195 Traditional Tamil Baby Girl Names with Rich Meanings

Tamil culture is known for its rich traditions and values, and this is reflected in the names given to their little ones.

Tamil baby girl names have a deep meaning behind them, often inspired by nature, religion, or even ancient literature.

These names not only sound beautiful but also hold a special significance in the Tamil community.

In this list, we have curated 195 traditional Tamil baby girl names with their meanings, so you can find the perfect name for your little princess.

Nature-Inspired Tamil Names

Nature has always been a huge influence in Tamil culture, and it is not surprising that many names are inspired by natural elements.

Here are some popular nature-inspired names for baby girls:

  1. Isai (இசை): meaning “music”
  2. Karthika (கார்த்திகா): name of a star, also the name of Goddess Durga
  3. Nila (நீல): meaning “moon” or “blue”
  4. Meghna (மேக்நா): meaning “cloud”
  5. Poovarasi (பூ வரசி): meaning “queen of flowers”
  6. Chitra (சித்ரா): meaning “picture” or “painting”
  7. Vennila (வெண்ணிலா): meaning “white moon
  8. Daksha (தக்ஷ): meaning “the earth”
  9. Rohini (ரோஹிணி): name of a star, also the name of Goddess Lakshmi
  10. Hansika (ஹான்சிகா): meaning “swan”
  11. Harini (ஹரிணி): meaning “deer”
  12. Jyotsna (ஜோத்ஸ்னா): meaning “moonlight”
  13. Kiranmai (கிரண்மை): meaning “rays of the sun”
  14. Malini (மாலினி): meaning “fragrant”
  15. Mahika (மாஹிகா): meaning “earth”
  16. Sarika (சாரிகா): meaning “myna bird”
  17. Soma (சோம): meaning “moon”
  18. Tarini (தாரிணி): meaning “star”
  19. Vasundhara (வஸுந்தர்): meaning “earth” or “goddess of wealth”
  20. Varshini (வர்ஷிணி): meaning “rain”
  21. Yamini (யாமினி): meaning “night”
  22. Aadhira (ஆதிரா): meaning “moon”
  23. Aamani (ஆமணி): meaning “spring season”
  24. Amrita (அம்ரித): meaning “immortal” or “nectar”
  25. Basanti (பாசந்தி): meaning “spring”

Religious Tamil Girl Names

Tamil culture has a strong religious background, and it is reflected in their names. Here are some beautiful names inspired by Hinduism:

  1. Lakshmi (லக்ஷ்மி): name of the Goddess of wealth and prosperity
  2. Ganga (கங்கா): name of the holy river in India
  3. Kali (காளி): name of a Hindu goddess associated with power and destruction
  4. Meenakshi (மீனாட்சி): meaning “fish-eyed” or the name of Goddess Parvati
  5. Uma (உமா): another name for Goddess Parvati
  6. Shakti (சக்தி): meaning “power” or the name of a Hindu goddess
  7. Shivani (சிவனி): meaning “belonging to Lord Shiva”
  8. Anjali (அஞ்சலி): meaning “offering” or “salutation”
  9. Divya (திவ்ய): meaning “divine” or “heavenly”
  10. Gayathri (காயத்ரி): name of a Hindu goddess associated with the Gayatri Mantra
  11. Jyothi (ஜோதி): meaning “light” or “flame”
  12. Kamala (கமல): meaning “lotus” or another name for Goddess Lakshmi
  13. Lalitha (லாலித): meaning “beautiful” or the name of a Hindu goddess
  14. Mala (மால): meaning “garland” or “row of beads”
  15. Padmini (பத்மினி): meaning “lotus” or “woman with lotus-like eyes”
  16. Radha (ராதா): name of Lord Krishna’s beloved
  17. Vaishnavi (வைஷ்ணவி): meaning “follower of Lord Vishnu”
  18. Sita (சீதா): name of Lord Rama’s wife and an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi
  19. Veda (வேத): meaning “sacred knowledge” or “holy scriptures”
  20. Yogini (யோகினி): meaning “female practitioner of yoga”
  21. Sastika (சஸ்திகா): meaning “auspicious”
  22. Valli (வள்ளி): name of the goddess of wealth and consort of Lord Murugan
  23. Amaravathi (அமரா அதி): A city in Hindu mythology and another name for Goddess Lakshmi
  24. Hema (ஹேம): meaning “golden” or “wealthy”
  25. Narayani (நாராயிணி): another name for Goddess Durga, associated with Lord Vishnu
Literary Tamil Girl Names

