90 Names That Mean Crow And Raven

Crow and raven are two of the most commonly known black birds, known for their intelligence and adaptability.

They have long been depicted in mythology, literature, and popular culture as symbols of mystery, wisdom, and darkness.

In many cultures around the world, crows and ravens hold significant meaning and symbolism. One way to explore this further is by looking at names that mean crow or raven.

Here are 90 names from different cultures and languages that have meanings related to these fascinating birds.

Boy Names That Mean Crow And Raven

Baudran – Revitalize this medieval name, which carries the Old Saxon meaning for “raven.”

Betram – Once widespread across Europe, this name signifies “bright raven.”

Bram – A name of Dutch and German roots for “raven,” Bram conveys strength and a dark elegance in its brevity.

Bran – Originating from the Welsh for “raven,” Bran is steeped in mythology and royal tradition, embodying depth and resilience.

Branoc – A captivating medieval name, Branoc translates to “crow” or “raven.”

Brennus – A name with Celtic roots meaning “raven,” rendered in a Latinized form.

Corbett – Deriving from French, this name means “young crow.”

Corbin – Of French origin, Corbin means “crow” or “raven,” evoking mystery and charm.

Corbinian – A name unearthed from Latin, inspired by the crow.

Corvus – Latin for “raven,” Corvus also names a constellation, linking the natural world to the celestial.

Crawford – An English surname meaning “ford of the crows,” now used as a first name, symbolizing nobility and a bond with nature.

Cynfran – A fusion of Welsh words for “chief” and “crow.”

Emmeram – A German name combining elements for “raven” and “home.”

Fala – A name from the Choctaw meaning “crow.”

Fechin – Named after an Irish saint, Fechin translates to “little raven.”

Fiach – A name of German origin, Fiach means “raven.”

Fiachra – In Irish lore, Fiachra, turned into a swan by his father, bears a name meaning “raven.”

Fiacre – French for “raven,” derived from the Gaelic for “crow.”

Finnegan – Rooted in Irish tales, Finnegan, though meaning “fair-haired,” is linked to the mystical nature of ravens.

Gargabay – The Karakalpak word for “crow.”

Garmann – A unique German name meaning “spearman” or “raven-man,” symbolizing strategy and intelligence.

Guntram – A potent German name, Guntram means “war raven.”

Hrokr – A rare Scandinavian name translating to “crow, rook.”

Huginn – From Norse myths, Huginn, one of Odin’s ravens, represents thought and memory, highlighting the bird’s wisdom.

Korvyn – A creative spelling for a name denoting “raven,” presenting a contemporary edge.

Morfran – Of Welsh origin, meaning “great crow,” linked to a mythological warrior, reflecting the raven’s warlike and prophetic aspects.

Otran – A German name meaning “rich raven.”

Rabe – A short form of Radbod, a name meaning “raven.”

Raven – Directly referencing the intelligent bird, Raven embodies the raven’s mysterious allure.

Ronne – A German name meaning “raven.”

Ronan – Although “little seal” in Irish, Ronan’s dark, melodious sound and its place in Celtic lore offer an avian, mystical vibe.

Girl Names That Mean Crow & Raven

Girl Names That Mean Crow & Raven

Badb – A formidable goddess of war in Irish mythology, known for her ability to transform into a crow, symbolizing the foreboding nature of battle.

Birdie – A playful, funky nickname with a touch of whimsy, perfect for bird enthusiasts and those who appreciate a lighter side to life.

Branwen – Stemming from Welsh mythology, this name carries deep meanings of purity and transformation, with roots tied to the imagery of “raven” and “white,” symbolizing beauty and strength.

Brangwy – Derived from the ancient Welsh word for “crow,” this name conjures the mysterious and intelligent nature of these birds.

Brenna – An elegantly sounding Irish name that translates to “raven,” often associated with wisdom and dark beauty in folklore.

Cathubodua – A powerful name belonging to the Gaulish war goddess, with her name directly signifying “battle crow,” embodying strength and valor.

Chovka – In the Chechen language, this name means “jackdaw,” a smaller, yet clever bird from the crow family, known for its distinctive social behavior and adaptability.

Corbeau – The French word for “raven,” this name epitomizes sophistication and dark beauty, reminiscent of the bird’s sleek plumage and enigmatic presence.

Corbina – Inspired by the Latin word for “raven,” this name conveys an air of sleek elegance and profound mystery, ideal for those with a mysterious and intelligent charm.

Coronis – Another spelling for Koronis, she is known in mythology as one of Apollo’s lovers, symbolizing love’s complexity and the intertwining of fate.

Corvina – With its roots in Latin, this name means “raven,” associated with intelligence, mysticism, and the ability to navigate through life’s mysteries.

Crowley – Originally a surname, it means “wood of the crows,” evoking images of ancient, mystical forests where magic and mystery prevail.

Deryn – A Welsh name meaning “bird,” perfect for those enchanted by the grace and freedom of avian creatures, symbolizing a spirit that soars.

Didrane – A rare and beautiful Welsh name, meaning “dark raven,” often associated with mystery, elegance, and the depth of night.

Fainche – An Irish name meaning “scald-crow,” also the name of an Irish saint, blending spiritual significance with the natural world.

Fala – A unique, gender-neutral name meaning “crow” in Choctaw, offering a distinctive choice that connects with Native American heritage and the natural world.

Hrafna – An Old Norse name meaning “raven,” revered in Viking lore as symbols of wisdom, protection, and the gods’ messengers.

Merle – A French name meaning “blackbird,” capturing the simple beauty and melodic gifts of this bird, symbolizing joy and the music of life.

Merletta – An Old English name translating to “blackbird,” echoing the enchanting sounds and serene beauty of the countryside.

