A To Z Meaningful Punjabi Girl Names

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Punjabi girl names from A to Z!

Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Punjab through this vibrant collection of beautiful and meaningful names.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a unique sound, a deep meaning, or simply a nod to your roots, we’ve got you covered.

Explore the alphabet and discover the perfect name that captures the essence of Punjabi tradition and modern elegance.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey and find that special name for your little princess!

Punjabi Girl Names From A

  • Aadhya – Meaning ‘First power’, this name is another way to refer to Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength and empowerment.
  • Aaradhya – Signifying ‘Worship’ or ‘Adoration’, it reflects deep respect and veneration.
  • Aarti – Represents a ‘Form of worship’, specifically the divine fire used in rituals, indicating purity and devotion.
  • Aasha – Translates to ‘Hope’ or ‘Aspiration’, embodying a positive outlook towards the future.
  • Abha – Means ‘Lustrous beauty’, suggesting radiant and glowing beauty.
  • Aditi – Signifies ‘Boundless, Free, Limitless’, representing vast potential and freedom.
  • Ajinder – Denotes ‘Victorious, Winner’, perfect for a born leader and achiever.
  • Akriti – Means ‘Shape, Form’, indicating structure and stability.
  • Alisha – ‘Protected by God’, a name that evokes a sense of safety and divine watch.
  • Amrita – Translates to ‘Immortal, Nectar’, symbolizing eternity and divinity.
  • Ananya – Meaning ‘Unique, Incomparable’, it celebrates uniqueness and unparalleled traits.
  • Anjali – ‘Offering with hands, Homage’, a name reflecting devotion and humility.
  • Anika – ‘Graceful’, another name for Goddess Durga, symbolizing elegance and power.
  • Anita – Means ‘Grace, Merciful’, signifying elegance and compassion.
  • Anjali – Also ‘Divine offering’, emphasizing an offering or tribute.
  • Aradhana – ‘Worship, Prayer’, representing deep spiritual devotion.
  • Arpita – Means ‘Dedicated, Devoted’, reflecting commitment and loyalty.
  • Arshiya – ‘Divine, Heavenly’, indicating celestial beauty or origin.
  • Asha – Another name for ‘Hope, Expectation’, embodying a looking forward to the future.
  • Ashima – ‘Limitless, Protector’, a name signifying boundless protection and care.
  • Aarvi – ‘Peaceful’, indicating calmness and tranquility.
  • Aarya – ‘Goddess’, evoking images of divine femininity and strength.
  • Aashi – ‘Smile’, symbolizing joy and happiness.
  • Aashna – ‘Beloved’, representing love and affection.
  • Aayra – ‘Noble’, signifying nobility and grandeur.

Names From B

  • Baljit – ‘Mighty victor’, perfect for someone strong and victorious.
  • Bani – ‘Words, Speech’, indicating eloquence and the power of expression.
  • Beena – ‘Seeing, Clear sighted’, symbolizing clarity and vision.
  • Bhavna – ‘Feelings, Emotions’, representing depth of emotion and sensitivity.
  • Bhumika – ‘Role, Character’, indicating one’s part or role in life or a story.
  • Bindiya – ‘Drop, Point’, often referring to the decorative dot worn on the forehead, symbolizing beauty.
  • Bipasha – ‘River, Beas in Punjab region’, evoking the flowing and enduring nature of life.
  • Brinda – Refers to the ‘Tulsi plant’, symbolizing purity and sanctity.
  • Bulbul – ‘Nightingale bird’, representing melodious songs and beauty.
  • Baani – ‘Earth, speech’, embodying the essence of life and communication.
  • Baljeet – ‘Mighty victory’, a variant of Baljit, emphasizing strength and success.
  • Baljinder – ‘Powerful’, suitable for someone with immense strength and power.
  • Baljit – Repeats as ‘Mighty’, underlining the importance of strength and victory.
  • Balpreet – ‘Love of strength’, merging love with the virtue of strength.