Literary Tamil Girl Names

Tamil literature is rich with beautiful names that have a deep meaning behind them. Here are some literary names for baby girls:

  1. Avantika (அவந்திகா): name of a city in ancient India, also the name of a river
  2. Bharathi (பாரதி): meaning “goddess of knowledge” or another name for Goddess Saraswati
  3. Chandralekha (சந்திர லேகா): meaning “moonlight”
  4. Devika (தேவிகா): meaning “little goddess”
  5. Ezhil (எழில்): meaning “beauty” or “charming”
  6. Girija (கிருஜா): another name for Goddess Parvati, believed to be the Himalayas’ daughter
  7. Janani (ஜனனி): meaning “mother” or “giver of birth”
  8. Kavya (காவ்ய): meaning “poetry” or “literature”
  9. Leela (லீலா): meaning “divine play” or “sport”
  10. Meera (மீரா): name of a famous Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Lord Krishna
  11. Nandini (நந்தினி): meaning “daughter” or “bringer of joy”
  12. Nivetha (நிவேதா): meaning “dedication” or “purity”
  13. Pandi (பாண்டி): meaning “lion” or “king”
  14. Rajalakshmi (ராஜ லக்ஷ்மி): meaning “goddess of wealth and kingdom”
  15. Selvi (செல்வி): meaning “beautiful” or “wealthy”
  16. Thirumagal (திருமகள்): meaning “goddess” or “divine princess”
  17. Umaiyal (உமையல்): meaning “daughter of Goddess Parvati”
  18. Vidya (வித்யா): meaning “knowledge” or “learning”
  19. Shruti (ஸ்ருதி): meaning “that which is heard” or “Vedas”
  20. Lekha (லேகா): meaning “writing” or “document”
  21. Thilaka (திலக): meaning “beauty spot” or “auspicious mark”
  22. Elakkiya (எழக்கிய): meaning “literature” or “poetry”
  23. Thangam (தங்கம்): meaning “gold” or “precious”
  24. Gayatri (காயத்ரி): name of a sacred mantra in Hinduism, also the name of a goddess
  25. Amirthakala (அமிர்த கலா): meaning “art of immortality” or “eternal art”.

Pure Tamil Girl Names

Tamil is a language with its own unique identity, and here are some pure Tamil names that celebrate the language’s beauty:

  1. Aadhini (ஆதினி): meaning “first” or “original”
  2. Aarani (ஆரணி): meaning “sun” or “fire”
  3. Chellam (செல்லம்): meaning “darling” or “precious one”
  4. Akila (அகிலா): meaning “entire” or “universe”
  5. Aranya (ஆரண்ய): meaning “forest” or “wilderness”
  6. Athulya (அதுல்ய): meaning “incomparable” or “matchless”
  7. Aarirai (ஆரிரை): meaning “fragrance” or “perfume”
  8. Thiya (தியா): meaning “sun” or “light”
  9. Elavarasi (எழவரசி): meaning “princess” or “queen”
  10. Akilarasi (அகிலராசி): meaning “queen of the universe”
  11. Archana (ஆர்ச்சேன): meaning “worship” or “prayer”
  12. Bhuvana (புவன): meaning “earth” or “world”
  13. Angai (அங்கை): meaning “daughter”
  14. Bharathiya (பாரதிய): meaning “belonging to Bharat (India)”
  15. Amara (அமர): meaning “immortal”
  16. Ilakkiya (இல்லக்கிய): meaning “literature” or “poetry”
  17. Pavisha (பவிஷ): meaning “pure”
  18. Amalai (அமலை): meaning “pure”
  19. Vani (வாணி): meaning “voice” or “speech”
  20. Dayana (தையன): meaning “graceful” or “divine”
  21. Ezhilarasi (எழில ராசி): meaning “queen of beauty”
  22. Innisai (இன்னிசை): meaning “melody” or “music”
  23. Eegaivirumpi (ஈகை விரும்பி): meaning “desiring justice”
  24. Keerthana (கீர்த்தன): meaning “praise” or “hymn”
  25. Mangai (மங்கை): meaning “mango” or “woman”.

