91 Haitian Girl Names for Your Little Love (With Meaning)

Welcome to a vibrant exploration of Haitian girl names, where each name tells a story steeped in rich cultural heritage and spirited tradition!

Whether you’re seeking a name that reflects the warmth of Haitian culture, the resilience of its people, or the natural beauty of the Caribbean, you’re in the right place.

Dive in and discover names that sparkle with history and resonate with meaning.

Get ready to be inspired by the captivating sounds and unique tales behind each name.

Let’s embark on this interactive journey and uncover the perfect name that stands out with personality and charm!

Timeless Haitian Girl Names


One of the most timeless and universally cherished names, Marie is derived from the Latin name Maria, meaning “beloved” or “wished-for child.” In Haiti, Marie is often used as a first name in combination with other names, adding layers of meaning and tradition.


With French origins, Jeanne is a classic name that signifies “God is gracious.” It is a name that has stood the test of time, embodying both strength and grace.


Claudette is a name of French origin that conveys elegance and sophistication. It means “lame” or “enclosure,” but its usage in Haiti is tied more closely to its melodic, graceful sound rather than its literal meaning.


This name combines the beauty of the rose with the strength of a line or boundary. Roseline is commonly used in Haiti, symbolizing both natural beauty and resilience.


Élise, a derivative of Elizabeth, means “pledged to God.” It is a name that resonates with both spiritual and cultural significance, often chosen for its simplicity and grace.


Nadège has its roots in the French word for “hope.” It’s a name that embodies optimism and the promise of a bright future, making it a popular choice among Haitian families.


Pronounced as “Mee-ray,” Mireille means “admirable” and is a name that captures the admiration and love parents have for their daughter. It’s elegantly timeless and carries a charm that never fades.


Philomène is derived from the Greek words for “love” and “strength.” It is a name that beautifully blends the concepts of heartfelt affection and inner fortitude, reflecting the resilience and warmth of Haitian culture.


Marguerite, meaning “pearl” in Greek, is a name that exudes a sense of elegance and purity. In Haitian culture, it is associated with preciousness and inner beauty, making it a cherished choice for many families.


Solange is of Latin origin, meaning “solemn” or “dignified.” This name is a testament to the grace and poise that Haitian parents wish to impart to their daughters. It’s a distinctive name that carries a sense of refinement and strength.


Fabienne is a name of French origin, meaning “craftsman” or “artisan.” It signifies creativity and skill, attributes highly valued in Haitian culture. This name is often chosen to inspire a sense of artistry and ingenuity.


Derived from the Latin word “silva,” meaning “forest,” Sylvie evokes the natural beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean landscapes. It is a name that inspires a connection to nature and a peaceful spirit.


Antoinette, with its French origins, means “priceless one” or “inestimable.” This name has an air of nobility and grace, often chosen to reflect the dignified and cherished nature of a daughter’s presence in the family.


Adeline is of Germanic origin, meaning “noble” or “nobility.” It’s a name that denotes a sense of honor and high esteem, perfectly aligning with the values of respect and integrity in Haitian culture.


Yvonne is a French name that means “yew wood” or “archer.” It symbolizes resilience and strength, much like the archers who wield the yew wood bows. This name embodies the enduring spirit and tenacity of Haitian women.


Giselle, originally of Germanic origin, means “pledge” or “hostage.” However, in modern usage, it is associated with grace and elegance, largely due to its use in ballet. It’s a name that conveys a sense of beauty and poise.


Thérèse is a name of French origin meaning “harvester.” It’s a name that illustrates a connection to the land and a sense of nurturing. Thérèse is often chosen to signify diligence, care, and familial devotion.


With its Greek roots, Véronique means “she who brings victory.” This name is a powerful emblem of triumph and success, chosen to inspire a victorious and confident spirit in a daughter.


Jacqueline, a French variant of Jacob, means “supplanter” or “one who follows.” It’s a name that has an enduring charm and sophistication, often chosen to reflect strength and tenacity in overcoming obstacles.


Derived from the Latin name Beatrix, Béatrice means “bringer of joy” or “blessed.” It is a name that reflects happiness and positivity, often chosen to embody the joyful spirit and cherished nature of a daughter.