Names From C

  • Charvi – ‘Beautiful, Lovely’, signifying beauty and charm.
  • Chetna – ‘Consciousness, Awareness’, representing the state of being awake and mindful.
  • Chahat – ‘Desire’, embodying longing and aspiration.
  • Charan – ‘Feet’, symbolizing humility and earthliness.
  • Charanjeet – ‘Winning over the Lord’s feet’, indicating victory through spirituality.
  • Charanjot – ‘Light of the Lord’s feet’, symbolizing guidance and enlightenment.
  • Charanpreet – ‘Love of the Lord’s feet’, representing devotion and love for the divine.
  • Chaitali – ‘Born in the month of Chaitra’, linking the name to a time of spring and new beginnings.
  • Chaman – ‘Garden, Orchard’, evoking images of lushness and growth.
  • Champa – ‘Fragrant flower’, symbolizing beauty and fragrance.
  • Chanchal – ‘Playful, Restless’, suitable for someone lively and spirited.
  • Chandni – ‘Moonlight’, representing calmness and serenity.
  • Chavi – ‘Reflection, Mirror’, symbolizing self-awareness and understanding.
  • Cherish – ‘To treasure, adore’, indicating deep affection and care.
  • Chhavi – ‘Radiance, Beauty’, another word for beauty, emphasizing glow and allure.
  • Chitra – ‘Picture, Painting’, symbolizing artistry and creativity.
  • Chitrita – ‘Bright, vivid’, suitable for someone with a vibrant personality and presence.

Names From D

  • Darshan – Vision, Sight. A name that signifies seeing, understanding, and insight, often used in a spiritual context.
  • Deepti – Radiant, Brightness. Symbolizes light and glow, bringing brightness to life.
  • Devika – Little goddess, Minor deity. A name that conveys divine qualities and celestial beauty.
  • Disha – Direction, Path. Represents guidance, purpose, and the way forward in life.
  • Divya – Divine, Heavenly. Connotes something pure, virtuous, and otherworldly.
  • Drishti – Vision, Gaze. Signifies perception, point of view, and vision beyond sight.
  • Dhriti – Courage, Steadfastness. A name that embodies bravery, perseverance, and inner strength.
  • Drishti (again) – Focus, Outlook. Emphasizes concentration, perspective, and a long-term vision.
  • Daman – Protector, controller. Suggests someone who safeguards and manages with care and authority.
  • Dalbir – Brave soldier. Represents valor, courage, and the spirit of a warrior.
  • Daljeet – Win over army. Denotes victory, triumph, and overcoming obstacles.
  • Daljit – Victorious. A name associated with success, achievement, and conquering challenges.
  • Damini – Lightning. Signifies speed, power, and a striking presence.

Names From E

  • Eesha – Goddess Parvati. A divine name reflecting grace, strength, and compassion.
  • Ekjot – Unity, oneness. Embodies the principle of harmony and togetherness.
  • Eknoor – One light, God’s light. Signifies purity, enlightenment, and divine guidance.
  • Ekpreet – Love for God. Conveys devotion, faith, and profound love for the divine.
  • Esha – Desire, wish. A name that captures hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Names that start with the letter ‘F’

  • Fiza – Breeze or atmosphere. Evokes the feeling of freshness, freedom, and the essence of nature.
  • Farah – Joy or happiness. Represents cheerfulness, delight, and the joy of life.
  • Fauzia – Successful or victorious. Denotes success, victory, and achieving one’s goals.
  • Falak – Heaven or the sky. A name that conveys vastness, beauty, and the limitless heights one can reach.
  • Feroza – Turquoise or a precious stone. Symbolizes rarity, value, and the beauty of uniqueness.

Names that start with the letter ‘G’

  • Gagan – Sky. Represents openness, freedom, and infinite possibilities.
  • Gauri – Goddess Parvati. Reflects purity, fertility, and the nurturing aspect of the divine feminine.
  • Geet – Song. A name that evokes melody, harmony, and the beauty of music.
  • Gurleen – Absorbed in the Guru or divine knowledge. Signifies devotion, learning, and spiritual growth.
  • Gunjan – Humming or buzzing of a bee. Symbolizes industriousness, activity, and the sweetness of hard work.

Names that start with the letter ‘H’

  • Hargun – One having God’s qualities. Embodies virtue, righteousness, and divine attributes.
  • Harjas – One who praises God. Conveys devotion, worship, and the joy found in spiritual praise.
  • Harleen – Absorbed in God’s love. Represents deep devotion, love, and a spiritual connection with the divine.
  • Harpreet – Love for God. A name that denotes deep affection, reverence, and love for the divine.
  • Harshita – Joyful, happy. Captures the essence of joy, happiness, and the light-hearted spirit.

Names that start with the letter ‘I’

  • Isha: This name signifies desire or hope, embodying a sense of longing or aspiration.
  • Ishita: Denoting mastery or control, Ishita implies someone with power and dominance in their field.
  • Indira: Symbolizing beauty or splendor, Indira is often associated with grace and magnificence.
  • Iman: Meaning faith or belief, Iman represents deep spiritual conviction and trust.
  • Iram: A name that evokes the imagery of a garden or paradise, suggesting serenity and beauty.