Virtuous Tamil Girl Names

Tamil culture places a strong emphasis on virtues and values, and these names are inspired by such qualities:

  1. Arivu (அறிவு): meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom”
  2. Anbu (அன்பு): meaning “love” or “affection”
  3. Sevai (சேவை): meaning “service” or “helpfulness”
  4. Nithyam (நித்தியம்): meaning “eternal” or “everlasting”
  5. Iniya (இனிய): meaning “sweet” or “lovely”
  6. Nambi (நம்பி): meaning “trustworthy” or “reliable”
  7. Suthan (சுத்தன்): meaning “pure” or “virtuous”
  8. Malar (மலர்): meaning “flower” or “blossom”
  9. Nalini (நலினி): meaning “lotus” or “beautiful”
  10. Bhagya (பாக்ய): meaning “fortunate” or “blessed”
  11. Amudha (அமுத): meaning “nectar” or “ambrosia”
  12. Priya (பிரிய): meaning “beloved” or “dear one”
  13. Uthra (உத்திர): meaning “excellent” or “superior”
  14. Mangalam (மங்களம்): meaning “auspiciousness” or “good fortune”
  15. Sowmya (சௌம்யா): meaning “soft” or “gentle”
  16. Santhi (சாந்தி): meaning “peace” or “tranquility”
  17. Muthu (முத்து): meaning “pearl” or “precious”
  18. Sevitha (சேவித): meaning “served” or “honored”
  19. Vijaya (விஜய): meaning “victory” or “conqueror”
  20. Shanthi (சாந்தி): meaning “calm” or “quiet”
  21. Sugam (சுகம்): meaning “pleasure” or “happiness”
  22. Jaya (ஜெய): meaning “success” or “triumph”
  23. Shakthi (சக்தி): meaning “power” or “strength”
  24. Valli (வள்ளி): name of the goddess of wealth and consort of Lord Murugan
  25. Amaravathi (அமரா அதி): A city in Hindu mythology and another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

Sanskrit-Origin Tamil Girl Names

Sanskrit is considered the language of gods in Hinduism and has a rich history and meaning behind its names. Here are some Sanskrit-origin Tamil names for baby girls:

