269 Beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names to Consider for Your Baby

Venturing into the world of Hawaiian girl names is like embarking on a beautiful journey through paradise.

Each name tells a story, intricately woven with the charm of the islands’ captivating beauty, the rhythm of its ocean waves, and the spirit of its ancient legends.

These aren’t just names; they are soulful melodies and vibrant hues of Hawaiian culture, encapsulating the essence of Aloha.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of Hawaiian girl names, each more beautiful and meaningful than the last.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Here are a few popular Hawaiian girl names, along with their meanings:

  • Alamea: A precious child who is cherished and adored
  • Alani: A tree that bears the vibrant and refreshing orange fruit
  • Alaula: The magical light that illuminates the sky during dawn or sunset
  • Anela: An angelic being, radiating love and kindness
  • Anuhea: A fragrant and cool essence that brings a sense of tranquility
  • Halia: A beautiful name that serves as a loving remembrance of a dear one
  • Hi’ilani: The heavenly embrace that provides comfort and solace
  • Ilima: A delightful flower that symbolizes the beauty of Oahu
  • Ipo: A term of endearment for a beloved sweetheart
  • Kaimana: The empowering force of the sea, representing strength and resilience
  • Kaia: The vast and captivating sea, filled with mysteries and wonders
  • Kailani: A name that combines the elements of the sea and the sky, symbolizing freedom and vastness
  • Kala: The radiant and warm sun that brings light and life to the world
  • Kalena: A pure and untainted name that represents innocence and clarity
  • Kealani: The heavenly realm that is adorned with a serene whiteness
  • Keola: A name that signifies the essence and vitality of life itself
  • Kiana: A divine and celestial being, emanating grace and beauty
  • Kona: A name that carries the elegance and sophistication of a lady
  • Lani: The vast and limitless sky or heaven, symbolizing expansiveness and possibilities
  • Lehua: A delicate and exquisite flower that blooms on the Ohia tree
  • Leialoha: A beloved child who is cherished and loved dearly
  • Leilani: A name that represents the heavenly flowers, radiating beauty and grace
  • Lilo: A generous and kind-hearted individual who embodies the spirit of giving
  • Lokelani: A small and enchanting red rose, symbolizing love and beauty
  • Luana: A name that signifies contentment, happiness, and overall well-being
  • Maelani: An ethereal and radiant light that originates from heaven
  • Mahina: The serene and enchanting moon, evoking a sense of calmness and tranquility
  • Malia: A name that represents a state of serenity, peace, and tranquility
  • Malea: A name that carries a sense of possibility and probability
  • Makena: A joyful and happy individual who spreads positivity and cheer
  • Meli: A sweet and delightful name that means “honey”
  • Moana: A name that represents the vastness and beauty of the ocean
  • Nalani: A name that signifies the heavens, exuding a sense of celestial beauty
  • Noelani: A name that evokes the image of heavenly mist, creating an ethereal and magical atmosphere
  • Ohana: A term that encapsulates the concept of family, love, and togetherness
  • Pauahi: A name that signifies the end of a fire, bringing forth a sense of calmness and tranquility
  • Poluna: A name that describes chubby cheeks, radiating cuteness and charm
  • Pualani: A heavenly flower that exudes beauty, grace, and elegance
  • Uilani: A name that represents great beauty, capturing attention and admiration
  • Wailani: A name that signifies heavenly water, bringing forth a sense of purity and serenity
  • Wehilani: A name that signifies being adorned by heaven, symbolizing grace and elegance.

