200 Sikh Girl Names From Gurbani

Sikh Girl Names From Gurbani are not just beautiful; they are imbued with deep spiritual meaning and cultural significance.

Derived from the hymns and verses of the Guru Granth Sahib, these names reflect qualities such as strength, grace, and devotion.

Whether you are looking for a name that embodies peace, wisdom, or compassion, the rich tapestry of Gurbani offers a plethora of options that resonate with timeless elegance and profound spirituality.

Let’s explore some of these enchanting names and their meanings, celebrating the heritage and values they represent!

Why Choose Gurbani Baby Names?

Choosing a Gurbani baby name is an enriching decision that goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of the name itself.

These names are imbued with profound spiritual significance, connecting the individual to their Sikh heritage and the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Each name carries a unique meaning, often reflecting virtues such as courage, kindness, wisdom, or devotion, which can inspire and shape the child’s character throughout their life.

Moreover, Gurbani names serve as a constant reminder of one’s faith and values, fostering a deep sense of identity and belonging.

By choosing a name from Gurbani, you are not only celebrating your cultural heritage but also bestowing upon your child a legacy of spiritual depth and moral integrity.

Popular Gurbani Names for Girls

Here are some of the most popular Sikh girl names from Gurbani, along with their meanings.

  1. Amanat – meaning “treasure; something given in trust”
  2. Amrit – meaning “immortal nectar; divine elixir”
  3. Anahita – meaning “graceful; pure and blameless”
  4. Charanpreet – meaning “one who loves to be in the Guru’s feet”
  5. Harleen – meaning “absorbed in God’s love”
  6. Harsimran – meaning “remembering God with every breath”
  7. Ishmeet – meaning “God’s friend or beloved”
  8. Karamjit – meaning “victorious through grace and mercy”
  9. Mandeep – meaning “light of the mind; enlightened soul”
  10. Nimrat – meaning “humble; virtuous and modest”
  11. Navneet – meaning “pure; fresh like butter”
  12. Simran – meaning “meditation; remembrance of God”
  13. Sukhmani – meaning “consoler of peace”
  14. Tarnpreet – meaning “love for salvation”
  15. Tripta – meaning “contentment; satisfied”
  16. Vandana – meaning “worship; praise”
  17. Yashleen – meaning “infused in glory”
  18. Zoravar – meaning “brave and strong; a warrior”
  19. Gurleen – meaning “one who is absorbed in the Guru’s teachings”
  20. Japleen – meaning “engrossed in the meditation of God”
  21. Kirandeep – meaning “ray of light; illuminating lamp”
  22. Manjot – meaning “light of the heart and soul”
  23. Navjot – meaning “new light; eternal flame”
  24. Prabhjot – meaning “light of God”
  25. Ravneet – meaning “one who is absorbed in the Lord’s essence”
  26. Satvir – meaning “brave and truthful; courageous”
  27. Avneet – meaning “modest and holy”
  28. Bhavneet – meaning “merit; one who is kind and compassionate”
  29. Charnjit – meaning “one who has won over God’s feet”
  30. Devinder – meaning “Lord of the Gods”
  31. Guneet – meaning “full of virtues”
  32. Harnoor – meaning “God’s gift; divine light”
  33. Isha – meaning “pure; one who protects”
  34. Jagmeet – meaning “friend of the world”
  35. Kawaljeet – meaning “victory to the lotus”
  36. Manpreet – meaning “one who loves the heart and soul”
  37. Nimrita – meaning “full of humility”
  38. Sugam – meaning “easy access; approachable”
Gurbani Names for Girls with Meanings

Gurbani Names for Girls with Meanings

Here are some Sikh Gurbani names for girls that carry deep and profound meanings, each reflecting the spiritual and cultural depth of the Sikh heritage:

  1. Akalroop – meaning “the embodiment of the Eternal One”
  2. Gurmeet – meaning “friend of the Guru”
  3. Harnoor – meaning “God’s light”
  4. Jasleen – meaning “absorbed in singing God’s praises”
  5. Kirtanpreet – meaning “one who loves devotional hymns”
  6. Rajinder – meaning “King of Kings; God”
  7. Seetal – meaning “cool and calm”
  8. Updesh – meaning “divine guidance”
  9. Vandit – meaning “one who is worshipped”
  10. Vismad – meaning “wonder and amazement; a state of awe”
  11. Akalprem – meaning “the eternal love”
  12. Baani – meaning “holy word”
  13. Chandanpreet – meaning “love for the sandalwood fragrance”
  14. Ekam – meaning “one with God”
  15. Giaanpreet – meaning “one who loves divine knowledge”
  16. Harkirat – meaning “one who sings the praises of God”
  17. Ikroop – meaning “one form; unified”
  18. Japnish – meaning “one who meditates on God”
  19. Kamalpreet – meaning “lover of the lotus; pure-hearted”
  20. Laveen – meaning “absorbed in God’s love”
  21. Manveen – meaning “sweet and gentle spirit”
  22. Nirlep – meaning “untainted; pure and pristine”
  23. Pavit – meaning “saintly; pure”
  24. Ravleen – meaning “absorbed in the Lord”
  25. Simar – meaning “meditation; remembrance of God’s name”
  26. Sukhpreet – meaning “one who loves peace”
  27. Tavleen – meaning “merged in God’s love”
  28. Tejpreet – meaning “lover of splendour and might”
  29. Urmila – meaning “one who is joyful”
  30. Veerpal – meaning “protector of the brave”
  31. Wahgrace – meaning “grace from God”
  32. Yashdeep – meaning “light of glory”
  33. Zarna – meaning “a spring of fresh water”
  34. Agamjot – meaning “light of the unfathomable Lord”
  35. Bhavneet – meaning “sacred like a devotee”
  36. Chitreet – meaning “one who is imbued with God’s love”
  37. Devroop – meaning “divine beauty”
  38. Eshleen – meaning “absorbed in God”
  39. Gurmoh – meaning “missing the Guru”
  40. Harpreet – meaning “one who loves God”

Unique Sikh Gurbani Names for Girls

Here are some unique Sikh Gurbani names for girls, each carrying special significance and profound meanings rooted in the Sikh faith:

  1. Anahat – meaning “unstruck sound; celestial”
  2. Asmaanpreet – meaning “love for the sky; boundless”
  3. Bakhteer – meaning “full of fortune; blessed”
  4. Bhagatleen – meaning “absorbed in devotion”
  5. Charitseet – meaning “filled with divine virtues”
  6. Chetanpreet – meaning “one who loves consciousness and awareness”
  7. Dharampreet – meaning “lover of righteousness”
  8. Divleen – meaning “absorbed in divine light”
  9. Eeshpreet – meaning “one who loves the divine”
  10. Ekatma – meaning “one soul; unity”
  11. Fatehleen – meaning “absorbed in victory”
  12. Fatehroop – meaning “form of victory”
  13. Giaanleen – meaning “engrossed in divine knowledge”
  14. Gurbakhsh – meaning “blessing of the Guru”
  15. Harangeet – meaning “songs of God”
  16. Harsimrat – meaning “one who remembers God joyfully”
  17. Isharpreet – meaning “lover of the Almighty”
  18. Jagseer – meaning “light of the world”
  19. Jogleen – meaning “absorbed in union with God”
  20. Karamjeet – meaning “victory of deeds”
  21. Kavit – meaning “a poem; full of grace”
  22. Lakhvinder – meaning “a hundred thousand virtues”
  23. Livkirat – meaning “immersed in singing God’s praises”
  24. Meherleen – meaning “absorbed in God’s grace”
  25. Meherpreet – meaning “one who loves God’s grace”
  26. Naamrang – meaning “colored by the Name (of God)”
  27. Nirlepkaar – meaning “one who does noble deeds with purity”
  28. Oankarpreet – meaning “one who loves the Primal Sound”
  29. Ojasvi – meaning “full of strength and vitality”
  30. Prabhkeerat – meaning “one who sings praises of God”
  31. Pranayleen – meaning “immersed in divine love”
  32. Raagpreet – meaning “lover of musical harmony”
  33. Ridhaan – meaning “one who is God-gifted”
  34. Sarabpreet – meaning “lover of all”
  35. Shabadpreet – meaning “lover of the divine word”
  36. Taanveen – meaning “melody of the divine”
  37. Taranpreet – meaning “one who loves salvation”
  38. Ujaala – meaning “bright and radiant”
  39. Veetneet – meaning “calm and composed through divine wisdom”
  40. Vishaalpreet – meaning “one who loves the vastness of God”

Music-inspired Sikh Gurbani Names for Girls

Here are some music-inspired Sikh Gurbani names for girls that resonate with the essence of melody, rhythm, and devotion found in Sikh spiritual practices:

  1. Dhungal – meaning “melodious song”
  2. Geetanjali – meaning “offering of songs”
  3. Geetaanjalee – meaning “song offering”
  4. Gunjeet – meaning “victory of virtues”
  5. Gunkeerat – meaning “one who sings praises of virtues”
  6. Gunpreet – meaning “lover of virtues, often sung as praises”
  7. Gurbani – meaning “words of the Guru”
  8. Gurbaani – meaning “songs of the Guru”
  9. Harangeet – meaning “songs of God”
  10. Kavit – meaning “a poem; full of grace”
  11. Ketaki – meaning “flower associated with music”
  12. Kirtanpreet – meaning “one who loves devotional hymns”
  13. Naadpreet – meaning “one who loves the primal sound”
  14. Raagdeep – meaning “lamp of musical harmony”
  15. Raagjot – meaning “the light of musical harmony”
  16. Raagleen – meaning “absorbed in musical harmony”
  17. Raagmala – meaning “a garland of ragas (musical modes)”
  18. Raagini – meaning “a raga (musical mode) in Indian classical music”
  19. Raagpreet – meaning “lover of musical harmony”
  20. Rajana – meaning “beautifully composed”
  21. Rageet – meaning “melodious”
  22. Saangeet – meaning “musical; melodious”
  23. Sargam – meaning “musical notes”
  24. Sargun – meaning “embodiment of virtues”
  25. Shravanpreet – meaning “one who loves listening”
  26. Sobhana – meaning “full of sound”
  27. Surangini – meaning “musical notes”
  28. Surjit – meaning “victory of melody”
  29. Surjeet – meaning “victory of melody”
  30. Surleen – meaning “in tune with the melody of God”
  31. Taansukh – meaning “pleasure from divine melody”
  32. Taanveen – meaning “melody of the divine”
  33. Tanmayi – meaning “absorbed in music”

Additional Gurbani Names for Girls

Here are some devotional Sikh Gurbani names for girls, each reflecting deep spirituality and dedication to the divine:

  1. Ajneep – meaning “unconquerable flame”
  2. Amritjot – meaning “light of divine nectar”
  3. Anandsukh – meaning “blissful peace”
  4. Anjalee – meaning “a gift; tribute”
  5. Arjuneet – meaning “unbeatable in battle”
  6. Bahuleen – meaning “absorbed in abundance”
  7. Bhagwantie – meaning “one endowed with virtue”
  8. Bhajanpreet – meaning “one who loves devotional songs”
  9. Bhavjot – meaning “light of the divine emotion”
  10. Birinderjeet – meaning “victorious warrior”
  11. Chamanleen – meaning “absorbed in the beauty of a garden”
  12. Charanjeet – meaning “one who attains the Guru’s feet”
  13. Charnpreet – meaning “one who loves the feet of the Guru”
  14. Deepmeen – meaning “absorbed in light”
  15. Devajeet – meaning “victory of the gods”
  16. Eshaant – meaning “supreme peace”
  17. Eshleen – meaning “absorbed in God”
  18. Gatleen – meaning “absorbed in liberation”
  19. Guneet – meaning “virtuous”
  20. Guneetpreet – meaning “one who truly loves virtues”
  21. Gurjas – meaning “glory of the Guru”
  22. Harjas – meaning “praise of the divine
  23. Harsimran – meaning “one who remembers God”
  24. Inderjeet – meaning “victory of Indra (God)”
  25. Japleen – meaning “absorbed in chanting the divine name”
  26. Japneet – meaning “absorbed in meditation”
  27. Jagmeet – meaning “friend of the world”
  28. Kanwalpreet – meaning “lover of the lotus”
  29. Karamleen – meaning “absorbed in God’s grace”
  30. Kavyn – meaning “beautiful poem”
  31. Kiratjeet – meaning “victory of praising God”
  32. Lajpreet – meaning “lover of modesty”
  33. Livjeet – meaning “victory of devotion”
  34. Mandeep – meaning “lamp of the mind”
  35. Meherbani – meaning “God’s kindness”
  36. Naamleen – meaning “absorbed in the name of God”
  37. Naamleen – meaning “immersed in God’s name”
  38. Niranjanpreet – meaning “one who loves the immaculate Lord”
  39. Ratanpreet – meaning “one who loves gems of God’s name”
  40. Simarjeet – meaning “victory of remembrance”
  41. Simarpreet – meaning “one who loves to remember (meditate upon) God”
  42. Sukhpreet – meaning “one who loves peace”
  43. Taanbasee – meaning “resonating melody”
  44. Thirleen – meaning “absorbed in steadiness”
  45. Tulsipreet – meaning “lover of the sacred basil”
  46. Udaatpreet – meaning “one who loves freedom (liberation)”
  47. Vismadpreet – meaning “one who loves wonder and amazement”
  48. Yashpreet – meaning “one who loves fame and glory”


Choosing a meaningful and beautiful name for your child is a unique journey.

These music-inspired, devotional Sikh Gurbani names for girls encapsulate the essence of melody, spirituality, and deep devotion.

We hope this list resonates with the sense of harmony and divine connection you’re seeking.

Remember, each name isn’t just a label but a reflection of the profound spiritual heritage and values you cherish.

Feel free to explore these names with family and friends, basking in the joy of significant choices.

Let these names sing in your heart, and may you find the perfect melody that binds your child’s identity to your faith and culture.

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