250 Top Girl Names That Start With H

Are you struggling to find the perfect name for your baby girl? Look no further – here are 250 of the most beautiful, elegant, and unique names that start with ‘H’. 

Whether you’re looking for something classic or a more modern twist on a traditional name, this list will provide plenty of options. 

From Hannah to Harper and from Heaven to Hollie, these girl names offer an array of styles and meanings to suit every family’s style. 

So take some time to explore this comprehensive selection; we know there’s bound to be one (or two!) that catches your eye!

Why Choose Baby Girl Names that Start with H?

When it comes to baby girl names, those starting with the letter ‘H’ exude a timeless and classy charm.

From the traditional beauty of Hannah to the modern allure of Harper, these names have a way of capturing hearts and leaving a lasting impression.

The letter ‘H’ carries a sense of strength and gentleness, perfectly suited for both young girls and grown-up ladies alike.

Whether it’s the soft sound of the letter or the versatile nature of ‘H’ that appeals to you, these names can be personalized to add a special touch to your little one’s identity.

Embrace the elegance and style that come with ‘H’ names, knowing that they transcend borders and languages, making them a beautiful choice for any little girl.

Popular Girl Names That Start With H

Popular Girl Names That Start With H

Now that you know why ‘H’ names make such a great choice, it’s time to find the perfect one for your little one.

Here are some of the most popular girl names that start with ‘H’:

  • Haley
  • Hannah
  • Hallie
  • Harper
  • Hailey
  • Hope
  • Hattie
  • Hazel
  • Helen
  • Hana
  • Hayden
  • Holly
  • Hadassah
  • Heidi
  • Hadley
  • Harmony
  • Haven
  • Harlow
  • Harriet
  • Haisley
  • Harley
  • Heather
  • Helena
  • Habiba
  • Hera

Historical and Classic ‘H’ Names

These timeless ‘H’ names have stood the test of time, carrying rich histories and profound meanings. For instance:

  • Helen (Greek): Meaning ‘light’ and pronounced HEL-en. This classic name has been adorned by influential figures throughout history.
  • Hester (Hebrew): Meaning ‘star’. This name was used for a famous character in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter.
  • Hortense (Latin): Meaning ‘gardener’ or ‘keeper of the garden’. A popular choice among French royalty, notably for Queen Hortense of Holland.
  • Helenor (Greek): Meaning ‘gift of the sun’. This unique name has mythological roots, as Helenor is closely associated with the goddess of dawn and light – Eos.
  • Hazel (English): Meaning ‘the color of the hazelnut tree’. This whimsical name is perfect for an independent and creative little girl.
  • Hattie (English): Meaning ‘ruler of the household’. This name is a perfect fit for a strong and determined girl.
  • Hope (Old English): Meaning ‘trust’ or ‘something desired’. It’s an inspiring moniker that will uplift your daughter throughout her life.
  • Harriet (German): Meaning ‘ruler of the home’. This name is a beautiful homage to female strength and resilience.
  • Hilda (Old Norse): Meaning ‘battle woman’. This courageous name is perfect for a girl born to be a leader.
  • Henrietta (German): Meaning ‘ruler of the household’. An empowering name fit for a confident and independent little girl.
  • Heather (Old English): Meaning ‘the one who protects’. This name is a great way to express your love and desire to shield your daughter from harm.
  • Holly (Old English): Meaning ‘holly tree’. This cheerful name is perfect for a spirited and joyful girl.
  • Heidi (German): Meaning ‘noble’. This name is a great way to show your daughter that she is destined for greatness.
  • Helga (Norse): Meaning ‘blessed’. A beautiful way to tell your daughter she is loved and cherished.
  • Hortensia (Latin): Meaning ‘garden’. A perfect name for a little girl with an affinity for nature.

Modern and Trendy ‘H’ Names

These trendy ‘H’ names are all the rage right now, each with its own modern charm. For example:

