251 Old-Fashioned Vintage Girl Names That Aren’t Overused

In a world constantly chasing the ‘new’ and the ‘modern’, there’s something profoundly charming about the old, the classic, and the timeless.

This sentiment holds true, especially when it comes to naming our children.

Recently, there’s been a noticeable resurgence in the popularity of old-fashioned baby girl names.

These vintage monikers, steeped in tradition and heritage, offer a unique blend of elegance and historical significance that modern names often lack.

They are reminiscent of a bygone era, echoing the grace, values, and simplicity of times past.

This guide aims to take you on a journey through 251 old-fashioned and vintage girl names that are making a comeback in the modern world.

Discover an array of beautiful names, ranging from forever lost to ready for revival. Let’s explore timeless and charming options for your little bundle of joy.

The Charm of Vintage Names

Old-fashioned names for baby girls have a unique charm and elegance that is often missing in more modern monikers. 

They have a certain timeless quality that makes them stand out and gives them an air of sophistication.

These names evoke images of simpler, more wholesome times and conjure up visions of dainty dresses, lace ribbons, and delicate tea parties.

There’s a certain whimsy to old-fashioned names that lends itself to creativity and imagination.

In addition to their charm, vintage names also have a touch of exclusivity.

While modern names come and go, old-fashioned names have stood the test of time, making them even more special.

Top Trending Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names

Top Trending Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names

These names are not only beautiful sounding but also carry deep, meaningful sentiments.

Here is a list of old-fashioned baby girl names and their meanings.

Amelia: Origin: Germanic, Meaning: Industrious and striving.

Beatrice: Origin: Latin, Meaning: The bringer of joy and happiness.

Clara: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Bright and clear.

Dorothy: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Gift of God.

Eleanor: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Shining light.

Florence: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Blooming, flourishing.

Grace: Origin: English, Meaning: Simple elegance.

Hazel: Origin: English, Meaning: The hazelnut tree.

Isabella: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Pledged to God.

Josephine: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: God will add.

Katherine: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pure, clear.

Lillian: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Lily, purity.

Margaret: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pearl.

Nora: Origin: Irish, Meaning: Honor, light.

Ophelia: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Help.

Penelope: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Weaver.

Queenie: Origin: English, Meaning: Female ruler.

Rosalind: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Pretty rose.

Stella: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Star.

Theresa: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Harvester.

Ursula: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Little bear.

Victoria: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Victory.

Winifred: Origin: Welsh, Meaning: Joy and peace.

Xenia: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Welcoming to strangers.

Yvonne: Origin: French, Meaning: Yew, archer.

Zelda: Origin: German, Meaning: Grey battle.

Agnes: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Pure, holy.

Blanche: Origin: French, Meaning: White, fair.

Constance: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Constant, steadfast.

Delilah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Delicate.

Evangeline: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bringer of glad tidings.

Frances: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Free one.

Gertrude: Origin: German, Meaning: Spear of strength.

Harriet: Origin: English, Meaning: Estate ruler.

Imogen: Origin: Celtic, Meaning: Maiden.

Juliet: Origin: English, Meaning: Youthful, downy.

Keziah: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Cassia tree.

Lucinda: Origin: Spanish, Meaning: Light.

Mildred: Origin: English, Meaning: Gentle strength.

Naomi: Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Pleasantness.

Opal: Origin: English, Meaning: Jewel.

Phoebe: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, pure.

Quinta: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Fifth.

Rosamund: Origin: German, Meaning: Horse protection.

Sybil: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Prophetess, oracle.

Tabitha: Origin: Aramaic, Meaning: Gazelle.

Una: Origin: Latin, Meaning: One.

Vivian: Origin: Latin, Meaning: Alive.

Wilhelmina: Origin: German, Meaning: Will, desire and helmet, protection.

Xanthe: Origin: Greek, Meaning: Golden, yellow.

