62 Baby Names That Mean Butterfly

Welcome to our enchanting journey through names that flutter with the elegance and beauty of butterflies.

Just as a butterfly evolves from its cocoon, each name unfolds a story, colored with cultures, languages, and the timeless grace of these ethereal creatures.

From the delicate wings of a butterfly, we draw inspiration, seeking names that capture their essence and embody their transformational beauty.

Join us as we explore vibrant and captivating names from around the globe, each carrying the spirit and gentle whisper of butterfly wings in their syllables.

Whether you are naming a newborn, seeking a new identity for yourself, or simply curious about the poetic resonance these names carry, you’re in for a delightful discovery.

Significance of Girl Names That Mean Butterfly

Choosing a baby girl name that means Butterfly transcends mere nomenclature to bestow a symbol of transformation, beauty, and rebirth.

These names, infused with the gentle strength and miraculous metamorphosis of butterflies, inspire a life filled with endless possibilities and beauty.

They serve not only as a calling but also as a blessing, hoping to envelop the bearer in the gracefulness and resilience characteristic of these delicate beings.

For many parents, selecting such a name reflects a wish for their child to experience life’s changes with grace, to emerge from challenges as vibrant and spirited as a butterfly.

Indeed, a name meaning Butterfly encapsulates a rich tapestry of cultural significance, embodying joy, freedom, and the soul’s eternal dance through life’s gardens.

Names That Mean Butterfly

Baby Girl Names That Mean Butterfly

Aponi (Native American origin), meaning butterfly, is a beautiful name that evokes the elegance and transformation associated with butterflies.

Aurora – Originating from Latin, this name is not only linked to the dawn but also to a species of butterfly, symbolizing new beginnings and beauty, making it a perfect choice for a baby girl.

Ava (German origin), meaning ‘bird’, has recently been associated with the action movie ‘Ava,’ giving the name a modern twist and a touch of strength and adventure.

Beata (Latin origin), meaning ‘blessed,’ is associated with the talented actress ‘Beata Pozniak,’ lending the name an artistic and revered quality.

Bindi (Australian origin), meaning butterfly, is a unique and charming name that reflects the beauty and delicacy of butterflies.

Birabiro (Ethiopian origin), meaning butterfly, is an exotic and rare name that stands out, embodying the grace and beauty of its meaning.

Butterfly (American origin), meaning ‘the beautiful species,’ works wonderfully for a baby girl. Named after Butterfly McQueen, an American actress known for her role in the classic ‘Gone With The Wind,’ this name carries a legacy of beauty and talent.

Cho/Kocho (Japanese origin), meaning butterfly, is a simple yet profoundly elegant name, reflecting the grace and beauty of butterflies.

ChouChou – Of Japanese origin and derived from “chō,” meaning butterfly, this term of endearment embodies grace, making it a lovely and sweet name choice.

Chouka (Japanese origin), meaning butterfly and also ‘flower’ in Japanese, offers a beautiful dual significance that symbolizes nature’s beauty and transformation.

Chrysalis (Greek origin), meaning ‘golden pupa of a butterfly,’ is a unique name that represents transformation and beauty, perfect for a child who signifies new beginnings.

Claudina (Latin origin), meaning ‘enclosure,’ is also the name of a breed of butterflies called Nymphalidae, found in Venezuela, making it a name rich with natural elegance and rarity.

Cressida (Greek origin), meaning ‘golden,’ is associated with a type of butterfly. As a Medieval English name, it carries a sense of rarity and historic beauty, making it a distinguished name choice today.

Cynthia (Greek origin), meaning ‘moon goddess,’ is a popular name among American celebrities. It is also associated with a type of butterfly, adding a layer of celestial beauty and elegance to the name.

Farasha (Arabic origin), meaning butterfly, is a name that flows beautifully and encapsulates the beauty and grace of a butterfly, making it a poetic choice for a baby girl.

Flutura (Albanian origin), meaning butterfly, is an enchanting name that embodies the delicate and transformative nature of butterflies.

Kelebek (Turkish origin), meaning butterfly, is a captivating name that is as unique as it is beautiful, reflecting the essence of transformation and beauty.