  1. Yojna (யோஜ்ன): meaning “plan” or “strategy”
  2. Sudha (சுதா): meaning “nectar” or “pure”
  3. Vanmala (வன்மாலா): meaning “garland of forests”
  4. Vidya (வித்யா): meaning “knowledge” or “learning”
  5. Vaishali (வைஷாலி): name of an ancient city, symbolizing prosperity
  6. Pihu (பிஹு): meaning “peacock” or “sound of a bird”
  7. Shanthi (சாந்தி): meaning “peace” or “tranquility”
  8. Trisha (த்ரிஷா): meaning “desire” or “thirst”
  9. Vrishti (வ்ரிஷ்டி): meaning “rain” or “heavy rain”
  10. Vandana (வந்தனா): meaning “salutation” or “worship”
  11. Radhika (ராதிகா): a name associated with Goddess Radha, symbolizing devotion
  12. Vihana (விஹானா): meaning “dawn” or “early morning”
  13. Padmavati (பத்மாவதி): meaning “resembling a lotus” or a name for Goddess Lakshmi
  14. Rupali (ருபாலி): meaning “beautiful” or “pretty”
  15. Preethi (ப்ரீதி): meaning “love” or “affection”
  16. Ushma (உஷ்மா): meaning “warmth” or “passion”
  17. Yogeswari (யோகேஸ்வரி): meaning “goddess of yoga”
  18. Taniska (தனிஷ்கா): meaning “gold”
  19. Tulasi (துலஸி): a sacred plant, symbolic of purity in Hinduism
  20. Vajra (வஜ்ரா): meaning “diamond” or “strong”
  21. Ishani (ஈச்சனி): a name for Goddess Parvati, meaning “ruler” or “powerful”
  22. Ojaswini (ஓஜஸ்வினி): meaning “bright” or “energetic”
  23. Vimala (விமுக ளை): meaning “pure” or “clean”
  24. Sakshi (சாக்ஷி): meaning “witness” or “observer”
  25. Sanjana (சஞ்சன): meaning “harmony” or “unite”.

Tamil Compound Names For Girls

Tamil compound names are formed by combining two words with a hyphen in between. These names often have a deep meaning and reflect the unique culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu.

Here are some examples:

  1. Jaya-Priya (ஜெய-பிரிய): meaning “beloved victory”
  2. Aruna-Dharma (அருண தர்ம): meaning “dawn of righteousness”
  3. Pavithra-Mani (பவித்ர-மணி): meaning “pure gem”
  4. Saranya-Valli (சரண்ய வள்ளி): meaning “goddess of refuge and wealth”
  5. Gowri-Shankar (கௌரி-சங்கர்): name of Lord Shiva and Parvati, symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine energy
  6. Anu-Kavi (அனு-கவி): meaning “tiny poet”
  7. Suriya-Lakshmi (சூர்யிய-லட்சுமி): name of the sun goddess, symbolizing wealth and prosperity
  8. Iswari-Saraswathi (ஈஸ்வரி-சர ஸ்வதி): name of the goddesses of power and knowledge in Hinduism
  9. Deepa-Nalini (தீப-நலினி): meaning “lotus of light”
  10. Karthika-Ambujam (கார்த்திக் அம்புஜம்): name of a flower, associated with the month of Kartik in Hindu calendar
  11. Aishwarya-Mani (ஐஸ்வர்ய-மணி): meaning “gem of wealth” or “immeasurable gem”
  12. Nithya-Anandhi (நித்திய ஆனந்தி): meaning “eternal happiness”
  13. Vijaya-Sree (விஜைய-ஸ்ரீ): meaning “victorious wealth”
  14. Lavanya-Sakthi (லாவண்ய சக்தி): meaning “power of beauty”
  15. Eashwari-Jothi (ஈஸ்வரி-ஜோதி): meaning “divine light”
  16. Gowthami-Nisha (கௌதமி-நிஶா): name of a river and night in Hindu mythology, symbolizing flow and darkness respectively
  17. Niranjana-Sundari (நிரஞ்சன-சுந்தரி): meaning “flawless beauty”
  18. Sanjana-Kaviya (சஞ்ச ளை-கவிய): meaning “harmonious poet”
  19. Kavya-Dhanalakshmi (காவ்ய-தன லட்சுமி): meaning “poetic goddess of wealth”
  20. Saravanan-Kiruba (செரு ப்பு: meaning “blessed by Lord Murugan” or “mercy of God”.
  21. Kaviya Maalai (கவிய மாலை): meaning “garland of poems” or “poetic tribute”
  22. Radha Raman (ராத ராம ன்): name of Lord Krishna, meaning “delightful lover”
  23. Kural Mozhi (குறள் மொழி): meaning “language of the ancient Tamil literature, Thirukural”
  24. Nitya Kalyani (நித்திய கல்யாணி): meaning “eternal auspiciousness”
  25. Vishva Priya (விஷ்வ பிரிய): meaning “beloved of the universe” or “loved by all”.