  • Harper (English): Meaning ‘harp player’ and pronounced HAR-per. This name has seen a recent surge in popularity, thanks in part to the protagonist in “To Kill A Mockingbird.”
  • Hadley (English): Meaning ‘heather field’. An energetic name that’s perfect for a little girl with boundless curiosity.
  • Hailey (English): Meaning ‘hay field’ and pronounced HAY-lee. A highly versatile name that comes with a variety of spellings – Hayley, Haley, Haleigh, etc.
  • Habiba (Arabic): Meaning ‘beloved’. A unique name that carries a special significance.
  • Hayley (English): Meaning ‘hay meadow’ and pronounced HAY-lee. An endearing name with an effortless modern charm.
  • Haidyn (English): Meaning ‘hay field’. An innovative name perfect for a trend-setting little girl.
  • Halia (Hawaiian): Meaning ‘remembrance of a loved one’. A unique name with a strong emotional connection.
  • Helena (Greek): Meaning ‘light’ and pronounced HEL-en-ah. This timeless classic has been updated with a modern twist.
  • Hallow (English): Meaning ‘holy’. A beautiful name that carries a strong spiritual connotation.
  • Halona (Native American): Meaning ‘happy fortune’. A sweet and meaningful name with a bit of good luck thrown in.
  • Harlyn (English): Meaning ‘army of the lake’. A powerful name fit for a girl with a warrior’s spirit.
  • Hartlie (English): Meaning ‘strong-hearted’. An empowering name for a courageous little girl.
  • Harvie (English): Meaning ‘army of the worthy’. A strong name that will empower your daughter to reach her goals.
  • Halleigh (English): Meaning ‘hallowed one’. A beautiful name for a little girl who is incredibly special.
  • Haven (English): Meaning ‘refuge’. A perfect name for a girl who is always ready to lend an ear or offer comfort.

Unique and Uncommon ‘H’ Names

If you’re looking for an ‘H’ name that’s a little off the beaten path, consider these unique options:

  • Hestia (Greek): Meaning ‘hearth’ or ‘fireside’ and pronounced HES-tee-ah. This unique name hails from Greek mythology, where Hestia was the goddess of the hearth.
  • Hekate (Greek): Meaning ‘faraway’. A rare and powerful name often associated with the Greek goddess of magic.
  • Herminia (Latin): Meaning ‘universal strength’. An uncommonly beautiful name that encapsulates inner power and resilience.
  • Hyacinth (Greek): Meaning ‘flower’. This charming name is perfect for a girl who loves to spread joy and beauty.
  • Harita (Sanskrit): Meaning ‘green’. A unique way to honor your daughter’s connection with the natural world.
  • Hetty (English): Meaning ‘estimable one’. A great choice for a girl who is wise beyond her years.
  • Humility (English): Meaning ‘modesty’. An interesting name that embodies the virtue of humility.
  • Honor (Latin): Meaning ‘honor’ and pronounced HON-er. A timeless name with a profound significance.
  • Hamida (Arabic): Meaning ‘praiseworthy’. This is a great way to show your daughter that she is loved and appreciated.
  • Hennie (Hebrew): Meaning ‘grace’. A beautiful name that carries a lovely sentiment of grace and elegance.
  • Haruko (Japanese): Meaning ‘spring child’. This unique name celebrates the joys of springtime and new beginnings.
  • Hersey (English): Meaning ‘deer island’. A charming name perfect for an adventurous little girl.
  • Huxley (English): Meaning ‘lives near the holly tree’. A creative name that pays homage to the classic novel “Brave New World”.
  • Hyacintha (Greek): Meaning ‘lovely’ and pronounced HI-ah-sinth-ah. An elegant name with an air of sophistication.
  • Honorine (French): Meaning ‘honor’. An excellent choice to honor a special woman in your life, or for a girl who is particularly honorable.
  • Hanae (Japanese): Meaning ‘blossom’. A poetic name that celebrates the beauty and fragility of nature.
  • Heloise (Greek): Meaning ‘famous in battle’. An inspiring name fit for a little girl with an unstoppable spirit.
  • Hesther (Hebrew): Meaning ‘star’. A unique name that celebrates the beauty of the night sky and galaxies beyond.
  • Hebe (Greek): Meaning ‘youthful’. This charming moniker is perfect for a child who’s always full of energy and life.
  • Hodaya (Hebrew): Meaning ‘thankful’. An excellent name to express your gratitude for the blessing of having a daughter.

Cute and Beautiful Girl Names That Start With H

These cute and beautiful ‘H’ names are sure to make your little one stand out.

