91 Beautiful Names That Mean Angel (Boy & Girls)

Are you in search of a name that embodies purity, light, and divine protection?

Look no further!

Our carefully curated collection of names that mean Angel is designed to inspire and enchant.

From timeless classics to unique gems, each name carries the essence of an angel’s grace and the promise of celestial guidance.

Perfect for your little bundle of joy or a fictional character that needs a touch of heavenly charm, these names are resonant with ethereal beauty and spiritual significance.

Prepare to be uplifted by our heavenly selection that transcends the ordinary, connecting the earthly with the divine.

Why Choose Angelic Names For Your Child?

Choosing an angelic name for your child taps into a rich vein of meaning, blending timeless elegance with powerful symbolism.

These names hark back to ancient traditions, embodying virtues such as protection, purity, and strength that many parents hope will guide their children through life.

Classic angelic names like Michael have enjoyed enduring popularity for their strong historical roots and the valor they signify.

In contrast, modern takes like Nevaeh—’heaven’ spelled backward—offer a fresh, contemporary twist while retaining spiritual significance.

Angelic names are not just beautiful; they carry positive attributes and aspirations, from the leadership and courage of Michael, the warrior angel, to the innovative spirit of Nevaeh.

This blend of classic charm and modern appeal makes angelic names a versatile choice for parents seeking a name with depth, character, and universal recognition.

By choosing an angelic name, you’re bestowing upon your child a mantle of positivity, protection, and a unique identity that stands out in both tradition and modernity.

Angelic Names For Your Child

Baby Boy Names That Mean Angel

  1. Abatur – Derived from Persian, Abatur means “angel of water”.
  2. Aelius – This elegant name has Latin roots and means “sunshine” or “angel”.
  3. Aelius – This elegant name has Latin roots and means “sunshine” or “angel”.
  4. Angelo – Originating from Italian, Angelo means “angel”.
  5. Aniel – This Polish name means “angel” and is a unique choice for a little boy.
  6. Ananiel – Ananiel is a Hebrew name meaning “grace of God” or “messenger of heaven”.
  7. Angelito – This Spanish name means “little angel” and is a charming option for your little bundle of joy.
  8. Ariel – Ariel means “lion of God” and is linked with angelic roles in scripture.
  9. Azriel – Last but not least, Azriel means “help of God” and is associated with protection and guidance.
  10. Barachiel – Meaning “blessing of God,” Barachiel is linked to fortune and blessings.
  11. Cassiel – Cassiel meaning “speed of God,” is often associated with solitude and mourning.
  12. Castiel – Made famous by modern media, Castiel translates to “shield of God,” tied to an angelic figure.
  13. Chamuel – Translating to “one who seeks God,” Chamuel is known as an angel of peace.
  14. Dina – Commonly female but also masculine, Dina means “judged” or “vindicated,” known as the angel of learning.
  15. Erel – This unique name has Hebrew origins and means “angel” or “messenger”.
  16. Evangeline – While primarily female, Evangeline, meaning “bearer of good news,” has a masculine form, Evangelos.
  17. Ezekiel – With Hebrew roots, Ezekiel translates to “God
  18. Gabriel – Gabriel translates to “God is my strength” from Hebrew, marking him as a celebrated archangel.
  19. Haniel – “Joy of God” encapsulates the essence of Haniel, an archangel with a unique name.
  20. Israfil – This unique name, meaning “angel” in Arabic, is often linked with the angel who will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day.
  21. Jehudiel – “Praise of God” defines Jehudiel, the angel of work and achievement.
  22. Jerahmeel – Meaning “mercy of God” in Hebrew, Jerahmeel is often linked with divine mercy.
  23. Jophiel – Jophiel, or “beauty of God,” is the angel of beauty and wisdom.
  24. Malach – From Hebrew, Malach carries the meaning of “angel” or “messenger”.
  25. Malak – Arabic for “angel,” presenting a straightforward yet profound celestial reference.
  26. Melek – Derived from Turkish, directly translating to “angel,” echoing the purity and serenity of angelic beings.
  27. Metatron – Though mystical, Metatron is a potent figure associated with divine presence.
  28. Michael – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “who is like God?” Michael stands as one of the principal archangels in biblical lore.
  29. Nathanael – A timeless biblical name, Nathanael means “gift of God”
  30. Peniel – This distinctive name, meaning “face of God,” is linked with divine visions.
  31. Phanuel – Representing “face of God,” Phanuel is tied to repentance and hope.
  32. Raguel – Known for ensuring harmony among angels, Raguel means “friend of God.”
  33. Raphael – Signifying “God has healed” in Hebrew, Raphael is known as one of the healing angels.
  34. Raziel – Known as the keeper of secrets and mysteries, Raziel means “secret of God.”
  35. Remiel – “Mercy of God” pertains to Remiel, designated as an angel of hope.
  36. Sachiel – An archangel symbolizing wealth and charity, Sachiel exudes benevolence.
  37. Sariel – Representing guidance, Sariel translates to “command of God.”
  38. Sealtiel – Meaning “prayer of God,” Sealtiel encourages earnest prayer and contemplation.
  39. Seraphim – Referring to the highest order of angels, Seraphim represents fiery, celestial entities.
  40. Tzadkiel – Signifying “righteousness of God,” derived from Zadkiel an angel of mercy and goodwill.
  41. Uriel – “God is my light” describes Uriel, an archangel associated with enlightenment.
  42. Zerachiel – “God’s command” defines Zerachiel, an archangel in apocryphal texts.
  43. Zophiel – Meaning “God’s spy,” Zophiel offers a unique angelic name.
  44. Zuriel – With Hebrew roots, Zuriel translates to “my rock is God,” appealing to those seeking a strong and steadfast name for their child.
  45. Phoenix – While not traditionally associated with angels, the mythical bird is often seen as a symbol of rebirth and transformation.
  46. Memphis – This name has Greek origins and means “enduring and beautiful,” reminding us of the eternal beauty and grace of angels.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Angel

