65 Powerful Names That Mean Blood for Your Newborn

Selecting a name for your baby is no small task. It’s a decision that brims with meaning and, more often than not, hope.

Names can be powerful vessels for heritage, personality, and values.

Among the myriad of names are those that evoke strength and are steeped in history and culture, one of them being ‘blood’.

While at first glance, it may seem a daring choice, naming your child with ‘blood’ has significant connotations in various traditions.

This listicle is for parents-to-be and fantasy enthusiasts who are drawn to the powerful symbolism behind names that mean blood.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Blood has played a crucial role in the mythologies and spiritual traditions of countries around the globe. It is a symbol of life, sacrifice, kinship, and power.

From religious rites to cultural practices, the associations with blood run deep. In Irish lore, Cóemgein means ‘gentle blood’, connoting a heritage of warriors.

In japan, Chi means ‘blood’, and it is often paired with other characters to form names that hold value in Zen Buddhism.

Similarly, the Sanskrit word Rakta translates to ‘blood’ and is revered in Hinduism as a symbol of life force and purity.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the Maasai people use the term ‘enkai’ to refer to blood and sky, reinforcing the ties between life and the divine.

Names That Mean Blood for Boys

Names That Mean Blood for Boys

For parents looking for a name that signifies vigor and resilience, for a baby boy, here are some names that mean blood:

1. Adair

Originating from Scotland and meaning ‘oak tree’, Adair subtly suggests the life-infusing property of blood—a nod to strength and permanence.

2. Eanraig

Famously known as the Scottish form of ‘Henry’, Eanraig means ‘ruler of the home’. Its royal implications and inclusion of the root word ‘Ric’, which means power or rule, make it a powerful and magnetic name.

3. Rohan

With origins in Sanskrit (रोहण) and Hindi, Rohan carries dual meanings of ‘ascending’ and ‘red’. Often linked to the rising sun, this name represents a new beginning and an indomitable spirit.

4. Akeldama

This unique name derives from Greek and translates to ‘field of blood’. Though it may seem ominous, in the Bible, Akeldama is referenced as a place of hope and redemption.

5. Ciaran

In Irish mythology, Ciaran was known as the son of Fergus Mac Roich. Its meaning translates to ‘little dark one’, suggesting a deep, brave soul and unwavering loyalty.

6. Amini

A Swahili name meaning ‘faithful’ or ‘blood brother’, Amini is a tribute to the virtues of love, kinship, and trust in African culture.

7. Atakan

A name of Turkish origin, Atakan means ‘blood brother’. It conveys a strong bond and is often used in reference to close friendships or alliances.

8. Berkan

Of Turkish origin, Berkan translates to ‘hero’. As blood is essential for sustaining life, heroes are vital for defending it. This name holds the promise of bravery and strength.

9. Demirkan

A Turkish name meaning ‘Blood of iron’, Demirkan evokes images of steel-like determination and tenacity. It’s a striking choice for parents seeking a powerful name.

10. Djimon

Derived from the word ‘Djembe’, which is a West African drum that produces deep, reverberating sounds, Djimon represents strength and vitality.

11. Edom

Originating from Hebrew, Edom translates to ‘red’ or ‘ruddy’. It’s a nod to the biblical Esau, who was said to be born with red hair and considered a man of great strength and passion.

12. Flann

Meaning ‘red’ in Irish, Flann is a name that encompasses both the fierceness and warmth associated with blood. It’s an excellent choice for parents looking for a unique yet meaningful name.

13. Flynn

With roots in Ireland, Flynn means ‘son of the red-haired one’. It’s an excellent name for a child with fiery hair and spirit.

14. Antiphonus

A name of Greek origin, Antiphonus translates to ‘against murder’. This powerful name can serve as a reminder of the value and sanctity of life.

15. Bawırjan

Meaning ‘blood brother’ in Kurdish, Bawırjan is a name that honors the bond of friendship and loyalty. It’s a beautiful choice for parents who want their child’s name to reflect strong values.

16. Quintin

From Latin origin, meaning “the fifth.” This name can signify the continuity of lineage and the inherited legacy through blood and soul from one generation to the next.

17. Ketsueki

In Japanese, Ketsueki means ‘blood’ and can be interpreted as a name that honors the life-giving force within all of us.

18. Oscar

Of Irish and Norse origin, meaning “God spear.” It symbolizes the warrior spirit and protector role within families, safeguarding the bloodline and its history.