  • Hyacinth (Greek): Meaning ‘blue gem’ and pronounced HYE-uh-sinth. This colorful name is a symbol of beauty, innocence, and joy, making it perfect for any little girl.
  • Heaven (English): Meaning ‘paradise’. A beautiful name that evokes the image of a perfect, serene place.
  • Haleigh (English): Meaning ‘hay field’ and pronounced HAY-lee. An adorable name with an irresistibly sweet charm.
  • Hadassa (Hebrew): Meaning ‘myrtle tree’. A beautiful name for a daughter who brings light and hope to your life.
  • Hollis (English): Meaning ‘holly grove’ and pronounced HAL-iss. A cute name that will stand out from the crowd.
  • Harmony (English): Meaning ‘concord’. An uplifting name that embodies peace, balance, and unity.
  • Helen (Greek): Meaning ‘light’ and pronounced HEL-en. An all-time favorite that’s been modernized with a unique twist.
  • Hilary (English): Meaning ‘cheerful’. A cheerful name perfect for an outgoing girl with lots of personality.
  • Hadiya (Arabic): Meaning ‘gift’. An endearing name that celebrates the special gift of your daughter’s presence in your life.
  • Henrietta (German): Meaning ‘ruler of an enclosure’ and pronounced HEN-rye-eh-tah. A timeless classic with an elegant touch.
  • Hadriana (Latin): Meaning ‘from Hadrian’. A strong and powerful name with a historical backstory.
  • Hermia (Greek): Meaning ‘universal strength’ and pronounced HER-mee-ah. An empowering name with a deep spiritual meaning.
  • Haidee (Greek): Meaning ‘modest’. A sweet name that carries an air of innocence and purity.
  • Humaira (Arabic): Meaning ‘reddish’. An interesting name with a mysterious, exotic charm.
  • Halima (Arabic): Meaning ‘gentle’ and pronounced hah-LEE-mah. A beautiful name that celebrates gentleness and kindness.
  • Hala (Arabic): Meaning ‘halo’. A unique name perfect for a little angel in your life.
  • Hollie (English): Meaning ‘the holly tree’. A classic, timeless name that celebrates the beauty of nature.
  • Hathor (Egyptian): Meaning ‘home of Horus’. A wonderful name for a daughter who is your guiding light.
  • Henri (French): Meaning ‘keeper of the home’. An excellent choice to show your appreciation for all that she does in the home.
  • Haunani (Hawaiian): Meaning ‘beautiful’. A sweet name for a daughter who is truly breathtaking.
  • Hazelle (French): Meaning ‘the hazelnut tree’ and pronounced HAH-zel. An adorable name that captures the innocent playfulness of childhood.
  • Honey (English): Meaning ‘sweet’. A great name that celebrates your daughter’s natural sweetness.
  • Halle (English): Meaning ‘dweller in the hall’. A powerful name perfect for a girl with ambition and drive.
  • Heleana (Hawaiian): Meaning ‘light of God’. An inspiring name to remind your daughter of her divine purpose.
  • Haruka (Japanese): Meaning ‘distant fragrance’. A beautiful and poetic name that celebrates the power of love.

‘H’ Names from Around the World

Your baby’s ‘H’ name can also be a nod to your family’s heritage or love for travel:

  • Hana (Japanese): Meaning ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’ and pronounced HAH-nah. This beautiful name is common in Japan and is associated with cherry blossoms.
  • Hermione (Greek): Meaning ‘the messenger’. The name of a powerful character from the Harry Potter series, Hermione is both strong and wise.
  • Habiba (Arabic): Meaning ‘beloved’ and pronounced hah-BEE-bah. A beautiful name that celebrates your daughter’s preciousness.
  • Hedwig (German): Meaning ‘war battle’ and pronounced HED-vikh. This name has a unique, powerful history and is perfect for a brave little girl.
  • Hien (Vietnamese): Meaning ‘gentle’ and pronounced HHiy-NG. A peaceful name that celebrates her gentleness and kindness.
  • Hiero (Greek): Meaning ‘sacred’. A great way to honor your faith and show your daughter how much you cherish her.
  • Hugiherahta (Cherokee): Meaning ‘brave’. An excellent name to pay homage to the bravery of the Cherokee people.
  • Hua (Chinese): Meaning ‘flower’ and pronounced HWAH. A lovely, flowery name that celebrates all things beautiful and bright.
  • Huguetta (French): Meaning ‘mindful’. An excellent name for a daughter who is wise beyond her years.
  • Heka (Egyptian): Meaning ‘power of the soul’. A strong and mystical name that celebrates strength and resilience.
  • Huitzilopochtli (Aztec): Meaning ‘Hummingbird of the South’ and pronounced WEE-tsee-loh-POCHT-lee. A unique name with a rich history and culture behind it.
  • Hiwatari (Japanese): Meaning ‘bridge over the river’. An interesting name to symbolize connection and harmony between worlds.
  • Hadar (Hebrew): Meaning ‘splendor’. An excellent choice for a daughter who shines from within.
  • Hyacintha (Greek): Meaning ‘flower of the sun’ and pronounced HYE-uh-sin-thah. A beautiful, floral name that celebrates your daughter’s unique brilliance.
  • Hanae (Japanese): Meaning ‘flower’ and pronounced HAH-nah-eh. A delicate name that celebrates your daughter’s beauty and grace.
  • Havilah (Hebrew): Meaning ‘circle of sand’. A wonderful name to capture the essence of nature and all its wonders.
  • Harue (Japanese): Meaning ‘springtime’. A seasonal name that captures the joy and beauty of spring.
  • Harumi (Japanese): Meaning ‘spring beauty’ and pronounced hah-ROO-mee. An excellent choice for a daughter who brings you immense joy and happiness.
  • Hidalgo (Spanish): Meaning ‘noble’ or ‘gentleman’. A great way to honor the nobility of your family’s heritage.
  • Hasina (African): Meaning ‘good and kind’. An endearing name that expresses your deep love for your daughter.
  • Haruhi (Japanese): Meaning ‘spring day’. A great way to bring the warmth of spring into your home and heart.
  • Hena (Indian): Meaning ‘golden’. An excellent name for a daughter who is your treasure beyond measure.
  • Himagauri (Indian): Meaning ‘beautiful like a pearl’. A beautiful name to celebrate her unique beauty and strength.
  • Hrithika (Indian): Meaning ‘benevolent’. An inspiring name to remind your daughter of her inner power and kindness.
  • Helina (African): Meaning ‘ray of sunshine’. A wonderful name to bring a bit of sunshine into your life.

