100 Enchanting Polynesian Girl Names You’ll Love Exploring

Welcome to a world where names sing like the waves crashing on the pristine shores of a tropical island!

Polynesian girl names are much more than just words; they are melodies filled with rich cultural heritage, stories of courage, and deep connections to nature.

Each name carries a rhythm and resonance that tells a tale, weaving together the ancient wisdom of the Polynesian islands.

As you delve into this vibrant collection, get ready to be enchanted by names that sparkle with beauty, echo with tradition, and bring the lush landscapes of the Pacific right to your imagination.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting voyage through the enchanting world of Polynesian girl names? Let’s set sail!

History and Culture

The Polynesian islands are a group of over 1,000 islands scattered across the central and southern Pacific Ocean.

These islands include popular destinations such as Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, and Fiji.

The people who inhabit these islands are known as Polynesians and have a rich cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years.

Their traditions and customs revolve around connections to nature, community, and family. For this reason, names hold great significance in their culture.

In traditional Polynesian societies, naming a child was considered a sacred ritual that required careful thought and consideration.

Names were chosen carefully to reflect the child’s personality or traits they were believed to possess. Often, names also honored ancestors or gods and goddesses, making them deeply meaningful to the Polynesian people.

Popular Polynesian Girl Names

Popular Polynesian Girl Names

Now that we have a better understanding of the history and culture behind these beautiful names, let’s explore some popular Polynesian girl names.

  • Aina: Aina means “land” in Hawaiian. It reflects the deep connection Polynesians have with their land and nature.
  • Laila: This name, meaning “night” in Tongan, is both simple and elegant, evoking the serene beauty of an island night.
  • Kalia: Often translated to “beauty” or “beloved,” Kalia is a popular name in Hawaiian culture, symbolizing qualities that are cherished in society.
  • Aiana: Aiana means “eternal bloom” in Maori, reflecting resilience, growth, and the timeless beauty of nature.
  • Ailana: This name can mean “light bearer” in Hawaiian, signifying guidance, hope, and illumination.
  • Emele: A name of Samoan origin, Emele can be translated to “rival” or “industrious,” representing strength and determination.
  • Alanah: While of uncertain exact Polynesian origin, Alanah means “precious” or “awakening,” embodying value and consciousness.
  • Noelani: A beautiful name meaning “heavenly mist” or “heavenly beauty” in Hawaiian, Noelani captures the ethereal and divine essence found in Polynesian culture.
  • Keala: Meaning “the path” or “the way” in Hawaiian, Keala is a name that signifies a journey and represents direction, purpose, and growth.
  • Malie: A popular name in the Polynesian islands, Malie means “calm” or “peaceful,” symbolizing tranquility and harmony.
  • Fwiw: The name “Fwiw” is not a traditional Polynesian name but has gained popularity recently. It’s an acronym for “For What It’s Worth” and symbolizes open-mindedness, adaptability, and a free spirit—qualities linked to the laid-back island lifestyle.
  • Oline: A name of Hawaiian origin meaning “joyful,” Oline reflects the lively, joyous spirit and energy of Polynesian culture.
  • Oriana: This name is derived from the Tahitian word “ori,” which means dance. It represents movement, expression, and passion – all essential elements in traditional Polynesian dances.

Each of these names carries a deep connection to the natural world, culture, and values of the Polynesian people.

Musical Girls Names (Polynesia)

One of the most unique aspects of Polynesian girl names is their musical quality. Many names have a melodic flow and are often inspired by nature or elements of the islands.

Some popular examples include:

  • Alana: Derived from the Hawaiian word for “awakening” or “precious,” this name is often bestowed upon cherished girls.
  • Anela: Meaning “angel,” this name signifies purity, divinity, and ethereal beauty.
  • Aolani: Combining “ao” (cloud) and “lani” (heaven), this name poetically describes a heavenly cloud.
  • Halia: This name means “remembrance of a loved one,” often honoring an important family or community member.
  • Hina: Meaning “goddess of the moon,” this name reflects a divine connection to lunar beauty and mysticism.
  • Iolana: Translating to “to soar like a hawk,” this name symbolizes freedom and the spirit of exploration.
  • Kaila: Meaning “stylish” in Hawaiian, this name captures elegance and grace.
  • Kailani: This name translates to “sea and sky,” representing the connection between these two powerful natural forces.
  • Kalani: Meaning “the heavens,” this name signifies the grandeur of the sky and the celestial realm above.
  • Keilani: Meaning “glorious” or “royal one,” this name embodies majesty and nobility.
  • Lani: Derived from the word “heaven,” Lani is a popular name for girls, capturing the beauty and serenity of the Polynesian skies.
  • Leilani: Literally translating to “heavenly flower,” this name evokes images of lush tropical blooms throughout the islands.
  • Mahina: Meaning “moon,” this name reflects the gentle, calming presence of the moon in the night sky.
  • Malia: Translating to “calm” or “peaceful,” this name evokes a sense of serenity and tranquility.
  • Mele: Meaning “song” or “poem,” this name captures the musical and lyrical essence of Polynesian culture.
  • Moana: Meaning “ocean,” this name pays tribute to the vast expanse of water surrounding and sustaining the Polynesian islands.
  • Nalani: Meaning “the heavens,” this name embodies the tranquility and expansiveness of the sky.
  • Nohea: Translating to “lovely” or “handsome,” this name is often given to those who radiate inner and outer beauty.
  • Olina: Meaning “joyous,” this name reflects happiness and cheerfulness.
  • Palila: This name means “bird,” symbolizing the connection to nature and the skies above.
  • Pilialoha: Translating to “beloved,” this name embodies affection and deep love.
  • Pua: Meaning “flower,” this name evokes the vibrant and colorful flora of the Polynesian islands.
  • Ulani: Meaning “cheerful,” this name signifies joy and happiness.
  • Waiola: Translating to “water of life,” this name represents purity and the life-sustaining elements of water.

These names beautifully capture the essence of Polynesian culture, reflecting the islands’ natural beauty and deeply held traditions.

Polynesian Names Reflecting Strength & Spirit

In addition to their musical quality, many Polynesian girl names also embody strength and spirit.

In traditional societies, women held prominent roles in their communities and were seen as powerful figures. This is reflected in names such as:

  • Alamea: Signifying “precious” or “ripe,” this name embodies something deeply cherished and valued.
  • Anuhea: Meaning “a cool, fragrant breeze,” this name evokes the refreshing and soothing qualities of nature.
  • Aolani: Translating to “heavenly cloud,” this unique name symbolizes strength, bravery, and determination.
  • Hoku: Meaning “star,” this name represents guidance and illumination.
  • Hoʻomana: Reflecting spiritual strength and devotion, this name means “to worship or to show reverence.”
  • Iolana: Derived from the Hawaiian word “io” (hawk), this name signifies strength and freedom.
  • Kaia: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian, this name reflects the eternal and powerful presence of the ocean.
  • Kaile’a: Translating to “joyful sea,” this name captures the bliss and tranquility of the ocean.
  • Kiana: Meaning “divine,” this name signifies inner strength and courage.
  • Luana: This name means “happy” or “content,” embodying a joyful, positive spirit.
  • Malia: Rooted in Hawaiian mythology, this name means “bitter” or “sea of bitterness,” representing determination and resilience.
  • Makana: Translating to “gift” in Hawaiian, this name signifies something precious and lovingly bestowed.
  • Pualani: Combining “pua” (flower) and “lani” (heaven), this name means “heavenly flower,” encapsulating floral beauty and celestial grace.
  • Malie: This Hawaiian name means “calm” or “serene,” often given to those who bring peace and tranquility to their surroundings.
  • Noelani: Meaning “heavenly mist,” this name reflects the ethereal beauty and delicate presence of island mist.
  • Oliana: Signifying “oleander,” a flowering plant, this name symbolizes beauty and grace.
  • Ululani: Combining “ulu” (prosperous) and “lani” (heaven), this name translates to “heavenly growth,” signifying abundant flourishing.
  • Waimarie: Meaning “good luck” or “fortunate” in Hawaiian, this name emphasizes joy and positive outcomes.
  • Lokelani: Translating to “heavenly rose,” this name captures the elegance and beauty of a rose bathed in divine presence.
  • Kalea: Meaning “bright” or “clear,” this name signifies clarity, brightness, and positivity.
  • Ailani: Reflecting nobility and leadership qualities admired in Polynesian culture, this name means “high chief” or “leader.”
  • Hapa: Translating to “half” or “mixed,” this name celebrates the blending of cultures or heritage, emphasizing diversity and inclusion.
  • Moanike’ala: Meaning “ocean’s fragrance,” this name captures the essence and enchanting allure of the sea.
  • Lehua: Named after the lehua flower, this name signifies beauty, resilience, and the rich flora of the Polynesian islands.

These additional names continue to reflect the poetic, nature-inspired essence of Polynesian culture, while also embodying the deep meanings and traditions behind naming practices.