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

For those who seek unique Hawaiian girl names, here are a few:

  • Ailana: A name that signifies love and affection.
  • Akela: A name that represents nobility and kindness.
  • Anani: A name associated with the vibrant and fruitful orange tree.
  • Anelalani: A name that symbolizes the clarity and beauty of the sky.
  • Haukea: A name that reflects the purity and serenity of white snow.
  • Hauoli: A name that expresses happiness and joy.
  • Hiwa: A name that captures the essence of jet black beauty.
  • Hulali: A name that shines and radiates with brilliance.
  • Ilihia: A name that describes the feeling of being awed and inspired.
  • Iolana: A name that soars high and free like a majestic hawk.
  • Kaimalie: A name that represents the calmness and tranquility of the sea.
  • Kaena: A name that signifies praise and admiration.
  • Kahealani: A name that resonates with the call and allure of heaven.
  • Kalea: A name that brings joy, happiness, and positivity.
  • Kalia: A name that conveys clarity, brightness, and radiance.
  • Kalani: A name that embodies the celestial beauty and majesty of the heavens.
  • Kaloni: A name that symbolizes the vastness and expanse of the sky.
  • Kamaile: A name that signifies being a child of light and illumination.
  • Kapua: A name that is reminiscent of the delicate and vibrant beauty of flowers.
  • Keikilani: A name that represents a child of heaven, blessed and protected.
  • Keona: A name that signifies God’s gracious gift and blessing.
  • Kehaulani: A name that evokes the refreshing and rejuvenating essence of heavenly dew.
  • Kehlani: A name that combines the elements of the sea and sky, representing harmony and beauty.
  • Kilinahe: A name that embodies the gentle and soothing nature of soft rain.
  • Laka: A name associated with the goddess of hula, representing the art and beauty of dance.
  • Leilana: A name that signifies a heavenly flower, delicate and enchanting.
  • Leimomi: A name that represents a child of pearls, rare and precious.
  • Liliha: A name that denotes passion and intensity, a fiery spirit.
  • Loe: A name that signifies a friend of the king, loyal and trusted.
  • Malulani: A name that represents being protected and sheltered by the heavens.
  • Maka: A name that signifies being a favorite one, held dear and cherished.
  • Makanalani: A name that represents a heavenly gift, bestowed with grace and beauty.
  • Moanikeala: A name that evokes the fragrant breeze of the mountains, refreshing and invigorating.
  • Naline: A name that embodies the serenity and tranquility of the skies.
  • Nanea: A name that describes something fascinating, captivating, and alluring.
  • Nohea: A name that reflects loveliness, beauty, and gracefulness.
  • Olina: A name that represents joy, happiness, and positivity.
  • Palila: A name that signifies a bird, free-spirited and graceful.
  • Pualena: A name that embodies the vibrant and radiant nature of a yellow flower.
  • Puanani: A name that signifies a beautiful flower, exuding grace and elegance.
  • Uakoko: A name that represents a rainy child, bringing life and vitality.
  • Ualani: A name that symbolizes the heavenly rain, nurturing and refreshing.
  • Ulani: A name that embodies cheerfulness, happiness, and optimism.
  • Waipuna: A name that represents the purity and vitality of spring water.

Common Themes in Hawaiian Girl Names

Many Hawaiian girl names have meanings that revolve around nature, beauty, and positivity. Some common themes among these names include:

  • Heavenly Names: Many Hawaiian girl names have heavenly or celestial meanings, symbolizing the beauty and majesty of the heavens.
  • Nature-Inspired Names: The Hawaiian culture is deeply connected to nature, and many names are inspired by the natural beauty of the islands, such as flowers, trees, and animals.
  • Positive Traits: Hawaiian names often embody positive virtues and traits, such as joy, happiness, love, and kindness.
  • Family Names: The concept of family is highly valued in Hawaiian culture, and many names reflect this through meanings related to family or togetherness.

Heavenly Names

They often hold profound spiritual meanings that resonate with the people’s strong belief in divine powers.

These names not only carry a spiritual connotation but also reflect the deep-rooted beliefs and customs of Hawaiian culture.

