94 Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Welcome to our dazzling list of boy names that aren’t just names, but windows to charm and beauty!

Each name in our collection is a tribute to handsomeness, designed to not only turn heads but also to bestow upon its bearer an air of elegance.

From the timeless classics to the modern marvels, these names carry with them stories of charm, allure, and grace.

If you’re expecting a little gentleman or dreaming of future possibilities, relax and let us guide you through this charming gallery of names that radiate beauty both inside and out.

Get ready to be inspired by names that are as handsome as they are meaningful!

Timeless Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Timeless Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Aaron – Another Hebrew name, which translates to “mountain of strength” and exudes a timeless handsomeness.

Adonis – With Greek mythology ties, Adonis symbolizes ultimate beauty and handsomeness.

Adonis – Originating from Greek mythology, Adonis is synonymous with male beauty and desire, making it a name that exudes appeal.

Alan – Of Gaelic origin, meaning handsome, cheerful.

Allen – With Celtic roots, Allen means handsome, and it resonates with an effortless elegance and a touch of mystery.

Apollo – Another name rooted in Greek mythology, Apollo embodies beauty, music, and the arts, representing a harmonious blend of handsomeness and talent.

Beau – A French term directly translating to “handsome,” perfectly captures charm and appeal.

David – A name of Hebrew origin, signifying “beloved” and often associated with strength and beauty.

Finn – Derived from Irish lore, meaning “fair” or “white,” it reflects purity and stunning appeal.

Jamal – An Arabic name, meaning “beauty,” conveys a deep sense of handsomeness and grace.

Jesse – A name of Hebrew origin, Jesse signifies “gift,” and carries an understated allure, coupling simplicity with a natural handsomeness.

Kenji – This Japanese name means “strong, healthy second son,” blending ruggedness with aesthetic appeal. It highlights not just beauty but also strength and vitality.

Kenneth – Originating from Scotland, this name means “born of fire, handsome.”

Kevin – An Irish name revered for its meaning, “handsome beloved.”

Leif – A Scandinavian name meaning “descendant,” often associated with the heritage of beauty and nobility.

Lorenzo – An Italian variant of Lawrence, Lorenzo emanates a romantic and timeless handsomeness, with connotations of laurel-crowned beauty and nobility.

Quinn – Of Gaelic origin, Quinn means “wise,” “counsel,” or “intelligent,” presenting handsomeness with a dash of intellect and depth, a truly distinguished combination.

Tariq – An Arabic name meaning “morning star,” Tariq symbolizes light, hope, and the promise of a new day, reflecting a celestial form of handsomeness that is both inspiring and profound.

Zain/Zayn – With Arabic roots, Zain or Zayn translates to “beauty,” “grace,” offering a direct yet profound acknowledgment of handsomeness.

Callum – A Scottish name, meaning “dove,” often associated with peace, beauty, and a tranquil sense of grace.

Crispin – Of Latin origin, meaning “curly-haired,” Crispin is a name that radiates sophistication and elegance.

Lennon – A name of Gaelic and Irish origins, meaning “lover,” Lennon captures the essence of beauty in its purest form.

Jamil – A name with Arabic roots, meaning handsome or attractive, portraying a refined, understated elegance.

Alistair – A Scottish variant of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people,” Alistair embodies a regal and timeless handsomeness.

Ingram – Of Scandinavian origins, meaning “beautiful raven,” Ingram evokes a sense of mystique and allure, coupled with effortless beauty.

Beaumont – A name of French origin, meaning “beautiful mountain,” Beaumont exudes rugged handsomeness coupled with natural charm.

Cullen – Originating from Irish and Scottish roots, Cullen means handsome, conveying a timeless handsomeness with a touch of mystery.

Julian – A name of Latin origin, meaning “youthful” or “young at heart,” Julian is synonymous with charm and beauty that transcends age.

Bello – With Italian and Spanish origins, Bello translates to “handsome,” and it encapsulates a sense of effortless beauty.

Duncan – Descending from Gaelic roots, Duncan means “dark warrior,” conjuring images of a rugged yet charming handsomeness.