Classic Baby Girl Names That Aren’t Overused

Classic, old-fashioned girl names have a timeless appeal.

They evoke a sense of grace, charm, and sophistication that never goes out of style.

These names are steeped in history and tradition, often carrying deep, poignant meanings that resonate across generations.

Abigail: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Father’s joy.”

Charlotte: French origin. Meaning: “Free woman.”

Elizabeth: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “God is abundance.”

Irene: Greek origin. Meaning: “Peace.”

Katharine: Greek origin. Meaning: “Pure.”

Lucy: English origin. Meaning: “Light.”

Nellie: English origin. Meaning: “Bright, shining one.”

Patricia: Latin origin. Meaning: “Noble.”

Sarah: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Princess.”

Xena: Greek origin. Meaning: “Guest, stranger.”

Zoe: Greek origin. Meaning: “Life.”

Ada: German origin. Meaning: “Noble.”

Cora: Greek origin. Meaning: “Maiden.”

Diana: Latin origin. Meaning: “Heavenly, divine.”

Edith: English origin. Meaning: “Prosperous in war.”

Gwendolyn: Welsh origin. Meaning: “Blessed ring.”

Helen: Greek origin. Meaning: “Bright, shining one.”

Ida: German origin. Meaning: “Industrious one.”

Kate: English origin. Meaning: “Pure.”

Louise: French origin. Meaning: “Renowned fighter.”

Mabel: Latin origin. Meaning: “Lovable.”

Norah: Irish origin. Meaning: “Light.”

Pauline: Latin origin. Meaning: “Small.”

Quinn: Irish origin. Meaning: “Wise.”

Ruth: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Companion, friend.”

Sylvia: Latin origin. Meaning: “Forest.”

Tess: Greek origin. Meaning: “Harvester.”

Uma: Sanskrit origin. Meaning: “Nation.”

Vera: Russian origin. Meaning: “True.”

Wanda: Slavic origin. Meaning: “Wanderer.”

Xandra: Greek origin. Meaning: “Defender of mankind.”

Galadriel: Origin: Sindarin, Meaning: “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” 

Ilsa: Origin: German, Meaning: “pledged to God” 

Luna: Origin: Latin, Meaning: “moon” 

Piper: Origin: English, Meaning: “one who plays the pipes” 

Sansa: Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: “praise, charm” 

Tris: Origin: Greek, Meaning: “bold, brave” 

Violet: Origin: English, Meaning: “purple” 

Hazel: Origin: English, Meaning: “the hazelnut tree” 

Katniss: Origin: English, Meaning: “arrowroot plant” 

Matilda: Origin: German, Meaning: “strength in battle”   

Primrose: Origin: English, Meaning: “first rose” 

Ramona: Origin: Spanish, Meaning: “wise protector” 

Sable: Origin: English, Meaning: “black” 

Valentina: Origin: Latin, Meaning: “strong, healthy” 

Wren: Origin: English, Meaning: “small bird” 

Zara: Origin: Arabic, Meaning: “princess” 

Giselle: Origin: German, Meaning: “pledge, hostage” 

Juliana: Origin: Latin, Meaning: “youthful, downy”   

Esther: Origin: Persian, Meaning: “Star.”

Forgotten / Seldom-heard Vintage Girl Names

While some classic names have stood the test of time, there are many others that have fallen out of popularity and into obscurity.

But these forgotten or seldom-heard vintage girl names still hold a certain charm and uniqueness that make them worth considering for your baby girl.

Agatha: Greek origin. Meaning: “Good woman.”

Beatrix: Latin origin. Meaning: “Voyager, traveler.”

Cecily: Latin origin. Meaning: “Blind.”

Doris: Greek origin. Meaning: “Gift of the ocean.”

Eunice: Greek origin. Meaning: “Good victory.”

Amanda: Latin origin. Meaning: “Lovable, deserving to be loved.”