Merula – A charming French name for girls meaning “blackbird,” imbued with the allure of nature and the elegance of simplicity.

Morrigan – An iconic figure in Irish mythology associated with war and fate, often visualized as a crow or raven, symbolizing the complex weave of life and death.

Nokka – A straightforward Thai name meaning “crow, raven,” offering a touch of exotic flair and the symbolic wisdom of these birds.

Ranne – A Dutch name derived from elements meaning “advice,” “shield,” and “raven,” suggesting protection, wisdom, and the guardian aspect of the raven.

Raven – A name deeply symbolic of prophecy, death, and wisdom, ideal for a girl with a profound connection to the mystic and the unknown.

Ravenna – Inspired by the Italian city, this name evokes imagery of enigmatic ravens amidst historical beauty, suggesting depth and mystery.

Ravna – A Norwegian name directly translating to “raven,” celebrating the stark beauty and intelligence of these birds, admired in Nordic cultures.

Soua – A Japanese name combining elements for “blue, green” and “raven,” symbolizing the harmony of nature and the spiritual significance of the raven.

Svanhild – An ancient Norse name meaning “swan battle,” depicting martial elegance and the valiant spirit of a warrior, combined with the grace of a swan.

Varona – The Russian word for “crow,” embodying a connection to Slavic folklore where crows are often seen as omens or messengers from another realm.

Wolfram – An ancient German name meaning “wolf-raven,” blending the attributes of the wolf and raven to symbolize a powerful, mystical guardian of the forest.

Crow And Raven Inspired Baby Names

Crow And Raven Inspired Baby Names

Bertram – An Old English name translating to “bright raven,” evoking intelligence, wisdom, and a touch of magic.

Boduognatos – A name originating from Gaulish mythology, meaning “battle crow,” symbolizing strength and courage.

Cormoran – Originating from Cornwall, this name is derived from the Cornish word for “raven,” often associated with healing and protection in Celtic folklore.

Adalram – An Old German name meaning “noble raven,” resonating with a sense of honor, intelligence, and regalness.

Alaric – This Gothic name translates to “ruler of all,” with roots in Norse mythology where Odin was often depicted as a raven god.

Kalagang – A unique name originating from the Inuit language, meaning “raven,” reflecting a connection to nature and the spirit world.

Cedric – An Old English name meaning “chief, leader,” often associated with wisdom and fair judgment, much like the raven.

Algorab – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “raven,” associated with intelligence and cunning in Middle Eastern folklore.

Eilif – A Scandinavian name translating to “eternal descendant,” often associated with the raven’s connection to life, death, and rebirth.

Gawain – In Arthurian legend, this was the name of a knight associated with the gift of prophecy, much like the raven.

Hrafn – A name originating from Old Norse mythology, translating to “raven,” symbolizing intelligence, cunning, and foresight.

Cormac – An Irish name meaning “charioteer,” often associated with wisdom and the ability to travel between worlds, like the raven.

Taliesin – An ancient Celtic name meaning “shining brow,” also the name of a famous Welsh bard who was said to have shape-shifted into a raven.

Hosa – A name of Native American origin, meaning “crow,” often seen as a protector and guide in indigenous cultures.

Makani – In Hawaiian culture, this name means “wind,” but it also translates to “raven” in Maori, symbolizing the power and magic of nature.

Owain – With roots in Welsh mythology, this name means “youth, wellborn,” and is associated with wisdom and magical abilities, much like the raven.

Gunnar – A Scandinavian name meaning “warrior,” often associated with bravery and strength, qualities mirrored in the raven’s fierce nature.

Kalashtar – A unique name originating from the fictional world of Eberron, meaning “raven,” and associated with a race of beings that have a spiritual connection to ravens.

Riordan – An Irish name meaning “royal poet,” often associated with wisdom and foresight, much like the raven in Celtic mythology.

Theuderam – A name of Germanic origin meaning “people’s raven,” associated with leadership, intelligence, and strength.

Kaelen – An Irish name meaning “slender,” but also translates to “youthful warrior” in Scottish Gaelic, combining qualities of strength and grace, much like the raven.

Witiko – A Native American name meaning “raven,” often associated with creativity and transformation in indigenous cultures.

Fayiz – A name of Arabic origin meaning “victorious,” often associated with courage and strength, much like the raven in Middle Eastern folklore.

Thornton – An English name meaning “thorn town,” but also directly translating to “raven settlement” in Old Norse, reflecting the importance of ravens in Viking culture.

Joceran – This Old English name means “playful raven,” capturing the curious and mischievous nature of these birds.

Korak – A unique name originating from the fictional world of Tarzan, meaning “raven,” symbolizing a connection to nature and the wild.

Liriope – In Greek mythology, this was the name of a woman who was turned into a raven due to her scandalous love affair with Apollo.

Baldram – An Old High German name meaning “brave raven,” resonating with courage, strength, and cunning.

Dulcedram – A Latin name meaning “sweet raven,” capturing the duality of these birds as both intelligent and mysterious creatures.

Korbin – An English name meaning “raven,” often associated with dark and mystical qualities, much like the raven itself.


The names listed above are just a small selection of the countless baby names inspired by crows and ravens.

These birds have long captured our imaginations and continue to be revered in many cultures around the world.

From their intelligence and mystery to their fierce and graceful nature, there is no shortage of qualities that make them perfect inspirations for unique and meaningful baby names.

Whether you choose a name that directly translates to “raven” or one that captures the essence of these birds in a more subtle way.

Your child is sure to carry the strength and magic of these creatures with them always. 

So embrace the power and beauty of crows and ravens and consider giving your little one a name inspired by these fascinating birds.

Your insights and choices will surely inspire others on this beautiful naming voyage.

May your little one’s name be a beacon of uniqueness and inspiration in a world that thrives on individuality.

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