90+ Beautiful Names That Mean Blue

Choosing a baby name is a significant decision for expecting parents, one that often involves considerable thought and exploration.

Among the myriad options, names inspired by colors stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.

Specifically, names that mean Blue carry with them a sense of calm, serenity, and the beauty of the sky and sea.

These names, drawn from various cultures and languages, encapsulate the tranquility and depth associated with the color blue.

Whether you’re drawn to the hue for its representation of depth, stability, inspiration, or tranquility, selecting a name with such a meaning can offer a unique identity and an inherent sense of peace and beauty for your child.

Why Name Your Child After Color Blue?

The color blue has long been associated with a myriad of positive connotations – from trust and loyalty to healing and wisdom.

It is the color of the vast sky above us, symbolizing infinity, freedom, and open-mindedness. Blue is also the hue of the ocean, representing depth, calmness, and stability.

Furthermore, blue is often seen as a soothing and peaceful color, one that can evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation.

All of these qualities make blue an ideal choice for a child’s name, as it encapsulates elements of strength, beauty, and tranquility.

Names That Mean Blue in Different Cultures

Names That Mean Blue in Different Cultures

  1. Aoi (Japanese) – means “blue”
  2. Neel (Sanskrit) – means “blue”
  3. Azul (Spanish) – means “blue”
  4. Lapis (Latin) – means “stone of blue color”
  5. Niloufar (Persian) – means “waterlily” and represents the color blue in Persian culture
  6. Galilahi (Native American) – means “sky” or “heavenly”
  7. Blauw (Dutch) – means “blue”
  8. Sini (Finnish) – means “blue”
  9. Zarin (Persian) – means “golden-blue”
  10. Gorm (Irish) – means “blue”
  11. Lazuli (Latin) – a variation of Lapis, meaning “sky-blue”
  12. Cai (Welsh) – means “blue-eyed”
  13. Cyan (Greek) – means “blue-green”
  14. Indigo (English) – the name of a deep blue-purple color
  15. Sibh (Irish) – means “blue”
  16. Azzurra (Italian) – means “azure” or “sky-blue”
  17. Zuri (Swahili) – means “beautiful blue sky”
  18. Cerrulean (English) – a variation of Cerulean, meaning “sky-blue”
  19. Nila (Sanskrit) – means “blue”
  20. Aoife (Irish) – means “bright blue” or “beauty”

Famous Blue-Named Personalities

  1. Azul Guaita – Mexican actress, singer and dancer
  2. Indigo De Souza – American musician and artist
  3. Aoi Tada – Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer
  4. Blau Goblet d’Alviella – Belgian artist and writer
  5. Neel Jani – Swiss professional racing driver
  6. Zarin Mehta – Indian-born American arts administrator
  7. Cyan Banister – American entrepreneur and angel investor
  8. Zuri Tibby – American fashion model for Victoria’s Secret.
  9. Blue Ivy Carter – daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z
  10. Blueface – stage name of American rapper Jonathan Porter