Ashley: English origin. Meaning: “Ash tree meadow.”

Stephanie: Greek origin. Meaning: “Crown, garland.”

Melissa: Greek origin. Meaning: “Bee, honey.”

Nicole: Greek origin. Meaning: “Victory of the people.”

Heather: English origin. Meaning: “A flowering evergreen plant.”

Tiffany: Greek origin. Meaning: “Manifestation of God.”

Michelle: French origin. Meaning: “Who is like God?”

Amber: English origin. Meaning: “A fossilized tree resin.”

Megan: Welsh origin. Meaning: “Pearl.”

Amy: Latin origin. Meaning: “Beloved.”

Rachel: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Ewe, female sheep.”

Kimberly: English origin. Meaning: “From the meadow of the royal fortress.”

Christina: Greek origin. Meaning: “Follower of Christ.”

Lauren: English origin. Meaning: “Laurel tree, honor.”

Crystal: English origin. Meaning: “Ice or clear.”

Brittany: English origin. Meaning: “From Britain.”

Rebecca: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “To bind, to tie.”

Laura: Latin origin. Meaning: “Bay laurel, honor.”

Danielle: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “God is my judge.”

Emily: Latin origin. Meaning: “Rival, industrious.”

Samantha: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Listener, heard by God.”

Angela: Greek origin. Meaning: “Messenger of God.”

Erin: Irish origin. Meaning: “Ireland.”

Kelly: Irish origin. Meaning: “Bright-headed.”

Sara: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Princess.”

Lisa: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “God is my oath.”

Andrea: Greek origin. Meaning: “Manly, courageous.”

Jamie: Scottish origin. Meaning: “Supplanter.”

Mary: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Bitter.”

Erica: Norse origin. Meaning: “Eternal ruler.”

Whitney: Unknown origin and meaning.

Chelsea: Unknown origin and meaning.

Brandi: Unknown origin and meaning.

Natasha: Russian origin. Meaning: “Born on Christmas Day.”

Strong Classic Girl Names

For parents who want to give their daughter a name that exudes strength, resilience, and determination, these classic girl names are perfect choices.

They have strong meanings and a commanding presence that will empower your little one wherever she goes.

Alexandra: Greek origin. Meaning: “Defender of mankind.”

Bridget: Irish origin. Meaning: “Strength.”

Caroline: Latin origin. Meaning: “Free woman.”

Diana: Latin origin. Meaning: “Heavenly, divine.”

Eleanor: Greek origin. Meaning: “Bright, shining one.”

Francesca: Italian origin. Meaning: “Free one.”

Monique: French origin. Meaning: “Advisor, counselor.”

Teresa: Greek origin. Meaning: “Harvester, reaper.”

Krista: Greek origin. Meaning: “Anointed, follower of Christ.”

Linda: Spanish origin. Meaning: “Pretty, beautiful.”

Felicia: Latin origin. Meaning: “Lucky, fortunate.”

Desiree: French origin. Meaning: “Desired, wished for.”

Jaclyn: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Supplanter.”

Alisha: Arabic origin. Meaning: “Noble, kind.”

Lori: English origin. Meaning: “Laurel, bay tree.”

Tamara: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Palm tree.”

Marissa: Latin origin. Meaning: “Of the sea.”

Natalie: Latin origin. Meaning: “Christmas Day.”

Monica: Latin origin. Meaning: “Advisor, counselor.”

Jacqueline: French origin. Meaning: “Supplanter.”

Holly: English origin. Meaning: “The holly tree.”

Kristina: Scandinavian origin. Meaning: “Follower of Christ.”

Rebekah: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “To tie, to bind.”

Latasha: American origin. Meaning: “Born on Christmas day.”

Colleen: Irish origin. Meaning: “Girl, young woman.”

Regina: Latin origin. Meaning: “Queen.”

Adrienne: Latin origin. Meaning: “From the city of Adria.”