Historically Significant Tamil Girl Names

Tamil Nadu has a rich history and culture, with many significant figures shaping its past. Here are some names of historical female figures in Tamil Nadu:

  1. Avvaiyar (ஆவ்வையார்): a name given to the numerous female poets and sages who lived during different periods in Tamil history. Avvaiyar is also the name of a famous female poet and sage who lived during the Sangam period.
  2. Rani Velu Nachiyar (ராணி வேலு நாச்சியார்): known as the first queen to wage war against the British colonial rule in India.
  3. J.Jayalalitha (ஜெ. ஜெயலலிதா): a famous politician and actress who served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for multiple terms.
  4. Muthulakshmi Reddy (முத்துலக் ஷ்மி ரெட்டிய): the first female legislator in India, known for her contributions to public health and women’s rights.
  5. Periyapalayam Sundaram (பெரிய பாளைய ம் சுந்தர ம்): a female freedom fighter who actively participated in the Indian independence movement.
  6. Pillaiyarpatti Govindammal (பிள்ளையப்பட்டி கோவிந்தம்மாள்): known for her contributions to the Indian National Congress and for being a prominent leader in the women’s rights movement.
  7. Rukmini Devi Arundale (ருக்மிணி தேவி அருண்டேல்): an Indian classical dancer and choreographer, known for reviving the ancient dance form of Bharatanatyam.
  8. Janaki Ammal Edavalath Kakkana (ஜான கி அம்மாள் எடுவிளைத் காக்கன): a renowned Indian botanist and geneticist, known for her contributions to the field of cytogenetics.
  9. Mangammal (மங்கம்மாள்): the first female ruler of the Madurai Nayak dynasty in Tamil Nadu.
  10. P.P.Savithri (பி. பி சாவித்ரி): a renowned Indian actress, known for her roles in Tamil and Telugu cinema.

It is believed that by naming a child after someone who has made significant contributions to society, the child will be inspired to follow in their footsteps and continue their legacy.

In addition to these historical figures, there are also many Tamil girl names that hold significance in Hindu mythology and literature. Some examples include:

  1. Sita (சீதா): the name of Lord Rama’s wife, known for her devotion and purity.
  2. Draupadi (த்ரௌபதி): the name of one of the main characters in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
  3. Andal (ஆண்டாள்): a popular Tamil poet and devotee of Lord Vishnu, known for her poetry and devotion to God.
  4. Mandakini (மண்டகினி): the name of a celestial river in Hindu mythology, often associated with purity and divinity.
  5. Meenakshi (மீனா க்ஷி): another name for Goddess Parvati, meaning “fish-eyed” or “beautiful eyes”.
  6. Kannagi (கண்ணகி): protagonist of the Tamil epic “Silapathikaram,” symbolizing the strength and purity of a devoted wife.
  7. Valli (வள்ளி): the divine consort of Lord Murugan, representing love and devotion.
  8. Madhavi (மாதவி): a character from the Sangam literature, embodying beauty and artistic talent.
  9. Auvaiyar (ஔவையார்): alternative spelling for Avvaiyar, denoting respect and homage to the celebrated Tamil poetess and sage.
  10. Tarangini (தரங்கினி): meaning “river,” symbolizing the flow of life and eternal movement.


Overall, Tamil names are not just beautiful and meaningful, but they also showcase the rich culture and traditions of the Tamil people.

Whether you choose a name inspired by nature, religion, or literature, your baby girl’s name will hold a special significance and connect her to her Tamil roots.

So, go ahead and choose a name that speaks to your heart and reflects the values you want for your child. சந்தோஷம் (Happiness) in your naming journey!

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