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

  1. Azul: This enchanting name comes from Spanish and Portuguese and translates to ‘blue’, conjuring images of serene skies and tranquil waters.
  2. Bleu: A stylish French name meaning ‘blue’, evoking sophistication and elegance in its simplicity.
  3. Bluford: This name has Old English roots, combining ‘blue’ and ‘ford’, possibly alluding to crossing over into the realm of the serene blue.
  4. Caeso: With a Latin origin, Caeso signifies ‘blue eyes’, reflecting the depth and clarity of azure hues.
  5. Caelum: From Latin, ‘heaven’ and ‘vast sky’ are embodied in this name, suggesting boundless possibilities and celestial beauty.
  6. Cesidio: A distinctive Italian name that translates to ‘sky blue’, capturing the essence of clear, open skies.
  7. Celeste: Rooted in Latin, ‘heavenly’ and ‘clear blue sky’ harmonize in this name, painting a picture of celestial tranquility.
  8. Gazir: Originating from Arabic, Gazir means ‘azure blue’, symbolizing the richness and depth of the azure shade.
  9. Gorman: An Irish name with meanings of ‘blue’ or ‘little blue one’, reflecting a sense of calm and serenity.
  10. Indivar: Derived from Sanskrit, Indivar signifies ‘blue lotus’, representing purity and enlightenment.
  11. Jainil: An Indian name translating to ‘blue victory’, embodying the essence of triumph and tranquility.
  12. Kai: Hawaiian for ‘sea’, resonating with the vastness and mystery of the deep blue ocean.
  13. Linnaeus: A Latin name meaning ‘blue flower’, encapsulating the beauty and delicacy of a bloom bathed in shades of blue.
  14. Marlais: This Welsh name translates to ‘blue sea’, conjuring visions of expansive, azure waters.
  15. Nabhas: A Sanskrit name denoting ‘celestial’ or ‘sky’, reflecting the awe-inspiring vastness and beauty of the heavens.
  16. Neel: Sanskrit for ‘blue’, akin to the hues of the sky and ocean, symbolizing depth and tranquility.
  17. Nilan: Tamil for ‘Moon’ or deep blue night sky, capturing the mystique and allure of the midnight blue.
  18. Ocean: Representing the endless blue sea waters, symbolizing vastness, mystery, and exploration.
  19. Okko: This Japanese name conveys ‘blue sky’, reflecting the expansiveness and tranquility of the azure heavens.
  20. Oldrik: A Dutch name meaning ‘old ruler’, possibly embodying a sense of wisdom and authority associated with the color blue.
  21. Turquoise: Named after the blue and green stone, symbolizing a blend of serenity and rejuvenation.
  22. Urdin: A Basque name translating to ‘sky blue’, evoking the purity and clarity of the azure skies.
  23. Viorel: A Romanian name meaning ‘bluebell’, capturing the delicate beauty and simplicity of the blue flower.
  24. Yahto: A Native American name signifying ‘blue’, embodying the calm and serenity associated with the color.
  25. Zeru: Basque for ‘sky’, representing the vast expanse and boundless beauty of the heavens.
  26. Zoltán: A Hungarian name meaning ‘blue blood’, possibly alluding to nobility and regality associated with the color blue.
  27. Zorion: A Basque name signifying ‘happiness’ or ‘blue sky’, encapsulating the joy and serenity found under the azure heavens.
  28. Žydrūnas: A Lithuanian name meaning ‘blue hedgehog’, blending the unique charm of blue with the playfulness of a hedgehog.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