Unique Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Bellamy – Of French origin, meaning “fine friend,” Bellamy blends charm with the allure of friendship and beauty.

Calix – A name with Greek roots, Calix means “very handsome,” offering a clear statement of beauty and appeal.

Dante – An Italian name, Dante exudes strength and charm with its association to the famous poet, meaning “enduring and steadfast.”

Elio – A vibrant Italian name meaning “the sun,” it conveys brightness and the radiant beauty of handsome.

Kenzo – Stemming from Japanese origin, Kenzo means “strong and healthy,” a name that exudes strength and a lively beauty.

Lorcan – An Irish name meaning “little fierce one,” Lorcan uniquely combines the elements of handsomeness with spirited resilience.

Lucian – Derived from Latin, Lucian means “light,” symbolizing brightness, clarity, and a radiant form of beauty.

Nevin – Of Gaelic origin, meaning “holy” or “saintly,” Nevin carries a quiet but profound handsomeness, imbued with a sense of purity and reverence.

Orlando – An Italian variant of Roland, meaning “famous throughout the land,” combining heroism with timeless appeal.

Rafael – From Hebrew, meaning “God has healed,” Rafael embodies a divine allure and spiritual beauty.

Soren – Of Scandinavian origin, meaning “stern,” Soren presents a striking and memorable handsomeness with royal connotations.

Thane – A name of Scottish origin, meaning “clan chieftain” or “landholder,” Thane conveys a noble and dignified form of handsomeness.

Vander – A name of Dutch origin, meaning “from the” and often part of larger names, Vander alone carries a sense of intrigue and distinguished appeal.

Xavier – Originating from the Basque country, meaning “new house” or “bright,” Xavier shines with an adventurous spirit and a polished charm.

Caius – Of Latin origin, meaning “rejoice” or “delight,” Caius radiates a joyful handsomeness and a sparkling personality.

Declan – From Irish roots, meaning “full of goodness,” Declan exudes warmth and beauty with its associations to kindness, generosity, and happiness.

Keiran – A name with Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “little dark one,” Keiran balances a sense of mystery with an inviting handsomeness.

Nikko – A Japanese name meaning “sunshine,” Nikko conveys a radiant and joyful handsomeness.

Ryland – Of English origin, meaning “rye land,” Ryland carries a rugged and earthy form of handsomeness with an undertone of strength.

Alden – With English roots, meaning “old friend,” Alden presents a timeless and reliable form of handsomeness.

Jamison – A Scottish name meaning “son of James,” Jamison exudes a classic and refined form of handsomeness.

Maksim – A Russian variant of Maximus, meaning “the greatest,” Maksim imbues a powerful and alluring form of handsomeness.

Nico – Of Italian origin, meaning “victorious people,” Nico combines strength with an unmistakable charm that radiates beauty.

Calix – Originating from Greek, Calix means handsome, offering a direct and powerful statement of beauty.

Quinlan – An Irish name, meaning handsome, graceful Quinlan captures a sense of effortless beauty and elegance.

Adair – A name with Scottish roots, meaning “oak tree ford,” Adair represents a strong and enduring handsomeness.

Beltran – Of Spanish origin, meaning “bright raven,” Beltran embodies a dark and mysterious form of handsomeness.

Kaelan – A name of Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “slender” or “mighty warrior,” Kaelan blends a refined charm with a strong and powerful handsomeness.

Marlon – With English roots, meaning “little hawk,” Marlon exudes strength and beauty with its association to the mighty bird of prey.

Fintan – From Irish roots, meaning “white fire” or “fair-haired,” Fintan captures a combination of fiery beauty and fair features that create a remarkable handsomeness.

Modern Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Aiden – Derived from the Irish name Aodhán, meaning “little fire,” it suggests a spirited charm and charisma.

Caden – With possible Welsh origins, Caden means “spirit of battle,” blending rugged handsomeness with a tender appeal.

Kai – A name of Hawaiian origin, Kai means “sea,” symbolizing depth, mystery, and a natural allure.

Liam – An Irish name derived from William, meaning “strong-willed warrior,” Liam implies a modern handsomeness coupled with determination.

