Girl Names That Start With U – Modern, Unique, Inspirational

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl can be quite a task. It’s not just a label; it’s the first gift you’ll give her, a gift that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

If you’re looking for a unique and strong start, why not consider names that start with the letter ‘U’? These names, often overlooked, carry an air of distinction and charm.

In this article,  we’ll take a delightful journey through a curated collection of modern, unique, and truly inspirational girl names that all start with the letter ‘U’.

Get ready to uncover a treasure trove of names that may just include the perfect one for your little gem. Let’s dive in!

Why Choose a Girl Name That Start With U?

You may be wondering, why choose a name that starts with ‘U’? The truth is, that names starting with this letter have a special energy and magnetism that sets them apart from others.

In numerology, the letter ‘U’ carries the vibration of uniqueness, creativity, and independence – all traits that we hope our children will embody.

Moreover, these names are not as commonly used, making them a refreshing and distinct choice for your little one.

In addition to their unique charm, names starting with ‘U’ often have rich cultural references and meanings that can provide a strong sense of identity for your child.

Also, opting for a ‘U’ name can be a wonderful way to honor your family heritage or personal values.

Maybe there’s a beloved ‘U’ name that’s been passed down in your family, or perhaps you simply appreciate the distinctiveness and novelty of this letter.

Lastly, let’s not forget the practical advantage – with fewer names starting with ‘U’, your child’s name is less likely to be duplicated in their classroom or social circles.

This can give them a sense of individuality and pride in their unique name.

So, are you ready to explore the uncharted territory of ‘U’ names? Let’s start with some enchanting options for your baby girl!

Modern Names That Start With U

Modern Names That Start With U

  1. Una: This simple yet elegant name is of Irish origin and means ‘one’, symbolizing individuality.
  2. Uma: Meaning ‘splendor’ in Sanskrit, this name is associated with the Hindu goddess Parvati and has gained popularity through actress Uma Thurman.
  3. Ula: Derived from the Scottish Gaelic word for ‘sea jewel’, this name has a sweet and melodic sound.
  4. Unity: This unisex name is derived from the Latin word ‘Unitas’ and conveys strength and togetherness.
  5. Ursula: Of Latin origin, this name means ‘little bear’ and has a regal and timeless feel to it.
  6. Umi: Meaning ‘life’ in Swahili, this name is simple yet powerful.
  7. Uzuri: Pronounced ‘oo-ZOO-ree’, this name is of Swahili origin and means ‘beauty’.
  8. Uchenna: This unique name of Nigerian origin means ‘God’s will’ and has a strong and positive connotation.
  9. Umbro: A Latin word meaning ‘shadow’, this name has a mysterious and alluring quality to it.
  10. Utopia: This name is derived from the Greek words ‘ou’ (not) and ‘topos’ (place), symbolizing an ideal, imaginary world.
  11. Uriah: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my light’, this name has a strong and spiritual significance.
  12. Ulani: Of Hawaiian origin, this name means ‘cheerful’ and has a playful and lively sound.
  13. Ullani: Similar to Ulani, this name is also of Hawaiian origin and means ‘heavenly beauty’.
  14. Ulrika: This Scandinavian name means ‘prosperous ruler’ and has a modern and sophisticated feel.
  15. Uzma: Derived from the Arabic word for ‘supreme’, this name exudes strength and confidence.
  16. Usha: Derived from Sanskrit, this name means ‘dawn’ and brings to mind a fresh and bright start.
  17. Uxía: A beautiful and unique name of Galician origin, meaning ‘well-born’. It’s the feminine form of Uxío, the Galician version of Eugenio.
  18. Ulyana: A Russian name that translates to ‘youthful’ and ‘vibrant’, capturing a sense of energy and vivacity.
  19. Umaima: This Arabic name means ‘little mother’, symbolizing nurturing and compassion.
  20. Umay: A Turkish name meaning ‘hope’, symbolizing optimism and aspiration.

Top Popular ‘U’ Names for Your Baby Girl

  1. Una: origin (Irish), meaning ‘one’
  2. Ursula: origin (Latin), meaning ‘little bear’
  3. Uma: origin (Sanskrit), meaning ‘splendor’
  4. Unity: origin (Latin), meaning ‘togetherness’ or ‘oneness’
  5. Ulla: origin (Scandinavian), meaning ‘willpower’ or ‘determined’
  6. Uzma: origin (Arabic), meaning ‘supreme’
  7. Ulani: origin (Hawaiian), meaning ‘cheerful’
  8. Urena: origin (Greek), meaning ‘peace’
  9. Uchenna: origin (Nigerian), meaning ‘God’s will’
  10. Uriah: origin (Hebrew), meaning ‘God is my light’
  11. Ulrika: origin (Scandinavian), meaning ‘prosperous ruler’
  12. Umbrielle: origin (French), meaning ‘little shadow’
  13. Umayma: origin (Arabic), meaning ‘little mother’
  14. Ulyssa: origin (Greek), meaning ‘wrathful’ or ‘jealous’
  15. Unnur: origin (Icelandic) meaning ‘beloved’
  16. Ulva: origin (Norse), meaning ‘wolf’
  17. Utopia: origin (Greek), meaning ‘ideal place’
  18. Unice: origin (Old French), meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘victory’
  19. Undine: origin (Latin), meaning ‘little wave’
  20. Ulema: origin (Arabic), meaning ‘religious scholar’ or ‘wise one’
  21. Ulrica: origin (Scandinavian), meaning ‘power of the wolf’
  22. Una: origin (Celtic), meaning ‘lamb’
  23. Ume: origin (Japanese), meaning ‘plum blossom’
  24. Uriela: origin (Hebrew), meaning ‘light of God’
  25. Umbria: origin (Italian), the name of a region in Italy.