  1. Angela – A timeless name derived from Greek, symbolizing an “angel.”
  2. Anahera – This beautiful name means “angel” in Maori and is often associated with celestial beings.
  3. Abhinoor – A unique name of Indian origin, Abhinoor means “light of angel.”
  4. Alina – With Latin roots, Alina translates to “angel” or “light.”
  5. Alyssa – Meaning “joy” or “rational,” Alyssa carries Greek origins.
  6. Angelica – With its Italian roots, the name Angelica signifies “angel” or “angelic,” evoking a heavenly charm.
  7. Angelie – A French-inspired name that captures the charm and elegance of being “angelic.”
  8. Angelina – A tender diminutive of Angela, Angelina beautifully conveys the meaning of “little angel.”
  9. Angelette – Derived from French, Angelette carries the meaning of “little angel.”
  10. Angelou – In homage to the poet Maya Angelou, combining the angelic connotation with a touch of literary grace.
  11. Ariel – While traditionally male, Ariel is also a popular female name meaning “lion of God” and associated with angelic grace.
  12. Celeste – This Latin name means “heavenly” or “of the sky”, reminiscent of an angel’s ethereal nature.
  13. Celestia – An amplification of Celeste, implying a more profound heavenly or celestial association.
  14. Dina – Sharing its name with a male angel, Dina signifies “judged” and is known as the angel of learning.
  15. Erelah – A Hebrew name, Erelah means “angel”, symbolizing a direct connection to divine messengers.
  16. Evangeline – Meaning “bearer of good news,” analogous to an angel’s role in conveying messages of joy.
  17. Faith – While not directly meaning angel, this name evokes the spiritual trust and conviction angels are known for.
  18. Gabriella – The feminine form of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength” and linking to one of the most well-known archangels.
  19. Glorielle – A modern creation that blends “glory” with the angelic “elle”, signifying the glory of God or angels.
  20. Hanael – A variant of Haniel, embodying “joy of God”.
  21. Haniel – Drawing from the angelic hierarchy, Haniel signifies “glory of God,” embodying celestial beauty and grace.
  22. Iliana – Meaning “ray of light” in Greek, suggesting the luminous presence of an angel.
  23. Jophiela – Inspired by Jophiel, this unique name means “beauty of God” and is linked with wisdom and beauty.
  24. Lael – Meaning “belonging to God” in Hebrew, this name is often associated with angelic purity and devotion.
  25. Laila – With Arabic origins, meaning “night”, it draws to mind the guarding presence of angels through the dark.
  26. Malaika – Meaning “angel” in Swahili, this name is a direct reference to celestial beings.
  27. Mariangela – A compound name combining Maria (Mary) and Angela (Angel), denoting “Mary’s angel” and embodying a profound spiritual connection.
  28. Michaella – The female form of Michael, translating to “who is like God?”.
  29. Mikelle – A feminine twist on Michael, suggesting “who is like God?”, representing strength and protection.
  30. Nevaeh – “Heaven” spelled backwards and often associated with angelic symbolism.
  31. Parisa – Of Persian origin, meaning “like an angel”.
  32. Rachael – Derived from an angelic Hebrew name meaning “innocence of a lamb”, holding a pure and gentle connotation.
  33. Raphaela – Feminine variant of Raphael, meaning “God has healed”.
  34. Razielle – Inspired by Raziel, meaning “secret of God,” this name invokes the mystery and wisdom of divine secrets.
  35. Rehael – Originating from the angelic realm, Rehael signifies “friend of God,” illustrating a bond with the divine.
  36. Rosangel – A unique combination blending “rose” with “angel,” suggesting the beauty and gentleness of an angel.
  37. Sarielle – Inspired by Sariel, this name means “command of God” and is linked with guidance.
  38. Seraphiel – Drawing from the Seraphim, the highest order of angels, Seraphiel means “burning one of God,” symbolizing unmatched purity and passion.
  39. Seraphina – Drawing from Seraphim, it signifies fiery, passionate angels of the highest order.
  40. Talia – Hebrew in origin, meaning “dew of God”, offering a subtle connection to angelic purity.
  41. Uriella – A variant of Uriel, embodying “light of God”.
  42. Valo – This unique name means “light” in Finnish, evoking the luminous aspect of an angel.
  43. Vangelis – Meaning “bearer of good news” in Greek; a feminine approach to Evangelos.
  44. Yael – Hebrew for “to ascend”, reflecting the angelic ascent towards heaven.
  45. Zephiel – Inspired by Zophiel, it translates to “God’s spy” and offers an intriguing angelic connection.

Bottom Line!

Choosing the perfect name is like weaving a unique spell, where each syllable carries its own magic.

Whether it’s the strength and protection suggested by Michaella, the serene beauty of Anahera, or the profound spirituality of Mariangela, the names we’ve explored transcend the ordinary, inviting stories and legends into the lives they come to define.

If you’ve found yourself enchanted by the angelic realm and its significance, or if one of these names resonates with the melody of your heart, we’d love to hear from you!

Remember, in the symphony of life, the right name can make all the difference.

So choose wisely, and let your angelic name be the guide towards a life of joy, grace, and light.

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