Céleste has French and Latin origins, meaning “heavenly” or “of the sky.” This elegant name is often selected for its connotations of ethereal beauty and grace, symbolizing a celestial presence and elevated spirit.


Aurélie, derived from the Latin name Aurelia, means “golden” or “gilded.” This name evokes a sense of warmth and radiance, making it a glittering choice for a beloved daughter who brightens the lives of those around her.


Delphine is of Greek origin, meaning “dolphin.” It conjures images of the sea and intelligent marine life, reflecting a sense of harmony with nature and the unique charm of the Caribbean environment.


Séraphine is a name of Hebrew origin that means “fiery” or “burning one.” It signifies passion and intensity, making it an ideal choice for a strong-willed and spirited girl, embodying the fervent soul of Haitian culture.


Derived from the French name Nicolette, Colette means “victory of the people.” This name is sophisticated and endearing, often chosen for its fresh sound and the hope for communal harmony and triumph.


Noémie, of Hebrew origin, means “pleasantness” or “delight.” It is a name that exudes gentle charm and sweetness, often chosen to symbolize the delight a daughter brings to her family.


Hélène, rooted in Greek mythology, means “torch” or “light.” This luminous name reflects the radiant beauty and illuminating presence of a cherished daughter, symbolizing guidance and wisdom.


Mireille comes from the Occitan word “mirar,” meaning “to admire” or “to look at.” It is a name conveying the admiration and pride parents feel for their daughter, often chosen to represent beauty and grace.


Margot is a French diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.” It carries a sense of elegance and timeless beauty, often chosen to represent a precious and invaluable presence in the family.


Amélie, of Germanic origin, means “hardworking” or “industrious.” This name embodies diligence and perseverance, reflecting the value of hard work and resilience in Haitian culture.


Camille has Latin origins and means “attendant at a religious ceremony.” It is a name that resonates with spirituality and devotion, often chosen to reflect a harmonious and balanced nature.


Derived from the Latin name Aemilia, Émilie means “rival” or “eager.” This name carries a sense of determination and ambition, illustrating the competitive spirit and drive for excellence.


Laurette is a diminutive form of Laura, meaning “laurel” or “victory.” It is a name that signifies triumph and honor, chosen to inspire a sense of accomplishment and noble spirit.


Paulette is a French diminutive of Paul, meaning “small” or “humble.” This name carries an endearing quality and symbolizes humility and modesty, valued traits in Haitian culture.


Of Scandinavian origin, meaning “Son of Carr,” this name carries a sense of heritage and tradition, often associated with strength and family ties.


A name with German roots, meaning “Free Man.” It symbolizes independence and liberty, often chosen for its strong, empowering connotations.


Originating from Spanish culture, this name means “Spear Brave,” reflecting courage and valor, typically chosen for its historical and heroic undertones.


A modern invented name with no specific origin, Kapricia is unique and whimsical, often selected for its originality and contemporary feel.


Of Greek origin, meaning “Pure.” This name exudes simplicity and elegance, often associated with purity and clarity.


Another name with Greek origins, meaning “Peace.” It represents harmony and tranquility, making it a popular choice for its soothing and serene qualities.


With Hebrew origins, meaning “Princess.” This name is often chosen for its regal and graceful connotations, symbolizing nobility and charm.


Again, a name from Spanish origin meaning “Spear Brave.” It reemphasizes bravery and strength, often chosen for its strong and heroic associations.


Origin – African American; Meaning – Gracious, beautiful. Often used to signify someone who embodies elegance and charm.


Origin – Hebrew; Meaning – Song of joy. This name is often given to girls who are believed to bring happiness and melody into their families.


Origin – Hebrew; Meaning – Princess. A name that reflects nobility and grace, often associated with a royal demeanor.


Origin – Greek; Meaning – Defender of the people. Popularly chosen for its strong and protective connotations.


Origin – Scandinavian; Meaning – Pure. A name that signifies innocence and cleanliness, often used to denote a person with a pure heart.


Origin – Arabic; Meaning – Protected by God. This name is often given with the hope that the bearer will be under divine protection.


Origin – Finnish; Meaning – Sweet. A name that reflects a gentle and kind nature, often associated with sweetness and charm.


Origin – Native American (Navajo); Meaning – Old one. This name is often used to honor elders and is associated with wisdom and experience.


