78 Inspiring Baby Names That Mean Dawn / Coming Of The Sun

Welcome to the radiant world of names that mean Dawn!

Imagine greeting every morning not just with the rising sun but with a name that itself captures the freshness, renewal, and promise of a new day.

Here, we’re about to explore names from across the globe that carry the essence of dawn’s first light.

Whether you’re searching for a name that reflects the beauty of daybreak for your little one, a character in your next novel, or even a new pet, you’re in the right place.

These names, brimming with the potential and hope of dawn, are perfect for anyone born as the light begins to spread across the sky.

Get ready to be inspired by names that break the night with their brilliance and signify the start of something beautiful.

Why Choose Names That Mean Dawn

Choosing a name that means Dawn can symbolize a new beginning, reflecting a bright start or a fresh chapter in life.

Such names are imbued with optimism and promise, echoing the serene beauty and hope that each new day brings.

For a child, it can represent the dawn of their life’s journey, full of potential and undiscovered paths. For a character in a story, it might signify rebirth, transformation, or the dawning of a significant era in the narrative.

Additionally, names meaning Dawn carry a universal appeal, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries to bring a sense of light and renewal.

They embody the joy and positivity that accompanies the start of each day, making them a poignant choice for anyone stepping into a new phase of life or embodying a beacon of hope and new beginnings.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Dawn

Baby Girl Names That Mean Dawn

Discovering the perfect name for your baby girl can be a magical adventure, especially when you’re looking for a name that holds as much promise and new beginnings as the dawn.

Below, we’ve curated a selection of beautiful girl names that mean dawn from various cultures around the world.

  1. Alba – With Latin and Italian roots, Alba means dawn or sunrise, perfectly capturing the essence of first light.
  2. Aurinda – A unique and less common name, Aurinda carries the essence of dawn, suggesting a blend of radiance and the beginning of a new day.
  3. Aurora – Latin in origin, Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn, embodying the beauty and renewal each morning brings.
  4. Ayelet – This Hebrew name means “gazelle of the dawn,” evoking images of the graceful animal greeting the first light of day.
  5. Chae-Won (채원) – A Korean name meaning “beginning” or “dawn,” Chae-Won is both lyrical and evocative of the first light of day.
  6. Danica – Slavic for “morning star,” Danica is a beautiful name that suggests guidance, hope, and the first light of dawn guiding the way forward.
  7. Eos – Named after the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos is a unique choice that directly ties to the mythology of daybreak.
  8. Elora – Though its origins may not traditionally mean dawn, Elora evokes the softness and beauty of the first morning light.
  9. Eostre – Derived from the Old English word for Easter, Eostre is a name that signifies spring and rebirth, making it perfect for a baby girl born at dawn.
  10. Izumi (泉) – This Japanese name means “fountain” or “spring,” representing the fresh start of each new day.
  11. Inara – With roots in Arabic, this name means “illumination, enlightening,” echoing the heralding of dawn’s light across the sky.
  12. Morgen – Derived from German, meaning “morning,” Morgen offers a direct nod to the start of the day, capturing the essence of dawn in a simple yet profound way.
  13. Neora – This Hebrew name means “light,” evoking the first, gentle rays of the sun at dawn, symbolizing new beginnings and purity.
  14. Oriana – Meaning “dawn” in Latin, Oriana has an elegant and timeless feel, representing the fresh start of each new day.
  15. Roxana – Derived from Persian, meaning “bright” or “dawn,” this name carries with it a sense of illumination and new beginnings.
  16. Sahar – Originating from Arabic and Hebrew, Sahar means “dawn” or “morning light,” a name full of hope and the promise of a new day.
  17. Zora – A Slavic name meaning “dawn,” Zora evokes the first light of day, symbolizing hope and the beginning of new adventures.
  18. Zosia (Зося) – With Polish and Russian roots, this name means “dawn,” representing the start of each new day.
  19. Austra – This Latvian name means “dawn” or “sunrise,” carrying the first light of day’s energy and promise.
  20. Danika – A Slavic name meaning “morning star,” Danika has a celestial feel, representing the hope and guidance that each new day brings.
  21. Natalie – Of Latin origin, this name means “birthday” or “born at Christmas,” a nod to the rebirth and new beginnings that come with each dawn.
  22. Zora – With roots in Slavic and Bulgarian, Zora means “dawn,” signifying the start of a new day full of light and possibility.
  23. Ostara – Of German origin, Ostara is the goddess of spring and dawn, making it a beautiful name for a baby girl born at the start of a new season.
  24. Nisha – This Hindi name means “night’s end” or “first light,” representing the transformation from darkness to light with each sunrise.
  25. Kalinda – Derived from Sanskrit, Kalinda means “sun” or “river,” symbolizing the flow of new beginnings and life that comes with each dawn.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Dawn

Exploring names for your newborn boy that signify the break of dawn offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful and meaningful options.

Each name, like the morning itself, carries the promise of new beginnings and the joy of fresh potential.

