90 Names That Mean Coward (Meaning & Origin)

Your name is more than just a label; it’s a part of your identity. Across different cultures, the significance of a name can carry profound meaning.

While strength and bravery often take the spotlight, there’s a unique beauty in names representing the opposite.

Whether for a character in your next novel or your upcoming child, selecting a name with the meaning of coward isn’t a simple task.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 90 names that mean coward, along with their origins and deeper meanings.

What Makes a Name Mean Coward?

A name meaning coward may refer to someone who lacks courage or is easily intimidated. This could be derived from traits such as fearfulness, timidity, or weakness.

However, it’s essential to remember that these traits don’t define a person entirely. Instead, they add depth and complexity to their character.

A coward, though not a flattering label, offers a unique perspective. They are likely to steer clear of risky ventures that could land them in trouble, valuing caution over impulsiveness.

In their wariness, they grasp the world’s potential dangers better than most, opting for prudence.

Embracing the notion of “think before you act,” cowards often lead longer, healthier lives, steering clear of unnecessary risks.

The Beauty in Cowardice

With society’s emphasis on strength, bravery, and perseverance, cowards often get a bad rap. However, their caution can also be perceived as intelligence.

In ancient times, cowardice was even praised for its ability to prolong life rather than perish in battle or other risky endeavors.

Moreover, the concept of fearlessness is often an unrealistic expectation, leading to feelings of inadequacy when one cannot meet this standard.

But there’s beauty in accepting and even embracing cowardice. It’s a reminder that we’re all human, with our own unique strengths and weaknesses.

So next time you come across someone labeled as a “coward,” take a moment to appreciate the complexity behind their actions and consider the positive aspects of their cautious nature.

And if you’re looking for a name with this meaning, we’ve got you covered with our list of 90 names that mean coward.

Perfect Cowardly Name

Find Your Perfect Cowardly Name

In various cultures and languages around the world, there are countless names related to cowardice.

Some may have negative connotations, while others carry a more neutral or even positive meaning. Explore our extensive list to find the perfect name that speaks to you.

Boy Names That Mean Coward, Cowardly or Timid

  1. Adalard: German, meaning “noble coward”
  2. Aldric: English, meaning “old ruler” or “old king.”
  3. Anatolios: Greek, meaning “risen coward.”
  4. Aridam: Indian, meaning “one who is afraid of enemies.”
  5. Barris: Scottish, meaning “grain farmer” or “cowardly warrior.”
  6. Collin: Gaelic, meaning “young warrior.”
  7. Cuaran: Irish, meaning “cowardly or tremulous.”
  8. Dastagird: Persian, meaning “one who flees from battle.”
  9. Deccy: Irish, meaning “fearful one.”
  10. Ranchor: Hindi, meaning “coward” or “one who flees call to war”.
  11. Seneca: Native American, meaning “one who stutters” or “timid one.”
  12. Temirbek: Kazakh, meaning “brave but cowardly.”
  13. Vinicio: Italian, derived from the Latin word for timid.
  14. Wilpert: German, meaning “willful coward.”
  15. Xanthippos: Greek, meaning “yellow horse” or “coward.”
  16. Yernat: Kazakh, meaning “timid or shy.”
  17. Kiyoshi: Japanese, meaning “quiet and fearful.”
  18. Maqbool: Arabic, meaning “one who is afraid.”
  19. Niuhi: Hawaiian, meaning “shy or timid.”
  20. Odoardo: Italian, meaning “wealthy coward.”
  21. Packard: English, derived from the French word for paca (timid).
  22. Seymour: English, meaning “stumbling coward.”
  23. Tadhg: Irish, meaning “poet” or “timid one.”
  24. Urien: Welsh, meaning “privileged coward.”
  25. Vigneshwar: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for timid.
  26. Zalman: Yiddish, meaning “peaceful one.”
  27. Ceallach: Irish, meaning “warrior who is afraid.”
  28. Placido: Italian, meaning “calm and cowardly.”
  29. Farukh: Persian, meaning “one who flees.”
  30. Geralt: English, derived from the Old High German word for spear.
  31. Iago: Welsh, meaning “supplanter” or “coward.”
  32. Lir: Irish, meaning “gray” or “cowardly.”
  33. Neronim: Hebrew, meaning “one who is afraid of fire.”
  34. Vaishant: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for timid.
  35. Saburo: Japanese, meaning “third-born son” or “timid.”
  36. Bruno: German, meaning “brown” or “cowardly.”
  37. Curran: Irish, meaning “hero who is afraid.”
  38. Corin: Latin, meaning “spear bearer.”
  39. Canute: Scandinavian, meaning “knot,” possibly referring to a cowardly disposition.
  40. Jimmu: Japanese, meaning “divine warrior” or “coward.”
  41. Jeong-Ho: Korean, meaning “brave and cowardly at the same time.”
  42. Hyder: Arabic, meaning “one who flees from danger.”
  43. Feigman: Yiddish, meaning “cowardly man.”
  44. Dáire: Irish, meaning “fruitful and timid.”
  45. Aadiv: Indian, meaning “cowardly.”
  46. Dheeraj: Indian, meaning “patience” or “timid.”
  47. Ninad: Indian, meaning “timid or shy.”
  48. Aegle: Greek, meaning “bright” or “fearful.”
  49. Darvesh: Persian, meaning “holy man”, one who lives a modest and gentle life.
  50. Abhiru: Indian, meaning “timid.”
Girl Names That Mean Coward or Timid