Celebrities with ‘H’ Names

From Hollywood actresses to celebrated musicians, many notable figures also have ‘H’ names:

  • Hilary Swank: This award-winning actress has made the name Hilary synonymous with talent and strength.
  • Halle Berry: This name has been popularized by the talented actress and former beauty queen, Halle Berry.
  • Helena Bonham Carter: This acclaimed British actress is known for her quirky roles and equally distinctive name, Helena.
  • Heidi Klum: This model and television personality has made the name Heidi famous around the world.
  • Hilary Duff: Former child star and singer girl who’s made a name for herself as an adult with her music and acting career.
  • Hanna Hall: A young actress best known for her roles in Forrest Gump and The Virgin Suicides.
  • Hayley Williams: Lead singer of the rock band Paramore, Hayley is a powerful vocalist with a unique style.
  • Halsey: This American singer-songwriter has made waves in the music industry with her captivating lyrics.
  • Hayden Panettiere: A young actress who rose to fame with her role in Heroes, Hayden is a modern example of strength and femininity.
  • Hailee Steinfeld: A young actress and model who has made a name for herself with her roles in True Grit and Pitch Perfect.
  • Hayley McFarland: A young actress best known for her roles in Lie to Me and The Mentalist.

Even More Girl Names That Start With H

If you’re looking for more ‘H’ names, here are some additional options to consider:

  • Hava
  • Harinder
  • Hristina
  • Harietta
  • Hwan
  • Hiltrud
  • Hotaru
  • Hiyori
  • Hisayo
  • Husni
  • Herais
  • Helma
  • Hedda
  • Hisako
  • Hayat
  • Hanga
  • Harlowe
  • Hyun
  • Harpreet
  • Hemal
  • Hanne
  • Handan
  • Halide
  • Hartley
  • Hailie
  • Hejal
  • Herta
  • Helvi
  • Hagne
  • Hylda
  • Hooda
  • Hibo
  • Hunar
  • Havenly
  • Helmi
  • Hendrika
  • Henna
  • Heledd
  • Hitakshi
  • Harmonia
  • Hanke
  • Hande
  • Hazeline
  • Hemamalini
  • Heidemarie
  • Hypatia
  • Hepsie
  • Honrata
  • Hemaksi
  • Heulwen
  • Hazelrose
  • Heng
  • Hatice
  • Hodan
  • Hekla
  • Heatherly
  • Harsha
  • Havva
  • Harleigh
  • Hanifa
  • Hla
  • Haoua
  • Hisae
  • Hajna
  • Heavenlee
  • Haifa
  • Halyna
  • Hania
  • Hiroyo
  • Hajar
  • Heraclia
  • Haydn
  • Hunter
  • Ha-Yun
  • Hiroe
  • Holland
  • Henley
  • Hikari
  • Hershey
  • Hilaria
  • Hinata
  • Holiday
  • Hatsue
  • Heiress
  • Huldah
  • Harlee
  • Hayleigh
  • Houa
  • Haylie
  • Haldis
  • Halley
  • Hanan
  • Harleen
  • Havisha
  • Hemi
  • Haya
  • Hemera
  • Herlinda
  • Hesper
  • Hiroko
  • Henriette
  • Hopestill
  • Hephzibah
  • Harriett
  • Harshini
  • Hermine
  • Hadia
  • Hermina
  • Henrike
  • Hawise


Naming your baby girl is an incredible journey of discovery and decision-making.

We hope that this collection of 250 ‘H’ names serves as a valuable resource and provides inspiration for this important choice.

No matter which name you choose, it’s important to remember that your daughter’s name is an expression of her unique identity.

Above all else, make sure your daughter feels loved and celebrated, and her name will be a beautiful reflection of that.

Good luck – Happy naming!

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