150 Extraordinary ‘X’ Girl Names for Your Little Angel

As parents, you might want to consider something unique, yet charming.

And choosing a name for your newborn girl is not only a responsibility but also a privilege.

It is an opportunity to give her a beautiful identity that will accompany her throughout life. 

Names beginning with ‘X’ are an excellent choice.

They are rare, distinctive, and carry a certain allure that is hard to resist.

In this blog, we are going to explore the world of ‘X’ names for baby girls, highlighting their uniqueness, cultural significance, and their charm.

So, if you’re seeking a name that stands out from the crowd, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the exquisite realm of ‘X’ names for baby girls.

Overview of the allure and distinctive nature of names that begin with ‘X’.

The Charm of ‘X’ Girl Names

Names beginning with ‘X’ emanate a certain charm, a mesmerizing allure that sets them apart.

They are undoubtedly unique, but there’s something more to these names – an exotic touch, a mysterious vibe that is undeniably attractive.

These names have a certain rhythm and musicality to them, making them sound sophisticated and stylish. Moreover, ‘X’ names are versatile, with different origins around the world, they can be tailored to any personal preference.

From the sweet ‘Xanthe’ meaning ‘golden’, to the unique ‘Ximena’ or ‘Xia’, these names are as diverse as they are charming.

So, choosing an ‘X’ name for your baby girl is not only about standing out but also about embracing a name that is enchanting in its own right.

Charming 'X' Girl Names

Top Baby Girl Names Beginning With ‘X’

Presenting a carefully curated list of both popular and unusual ‘X’ names for baby girls, offering a wide range of choices for parents.

  1. Xalia – Origin: Greek/Arabic – Meaning: “gift of God”
  2. Xanthe: A vibrant name of Greek origin, meaning ‘golden or yellow.’
  3. Xandra: A Greek name that means ‘defender of mankind,’ perfect for a future strong woman.
  4. Xara: A delightful name meaning ‘Shining; flower.’
  5. Xaviera – Origin: Basque/Spanish – Meaning: “new house”
  6. Xella – Origin: English – Meaning: “rock” or “fountain”
  7. Xena: An enchanting name of Greek origin, meaning ‘guest, stranger.’
  8. Xenobia: A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘life of Zeus.’ A unique and royal choice for your baby girl.
  9. Xenon – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “foreigner” or “stranger”
  10. Xia: A short and sweet name of Chinese origin, meaning ‘summer, great, grand.’
  11. Xiaoyu: A Chinese origin name, meaning ‘small jade,’ symbolizing preciousness and beauty.
  12. Xiamara – Origin: Spanish/German – Meaning: “famous in battle” or “prosperous”
  13. Xiomara: A Spanish name with a powerful meaning: ‘battle-ready.’
  14. Xiara – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “flower” or “blossom”
  15. Ximena: A popular yet unique name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘One who hears.’
  16. Xyla: This name, derived from Greek origin, means ‘woodland,’ making it an ideal choice for nature-loving parents.
  17. Xylaiah – Origin: Hebrew/Greek – Meaning: “God is my salvation” or “from the forest”
  18. Xuan – Origin: Vietnamese/Chinese – Meaning: “spring” or “first born son”
  19. Xavya – Origin: Spanish/Basque – Meaning: “new house” or “bright”
  20. Xavina: A Basque name, meaning ‘new house’
  21. Xeira – A Hebrew name, meaning ‘bright, light’
  22. Xolisiwe – A South African name, meaning ‘the forgiven one’
  23. Xenara – A unique name, meaning ‘stranger, guest’
  24. Xylena – A Greek name, meaning ‘from the forest’
  25. Xiang: A Chinese origin name, meaning ‘fragrant or pleasant.’
  26. Xiuying – Origin: Chinese/Korean – Meaning: “elegant” or “beautiful”
  27. Xenaia – A unique name of Greek origin, meaning ‘hospitality.’
  28. Xya – A rare name with an uncertain origin, possibly from the Basque language, meaning ‘forest.’
  29. Xamara – Origin: Arabic – Meaning: “shining, brilliant.”
  30. Ximene – Origin: Spanish – Meaning: “hearkening.”
  31. Xola – Origin: African  meaning ‘stay in peace.’
  32. Xavyera – A Basque origin name, meaning ‘new house.’
  33. Xristina – A unique spelling for Christina of Greek origin, meaning ‘follower of Christ.’
  34. Xeniya – Origin: Greek/Russian – Meaning: “hospitable” or “kind.”
  35. Xiaoli: A Chinese name meaning ‘little dawn.’