Girl Names That Mean Coward or Timid

  1. Alexis: Greek, meaning “defender” or “protector.”
  2. Alizé: French, meaning “trade wind,” possibly referring to cowardice.
  3. Arpana: Indian, meaning “surrendered” or “timid.”
  4. Beatriz: Spanish and Portuguese, derived from the Latin word for “voyager” or “traveler.”
  5. Carmit: Hebrew, meaning “vine” or “dependent.”
  6. Dama: African, meaning “gentle.”
  7. Eira: Welsh, meaning “snow” and possibly referring to a timid nature.
  8. Freya: Norse, meaning “lady” or “mistress.”
  9. Gauravi: Indian, meaning “timid or modest.”
  10. Hanne: German and Scandinavian, meaning “God is gracious.”
  11. Jelena: Slavic, meaning “light” or “shining.”
  12. Blanche: French, meaning “white” or “pure.”
  13. Kateri: Native American, derived from the Mohawk word for “one who is afraid.”
  14. Lalita: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for “playful.”
  15. Mairwen: Welsh, meaning “blessed and timid.”
  16. Zlata: Slavic, meaning “golden” or “shiny.”
  17. Nevaeh: English, derived from the word “heaven” spelled backward.
  18. Ovidia: Latin and Scandinavian, meaning “shepherdess.”
  19. Runa: Japanese, meaning “luna” or “moon.”
  20. Parijat: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for “timid.”
  21. Shani: Hebrew, meaning “red” or “crimson.”
  22. Trista: English, meaning “sad” or “melancholy.”
  23. Una: Irish and Scottish, meaning “lamb” or “one.”
  24. Villette: French, meaning “small town” or “village.”
  25. Zuri: Swahili, meaning “beautiful” or “good.”
  26. Ayusha: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for “long life” or “timid.”
  27. Viridia: Latin, meaning “green” or “fresh.”
  28. Calantha: Greek, meaning “beautiful flower.”
  29. Nadeshiko: Japanese, meaning “gentleness” or “modesty.”
  30. Eika: Japanese, meaning “eternal song.”
  31. Sada: Indian and Arabic, meaning “always” or “forever.”
  32. Jiamin: Chinese, meaning “beautiful” or “gentle.”
  33. Ragi: Indian, derived from the Sanskrit word for “timid.”
  34. Kaida: Japanese, meaning “little dragon” or “cute and timid.”
  35. Sabina: Latin, meaning “saber-toothed tiger.”
  36. Kayara: Native American, meaning “turtle” or “timid.”
  37. Ngaio: Maori, meaning “shy and reserved.”
  38. Amantha: Greek, meaning “irreproachable” or “one who is without blame.”
  39. Wogahta: African, meaning “child” or “innocent one.”
  40. Radha: Indian and Hindu mythology, meaning “prosperous” or “timid.”


These names may have negative connotations when it comes to bravery and courage, but they also have their own unique meanings and histories.

Whether you choose one of these names for a character in a story or for your own child, remember that there is more to a person than just their name.

Ultimately, it’s the actions and choices we make that define us, not the labels or names we are given. 

So, embrace your own personal bravery and courage, no matter what name you may have.

And let these names serve as a reminder that even the most timid and fearful among us can find strength and bravery within themselves.

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