Names that start with the letter ‘J’

  • Jaanvi: This name is inspired by the River Ganga, signifying purity and flowing grace.
  • Jagdeep: Meaning the light of the world, Jagdeep symbolizes someone who enlightens or guides others.
  • Jagjit: Translating to one who has won the world, it denotes victory and success on a global scale.
  • Jasbir: A name that reflects bravery akin to God’s name, suggesting a divine courage.
  • Jasleen: Signifying one absorbed in singing God’s praises, representing devotion and spiritual passion.

Names that start with the letter ‘K’

  • Kajal: Meaning eyeliner or kohl, this name is often associated with beauty and enhancing one’s appearance.
  • Kamaljeet: This name translates to victory of the Lotus, symbolizing purity and enlightenment triumphing over adversity.
  • Kanika: Meaning small and delicate, Kanika evokes a sense of fineness and subtlety.
  • Kavya: Denoting poem or poetry, Kavya signifies creativity and the beauty of expression through words.
  • Khushi: Meaning happiness or joy, Khushi embodies a state of bliss and delight.

Names that start with the letter L

  • Lakhbir: A name that conveys the bravery of a hundred thousand, suggesting immense courage and strength.
  • Lakhwinder: Symbolizing a victorious person who has earned a hundred thousand blessings, denoting success and divine favor.
  • Laveena: Meaning pure and gentle like the wind, Laveena implies softness, purity, and a free-spirited nature.
  • Leena: A name that represents a delicate and graceful woman, suggesting elegance and refinement.
  • Lekha: Meaning a record or document, Lekha embodies the idea of keeping records or storytelling through written word.

Names that start with the letter M

  • Madhuri: This name signifies sweetness or charm, often reflecting a personality that is pleasant and engaging.
  • Mahi: Meaning a beloved person or a beautiful woman, this name is often given to someone cherished deeply.
  • Mahira: Denotes a skilled and knowledgeable woman, signifying intelligence and proficiency.
  • Manpreet: This name represents a person who loves the mind or soul, reflecting depth of character and emotional connection.
  • Manroop: A beautiful person with an attractive appearance, emphasizing both inner and outer beauty.

Names that start with the letter N

  • Navdeep: Signifying a new flame or light, this name often symbolizes hope and renewal.
  • Navjot: A new ray of light or hope, offering a sense of inspiration and optimism.
  • Navleen: Meaning a new absorption or immersion, suggesting depth and concentration in pursuits.
  • Navneet: A new book or message, often denoting knowledge and learning.
  • Neha: Represents love or affection, capturing the essence of deep emotional bonds.

Names that start with the letter O

  • Ojaswini: Full of energy and vitality, this name is usually given to someone vibrant and lively.
  • Oorja: Denoting energy or strength, symbolizing power and dynamism.
  • Omisha: Goddess of birth and death, representing the cycle of life and profound mysteries.
  • Ojasvi: Meaning bright or shining, often reflecting a radiant personality or intellect.
  • Ojaswita: One who possesses great energy, signifying enthusiasm and vigor.
  • Om: The sacred sound or mantra in Hinduism, embodying the essence of the universe.

Names that start with the letter P

  • Palkin: Symbolizing an eyelash or a small gaze, this name suggests delicacy and attention to detail.
  • Parnika: A small leaf or a seed, denoting growth and potential.
  • Parveen: Meaning a star or a constellation, reflecting brightness and celestial beauty.
  • Prabhjot: Signifying divine light or radiance, often associated with enlightenment and guidance.
  • Prabhleen: One who is absorbed in God’s love, indicating devotion and spiritual passion.

Names that start with the letter Q

  • Qirat: Beautiful recitation of the Quran or holy book, embodying grace and spirituality.
  • Qismat: Destiny or fate, suggesting the forces of life beyond our control.
  • Qainat: Universe or cosmos, denoting vastness and complexity.
  • Qudrat: Nature or the power of God, symbolizing the awe-inspiring aspects of creation.
  • Qadar: Value or worth, emphasizing the intrinsic significance of every being.

