120 Bosnian Names to Cherish

Choosing a name for your bundle of joy can be both exciting and overwhelming.

If you’re looking for names that resonate with cultural depth and phonetic beauty, here’s a curated list of 120 Bosnian names for boys and girls.

Whether you’re honoring your heritage or simply in love with the sound and meaning of Bosnian names, this guide is for you.

Bosnian Names For Your Little Gentleman

  1. Abdulah – Servant of God: Derived from Arabic, symbolizing devotion and servitude to the divine.
  2. Adem – Earth or mankind, the Bosnian variant of Adam: Connects to the biblical Adam, highlighting humanity’s origins from the earth.
  3. Alem – World or universe: A name reflecting vastness and the entirety of creation.
  4. Amar – Long life: Suggests a wish for longevity and enduring life.
  5. Amin – Faithful, Trustworthy: Emphasizes virtues of reliability and faithfulness.
  6. Armin – Strong, steadfast: Conveys strength and unwavering resolve.
  7. Damir – ‘Peace’ combined with ‘world’: Symbolizes a peaceful and harmonious world.
  8. Edin – Unique, precious: Stands for something or someone irreplaceable and valuable.
  9. Eldar – Fire-born: Represents passion and vitality, akin to being born from fire.
  10. Faruk – One who distinguishes right from wrong: Highlights moral discernment and integrity.
  11. Haris – Guardian, protector: Implies a strong defender or keeper.
  12. Imran – Prosperity: Signifies wealth, success, and flourishing conditions.
  13. Ismar – Inspiring: Denotes the ability to stimulate or motivate others.
  14. Jasmin – Gift from God, a variation of Yasmin: Reflects a divine blessing, often associated with beauty and grace.
  15. Kenan – Possession: Could refer to something treasured or valued highly.
  16. Luka – Bringer of light: Symbolic of someone who brings clarity or enlightenment.
  17. Mirza – Prince: Indicates nobility or someone of distinguished birth.
  18. Nail – Successful: Represents achievement and the attainment of goals.
  19. Omar – Long life: Similar to Amar, wishes for a prolonged and fruitful life.
  20. Petar – Rock: Signifies solidity, stability, and reliability.
  21. Rajan – Hope: Embodies optimism and the expectation of positive outcomes.
  22. Sinan – Spear, or tent: Could represent protection or the ability to provide shelter.
  23. Tarik – Star, he who knocks at the door: Symbolizes guidance and a pioneering spirit.
  24. Vedad – Love, friendship: Stands for deep affection and close bonds between people.
  25. Zoran – Dawn, daybreak: Represents new beginnings and the start of a new day.
Bosnian Names For Your Little Princess

Bosnian Names For Your Little Princess

  1. Adela – Represents nobility and dignity.
  2. Ajla – Symbolizes the beauty and calm of moonlight.
  3. Alma – Evokes the sweetness and wholesomeness of an apple.
  4. Anđela – Angel, signifies purity and divine protection, the Bosnian variant of Angela.
  5. Azra – Denotes purity and virginity.
  6. Dalila – Conveys gentleness and delicacy.
  7. Emina – Implies a person who is trustworthy and faithful.
  8. Esma – Stands for someone exalted and held in high regard.
  9. Fatima – Represents chastity and the act of abstaining.
  10. Hana – Symbolizes ultimate happiness and bliss.
  11. Ilhana – Indicates brilliance and exceptional talent.
  12. Jasmina – A flower, signifies beauty and a divine gift.
  13. Katarina – Means pure, evoking innocence and clarity.
  14. Lamija – Reflects brightness and a radiant personality.
  15. Lejla – Represents the mystery and beauty of the night.
  16. Maja – Signifies a nurturing figure, or ties to the month of May.
  17. Nedžma – Symbolizes guidance and inspiration, like a star.
  18. Rebeka – Implies a connection or bond.
  19. Safija – Means pure, indicating clarity and sincerity.
  20. Samira – Represents companionship and engaging conversation in the evening.
  21. Sara – Denotes royal status and leadership, as in a princess.
  22. Sejla – Implies power and unstoppable force, like a flood.
  23. Tamara – Symbolizes endurance and resilience, like a date palm tree.
  24. Una – Represents the concept of hunger or desire.
  25. Zara – Signifies blooming or flourishing, often linked to royalty.