Charming ‘X’ Girl Names

There’s an undeniable charm in names that start with ‘X’, combining an exotic appeal with a unique flair. 

  1. Xabrina – A Celtic name, meaning ‘from the boundary river, princess’
  2. Xadia – A unique name, meaning ‘defender of the people’
  3. Xai – A short and sweet name, meaning ‘splendid’
  4. Xan – A short and sweet name, meaning ‘splendid’
  5. Xana – A unique name, meaning ‘foreigner; guest’
  6. Xanadu – A rare name, meaning ‘an idyllic, beautiful place’
  7. Xanthe – Means ‘golden; yellow’
  8. Xanthia – A unique name, meaning ‘golden haired’
  9. Xanthippe – A Greek name, meaning ‘blonde horse’
  10. Xanthus – A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘golden; yellow’
  11. Xara – Means ‘princess; lady’
  12. Xareni – A unique name, meaning ‘protective; caring’
  13. Xaviera – A name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘bright; splendid’
  14. Xaverie – A name of Basque origin, meaning ‘new house’
  15. Xavier – A name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘bright; splendid’
  16. Xayla – A unique name, meaning ‘forest’
  17. Xeena – A rare name, meaning ‘guest, stranger’
  18. Xena – A unique name, meaning ‘foreigner; guest’
  19. Xeni – A Greek name, meaning ‘stranger or welcoming,’
  20. Xenia – A name of Greek origin, embodies ‘hospitality’
  21. Xenon – A unique name, meaning ‘stranger’
  22. Xerena – Means ‘calm; serene’
  23. Xerxes – A name of Persian origin, meaning ‘the ruler of heroes’.
  24. Xiana – A rare name of Basque origin, meaning ‘to own, to possess’
  25. Ximena – A Spanish name, meaning ‘hearkening’
  26. Xiomara – A Spanish name, meaning ‘battle ready’
  27. Xochil – A unique name with Aztec roots, meaning ‘flower’
  28. Xochitl – A rare name of Aztec origin, meaning ‘flower’
  29. Xoe – A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘life’
  30. Xolana – An African name, meaning ‘stay in peace’
  31. Xolani – A unique name of African origin, meaning ‘peace’
  32. Xosha – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘saved’
  33. Xuana – A rare name, meaning ‘God is gracious’
  34. Xylia – A Greek name, meaning ‘from the woods’
  35. Xyliana – A rare name, meaning ‘from the forest’
  36. Xylie – Of Greek origin, meaning ‘woodland; forest’
  37. Xylina – A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘from the forest’
  38. Xymena – A unique name, meaning ‘hospitable’
  39. Xyza – A unique name, meaning ‘sweet’ or ‘beautiful.’
  40. Xzara– A unique name, meaning ‘princess; lady.’
Unique Girl Names That Start With X

Unique Girl Names That Start With X

Here are truly unique girl names that start with ‘X’. Each name is distinctive, ensuring your baby girl’s name will be as unique as she is:

  1. Xandria: A Greek name, meaning ‘defender of mankind’
  2. Xarissa: A Greek name, meaning ‘grace’
  3. Xolander: An African name, meaning ‘land of peace’
  4. Xarelia: A unique name, meaning ‘golden ray’
  5. Xari: A unique name, meaning ‘flower’
  6. Xavia: An Arabic name, meaning ‘bright’
  7. Xanadie: A unique name, meaning ‘paradise’
  8. Xynia: A unique name, meaning ‘graceful’
  9. Xama: A unique name, meaning ‘candle’
  10. Xanelle: A unique name, meaning ‘God is gracious’
  11. Xanthina: A Greek name, meaning ‘yellow’
  12. Xyris: A unique name, meaning ‘rainbow’
  13. Xylonia: A unique name, meaning ‘from the forest’
  14. Xylophone: A unique name, meaning ‘wooden sound’
  15. Xamira: A unique name, meaning ‘star’
  16. Xoana: A Spanish name, meaning ‘God is gracious’
  17. Xochi: An Aztec name, meaning ‘flower’
  18. Xuxa: A Brazilian name, meaning ‘queen’
  19. Xyliah: A Greek name, meaning ‘from the forest’
  20. Xylynn: A unique name, meaning ‘forest’
  21. Xyrielle: A unique name, meaning ‘grace under pressure’
  22. Xyrella: A unique name, meaning ‘dancing wood nymph’
  23. Xavienna: A unique name, meaning ‘bright, splendid’
  24. Xyline: A Greek name, meaning ‘one from the forest.’
  25. Xaveria: A name of Basque origin, meaning ‘new house.’
  26. Xandie: A unique name, interpreted as ‘defender of mankind.’
  27. Xabrina: A Celtic name, meaning ‘from the boundary river, princess.’
  28. Xalvadora: A Spanish name, meaning ‘savior.’
  29. Xipil – A Nahuatl name, meaning ‘noble of the fire’
  30. Xochiquetzal – An Aztec name, meaning ‘flower feather’

International ‘X’ Girl Names

An intriguing exploration of the cultural, historical, and even mythological significance of certain ‘X’ names, adding depth to their appeal.