Kimana (Native American origin), meaning butterfly, can be shortened to Kim, offering a versatile name that is both meaningful and easily adaptable.

Kimimela (Native American origin) means butterfly. This name reflects the beauty and transformation symbolized by butterflies in many Native American cultures.

Mariposa (Spanish origin) means butterfly baby. This name is a poetic and affectionate term, offering a unique twist on the general term ‘Mariposa’ for butterfly.

Memphis (Greek origin) means ‘enduring.’ This name is inspired by a type of butterfly, signifying the enduring nature and resilience of life.

Parvaneh – Persian origin, means butterfly, reflecting cultural richness and poetic beauty. This name is deeply rooted in the poetic traditions of Persian culture, symbolizing beauty and transformation.

Phaedra (Greek origin) means ‘bright.’ This name, though not directly related to butterflies, evokes a sense of light and brilliance akin to the gentle flutter of butterfly wings in the sunlight.

Pocahontas (Native American origin) means ‘the playful one.’ It is famously associated with the Disney animated movie of the same name, capturing the spirit and courage of its heroine.

Schmetterling – German origin, means butterfly, capturing the essence of transformation and beauty. This name evokes the transformative journey of butterflies, symbolizing change and beauty in the German language.

Titali – Hindi origin, means butterfly, embodying joy and vibrance. This name reflects the joyful dance of butterflies and the vibrant colors they display.

Titli (Indian origin) means butterfly. It is a common name in the Indian subcontinent, cherished for its simplicity and the joyful imagery it conjures.

Valeria (Latin origin) means ‘strength.’ Associated with the Spanish drama-comedy of the same name, it signifies inner strength and resilience.

Vanessa – Greek origin, named after a butterfly genus, represents beauty and delicacy. This name is a tribute to the enchanting beauty of butterflies, symbolizing grace and finesse.

Yǎnhuī – Chinese origin, represents “swallowtail butterfly,” symbolizing elegance and the beauty of nature. This name captures the exquisite beauty of the swallowtail butterfly and its significance in Chinese culture.

Vlinder (Dutch origin) means butterfly, pronounced as ‘flin-der.’ This name beautifully captures the essence of butterflies in Dutch, representing transformation and beauty.

Yara (Arabic origin) means ‘small butterfly’, chosen by American actress Yaya Shahidi. It reflects the delicate and graceful nature of butterflies, symbolizing beauty and lightness.

These names not only mirror the physical beauty of butterflies but also encapsulate the deeper meanings of transformation, grace, and the delicate weave of life, offering a rich palette of options for a name that carries the whisper of butterfly wings.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Butterfly

You might think butterflies are all about femininity, but guess what?

There are baby boy names out there that totally capture the cool vibe of butterflies – talking transformation, freedom, and being tough.

Here are some baby boy names that mean Butterfly:

Ageha (Japanese origin) means ‘swallowtail butterfly.’ A unique name that connects with the gracefulness and beauty of one of the most distinctive butterflies.

Ekval (Indian origin) means butterfly.

Farasha (Arabic origin) means butterfly. This name, though unisex, carries a soft yet profound connotation of transformation and beauty, perfect for a little boy who is set to explore the world with wonder and grace.

Ītzpā (Aztec origin) derived from Ītzpāpālōtl, the name of an Aztec god known as Obsidian Butterfly

Kelebek (Turkish origin) means butterfly. In Turkish culture, butterflies symbolize transformation and soul, making it a meaningful choice for a baby boy.

Mariposa (Spanish origin) while traditionally used for girls, ‘Mariposa’ meaning ‘butterfly’ in Spanish, can also be a unique and poetic name for a baby boy, reflecting a gentle strength and the ability to adapt and flourish.

Papillon – French for butterfly, this name carries with it whispers of delicacy and strength, embodying the spirit of change and the beauty in nature.

Perhonen (of Finnish origin) translates to butterfly, showcasing the beauty and delicacy found within Finnish language and natural imagery.

Sommerflue (from Danish origin) also means butterfly, reflecting a similar appreciation for the gracefulness of these creatures in Danish culture.

Xiuhtecuhtli (with Aztec origin) is translated as ‘God of spirit.’ This deity is depicted with butterfly wings, highlighting the significance of butterflies in Aztec mythology as symbols of spiritual presence and transformation.