Unique Bosnian Names for Boys and Girls

  1. Admir – Prince, one who is respected and revered.
  2. Aldin – Servant of the religion, or someone who is devout and dedicated to their faith.
  3. Amila – Suggests hardworking and industrious nature.
  4. Aza – Indicates strength, fierce determination, and courage.
  5. Dario – Symbolizes a prosperous and thriving individual.
  6. Eldina – Represents guidance and protection from God.
  7. Emir – Leader, commander: conveys the power and authority of a ruler.
  8. Harun – Guardian, protector: suggests a strong defender or keeper.
  9. Ibrahim – Father of many nations: signifies prolific and abundant offspring.
  10. Irma – Suggests a complete person, or someone who is whole.
  11. Kemal – Perfection: indicates excellence and achievement.
  12. Lejla-Nura – Represents the beauty and light of the night.
  13. Mehmed – Praiseworthy, or someone who is highly regarded.
  14. Nermin – Suggests a kind and compassionate person.
  15. Omer – Life-giving, one who brings vitality: symbolizes energy and liveliness.
  16. Sanja – Means “dream” in Slavic languages, reflecting imagination and creativity.
  17. Sedin – Companion, friend: highlights the importance of strong relationships.
  18. Senad – Beloved, precious: conveys deep love and affection.
  19. Selma – Represents peace and tranquility.
  20. Tarik-Selim – Indicates guidance and protection from God in a peaceful manner.
  21. Una-Lejla – Symbolizes the beauty and mystery of the night.
  22. Vedad-Ilhana – Suggests brilliance and exceptional talent coupled with trustworthiness.
  23. Zerina – Conveys elegance and sophistication.
  24. Zenit – Indicates excellence, high achievement, or peak performance.
  25. Zlata – Means “gold” in Slavic languages, representing something valuable and precious.

Other Muslim Names for Bosnian Child

  1. Amina – Variant of Aminah, meaning trustworthy and reliable.
  2. Ayman – Means blessed or lucky, conveys good fortune and prosperity.
  3. Bilal – Denotes one who is moist or fresh, symbolizing freshness and vitality.
  4. Faida – Implies bounty and abundance, or something beneficial and advantageous.
  5. Ghazal – A form of poetry in Arabic, signifies romantic expression and beauty.
  6. Hamza – Means strong and steadfast, symbolizing resilience and courage.
  7. Iman – Faith: represents trust in God and belief in His teachings.
  8. Jamal – Beautiful, attractive: symbolizes physical and inner beauty.
  9. Khadija – Means early baby or premature birth, denotes strength and toughness.
  10. Layla – Symbolizes the night, represents mystery and enchantment.
  11. Mahmoud – Praiseworthy, someone deserving of praise and admiration.
  12. Naima – Comfort or ease: conveys a sense of peace and contentment.
  13. Omar – Long-lived, denotes longevity and vitality.
  14. Rabia – Spring, symbolizes new beginnings and growth.
  15. Samiha – Forgiving, merciful: signifies compassion and clemency.
  16. Tariq – Night visitor, someone who comes during the night: symbolizes guidance and inspiration.
  17. Uthman – Baby bustard bird, signifies strength and agility.
  18. Wafaa – Faithfulness, loyalty: conveys devotion and commitment.
  19. Yasmine – Variant of Jasmin, a flower that represents beauty and grace.
  20. Zahra – Bright or shining: symbolizes radiance and beauty.
  21. Abdel – Variant of Abdul, meaning servant of God.
  22. Aisha – Life or lively, denotes vitality and energy.
  23. Badr – Full moon, represents brightness and clarity.
  24. Hassan – Handsome or good, implies attractiveness and kindness.
  25. Nura – Light or illumination: conveys enlightenment and knowledge. # Unique Muslim Names for Bosnian Children
  26. Adilah – Just, fair: denotes someone who is righteous and morally upright.
  27. Bashir – Bringer of good news, symbolizes positivity and optimism.
  28. Dina – Means to be judged or to be proved, represents a strong sense of justice.
  29. Fatima – Abstainer or one who weans, suggests self-control and discipline.
  30. Ghada – Young woman, denotes youthfulness and vitality.
  31. Hadiya – Gift or present, symbolizes something valuable and cherished.
  32. Ilyas – Prophet Elijah in Islam, represents devotion and piety.
  33. Jannah – Paradise or heaven: signifies eternal happiness and bliss.
  34. Khalid – Immortal or everlasting, symbolizes strength and resilience.
  35. Lila – Night or darkness, denotes mystery and enchantment.
  36. Majed – Glorious or magnificent, conveys greatness and splendor.
  37. Nabil – Noble or distinguished, signifies honor and prestige.
  38. Rahma – Mercy or compassion, represents kindness and leniency.
  39. Sadik – Truthful or sincere, symbolizes honesty and integrity.
  40. Tasnim – Fountain of paradise, suggests purity and freshness.
  41. Yusra – Prosperity or ease, denotes success and good fortune.
  42. Zakiyah – Pure or virtuous, represents goodness and morality.
  43. Abdullah – Servant of God, signifies devotion and obedience to Allah.
  44. Aaliyah – Exalted or high, denotes someone of noble character and status.
  45. Bassam – Smiling or merry, symbolizes joy and happiness.

Final Words

Picking a name is the first of many decisions you’ll make in the wonderful adventure of parenting, and each carries its own significance and beauty.

These Bosnian names, rich in tradition and meaning, may just hold the perfect choice for your child.

Remember, each name not only bestows an identity upon your new arrival but also represents the hopes, dreams, and values you wish for them.

We hope this list inspires you and helps guide your selection toward a name that will suit your child’s path in life.

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