Origin – French; Meaning – Sword. This name symbolizes strength and valor, often chosen for its strong and sharp connotations.


Origin – Native American (Shoshone); Meaning – Bird woman. Famous name of the Shoshone woman who helped Lewis and Clark expedition.


Origin – Germanic; Meaning – Battle combat. A name associated with warrior-like qualities and strength.


Origin – Hebrew; Meaning – Grace. Often chosen for its association with elegance and kindness.


Origin – Latin; Meaning – Bean cultivator. This name is often associated with growth and nurturing qualities.


Origin – English; Meaning – Son of Steven. This name represents lineage and heritage, often used to denote a family connection.


Origin – Italian; Meaning – Little flower. A name that signifies beauty and delicacy, often associated with nature.


Origin – Native American (Hidatsa); Meaning – Bird woman. Similar to Sacagawea, it reflects the natural world and freedom.


Origin – Hebrew; Meaning – Native-born Israeli. A name that denotes patriotism and a strong connection to one’s homeland.


Origin – Spanish; Meaning – Crowned in victory. This name is often given to signify triumph and success.


Origin – Latin; Meaning – Noble. A name that reflects high status and dignity, often associated with nobility.


Origin – Hebrew; Meaning – God is my judge. This name is often chosen for its spiritual significance, implying divine justice and faith.

Cute Haitian Girl Names

Cute Haitian Girl Names


Meaning “father’s laughter,” Abigail is a name that carries joy and happiness, symbolizing the delight a child brings to their parents.


This name, meaning “born of fire,” reflects passion, strength, and fervor, often associated with a fiery personality.


As a “defender of all humanity,” Alex is a strong and noble name, embodying protection and bravery for all people.


Meaning “defender,” Alexis represents courage and the ability to stand up for what is right.


Signifying “noble and ready,” Alfonso is a name that suggests both high status and preparedness.


With the meaning “eternal ruler,” Erika denotes a sense of timeless authority and leadership.


A name that stands for “significant,” Facundo implies importance and value.


Known as an “adventurer and explorer,” Fernando is a name that evokes a spirit of discovery and courage.


Meaning “free man,” Frantz symbolizes independence and freedom.


As “the chosen one,” Guadalupe holds a sense of destiny and special selection.


This name, meaning “man of time,” represents wisdom and experience gathered over years.


Defined as “a gift from God,” Jonathan reflects a sense of divine blessing and preciousness.


Meaning “youthful,” Jules brings to mind vitality, energy, and a youthful spirit.


A name that means “Fanciful,” Kaprice suggests creativity and imagination.


Meaning “Beautiful,” Karas is a name that conveys elegance and aesthetic appeal.


Signifying origins from “Carew Castle,” Karey carries a sense of heritage and history.


With the meaning “Grace,” Karissa embodies elegance, kindness, and poise.


Meaning “Little and Womanly,” Karolyn suggests a combination of youthfulness and femininity.


This name stands for “Womanly, Strength,” representing both femininity and resilience.


Meaning “Cart Driver,” Karter is associated with a hardworking and industrious nature.


Signifying “lion,” Léon represents courage, strength, and leadership.


A name that means “brave,” Léopold symbolizes valor and fearlessness.


Meaning “day of birth,” Natacha is associated with new beginnings and life.


Defined as “Mighty,” Ramiro embodies power and strength.


This name means “Lucky,” suggesting good fortune and prosperity.


Meaning “Wise,” Sage represents wisdom, knowledge, and insight.


With the meanings “Told by God” or “God has Heard,” Samie reflects a divine connection and spiritual presence.


Meaning “Told by God,” Samantha carries a sense of divine communication and guidance.


Defined as “Beneficent” or “Fortunate,” Sanya suggests generosity and good luck.


Meaning “guest and host,” Zénon reflects hospitality, friendliness, and a welcoming nature.


Choosing the perfect name is a journey filled with meaning, history, and heart.

Whether you’re drawn to names that evoke strength and valor, like Sabre or Edwige, or those that carry the grace and elegance of Ana and Karissa, there’s a story behind each one waiting to be told.

Dive into the rich tapestry of names, explore their origins, and let their meanings resonate with your heart.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and significance of names together, and perhaps you’ll find that perfect name that feels just right.

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