99 Flower Names For Girls & Boys

Welcome to our whimsical garden of names, where every name blooms with the beauty of a flower!

Here, you’ll discover names as vibrant and diverse as the flowers themselves, each carrying its own special meaning and origin.

From the delicate Sakura of Japan, symbolizing cherry blossoms, to the robust and sunny Marigold, names that mean flower span cultures and continents, offering a bouquet of options for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to the sweet scent of a Rose or the exotic allure of an Azalea, these names are sure to captivate and inspire.

Embark on this floral adventure with us, and find that perfect flower name that resonates with joy, beauty, and the freshness of nature itself.

Why Picking Flower Names Really Matters?

The significance of names that mean flower transcends mere beauty; they carry profound meanings, embodying sentiments, virtues, and the essence of life itself.

In various cultures, naming a child after a flower is believed to bestow upon them the characteristics of that bloom – grace, resilience, joy, and a connection to nature.

These names serve as a constant reminder of the beauty of the natural world and the cycles of life and renewal.

For parents, picking a floral name expresses their hopes for their child to grow, flourish, and navigate life with the unique beauty and strength of a flower.

In a way, these names are not just identifiers but blessings, imbued with wishes for happiness and a fruitful life.

Names That Mean Flower

54 Baby Names That Mean Flower

Aster (F/M): Named after the star-shaped flower, Aster signifies love and wisdom, a perfect name for a guiding light in your life, embodying the beauty and vastness of the night sky.

Azalea (F): Exotic and flowing, Azalea speaks to a deep love of nature and the strength that comes from renewal, making it ideal for someone vibrant and spirited.

Blossom (F): Fresh and vibrant, Blossom evokes images of trees bursting into bloom, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the unstoppable force of nature.

Bleuenn (F/M): This charming name, originating from the Breton language and meaning flower, carries with it a rarity and allure, perfect for a unique individual.

Dahlia (F): With roots in Sweden, Dahlia is a name steeped in cultural heritage, symbolizing elegance and dignity, and evokes the image of a bloom of unparalleled beauty.

Camellia (F): Named after a flower known for its lush beauty and variety, Camellia suggests admiration and perfection, ideal for someone who embodies these qualities.

Cherry (F): Inspired by the cherry blossom, Cherry is reminiscent of beauty, renewal, and the transient nature of life, capturing the essence of ephemeral beauty.

Dahlia (F): Named after the flower that blooms in an array of colors, Dahlia represents dignity and elegance, standing out for its stunning beauty and diverse hues.

Daisy (F): Fresh and spirited, Daisy is a name full of cheer, embodying simplicity and innocence, perfect for a joyful and optimistic individual.

Diantha (F): Meaning “heavenly flowers,” Diantha is a symbol of love and devotion, making it perfect for a beloved child with a divine presence.

Fleur (F): French for “flower,” Fleur is a charming and sophisticated name, evoking images of grace and beauty, ideal for someone with a refined and elegant nature.

Evanthe (F): Meaning flower, life; Evanthe is a rare and exotic name that suggests strength and vitality, perfect for someone who breathes life into everything they touch.

Fleur (F): This French name mean flower, embodying grace, charm, and beauty in its simplicity, making it perfect for someone who exudes elegance effortlessly.

Fiora (F): Meaning flower in Italian, Fiora represents delicacy and charm, a fitting name for a gentle yet captivating personality.

Fiorella (F): A name of Italian origin meaning “little flower,” Fiorella is a charming and feminine name celebrating the beauty and delicacy of nature, ideal for someone precious and cherished.

Fern (F/M): Reflecting the elegance and grace of nature, Fern is a name that symbolizes sincerity and fascination, perfect for someone who is genuine and captivating.

Fleur (F): French for “flower,” Fleur speaks to the beauty and resilience of nature, evoking images of fields blooming with vibrant colors, making it ideal for someone vibrant and strong.

Freesia (F): Derived from the name of a fragrant flower, Freesia symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness, perfect for a considerate and pure-hearted individual.

Gardenia (F): This name, derived from the flower known for its intoxicating scent, represents grace, purity, and love, ideal for someone who is profoundly graceful and loving.

Heather (F): With roots in Scottish culture, Heather refers to the small shrub with pink or white flowers, suggesting beauty and resilience, perfect for someone who thrives in any environment.

Jasmine (F): Named after the fragrant white flower, Jasmine exudes charm and elegance, ideal for someone with a captivating and gracious presence.

Flora (F): Closely linked to the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora represents spring, nature, and floral beauty—ideal for anyone embodying spring’s renewal and beauty.

Hanako (F): Meaning flower child in Japanese, Hanako reflects the beauty and simplicity of nature, perfect for a baby girl with a serene and natural beauty.

Hazel (F): With roots in English and German cultures, this name refers to the hazelnut tree, symbolizing wisdom and protection, perfect for someone who offers shelter and guidance.

Ivy (F): Symbolizing fidelity and friendship, Ivy, though not a flower, weaves in the strength and resilience of nature, ideal for someone steadfast and loyal.

Jasmine (F): The name Jasmine, symbolizing grace and elegance, is associated with its sweet scent and ability to evoke peace and tranquility, revered across cultures for its beauty.