Giving parents greater insight into the cultural significance and meanings

  1. Xenobia: This name has a royal connotation as it was the name of a Syrian queen who inspired her people to rebel against the Roman Empire.
  2. Xerena: In Persian mythology, Xerxes was the name of a king and conqueror.
  3. Xandy: A variation of the name Alexander, meaning ‘defender of men.’ In Greek mythology, Alexander was a hero and a demigod.
  4. Xena: The popular TV show ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ featured the strong and fearless character Xena, giving this name a powerful association.
  5. Xienna:  In Arabic, Xienna means ‘splendid,’ and is also the name of a city in central Iraq.
  6. Xaviera: The feminine form of Xavier, a Basque name meaning ‘new house.’
  7. Xairen: A unique name with Spanish roots, meaning ‘celebrated.’
  8. International ‘X’ Girl Names  give names
  9. Ximena: A name of Spanish origin and is derived from the biblical name ‘Simon.’ Ximena is a popular name in many Spanish-speaking countries.
  10. Xiu: A Chinese name meaning ‘elegant’ or ‘beautiful,’ adding a touch of sophistication.
  11. Xoliswa: This name hails from South Africa and means ‘peaceful.’ It’s a unique choice for parents looking for an African ‘X’ girls name.
  12. Xaverie: A Basque name, meaning ‘new house’, is gaining popularity in France and Canada.
  13. Xylia: This Greek name means ‘from the forest’ and adds an ethereal, nature-inspired feel.
  14. Xanti: A Basque name meaning ‘praise’ or ‘honor,’ evoking a sense of admiration and respect.
  15. Xanthea: In Greek mythology, Xanthea was one of the nymphs who raised Zeus, giving this name a divine association.
  16. Xanthippe: A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘yellow horse.’ In mythology, Xanthippe was the wife of Socrates.
  17. Xylana: A unique name derived from the word ‘silvanus,’ meaning ‘of the forest.’
  18. Xylenna: This name has a mystical quality to it as it means ‘woodland sprite’ in Greek.
  19. Xiulan: A Chinese name meaning ‘elegant orchid,’ adding a delicate and feminine touch.
  20. Xanthia: In ancient Greece,  Xanthia was a place-name and meant ‘golden city.’ It also has Greek roots, meaning ‘blonde’ or ‘yellow.’
  21. Xabrina: A variation of the name Sabrina, which means from the river Severn. This name brings a sense of fluidity and grace.
  22. Xia: This name has Chinese roots and means ‘summer’ or ‘glowing.’
  23. Xiomar: A unique name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘famous in battle.’
  24. Xuanne: This Vietnamese name means ‘spring,’ symbolizing new beginnings and renewal.
  25. Xadrian: A variation of the name Adrian, meaning ‘dark one’ or ‘from Hadria.’
  26. Xylona: Another Greek name, meaning ‘from the forest,’ adding a sense of enchantment and mystery.
  27. Xanthene: This rare name has Greek roots and means ‘yellow flower.’
  28. Xantheia: A variation of Xanthe, meaning ‘golden.’ In Greek mythology, Xanthe was the name of one of the Oceanides.
  29. Xariah: This name is derived from Arabic and means ‘gift of God,’ adding a spiritual significance.
  30. Xiomari: A unique combination of two names, Xiomar and Mari, meaning ‘famous in battle’ and ‘bitter,’ respectively.
  31. Xarina: A variation of the name Larina, which means ‘seagull’ in Latin, giving this name a coastal charm.
  32. Xeniah: This unique name has Greek roots and means ‘hospitable.’ It also shares its meaning with the popular name Xenia.
  33. Xabrienne: A variation of the name Gabrielle, meaning ‘God is my strength.’
  34. Xylah: A unique spelling variation of Xyla, which means ‘from the forest.’
  35. Xirene: This name has Spanish roots and means ‘tranquility’ or ‘serenity.’
  36. Xeniyah: A variation of the name Xenia, meaning ‘hospitable,’ or ‘welcoming.’
  37. Xalvadora: In Spanish, Xalvadora means ‘savior’ or ‘deliverer,’ adding a sense of strength and empowerment.
  38. Xeren: This name has Mongolian origins and means ‘gifted.’ It also shares its meaning with the popular name Xan adu.
  39. Xzaia: A unique variation of the name Zaya, which means ‘life’ or ‘alive.’
  40. Xian – Origin: Chinese – Meaning: “peaceful” or “worthy of admiration” – Xian is a name of Chinese origin that conveys a sense of tranquility and deserving admiration.
  41. Xerxes – Origin: Persian – Meaning: “ruler over heroes” – Xerxes is a Persian name that signifies being a ruler or leader of heroes.
  42. Xavi – Origin: Basque – Meaning: diminutive form of Xavier, “new house” or “bright” – Xavi is a Basque name that is a diminutive form of Xavier.
  43. Xantho – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “blonde” or “yellow” – Xantho is a Greek name that signifies being blonde or yellow.
  44. Xiulan  – Origin: Chinese – Meaning: “graceful orchid” – Xiulan is a Chinese name that conveys the grace and elegance of an orchid.
  45. Xue – Origin: Chinese – Meaning: “snow” or “studious” – Xue is a Chinese name that signifies snow or being studious.
  46. Xanthi – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “golden” – Xanthi is a Greek name that symbolizes being golden.
  47. Ximenna – Origin: Basque – Meaning: “heard” or “obedient” – Ximenna is a Basque name that signifies being heard or obedient.
  48. Xandria – Origin: Greek/Egyptian – Meaning: “protector of humanity” – Xandria is a name of Greek and Egyptian origin that conveys the idea of being a protector of humanity.
  49. Xolile – Origin: Nguni (South African) – Meaning: “all is well” – Xolile is a name of Nguni origin from South Africa that signifies the state of “all is well.”
  50. Ximara – Origin: Basque/French – Meaning: “famous in battle” – Ximara is a name that combines Basque and French origins, representing being famous in battle.
  51. Xiomarina – Origin: Spanish/Arabic – Meaning: “famous in battle” and “beautiful” – Xiomarina is a name that combines Spanish and Arabic origins, signifying being famous in battle and beautiful.
  52. Xyliana – Origin: Greek – Meaning: “woodland sprite” or “from the forest” – Xyliana is a Greek name that conveys the idea of being a woodland sprite or from the forest.
  53. Ximenia – Origin: Basque/Greek – Meaning: “hospitable” or “hospitality” – Ximenia is a name that combines Basque and Greek origins, signifying being hospitable or having the quality of hospitality.
  54. Xolani – Origin: Nguni (South African) – Meaning: “peaceful” or “calm” – Xolani is a name of Nguni origin from South Africa that signifies being peaceful or calm.

Final Thoughts

Discover the magic of ‘X’!

Choosing a baby girl’s name starting with ‘X’ adds exoticism, rarity, and significance.

These names embody uniqueness, individuality, and a rich cultural and historical heritage. They will surely set your child apart.

The possibilities for ‘X’ names are endless, allowing parents to be daring and creative.

With its uniqueness, mystery, and cultural significance, an ‘X’ name will make your little one stand out.

Explore the world of ‘X’ names and find the perfect one for your princess. Whether traditional or modern, it will add magic to your child’s life.

Good luck on this exciting naming journey! Happy searching!

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