  • Aolani: Heavenly cloud
  • Akela: Noble, kind
  • Alamea: Precious child
  • Anani: Orange tree
  • Anela: Angel
  • Anelalani: Clear sky
  • Aukai: Seafarer
  • Haukea: White snow
  • Hauoli: Happy
  • Hi’ilani: In the arms of heaven
  • Hiwa: Jet black
  • Hulali: Shining
  • Ilima: Flower of Oahu
  • Iolana: To soar like an eagle
  • Ipo: Sweetheart
  • Kaimalie: Calm sea
  • Kaimana: Power of the sea
  • Kalia: Clear, bright
  • Kehaulani: Clearing of the sky
  • Kealani: White heaven
  • Keona: God’s gracious gift
  • Kilinahe: Soft, gentle rain
  • Lani: Sky or heaven
  • Leilani: Heavenly flowers
  • Leimomi: Child of pearls
  • Liliha: Angry, mad
  • Lokelani: Small red rose
  • Luana: Contentment, well-being
  • Maelani: Light from heaven
  • Makanalani: Heavenly gift
  • Mahina: Moon
  • Malia: Calm and peaceful
  • Malea: Perhaps, probably
  • Malulani: Protected by heaven
  • Makani: Wind
  • Moanikeala: Fragrant breeze of the mountains
  • Nalani: The heavens
  • Noelani: Heavenly mist
  • Ohana: Family
  • Pualani: Heavenly flower
  • Poluna: Chubby cheeks
  • Uakoko: Rainy, child
  • Uilani: Great beauty
  • Ulani: Cheerful
  • Wailani: Heavenly water
  • Wehilani: Adorned by heaven

Nature-Inspired Names

Hawaiian names often incorporate elements of the natural world, reflecting the indigenous peoples’ deep connection to their environment.

  • Alani: Orange tree
  • Alaula: Light of dawn or sunset glow
  • Anelalani: Clear sky
  • Aolani: Cloud from heaven
  • Aukai: Seafarer
  • Haukea: White snow
  • Hauoli: Happy
  • Hiwa: Jet black
  • Hulali: Shining
  • Ilima: Flower of Oahu
  • Iolana: To soar like an eagle
  • Kailani: Sea and sky
  • Kaena: Praise
  • Kahealani: The call of heaven
  • Kaimalie: Calm sea
  • Kalia: Clear, bright
  • Kaloni: The sky
  • Kamail: Child of light
  • Kapua: Flower
  • Kilinahe: Soft, gentle rain
  • Laka: Goddess of hula
  • Lani: Sky or heaven
  • Lehua: Flower of the Ohia tree
  • Leilana: Heavenly flower
  • Leimomi: Child of pearls
  • Lokelani: Small red rose
  • Mahina: Moon
  • Malulani: Protected by heaven
  • Makani: Wind
  • Moana: Ocean
  • Moanikeala: Fragrant breeze of the mountains
  • Nalani: The heavens
  • Naline: Serenity of the skies
  • Nohea: Lovely
  • Ohana: Family
  • Palila: Bird
  • Pualani: Heavenly flower
  • Pualena: Yellow flower
  • Puanani: Beautiful flower
  • Uakoko: Rainy, child
  • Ualani: Heavenly rain
  • Uilani: Great beauty
  • Waipuna: Spring water
  • Wailani: Heavenly water

Positive Trait Names

Hawaiian girl names often embody positive virtues and traits, such as joy, happiness, love, and kindness.