Additional Names Reflecting Polynesian Culture

  • Anahera (Maori) – Meaning “angel,” this name embodies purity and celestial grace, often bestowed upon those seen as blessings.
  • Apikalia (Hawaiian) – Signifying “from the Apikalia family,” this name represents a strong lineage and deep-rooted family connections.
  • Aroha (Maori) – Meaning “love,” this beautiful name symbolizes the deep and unconditional love central to Maori culture and spirituality.
  • Elikapeka (Hawaiian) – Derived from “Elizabeth,” meaning “God is my oath,” this name carries a promise of faith and dedication.
  • Haukea (Hawaiian) – Meaning “white snow,” this name evokes purity, tranquility, and the serene beauty of a snowy landscape.
  • Heriani (Tahitian) – Meaning “crown of heaven,” this regal name suggests divinity and royal heritage.
  • Ionana (Hawaiian) – Derived from the biblical name “Joanna,” meaning “God is gracious,” this name reflects divine grace and benevolence.
  • Fetia (Tahitian) – Meaning “star,” this name shines brightly, symbolizing hope and guidance in the night sky.
  • Iosefina (Hawaiian) – Derived from “Josephine,” meaning “God will add,” this name signifies abundance and divine blessings.
  • Kahurangi (Maori) – Meaning “blue” or “precious,” this name can denote both the vastness of the sky and something of immense value.
  • Kai (Hawaiian) – Meaning “sea,” this name brings to mind the vast, powerful, and life-giving ocean, central to Hawaiian culture.
  • Kailani (Hawaiian) – Meaning “sea and sky,” this name embodies the harmonious relationship between the ocean and the heavens.
  • Kakalina (Hawaiian) – Derived from “Catherine,” meaning “pure,” this name signifies purity and innocence.
  • Kalama (Hawaiian) – Meaning “flaming torch,” this name is associated with light, guidance, and a burning passion.
  • Keahi (Hawaiian) – Meaning “fire,” this powerful name symbolizes strength, energy, and transformation.
  • Kiri (Maori) – Meaning “skin” or “bark,” this name suggests a connection to nature and the physical world.
  • Lani (Hawaiian) – Meaning “sky” or “heaven,” this name conveys a sense of elevation and celestial beauty.
  • Lanuola (Samoan) – Meaning “color of life,” this vibrant name reflects the diversity and richness of life.
  • Leinani (Hawaiian) – Meaning “heavenly lei,” this name combines beauty with the sacredness of traditional Hawaiian garlands.
  • Makana (Hawaiian) – Meaning “gift,” this name signifies a precious and treasured offering.
  • Malia (Hawaiian) – Derived from “Mary,” meaning “bitter,” this name is often associated with strength and resilience despite its literal meaning.
  • Marama (Maori) – Meaning “moon” or “light,” this name evokes the gentle illumination of the moon and clarity.
  • Masina (Samoan) – Meaning “moon,” this name reflects the serene and constant presence of the moon in the night sky.
  • Mele (Hawaiian) – Meaning “song,” this name embodies the joy and harmony of music.
  • Melika (Hawaiian) – Meaning “honey bee,” this name represents industriousness and sweetness.
  • Moana (Maori & Hawaiian) – Meaning “ocean,” this name signifies depth, mystery, and the life-giving force of the sea.
  • Moerani (Tahitian) – Meaning “sleeping heaven,” this poetic name suggests peace and tranquility.
  • Nikora (Maori) – Derived from “Nicholas,” meaning “victory of the people,” this name embodies triumph and communal strength.
  • Palila (Hawaiian) – Meaning “bird,” this name is associated with freedom and the beauty of flight.
  • Pele (Hawaiian) – Named after the volcano goddess, this powerful name signifies creation and destruction, embodying the spirit of Hawaiian volcanoes.
  • Samaria (Biblical) – Meaning “watch mountain,” this name suggests vigilance and protection.
  • Talia (Samoan) – Meaning “to be calm,” this name embodies serenity and peace.
  • Tiare (Tahitian) – Meaning “flower,” this name represents natural beauty and delicacy.
  • Teuila (Samoan) – Named after a flower, this name is associated with grace and elegance.
  • Vaihere (Tahitian) – Meaning “beloved water,” this name signifies the precious and essential nature of water.
  • Wikolia (Hawaiian) – Derived from “Victoria,” meaning “victory,” this name signifies triumph and success.


Naming traditions in Polynesian culture are as rich and diverse as the islands themselves.

From names that evoke nature’s beauty to those signifying celestial wonders or spiritual meanings, each name is a testament to a heritage that values connection, meaning, and identity.

As you consider the names listed, let your imagination wander to lush landscapes, the sound of ocean waves, and the stories carried by gentle island breezes.

Why not delve even deeper?

Imagine bestowing one of these meaningful names; envision the qualities of strength, beauty, and cultural richness it conveys.

Which name resonates with you?

Feel free to explore and share your thoughts or favorite names from this beautiful collection. Embrace the poetry of Polynesian names. 🌺🌊✨

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