Carla: German origin. Meaning: “Strong, womanly.”

Lindsey: English origin. Meaning: “Island of linden trees.”

Samantha: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Listener, heard by God.”

Brittney: English origin. Meaning: “From Britain.”

Susan: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Lily.”

Stefanie: Greek origin. Meaning: “Crown, garland.”

Mildred: English origin. Meaning: “Gentle strength.”

Lillian: English origin. Meaning: “Lily.”

Eleanor: Greek origin. Meaning: “Bright, shining one.”

Myrtle: Greek origin. Meaning: “Myrtle tree.”

Thelma: Greek origin. Meaning: “Will, volition.”

Mayme: English origin. Meaning: “Pearl.”

Selma: German origin. Meaning: “Divine helmet.”

One, Two, Three, Syllable Classic Girl Names

If you’re looking for a classic girl name that is easy to say, spell, and remember, these one, two, and three-syllable options are perfect.

They have a lovely flow and rhythm that makes them pleasant to the ears.

Amy: French origin. Meaning: “Beloved.” Syllable-count: 2.

Bella: Italian origin. Meaning: “Beautiful.” Syllable-count: 2.

Daisy: Old English origin. Meaning: “Day’s eye.” Syllable-count: 2.

Elise: French origin. Meaning: “God is my oath.” Syllable-count: 2.

Faye: Old English origin. Meaning: “Fairy, elf.” Syllable-count: 1.

Misty: English origin. Meaning: “Mist.” Syllable-count: 2.

Ivy: Old English origin. Meaning: “Climbing vine plant.” Syllable-count: 2.

Jade: Spanish origin. Meaning: “Precious green stone.” Syllable-count: 1.

Scarlett: English origin. Meaning: “Red.” Syllable-count: 2.

Tessa: Greek origin. Meaning: “Harvester, reaper.” Syllable-count: 2.

Willow: English origin. Meaning: “Graceful.” Syllable-count: 2.

Abby: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “My father is joyful.” Syllable-count: 2.

Brielle: French origin. Meaning: “God is my strength.” Syllable-count: 2.

Cleo: Greek origin. Meaning: “Glory, fame.” Syllable-count: 2.

Elsa: Scandinavian origin. Meaning: “Pledged to God.” Syllable-count: 2.

Fiona: Gaelic origin. Meaning: “Fair, white.” Syllable-count: 3.

Gwen: Welsh origin. Meaning: “White, fair, blessed.” Syllable-count: 1.

Iris: Greek origin. Meaning: “Rainbow.” Syllable-count: 2.

June: Latin origin. Meaning: “The sixth month of the year.” Syllable-count: 1.

Leah: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Weary.” Syllable-count: 2.

Mia: Scandinavian origin. Meaning: “Mine.” Syllable-count: 2.

Nina: Spanish origin. Meaning: “Little girl, darling.” Syllable-count:  2.

Paige: Old French origin. Meaning: “Young servant.” Syllable-count: 1.

Quincy: Latin origin. Meaning: “Fifth son.” Syllable-count: 2.

Sylvie: French origin. Meaning: “From the forest.” Syllable-count: 2.

Trinity: Latin origin. Meaning: “Threefold.” Syllable-count: 3.

Veronica: Greek origin. Meaning: “True image.” Syllable-count: 4.

Wendy: English origin. Meaning: “White, fair, blessed.” Syllable-count: 2.

Yvette: French origin. Meaning: “Archer.” Syllable-count: 2.

Zoe: Greek origin. Meaning: “Life.” Syllable-count: 2. 

Betty: Old English origin. Meaning: “God is my oath.” Syllable-count: 2.

Cara: Irish/Italian origin. Meaning: “Beloved” (Irish), “Dear, expensive” (Italian). Syllable-count: 2.

Dana: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “God has judged.” Syllable

Jean: French origin. Meaning: “God is gracious.” Syllable-count: 1.