Names that start with the letter R

  • Raman: Meaning pleasure or delight, this name evokes a sense of happiness and positivity.
  • Ramneek: Symbolizing a beautiful person with a pleasant demeanor, Ramneek is associated with beauty and grace.
  • Ranbir: A name that stands for a brave warrior or a hero, Ranbir evokes strength and valor.
  • Ravinder: Meaning Lord of the sun or a courageous person, this name conveys power and radiance.
  • Ria: Signifying a singer or someone with a melodious voice, Ria is associated with musical talent and harmony.

Names that start with the letter S

  • Sahiba: Translating to lady or mistress, Sahiba denotes respect and nobility.
  • Samaira: Meaning a nocturnal visitor or a pleasant breeze, Samaira has a mysterious and refreshing quality.
  • Sania: A name that stands for a brilliant or radiant person, Sania evokes brightness and vibrancy.
  • Simran: Representing meditation or remembrance of God, Simran implies spirituality and devotion.
  • Sonam: Meaning a beautiful and fortunate person, Sonam is associated with luck and attractiveness.

Names that start with the letter T

  • Tanvi: Signifying a delicate and gentle woman, Tanvi evokes femininity and grace.
  • Tejaswini: Meaning one who is radiant or full of energy, Tejaswini conveys dynamism and liveliness.
  • Tisha: A name that stands for a joyful or happy person, Tisha brings to mind cheerfulness and positivity.
  • Trisha: Representing a thirst or a desire, Trisha conveys a sense of longing and aspiration.
  • Tavleen: Meaning one absorbed in meditation or prayer, Tavleen implies deep spirituality and contemplation.

Names that start with the letter U

  • Upasana: Translating to worship or devotion, Upasana is associated with deep religious feelings and fervor.
  • Urvashi: Meaning a celestial maiden or an apsara, Urvashi evokes beauty and ethereal qualities.
  • Urmi: Signifying a wave or a storm, Urmi conveys motion and intensity.
  • Usha: Meaning dawn or sunrise, Usha represents new beginnings and hope.
  • Urvi: Denoting Earth or soil, Urvi reflects stability, fertility, and groundedness.

Names that start with the letter V

  • Vanshika: A descendant of a noble family or clan, symbolizing heritage and rootedness.
  • Varsha: Rain or monsoon, suggesting purity and renewal, often associated with life and growth.
  • Veerpal: A brave protector or guardian, embodying strength and courage in safeguarding others.
  • Vibha: Radiance or brightness, indicating light and positivity, and often associated with hope.
  • Vinita: Modest or humble, reflecting a grounded and unassuming nature.
  • Veer: Brave or courageous, representing valor and fearlessness in the face of challenges.

Names that start with the letter W

  • Waheeda: One who is unique or peerless, highlighting individuality and distinction.
  • Wamiqa: A lover or a beloved, denoting passion and affection.
  • Warispreet: Love for the inheritance or legacy, indicating a deep connection with one’s roots and heritage.
  • Warisleen: Absorbed in the inheritance or legacy, suggesting dedication and commitment to family history.
  • Warisjeet: Victory of the inheritance or legacy, symbolizing success in preserving one’s heritage.

Names that start with the letter Y

  • Yuvika: Young or youthful, embodying vitality and freshness.
  • Yamini: A nocturnal or a night-time person, indicating mystery and depth.
  • Yashika: Success or fame, representing achievement and recognition.
  • Yasmine: Jasmine flower, symbolizing beauty and fragrance, and often associated with grace.
  • Yatri: Traveler or a pilgrim, reflecting a journeying spirit and a quest for knowledge.
  • Yuvraj: Prince or heir apparent, denoting royalty and leadership.

Names that start with the letter Z

  • Zainab: Fragrant flower or a daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, suggesting beauty and spiritual significance.
  • Zara: A princess or a star, embodying elegance and brilliance.
  • Zoya: A living or an affectionate person, indicating vibrancy and warmth.
  • Zeba: Beauty or elegance, reflecting charm and sophistication.
  • Zehra: Bright or shining, suggesting luminosity and clarity.
  • Zareen: Golden or precious, symbolizing worth and value.
  • Zayan: Bright or shining, representing light and hope, echoing the qualities of guidance and inspiration.


Choosing a name is a beautiful and significant journey, one that weaves together history, culture, and personal aspiration.

Each name listed here is not merely a label but a unique story imbued with meaning, personality, and promise.

Whether you’re drawn to the grace of Zara, the valor of Ranbir, or the mystique of Tavleen, every name offers a touch of magic.

Explore these names, let their meanings resonate with you, and discover the perfect name that will echo through the milestones of life.

So go ahead, choose a name add your own special touch to it. Happy naming!

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