19. Harvey

Derived from Breton words meaning “battle worthy.” Much like warriors bound by blood and spirit, this name signifies the strength and courage that run through family veins.

20. Dillon

Of Irish origin, meaning “loyal.” It embodies the loyalty found within blood relations and the unwavering soul bonds of family.

21. Haemon

In Greek mythology, Haemon is known as the son of Creon and Eurydice. His name means ‘bloody’ or ‘destructive’, but it also carries connotations of passion and intensity.

22. Akane

In Japanese, Akane means ‘deep red’ and symbolizes the intensity and passion that runs through the veins of those with this name.

23. Kaelan

A variation of the Irish name Caelan, meaning ‘slender’. In ancient times, slender warriors were seen as graceful yet formidable in battle.

24. Riordan

Derived from the Irish surname O’Riordan, meaning ‘royal poet’ or ‘king’s son’. It suggests a strong and noble heritage, with blood ties to royalty.

25. Ziru

In Chinese, Ziru means ‘purple dew’, conjuring images of life-giving rain and the vital role blood plays in nourishing our bodies.

Names for Girls That Mean Blood

The merging of beauty and strength is pivotal in the selection of a name for a daughter. Here are a few feminine names associated with ‘blood’:

26. Lorelei

German in origin, Lorelei translates to ‘alluring enchantress’. Its link to the Rhine River’s siren call is poetic, symbolizing both a magnetic draw and endurance.

27. Scarlett

A name derived from the Old French word ‘escarlate’, meaning ‘rich cloth or, metaphorically, ‘dress’. Scarlett embodies vitality and passion, evident in literary figures like Scarlett O’Hara.

28. Sura

This name holds a core place in the Arabic and Islamic heritage, representing ‘bloodlines’, familial connection, and legacy. Its pronunciation and simplicity make it a unique choice.

29. Ruby

Derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning ‘red’, ruby symbolizes love, passion, and vitality. It’s a timeless name that exudes elegance and strength.

30. Aria

In Italian, Aria means ‘air’ or ‘song’. It represents grace and lightness of being while also alluding to the vital force that flows through our veins.

31. Kiana

Of Hawaiian origin, Kiana translates to ‘divine’. It’s a name that evokes feelings of awe and respect, much like the wonder and power associated with blood.

32. Talutah

A Native American name meaning ‘blood warrior’, Talutah embodies the spirit of a fierce and courageous female warrior.

33. Sheerah

A name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘bloodline’. It represents the importance of heritage and familial ties, passed down through generations.

34. Winona

Derived from the Native American Dakota Sioux tribe, Winona means ‘first-born daughter’ or ‘eldest daughter’. It symbolizes a strong family bond and connection to one’s roots.

35. Muhjah

Of African origin, Muhjah means ‘beautiful warrior’. It captures the beauty and strength that lies within each person, passed down through bloodlines.

36. Yara

In Arabic, Yara translates to ‘small butterfly’. Symbolically, it represents transformation and growth – much like the life-giving force of blood in our bodies.

37. Rosalind

A name of German and English origin, meaning ‘gentle horse’. It’s an elegant choice that suggests both grace and power – qualities often attributed to blood.

38. Ixquic

A name of Mayan origin, meaning ‘blood moon’. It’s a powerful and mystical name that holds deep significance in many cultures.

39. Fluonia

Derived from the Latin word ‘fluo’, meaning ‘flowing’. It’s a name that honors the life-giving flow of blood in our bodies and represents vitality and health.

40. Daryn

In Old English, Daryn means ‘hidden spot’ or ‘secret place’. It symbolizes the sacredness of family ties and the hidden connections that bind us together through blood.

41. Adameena

Of Arabic and Hebrew origin, Adameena means ‘bloody red’. It’s a unique name that connects us to the powerful and life-sustaining force of blood.

42. Chizuke

A Japanese name meaning ‘bloodline protector’. It’s a fitting choice for parents who want their daughter’s name to represent strength, loyalty, and familial ties.

43. Aithne

Derived from the Gaelic word ‘aithne’, meaning ‘fire’ or ‘brightness’. This name alludes to both passion and vitality – two qualities often associated with blood.

44. Niamh

In Irish mythology, Niamh is known as the daughter of a sea god and symbolizes beauty and grace. It’s a name that represents the intricate connections between land, sea, and bloodlines.