Jessamy (F): Meaning “jasmine flower” in Persian, Jessamy is a beautiful and charming name for a little girl. It suggests delicate beauty and a sweet personality.

Lavender (F): Lavender, with its calming scent and beautiful colors, symbolizes purity, silence, and devotion. The name evokes images of vibrant purple fields, offering calm and serenity.

Leilani (F): Leilani is a Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers,” embodying the spirit of aloha and the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

Lily (F): Named after the elegant flower, Lily signifies purity, innocence, and rebirth. The lily is often associated with the renewal of spring and the purity of love, making it a timeless choice for a name.

Lotus (F): The Lotus symbolizes spiritual growth and enlightenment, embodying resilience and the ability to thrive in adversity, originating from Eastern cultures.

Iolanthe (F): With Greek origins, Iolanthe means “violet flower,” a name full of grace and beauty. This name evokes images of delicate violet blooms, symbolizing the beauty and complexity of life.

Mali (F): Named after the jasmine flower, Mali symbolizes grace and charm. Popular across cultures, its sweetness and simplicity are universally loved.

Malti (F): Malti, meaning “jasmine” in Hindi, is a name that signifies elegance and grace, embodying the timeless beauty of the jasmine flower, a symbol of delicate fragrance celebrated across India.

Magnolia (F): Named after the fragrant flower with white or pink petals, Magnolia signifies beauty and dignity. Its grand and resilient nature mirrors the elegance of this name.

Marigold (F): With its vibrant orange-golden hues, Marigold represents passion and creativity. This name is reminiscent of the warm glow of the sun and the fiery spirit of those who bear it.

Melantha (F): Meaning “dark flower,” Melantha is a unique name that evokes the night’s mysterious beauty. It suggests a complex personality with hidden depths to be discovered.

Myrtle (F): Ancient and symbolic, Myrtle signifies love and immortality, deeply rooted in mythology. The myrtle plant symbolizes love and marriage across cultures, enriching the name with heritage.

Orchid (F): Named after the exotic and rare flower, Orchid symbolizes love, beauty, and strength. Known for their stunning variety and unique beauty, Orchids give this name a distinct charm.

Petunia (F): In the language of flowers, Petunia symbolizes anger and resentment despite its quaint charm, vibrant colors, and sweet name, which evoke a playful and spirited energy.

Quynh (F): Of Vietnamese origin, Quynh means “white apricot flower,” a name that suggests purity and grace. This delicate and fragrant blossom is highly valued in Vietnamese culture, lending a sense of nobility to the name.

Poppy (F): With roots in ancient civilizations, Poppy signifies imagination and peace, as well as remembrance for fallen soldiers. The poppy flower’s vivid red brings to mind the resilience and courage of those we remember.

Rose (F): Quintessentially floral, Rose signifies love and romance, embodying the grace of the flower. The rose, with its many colors and forms, represents the multifaceted nature of love itself.

Saffron (F): Named after the precious spice derived from the crocus flower, Saffron signifies wealth, excellence, and uniqueness. This name carries with it a sense of luxury and rarity, much like the spice itself.

Tulip (F): Bold and beautiful, Tulip is a name that symbolizes perfect love and fame. Tulips, with their vivid colors and striking shapes, are celebrated around the world for their beauty and elegance.

Violet (F): Conjuring visions of the delicate, purple bloom, Violet represents modesty and faith. This name evokes the gentle beauty of the violet flower, which thrives in quiet, unassuming places.

Viorel (M): Of Romanian origin, Viorel means “blooming flower,” a name that exudes freshness and vitality. This name speaks to the beauty of blooming flowers and the renewal of life each spring.

Zinnia (F): Zinnia symbolizes lasting love, endurance, and affection, a perfect name for a baby girl. Its bright and cheerful flower represents love’s joy and resilience.

Willow (F): Willow, though not a flower, symbolizes flexibility and resilience, inspired by the willow tree that gracefully bends without breaking. This name captures the tree’s strength and grace.

Xochitl (F): Pronounced “so-chee,” this name mean flower in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, embodying deep cultural identity and heritage.

Zahra (F): Meaning flower, shining, or luminous; Zahra is a sophisticated name with Arabian roots that captures the beauty and radiance of a bloom, captivating everyone who hears it.

25 Pretty Flower Name Ideas

Here are some additional pretty flower name ideas that you may want to consider:

Azalea (F): Named after the beautiful and vibrant Azalea flower, this name signifies femininity, grace, and passion.

Bluebell (F): This unique name is inspired by the charming bluebell flower, symbolizing gratitude and everlasting love.

Daphne (F): With Greek origins, Daphne means “laurel tree,” a plant associated with victory and success. This name exudes strength and determination.

Dahlia (F): Named after the stunning dahlia flower, this name represents elegance, creativity, and inner strength.

Freesia (F): A name of Latin origin, Freesia symbolizes friendship and trust, making it a perfect choice for a loyal and loving friend.

Iris (F): This name is inspired by the vibrant and graceful iris flower, known for its distinctive shape and mesmerizing colors. It symbolizes faith, wisdom, and hope.