  • Ahe: Soft breeze, implying gentleness and calmness
  • Aolani: Heavenly cloud, implying divine joy
  • Aulii: Delicious, delightful
  • Akela: Noble, kind
  • Anela: Angel, implying goodness and divine love
  • Hau’oli: Joy, happiness
  • Haukea: White snow, implying purity
  • Hi’ilani: In the arms of heaven, implying divine protection and love
  • Kalama: Light, torch, implying guidance and hope
  • Kaloni: The sky, implying vastness and serenity
  • Kalea: Joy, happiness
  • Kala: Princess, implying dignity and grace
  • Kaimana: Power of the sea, implying strength and resilience
  • Kamalani: Heavenly child, implying preciousness
  • Kehau: Dew, implying freshness and calm
  • Kealohilani: The brightness of love from heaven
  • Kilakila: Majestic, implying strength and grace
  • Ku’ulei: My sweetheart
  • Kulia: Strive, implying the virtue of perseverance
  • Lahela: Innocent, pure
  • Laina: Peaceful, calm
  • Lani: Sky, heaven, implying heavenly joy
  • Leilani: Heavenly flowers, implying divine beauty and joy
  • Lilo: Generous one
  • Lokomaika’i: Goodness, generosity
  • Lokomaika’i: Goodness, generosity
  • Makamae: Precious, beloved
  • Mahina: Moon, implying peace and calmness
  • Malana: Light, buoyant
  • Malie: Calm
  • Maluhia: Peace, calmness
  • Maile: Quiet, calm
  • Melia: Plumeria, implying beauty and delight
  • Nalani: The heavens, implying serenity
  • Nalanie: Calm skies, implying peace and serenity
  • Nanea: Fascinating, captivating
  • Napua: The flowers, implying beauty and joy
  • Noelani: Heavenly girl, implying divine beauty
  • Nohea: Loveliness
  • Ohana: Family, implying love and togetherness
  • Oliana: Oleander, implying beauty and grace
  • Palila: Free bird, implying freedom and joy
  • Pilialoha: Binding love
  • Pomaika’i: Blessing, good fortune
  • Pualani: Heavenly flower, implying divine beauty
  • Wehilani: Adorned by heaven, implying divine beauty

Family Names

Many names also symbolize familial ties, emphasizing the importance of ‘ohana’ or family in the Hawaiian community.

  • Aolani: Heavenly family
  • Ohana: Family
  • Makamae: My precious
  • Lokomaika’i: Goodness, kindness
  • Ipo: Sweetheart
  • Keiki: Child
  • Kaikaina: Younger sibling
  • Kaikamahine: Daughter
  • Kaiko: Child with a happy future
  • Kaiulani: The royal sacred one
  • Kapua: Child of mystery
  • Kauanoe: The mist of the mountains
  • Kealohilani: The brightness of heaven
  • Keikilani: Heavenly child
  • Kekamakana: The gift child
  • Kekauilani: Heavenly arrival
  • Kelilani: Glorified child
  • Konani: Bright
  • Ku’uipo: My sweetheart
  • Lilo: Generous one
  • Loni: Heaven
  • Mahana: Warmth, like a mother’s love
  • Makana: The gift
  • Malana: Buoyant, light
  • Malia: Calm as the sea
  • Manaia: Beautiful
  • Miki: Quick, nimble
  • Mila: Dear one
  • Moani: Breezes of scent
  • Nani: Beautiful
  • Noelani: Heavenly girl
  • Okalani: Heaven
  • Palila: Bird
  • Pualani: Heavenly flower
  • Puanani: Beautiful flower
  • U’i: Beautiful
  • Ulani: Cheeful
  • Waiola: Water of life
  • Kaila: Style
  • Keani: The wave, breeze
  • Keao: The light of day
  • Keilani: Glorious chief
  • Kina: China
  • Lani: Heaven
  • Lea: Mythological goddess of canoe builders
  • Leilani: Heavenly flowers
  • Luana: Happy, content
  • Maile: A vine used in leis
  • Malina: Soothing, calming.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

A treasure trove of beautiful Hawaiian girl names, each one resonating with nature, spirituality, or familial bonds.

Each name is like a miniature story, steeped in a rich cultural heritage and carrying profound meanings.

Whether it’s the soothing ‘Malia’, the joyful ‘Hauoli’, or the heavenly ‘Aolani’, every name brings a little piece of the Hawaiian islands’ spirit.

So if you’re in the process of naming your bundle of joy, why not consider a Hawaiian name?

It’s more than just a name; it’s a gift of heritage, culture, and an everlasting connection to a beautiful philosophy of life.

Now, aren’t you excited about the naming journey you’re embarking on?

Let the Aloha spirit guide your way!

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