45. Chibeni

A name of Native American origin, meaning ‘buffalo blood’. It holds deep cultural significance and symbolizes strength, resilience, and connection to nature.

46. Ayuna

In Mongolian, Ayuna means ‘moon’. It’s a name that speaks of the cyclical nature of life and the essential role blood plays in nourishing our bodies through each phase.

47. Fidelia

Derived from the Latin word ‘fidelis’, meaning ‘faithful’ or ‘loyal’. It symbolizes the unbreakable bond between family members and the unwavering loyalty that runs through blood.

48. Eirlys

In Welsh, Eirlys means ‘snowdrop’, a delicate white flower known for its ability to bloom in harsh conditions. It represents resilience and strength – qualities often associated with blood ties.

49. Ichigo

A Japanese name meaning ‘strawberry’. While it may seem whimsical, strawberry is known to have high levels of iron – an essential component in blood.

50. Chidori

Derived from the Japanese word ‘chidori’, meaning ‘thousand birds’. This name holds cultural significance and represents the life-giving flow of blood in our bodies, keeping us strong and vibrant.

Unisex Names That Mean Blood

In a world moving towards gender neutrality, unisex names offer flexibility and a break from tradition. The following options blend the significance of blood with inclusivity:

51. Narayana

With roots in Sanskrit, Narayana signifies ‘protector’, a force that shields the ties of kinship. The ‘nara’ element ties it to man, making it a subtle yet powerful choice for any child.

52. Tatsu

Present in the Japanese lexicon and meaning ‘dragon’, Tatsu symbolizes nobility, wisdom, and strength—all attributes associated with the life force represented by blood.

53. Auiak

One of the oldest known unisex names, Auiak hails from Inuit mythology and translates to ‘beginning of life’. Its etymology further links it to blood’s role in sustaining life.

54. Ravi

Ravi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘sun’, is another unisex option that embodies the life-giving force of blood. It’s also associated with courage and vitality.

55. Almas

Derived from Arabic, Persian and Urdu, Almas means ‘diamond’. As one of the strongest substances on earth, diamonds symbolize eternal strength and resilience – attributes often associated with blood.

56. Uzumaki

A Japanese name meaning ‘spiral’ or ‘whirlpool’. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and the vital force that flows through our veins, keeping us connected to our roots.

57. Jahan

In Persian and Urdu, Jahan means ‘world’ or ‘universe’. It speaks to the vastness and interconnectedness of all life, held together by the essential force of blood.

58. Ekon

Derived from the African language Yoruba, Ekon means ‘strong’; a fitting name for any child who embodies resilience and determination – qualities often associated with blood.

59. Tariq

Of Arabic origin, Tariq means ‘morning star’ or ‘he who knocks at the door’. It symbolizes strength and perseverance – traits that are deeply tied to the life-giving force of blood.

60. Shai

In Hebrew, Shai translates to ‘gift’. This unisex name pays homage to the precious gift of blood, without which life would not be possible.

61. Akeldama

A name of Aramaic origin, meaning ‘field of blood’. It holds biblical significance and serves as a reminder of the power and sacredness of blood ties.

62. Chi

In Igbo culture, ‘chi’ refers to one’s personal god or spirit. This unisex name symbolizes the unique life force that runs through each person and their bloodline, shaping who they are.

63. Chikage

A Japanese name meaning ‘thousand shadows’. It symbolizes the intricate connections between individuals and their ancestors, bound by the flow of blood through time.

64. Jazlyn

A modern variation of the unisex name Jasmine, which comes from Persian origin and means ‘gift from God’. This interpretation ties beautifully to the concept of blood as a life-force.

65. Chikumo

Of African origin, Chikumo translates to ‘life force’ or ‘soul’. It’s a name that honors the vital energy present in all living beings and the blood that carries it through our bodies.


Incorporating ‘blood’ into a child’s name can be a unique way to honor their heritage, cultural beliefs, and family ties.

Whether through a traditional or unisex name, the power and significance of blood can add depth and meaning to any child’s identity. 

So, consider these options and find the perfect name that speaks to your family’s story and the vital force that runs through us all. 

With any of these names, you’ll be carrying on the legacy of ‘blood’ – a symbol of life, strength, and connection to our roots. 

So, embrace the power of blood in all its forms and celebrate it through your child’s name.

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