Milo – Of Germanic origin, Milo means “merciful” or “soldier,” exuding a gentle strength and appealing modernity.

Nash – An English surname turned first name, Nash conveys a sharp charm with its association to “by the ash tree.”

Reid – A Scottish name meaning “red-haired,” Reid captures attention with its simplicity and vivid imagery.

Rylan – Of English origin, meaning “island meadow,” Rylan suggests a serene beauty and contemporary elegance.

Sawyer – A name with English occupational origins, meaning “woodcutter,” it presents a rugged yet refined handsomeness.

Zane – A variant of John, meaning “God is gracious,” Zane offers a modern edge with timeless appeal.

Beckett – A name of English origin, meaning “bee cottage,” Beckett carries a charming and handsome modernity.

Carter – With English roots, meaning “cart maker,” Carter has a strong and confident handsomeness.

Dashiell – Derived from the French surname De Chiel, meaning “from heaven,” Dashiell presents a celestial and stylish form of handsomeness.

Ethan – From Hebrew origins, meaning “strong” or “enduring,” Ethan evokes a sense of timeless strength and attractiveness.

Finn – A name with Irish roots, meaning “fair” or “blond,” Finn offers a fresh and contemporary form of handsomeness.

Holden – An English name meaning “hollow valley,” Holden suggests a cool and collected handsomeness.

Jasper – Of Persian origin, meaning “treasurer” or “bringer of treasure,” Jasper presents a refined and sophisticated form of handsomeness.

Landon – With Old English origins, meaning “long hill,” Landon embodies a strong and appealing modernity.

Nathaniel – From Hebrew roots, meaning “gift of God,” Nathaniel exudes a classic and timeless form of handsomeness.

Owen – Derived from Welsh roots, meaning “young warrior” or “well-born,” Owen offers a strong and polished form of handsomeness.

Parker – An English occupational surname, meaning “park keeper,” Parker embodies a modern and stylish form of handsomeness.

Best Boy Names That Mean Handsome

Adonis – With Greek mythology origins, Adonis is synonymous with male beauty and desirability, offering a timeless allure that is unmatched.

Beckett – An English name meaning “bee cottage,” Beckett has evolved to symbolize a sweet attractiveness and an enduring charm.

Blaine – Of Gaelic origin, meaning “slender” or “fine,” Blaine conveys an elegant form of handsomeness that is both graceful and powerful.

Elliot – A name of Hebrew origin, Elliot means “the Lord is my God,” embodying a divine and sophisticated handsomeness.

Gavin – Stemming from medieval knights and Welsh legends, Gavin means “white hawk,” symbolizing strength, purity, and a noble beauty.

Jude – A name of Hebrew origin meaning “praised,” Jude carries a quiet but profound attractiveness and a timeless elegance.

Landon – An Old English name meaning “long hill,” Landon embodies the strength and steadfast beauty of the natural world.

Miles – Of Latin origin, meaning “soldier” or “merciful,” Miles exudes a classic charm and a valiant handsomeness.

Owen – With Welsh roots meaning “young warrior” or “noble,” Owen signifies a bright and valiant form of beauty.

Silas – Originating from Latin and Greek, meaning “wood” or “forest,” Silas represents a natural and understated handsomeness.

Tristan – With Celtic origins associated with romantic legends, Tristan means “sorrowful” or “bold,” embodying a complex and irresistible allure.

Wyatt – An Old English name meaning “brave in war,” Wyatt combines traditional handsomeness with a spirited and adventurous heart.


In the realm of names, each carries a depth of history, culture, and unique charm that paints a picture of endless possibilities for the bearer.

From the valorous echoes of ancient warriors and the serene beauty of nature’s elements to the bright spark of the divine, these names weave a rich tapestry of narratives and dreams.

Whether you’re attracted to the timeless elegance of “Adonis,” the rugged charm of “Sawyer,” or the serene allure of “Elio,” each name promises a legacy as unique and handsome as its bearer.

With a name, you gift the first chapter of their life’s epic – make it as handsome and vibrant as the stories yet to be told.

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