Karen: Danish origin. Meaning: “Pure.” Syllable-count: 2.

Lyla: Arabic origin. Meaning: “Night.” Syllable-count: 2.

Nora: Irish origin. Meaning: “Honor.” Syllable-count: 2.

Shirley: English origin. Meaning: “Bright meadow.” Syllable-count: 2.

Tara: Irish origin. Meaning: “Hill, tower.” Syllable-count: 2.

Vanessa: Greek origin. Meaning: “Butterfly.” Syllable-count: 3.

Classic Girl Names Ready For Revival

Every generation has its own set of popular names, but as time goes by, some classic girl names fall out of fashion.

But these names are ready for a comeback and will surely stand out in today’s sea of trendy and unique names.

Adelaide: German origin. Meaning: “Noble.”

Bernadette: French origin. Meaning: “Brave as a bear.”

Dolores: Spanish origin. Meaning: “Sorrows.”

Evelyn: English origin. Meaning: “Wished for child.”

Eva: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Life.”

Gloria: Latin origin. Meaning: “Glory.”

Leona: Old German origin. Meaning: “Lion.”

Marie: French origin. Meaning: “Bitter.”

Matilda: German origin. Meaning: “Mighty in battle.”

Nancy: Hebrew origin. Meaning: “Grace.”

Priscilla: Latin origin. Meaning: “Ancient or venerable.”

Selena: Greek origin. Meaning:

Beulah: Hebrew origin, means “married” or “to be married”.

Jacqueline: French origin, means “supplanter” or “may God protect”.

Madeline: Derived from Magdalene, means “woman from Magdala”.

Erma: German origin, means “universal” or “whole”.

Marcella: Latin origin, means “warlike” or “dedicated to Mars”.

Janice: Hebrew origin, means “God is gracious”.

Henrietta: German origin, means “ruler of the home” or “estate ruler”.

Patricia: Latin origin, means “noble” or “patrician”.

Arlene: Irish origin, means “pledge” or “oath”.

Diane: French origin, means “divine” or “heavenly”.

Maxine: Latin origin, means “greatest” or “the greatest”.

Gail: Hebrew origin, means “joy” or “rejoice”.

Mae: Derived from the month of May, means “the fifth month”.

Glenda: Welsh origin, means “pure” or “fair”.

Lena: Greek origin, means “light” or “torch”.

Sharon: Hebrew origin, means “a plain” or “a fertile plain”.

Karen: Danish origin, means “pure” or “chaste”.

Pamela: Derived from Greek, means “all honey” or “sweetness”.

Cynthia: Greek origin, means “moon” or “goddess of the moon”.

Darlene: English origin, means “darling” or “beloved”.

Paula: Derived from Latin, means “small” or “humble”.

Eileen: Gaelic origin, means “bright” or “shining one”.

Juanita: Spanish origin, means “God is gracious”.

Jeanne: Derived from French, means “God is gracious” or “God’s gift”.

Marsha: English origin, means “of Mars” or “warlike”.

Bernice: Greek origin, means “bringer of victory” or “victory bringer”.

Janie: Derived from Jane, means “God is gracious”.

Stella: Latin origin, means “star”.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your child is a deeply personal journey, influenced by culture, history, literature, and personal heritage.

Vintage names, steeped in tradition and imbued with timeless elegance, are making a remarkable comeback.

Old-fashioned names are a beautiful blend of the past and present.

In conclusion, old-fashioned baby girl names have endured the test of time due to their charm, elegance, and rich connections to history and culture.

Their timeless appeal is likely to continue enchanting parents for years to come. 

William Shakespeare famously pondered, “What significance lies within a name?” A rose, regardless of the name it is given, will always exude the same delightful fragrance.

So, whether you choose a vintage name or a modern one, the most important thing is that it holds meaning and significance to your family.

After all, your little girl’s name will be her first identity and legacy. 

Happy Naming!

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