Uncommon ‘U’ Names: A Dive into Rarity

  1. Ulima: origin (Swahili), meaning ‘wise’
  2. Usara: origin (Thai), meaning ‘happiness’
  3. Unathi: origin (Xhosa), meaning ‘God is with us’ or ‘God’s will’
  4. Uwina: origin (Hausa), meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘radiant’
  5. Ulan: origin (Mongolian), meaning ‘red dawn’
  6. Usama: origin (Arabic), meaning ‘lion’
  7. Udelle: origin (Judean), meaning ‘from the valley of God’
  8. Undina: origin (Latin), meaning ‘little wave’
  9. Ulta: origin (Hindi), meaning ‘powerful’ or ‘mighty’ / upside down
  10. Uldina: origin (Old High German), meaning ‘wolf battle’
  11. Usagi: origin (Japanese), meaning ‘rabbit’
  12. Urvashi: origin (Sanskrit), meaning ‘the most beautiful’
  13. Urbana: origin (Latin), meaning ‘from the city’
  14. Udessa: origin (Greek), meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘prosperous’
  15. Unicef: inspired by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
  16. Umiko: origin (Japanese), meaning ‘sea child’
  17. Urszula: origin (Polish), meaning ‘little she-bear’
  18. Ulani: origin (Hawaiian), meaning ‘cheerful’ or ‘light-hearted’
  19. Ula: origin (Celtic/Gaelic), meaning ‘jewel of the sea’
  20. Upasana: origin (Sanskrit), meaning ‘worship’ or ‘meditation’.

Unisex Names That Start With U

  1. Unique: This name derives from the Latin word ‘unicus’, meaning ‘one of a kind’.
  2. Urban: Of Latin origin, this name means ‘city dweller’ and has an urban and modern feel to it.
  3. Utah: This American name is inspired by the western state and means ‘people of the mountains’.
  4. Upton: Of English origin, this name means ‘upper town’ and has a sophisticated sound to it.
  5. Umberto: This Italian name means ‘bright warrior’ and has a strong and masculine feel.
  6. Umber: A color name derived from the mineral ‘umber’, this name has a earthy and artistic quality.
  7. Ulric: Of German origin, this name means ‘prosperous ruler’ and has a regal sound.
  8. Usher: This English occupational name refers to someone who held the position of doorkeeper or porter at a medieval court. It has a cool and modern vibe to it.
  9. Uma: Derived from Sanskrit, this name means ‘splendor’ and has a strong and unique sound.
  10. Unity: Of Latin origin, this name means ‘togetherness’ or ‘oneness’.
  11. Uriel: This Hebrew name means ‘God is my light’ and has a spiritual and powerful connotation.
  12. Ulani: Of Hawaiian origin, this name means ‘cheerful’ and has a playful and lively sound.
  13. Ullani: Similar to Ulani, this name is also of Hawaiian origin and means ‘heavenly beauty’.
  14. Umeko: Of Japanese origin, this name means ‘plum blossom child’.
  15. Udell: Of Old English origin, this name means ‘from the yew tree valley’ and has a nature-inspired feel.
  16. Utley: Derived from the Old English word for ‘wood clearing’, this name has a rustic and charming quality.
  17. Urbanne: A feminine form of the name Urban, this name has a sophisticated and modern sound.
  18. Umi: Of Japanese origin, this unisex name means ‘sea’ and has a calming and serene feel to it.
  19. Upton: Of English origin, this name means ‘upper town’ and can be used for boys or girls.
  20. Unitya: A unique variation of the name Unity, this name has a modern and feminine sound. 