Admiral (from Old French origin) is a name often associated with butterflies due to the resemblance of their wings to naval flags.

Aglais (of Greek origin) is associated with the genus of butterflies known as Nymphalidae, which includes beautiful and colorful species such as the painted lady and red admiral.

Atzpa (Aztec origin) means ‘butterfly.’ This name carries a deep cultural significance, representing the transformative journey of these creatures in Aztec mythology.

Babochka (Russian origin) means ‘butterfly.’ A unique and exotic name that captures the ethereal beauty and grace of butterflies in Russian culture.

Faranak (Persian origin) means ‘butterfly.’ In Persian culture, butterflies are seen as symbols of beauty and good fortune, making this name a meaningful choice for a baby boy.

Kallima is a genus of butterfly found in the Indian subcontinent, giving rise to this unique name with Indian roots.

Maripozo (Spanish origin) is a combination of ‘mariposa’ meaning butterfly and ‘pozo’ meaning well or source, symbolizing the connection between transformation and inner strength.

Morfo (of Spanish origin) comes from the word ‘Morpho,’ which is a genus of butterflies known for their iridescent blue wings.

Hector (Greek origin) means ‘defender’ and is associated with the Latin word ‘hectare,’ meaning a measure of land equal to 100 acres, symbolizing freedom and exploration.

Nemophila (from Greek origin) is derived from ‘nemos,’ meaning grove or glade, and ‘philos,’ meaning loved, reflecting the love and admiration for nature’s beauty.

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Gender-neutral Names That Mean Butterfly

Choosing a gender-neutral name that captures the essence of a butterfly combines the beauty of nature with the modern approach to identity.

Here are some names that mean butterfly, transcending traditional gender boundaries:

Borboleta – Portuguese origin, meaning butterfly. Its unique sound and international flair make it a lovely, distinctive choice for any child.

Farfalla – Italian for butterfly, offering a melodious and elegant option that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Kipepeo – Swahili origin, means butterfly. It is evocative of the vibrant colors and dynamic journeys that butterflies represent.

Lepidoptera – Greek origin, referring to the scientific order that includes all butterflies. It’s a unique and educational name, symbolizing transformation and growth.

Manu – Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘bird’ but also commonly associated with ‘creature of the air,’ which can extend to butterflies. It offers a beautiful, soft sound and a connection to the natural world.

Pulelehua – This name comes from the Hawaiian language, where it specifically means ‘butterfly.’ It’s considered a poetic and unique name that beautifully captures the elegance and grace of butterflies.

Shalabha – Originating from the ancient language of Sanskrit, ‘Shalabha’ carries the meaning of ‘butterfly’ or ‘moth.’ This name evokes the transformation and beauty associated with these creatures, embodying elegance and the ability to transform, making it a meaningful name in cultures that value spiritual growth and change.

Mantech – With its roots in Ethiopian culture, ‘Mantech’ translates to ‘butterfly.’ This name is a nod to the significance of butterflies within Ethiopian folklore, symbolizing freedom, beauty, and the delicate balance of nature.

Pepe – Samoan in origin, ‘Pepe’ means ‘butterfly.’ However, it’s worth noting that this name or word has gained an additional, unrelated association with ‘Pepe the Frog,’ a character that became a popular internet meme.

Vivalter – This name has its origins in Middle German, translating to ‘butterfly.’ ‘Vivalter’ can be affectionately shortened to ‘Viva,’ offering a vibrant and lively option for a name that carries the essence of a butterfly’s freedom and beauty.


In the dance of names and meanings, the butterfly has emerged as a symbol of transformation, beauty, and the delicate interplay of nature’s wonders.

We’ve explored names from across the globe, each carrying the essence of this mesmerizing creature.

From the serene grace of “Ageha” to the vibrant spirit of “Borboleta,” these names offer a world of inspiration for naming the next generation.

Now, it’s your turn! Which of these butterfly-inspired names resonates with you?

Whether it sparks a memory, ignites your imagination, or simply touches your heart, join the conversation below.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty and transformation that these names—and the creatures they honor—bring into our lives.

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