoda – A character in Hindu mythology. Origin: Hindi/Sanskrit. Meaning: “Success” or “fame giver”.

Final Thoughts

Strike a Chord with ‘Y’

Selecting a name for your little girl is a significant responsibility, as it becomes a precious gift she carries throughout her life.

The compilation of ‘Y’ names presented here showcases a delightful fusion of tradition and modernity, familiarity and uniqueness.

These names exude charm, strength, elegance, and a touch of the exotic.

Consider these elements as you embark on the marvelous journey of naming your daughter.

Remember, the perfect name awaits, eagerly awaiting your discovery.

And your child’s name is her lifelong companion, choose wisely and choose well.

Happy naming!

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