Lilac (F): Named after the lovely lilac flower, this name signifies beauty and enchantment. The lilac’s sweet fragrance adds a touch of magic to this name.

Primrose (F): Derived from the Latin word “primus,” meaning first, Primrose symbolizes new beginnings and youth. This name evokes a sense of freshness and optimism.

Sunflower (F): With its bright and sunny disposition, Sunflower represents warmth, happiness, and adoration. This name shines with positivity and optimism.

Yasmine (F): Meaning “jasmine flower” in Arabic, Yasmine is a name that exudes elegance, grace, and purity. It is also associated with love and beauty.

Bud (M/F): A short, sweet name symbolizing new beginnings and growth, inspired by a flower bud. It’s an ideal gender-neutral option for parents seeking a simple, unique name for their child.

Florian (M): This name is derived from the Latin word “flos,” meaning flower, making it a perfect choice for those who love nature and want a strong, masculine name with floral ties.

Aster (F): With Greek origins, Aster means “star,” and it’s also the name of a beautiful flower symbolizing love, patience, and elegance. This name shines with celestial energy.

Corey (M/F): Corey, from the Gaelic “coriander,” is a unisex name meaning love and desire. It’s also linked to the cilantro plant, adding uniqueness to the name.

Basil (M): Derived from the Greek word “basileus,” meaning king, Basil is a strong and regal name that also refers to the herb associated with love and protection.

Foxglove (F): This unique name is inspired by the beautiful, bell-shaped foxglove flower, symbolizing magic, fascination, and charm.

Oleander (M/F): With Greek origins, Oleander means “olive tree,” a plant associated with peace and prosperity. This name is perfect for those who love nature and its many blessings.

Peony (F): Named after the stunning peony flower, this name represents beauty, luxury, and prosperity. It’s also associated with healing and compassion.

Sage (M/F): This name is derived from the herb with the same name, symbolizing wisdom and immortality. It’s a gender-neutral option that exudes strength and serenity.

Wisteria (F): Named after the cascading wisteria flower, this name signifies gracefulness and romance. Its sweet fragrance adds to its charm and appeal.

Briar (M): This name is inspired by the thorny, flowering plant and symbolizes strength, protection, and resilience.

Ash (M/F): Derived from the ash tree, this name represents strength, adaptability, and new beginnings.

Ren (M/F): Meaning “lotus” or “love” in Japanese, this name is a beautiful choice for those who appreciate simplicity and elegance.

Blue (M/F): This color-inspired name represents calmness, stability, and trustworthiness.

Fleur (F): Derived from the French word for flower, Fleur is a classic and elegant name choice that never goes out of style. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and refinement.

With so many beautiful and meaningful flower names to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your little bundle of joy.

Rare Names Meaning Flower

If you are looking for a unique and rare name with a flower meaning, here are some international options to consider:

  1. Bláth (Irish): Meaning flower.
  2. Amaranth (Greek): Named after the immortal flower that symbolizes unfading love.
  3. Calix (Latin): Means “chalice” and refers to the cup-like shape of some flowers.
  4. Dianella (Latin): Named after the Roman goddess Diana, it’s also a plant with beautiful blue flowers.
  5. Evanthe (Greek): Meaning “fair flower.”
  6. Fflur (Welsh): Welsh for “flower.”
  7. Gulzar (Persian): Literally means “rose garden.”
  8. Hanakotoba (Japanese): Refers to the language of flowers.
  9. Iolanthe (Greek): Means “violet flower.”
  10. Jolanda (Italian): Variant of Yolanda, meaning “violet flower.”
  11. Kielo (Finnish): Means “lily of the valley.”
  12. Laleh (Persian): Means “tulip.”
  13. Mali (Thai): Means “flower” or “jasmine.”
  14. Neeja (Indian): A rare name meaning “lily.”
  15. Oleander (Latin): Named after the beautiful but toxic Oleander plant.
  16. Pua (Hawaiian): Means “flower.”
  17. Quiri (Latin-American): Inspired by the Quirigua, a rare tropical flower.
  18. Rehan (Arabic): Named after the sweet basil flower, considered sacred in many cultures.
  19. Sakura (Japanese): Means “cherry blossom.”
  20. Tsvetan (Bulgarian): Derived from “tsvet,” meaning flower.

No matter which flower name you choose, your child’s name will bloom with beauty and meaning. 

Every time you say their name, you’ll be reminded of the special qualities that inspired it. 

So go ahead and let nature inspire your choice for a unique and meaningful baby name.


In the garden of names, each one we’ve explored is a seed with the potential to bloom into a life full of color, meaning, and beauty.

From the whispering grace of “Willow” to the radiant charm of “Zahra,” these names carry within them the essence of nature’s finest wonders.

Imagine your little one growing up to embody the strength of “Orchid,” the resilience of “Malti,” or the vibrant spirit of “Zinnia.”

We’ve wandered through an alphabet of blooms, each name a petal in the vast bouquet of possibilities.

Now, it’s your turn to pick the one that resonates, to name the new life in your world with the beauty and uniqueness that every flower symbolizes. 🌼💖

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