Uplifting ‘U’ Names: Names with Positive Meanings

  1. Udai: A name of Indian origin, meaning ‘rising sun’, symbolizing a new beginning.
  2. Ura: Of Japanese origin, this name signifies ‘the heart’.
  3. Ulan: A Mongolian name, meaning ‘first-born twin’.
  4. Utkarsh: An Indian name that stands for ‘progress’ or ‘advancement’.
  5. Usra: Of Arabic origin, it means ‘dawn’ or ‘daybreak’, signifying hope.
  6. Uchit: A name from India, meaning ‘correct’ or ‘right’.
  7. Ushma: This Indian name means ‘warmth’.
  8. Ufaq: Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘horizon’, signifies endless possibilities.
  9. Utkrishta: An Indian name meaning ‘superior’.
  10. Urim: A Hebrew name that stands for ‘light’.
  11. Ummid: This Indian name means ‘hope’.
  12. Uzay: A Turkish name, which means ‘space’.
  13. Usi: An Egyptian name meaning ‘smoke’.
  14. Upasna: A name of Indian origin, meaning ‘worship’, signifies devotion.
  15. Ujala: This Indian name stands for ‘light’.
  16. Ushas: A Sanskrit name that signifies ‘dawn’.
  17. Uttam: An Indian name that means ‘the best’.
  18. Ualani: A Hawaiian name signifying ‘rain from heaven’.
  19. Ursi: This name is of Hungarian origin, meaning ‘little she-bear’.
  20. Ulanda: A Swedish name meaning ‘homeland’.
  21. Ulyssa: Greek origin name, meaning ‘wrathful’.
  22. Unaiza: Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘one who is merciful’.
  23. Uria: A Hebrew name that signifies ‘light of God’.
  24. Udaya: An Indian name that means ‘dawn’.
  25. Umberto: This Italian name signifies ‘bright home’ or ‘bright warrior’.
  26. Urania: Of Greek origin, meaning ‘heavenly’.
  27. Ulric: A name of English origin, meaning ‘wolf ruler’.
  28. Uxia: This name is of Greek origin, means ‘well-born’.
  29. Uran: A Persian name that stands for ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’.
  30. Unitya: A unique variation of the name Unity, it represents unity and oneness.

‘U’ Names from Around the World

‘U’ names exist in various cultures and languages, adding to their global appeal. There’s Ulrike from Germany, Umeko from Japan, and Uzma from Arabic, meaning ‘greatest’.

Each name, in its own way, offers a unique cultural insight and global connection. Some other ‘U’ names from around the world are:

  1. Unnur: Icelandic form of Unnr, meaning ‘wave’ or ‘to love’.
  2. Uliana: Russian form of Juliana, meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘dedicated to Jupiter’.
  3. Ursinus: From Latin origin, meaning little bear.
  4. Urbania: Feminine form of Urban, meaning ‘city dweller’.
  5. Ulla: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘will’ or ‘determination’.
  6. Uliya: Russian form of Julia, meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘dedicated to Jupiter’.
  7. Uriela: Feminine form of Uriel, meaning ‘God is my light’.
  8. Uthman: Arabic name meaning ‘baby bustard bird’.
  9. Ulani: Hawaiian name meaning ‘cheerful’ or ‘light-hearted’.
  10. Ulrike: German form of Ulrica, meaning ‘prosperity and power’.
  11. Urbana: Feminine form of Urban, meaning ‘city dweller’.
  12. Umar: Arabic name meaning ‘flourishing life’.
  13. Umbra: From Latin origin, referring to the shadow created by an object blocking light.
  14. Una: Irish name meaning ‘lamb’ or ‘unity’.
  15. Ubaldo: An Italian name that translates to ‘bold and brave’.
  16. Ulysse: A French form of Ulysses, meaning ‘wrathful’.
  17. Udacha: A Russian name meaning ‘good fortune’.
  18. Umeko: A beautiful Japanese name signifying ‘plum blossom child’.
  19. U-Jin: A Korean name that stands for ‘treasure’ or ‘precious’.
  20. Umayma: An Arabic name that means ‘little mother’.
  21. Udo: A German name that translates to ‘wealthy’.
  22. Usko: A Finnish name meaning ‘faith’.
  23. Usha: A name of Indian origin that stands for ‘dawn’.
  24. Uthai: A Hebrew name meaning ‘my light’.
  25. Ula: A Celtic name that signifies ‘gem of the sea’.
  26. Umay: A Turkish name that stands for ‘hope’.
  27. Unnathi: An Indian name, meaning ‘progress’.
  28. Ugne: Of Lithuanian origin, this name means ‘fire’.
  29. Usoa: A Basque name meaning ‘dove’.
  30. Uwa: A name from Nigeria that stands for ‘life’.
  31. Ulka: A Hindi name meaning ‘shooting star’.
  32. Unai: Of Basque origin, this name means ‘shepherd’.
  33. Uswa: An Arabic name meaning ‘example’.
  34. Umut: A Turkish name, which signifies ‘hope’.
  35. Uzra: A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘glory’ or ‘majesty’.
  36. Udele: An English name that means ‘prosperous’, ‘fortunate’, or ‘rich’.
  37. Ubika: Of Sanskrit origin, this name means ‘growth’ or ‘development’.
  38. Uilleam: The Scottish form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’.
  39. Udayan: An Indian name that stands for ‘rising sun’.
  40. Uriel: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my light’.  End of Section.


As we wrap up our exploration of ‘U’ names, we hope we’ve provided some inspiration for your little girl’s name.

Remember, the name ‘U’ is not just a letter, but a symbol of uniqueness, strength, and global unity. Now that we’ve shared our favorites, we’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any favorite ‘U’ names, or perhaps a story about naming your daughter? Share your experiences in the comments below.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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