  1. Aqua: A name of Latin origin, symbolizing water or a light blue color, evoking a sense of tranquility and fluidity akin to serene waters gently reflecting the sky above.
  2. Aquanetta: A Latin name meaning ‘blue water’, conjuring images of clear, sparkling streams meandering through lush landscapes, bringing life and vitality wherever it flows.
  3. Azure: Of English origin, directly means ‘blue sky’ or ‘clear blue’, capturing the essence of a cloudless day where the azure hues stretch endlessly, inspiring a sense of freedom and boundless possibilities.
  4. Aeluin: A Welsh name meaning ‘blue bell’, reminiscent of delicate flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, their vivid blue petals adding a touch of natural beauty to the landscape.
  5. Beyza: Turkish for the color blue and the perfect name for your precious daughter, embodying the richness and depth of the color blue, signifying strength and grace in one’s character.
  6. Bleuette: This French diminutive of Bleu means ‘little blue one’, portraying a charming and endearing image of a small, yet vibrant presence that brightens up any room with its joyful spirit.
  7. Celeste: A Latin-derived name that means ‘heavenly’ or ‘sky blue’, painting a celestial picture of vast skies stretching above, imbued with the calming and ethereal shades of blue.
  8. Cyanne: A modern English name inspired by the blue-green color cyan, reflecting a blend of serenity and vitality, mirroring the harmony found in nature’s diverse palette.
  9. Fairuza: Arabic for ‘turquoise’, evoking the exotic allure of the gemstone with its captivating blue-green hues, reminiscent of tropical waters and distant lands.
  10. Golzar: A Persian name meaning ‘flower face’, inspired by the blue Gol flower, symbolizing the delicate beauty and grace that blooms like a rare and precious blossom.
  11. Gormlaith: An Irish name meaning ‘blue princess’, conjuring images of regal elegance and strength, with a touch of mystique and allure woven into its royal blue origins.
  12. Indigo: Derived from the color indigo and can also symbolize a deep blue aura, embodying a sense of introspection and wisdom, akin to the profound depths of the night sky.
  13. Jaibrian: A unique Indian name meaning ‘blue crested bird’, blending the vibrant hues of nature with the grace and freedom of avian creatures, soaring through azure skies.
  14. Kaiya: Sanskrit for ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’, reflecting the vastness and depth of the waters, with shades of blue that change with the ebb and flow of tides, mirroring life’s ever-changing journey.
  15. Lapis: Short for Lapis Lazuli, a gemstone known for its intense blue color, embodying the richness and depth of the ocean depths, with hues that captivate and intrigue.
  16. Larimar: Named after a rare blue variety of pectolite, found only in the Caribbean, symbolizing the tranquil beauty and serenity of tropical waters, where shades of blue meld harmoniously.
  17. Livia: Latin for ‘blue eyes’, capturing the allure and depth of eyes that mirror the clear skies, reflecting a sense of wisdom and insight within their azure depths.
  18. Linnaea: Feminine form of Swedish name Linnaeus which means ‘blue flower’, embodying the delicate beauty and purity of blossoms that bloom in varying shades of blue, adding a touch of elegance to nature’s tapestry.
  19. Lazuli: Derived from Persian, referencing the deep blue hue of the lapis lazuli stone, symbolizing the richness and depth of ancient treasures, with hues that captivate and mesmerize.
  20. Marina: English and Italian for ‘from the sea’, evoking images of coastal vistas where the deep blue waters meet the azure skies, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility by the shore.
  21. Maris: Latin for ‘of the sea’, often evoking images of the deep blue ocean, capturing the vastness and mystery of the waters that stretch beyond the horizon, teeming with life and wonder.
  22. Mavi: Turkish for ‘blue’, this name is simple and poignant, reflecting the purity and clarity of the color blue, symbolizing calmness and serenity in its essence.
  23. Mazarine: French origin, named after a deep blue color, reminiscent of the sea, embodying the rich and vibrant hues of the ocean depths, with shades of blue that captivate and inspire.
  24. Mahina: Hawaiian for ‘moon’, reflecting the luminous beauty and serenity of the moonlit night sky, with its gentle glow casting a silvery-blue hue over the world below.
  25. Meena: Of Persian origin, meaning ‘blue gemstone’, symbolizing the precious and rare beauty of gemstones that gleam with vivid blue hues, captivating all who behold their brilliance.
  26. Neela: Derived from Sanskrit, it literally means ‘blue’, embodying the simplicity and purity of the color blue, with its calming and soothing presence that resonates with tranquility.
  27. Nila: Meaning ‘moon’, from the Tamil language, often associated with a blue glow, reflecting the celestial beauty and mystical allure of the moon, casting a soft blue light over the night.
  28. Nilashri: An Indian name meaning ‘blue beauty’, capturing the enchanting and captivating essence of beauty that shines with the serene and alluring shades of blue, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration.
  29. Oceane: Of French origin, meaning ‘ocean’, and connoting deep blue, reflecting the vastness and majesty of the ocean depths, with shades of blue that hold mysteries and wonders waiting to be explored.
  30. Owaissa: Of Native American origin, this name means ‘little bluebird’, symbolizing the graceful and free-spirited nature of the bluebird, soaring through azure skies with a sense of joy and freedom.
  31. Sapphire: English origin, named after the precious blue gemstone, embodying the rare and exquisite beauty of gemstones that gleam with deep blue hues, captivating all who gaze upon their brilliance.
  32. Sapphire: A precious stone with a deep blue hue, symbolizing the richness and depth of the color blue, with hues that captivate and mesmerize, adding a touch of elegance and allure to any setting.
  33. Sini: Of Finnish origin, meaning ‘blue’, embodying the purity and clarity of the color blue, with its serene and calming presence that evokes a sense of tranquility and peace.
  34. Skye: An English name referring to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, representing the expanse of the blue sky, with its vast and endless horizons that stretch above, inspiring a sense of freedom and possibility.
  35. Surina: Sanskrit for ‘goddess of the sky’ or ‘celestial beauty’, embodying the ethereal and divine qualities of the sky, with its infinite expanse of blue that mirrors the heavens above.
  36. Talassa: Greek for ‘sea’, offering a unique and meaningful choice, symbolizing the boundless and mysterious depths of the sea, with shades of blue that hold secrets and wonders waiting to be discovered.
  37. Teal: An English name that represents the blue-green color found in nature, blending the tranquil shades of blue with the vibrant hues of green, creating a harmonious and refreshing palette reminiscent of nature’s beauty.
  38. Turquesa: A Spanish name inspired by turquoise stone, capturing the vivid and vibrant hues of the turquoise gemstone, with shades of blue and green that gleam with a mesmerizing beauty, reminiscent of tropical waters.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Blue

Opting for a unisex name is a modern, inclusive choice for your baby. Here are unisex names inspired by the color blue, symbolizing depth, trust, and tranquility.

  1. Aoki: Of Japanese origin, this name directly translates to ‘blue tree’.
  2. Blu: A contemporary spelling variation of Blue, emphasizing uniqueness and individuality.
  3. Blue: A direct and vivid choice, embodying the color in its entirety.
  4. Cerulean: Named after the deep sky blue, it’s a unique choice that stands out.
  5. Chimalus : Of Nahuatl origin, meaning ‘blue shield’, a powerful and unique name.
  6. Cyan: An English name inspired by the blue-green color seen in nature.
  7. Denim: After the fabric that is frequently a shade of blue, symbolizing durability and comfort.
  8. Gökçe: Turkish for ‘blue sky’, representing the endless blue above.
  9. Hinto: Of Native American Sioux origin, meaning ‘blue’, this name embodies the color in a subtle and unique way.
  10. Hyacinth: A flower often associated with the color blue, representing sincerity and trust.
  11. Indigo: Named after the deep blue dye, this name has Greek origins.
  12. Kyan: A modern variation on Cyan, representing the blue-green hues found in nature.
  13. Lake: Evocative of the serene and often blue waters of a lake.
  14. Marin: Of Latin origin, meaning ‘of the sea’, hinting at the deep blue ocean.
  15. Navy: Reflects the deep, almost midnight blue associated with the ocean.
  16. Neptune: Named after the Roman god of the sea, reflecting both the deep blue sea and sky.
  17. Ocean: Directly signifies the vast and deep blue sea, perfect for any child with a love for the marine.
  18. River: While not directly meaning ‘blue’, rivers often evoke the tranquil and serene blue of waterways.
  19. Ruka: Of Finnish origin, meaning ‘blueberry’, a nod to the various shades of blue found in nature.
  20. Sky: Simpler and more direct, it encompasses the entire blue expanse above us.
  21. Skyler: An alternate form of Sky, it captures the vast blue expanse.
  22. Sora: Of Japanese origin, meaning ‘sky’, it captures the endless blue above.
  23. Sterling: Symbolizes the high quality and purity, often associated with the sterling blue sky.
  24. Winter: A season often depicted with cool blue tones and serene snowscapes.

Each of these names offers a connection to the color blue, reflecting a wide range of qualities from calmness and depth to versatility and strength.


The color blue has been a popular inspiration for names, offering a diverse range of meanings and associations.

From the deep sea to the endless sky, from precious gemstones to tranquil lakes, there is a name that captures the beauty and essence of blue for every child.

Whether you choose a traditional or unique name, each one will represent the captivating allure and timeless charm of this beloved color.

So whether you’re drawn to the serene qualities of aquamarine or the vibrancy of teal, there is a blue-inspired name waiting to be discovered for your little one.

So embrace the beauty and versatility of blue, and find the perfect name that reflects the unique qualities of your child. Happy baby naming!

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