Here’s a curated list of names from various cultures that encapsulate the essence of the first light:

  1. Altan – In Turkish, Altan signifies “red dawn,” a powerful and vivid image of the sky at daybreak.
  2. Arman – This name finds its roots in several languages, including Kazakh and Armenian, where it conveys the beauty of “dawn,” offering a sense of renewal and hope.
  3. Arun – Derived from Sanskrit, Arun means “dawn” or refers to the redness of the rising sun, embodying the vibrant colors that paint the sky each morning.
  4. Egan – A name of Irish origin, Egan translates to “fire,” symbolizing the fiery colors of dawn and the light that dispels the night’s darkness.
  5. Guang (光) – This Chinese name means “light,” capturing the essence of dawn’s first rays piercing through the darkness.
  6. Matin – With Arabic and French roots, Matin signifies “morning” or “dawn,” evoking the freshness and purity of early day.
  7. Rajiv – In Sanskrit, Rajiv is associated with “the one who marks the horizon,” poetic imagery for the dawn’s early light.
  8. Shahar – Originating from Hebrew, Shahar means “dawn,” a name that’s both lyrical and imbued with the promise of a new day.
  9. Vihan – This name in Sanskrit signifies “dawn” or “morning,” a perfect reflection of the first light of day and the new opportunities it brings.
  10. Zoran – Slavic in origin, Zoran means “dawn,” offering a bold and bright choice reminiscent of the morning’s first light.
  11. Dawn – If you’re looking for a straightforward yet meaningful option, Dawn is an English name that directly translates to “the first appearance of light.”
  12. Bhor (भोर) – This Hindi name means “dawn” or “morning,” representing the time of day that marks the beginning of a new cycle.
  13. Uday – Of Sanskrit origin, Uday means “to rise” or “dawn,” capturing the energy and vitality associated with the start of each new day.
  14. Fajar – This Arabic name means “dawn” or “daybreak,” perfectly encapsulating the first light that emerges after the night’s darkness.
  15. Lucian – Derived from Latin, Lucian means “light” or “dawn,” representing the brightness and fresh start that each sunrise brings.
  16. Nawang – In Tibetan, Nawang signifies “dawn,” offering a unique and beautiful choice that carries with it a sense of new beginnings and hope.
  17. Sahar – This Persian name means “dawn” or “morning,” representing the first light of day and all the possibilities it holds.
  18. Albaer – A Dutch name meaning “bright dawn,” Albaer is a strong and distinctive choice that offers a nod to the vibrant colors that paint the sky at daybreak.
  19. Danilo – Of Slavic origin, Danilo means “morning star,” embodying the guiding light and hope that comes with each new day.
  20. Aaditya – This Sanskrit name signifies “the sun” or “dawn,” a powerful and timeless choice representing the source of all light and life on earth.
  21. Koit – In Estonian, Koit means “dawn,” evoking the peaceful and tranquil feeling of the world awakening with each new sunrise.
  22. Morgen – Of German origin, Morgen means “morning,” a simple and sweet choice that honors the beginning of each new day.
  23. Akatsuki – This Japanese name means “dawn” or “daybreak,” making it an exotic and striking option for your little one.
  24. Vihan – With roots in Hindi and Sanskrit, Vihan means “dawn” or “morning,” symbolizing the start of a new cycle and the hope it brings.
  25. Aurélien – Originating from Latin, Aurélien means “the golden one” or “dawn,” representing the warm and radiant glow that accompanies the sun’s first appearance each day.

Names That Have Similar Meaning as Dawn

Choosing a girl’s name that mirrors the essence of “dawn” but stretches beyond the exact word can unveil names radiant with the promise of new beginnings, light, and hope.

Here are several such names, each brimming with the spirit of early morning.

  1. Alaula: A Hawaiian name meaning “light of dawn,” directly tying the beauty of early morning light to the bearer of the name.
  2. Aamu: A charming Finnish name meaning “morning.”
  3. Anastasia: This Russian name, graced by princesses, embodies “rebirth.”
  4. Arla: With Swedish origins, Arla exudes loveliness and signifies “early.”
  5. Aurelia: Latin for “the golden one,” Aurelia has made a radiant comeback, much like the sunrise.
  6. Aurélie: French for “golden,” this name hints at the golden hues that adorn the sky at dawn.
  7. Ayla: In Turkish, Ayla means “halo of light around the moon,” which can be seen as the night’s promise of the coming dawn.
  8. Celia: Not directly meaning “dawn,” but with its celestial connotations, Celia beautifully means “heavenly.”
  9. Chiara: A popular Italian moniker, Chiara shines with the meanings “light” and “clear.”
  10. Cyra: Of Persian origin meaning “sun” or “throne,” suggesting the light and warmth of the sunrise.
  11. Danica: A Slavic beauty, Danica means “morning star.”
  12. Danique: The French variation of Danica, carrying the same “morning star” significance.
  13. Daisy: Symbolic of “day’s eye,” this name captures the essence of daisies opening at sunrise.
  14. Elena: A version of Helena with diverse roots, Elena sparkles with “bright, shining light.”
  15. Iduna: Representing the Norse goddess of “spring and eternal youth,” her name means “loving one.”
  16. Keiba: A breathtaking Hawaiian name, Keiba signifies “sunrise.”
  17. Lucina: Stemming from Latin, meaning “light” or “birth,” Lucina is the ancient Roman goddess of childbirth, who safeguarded the life of newborns, aligning with themes of beginning and light.
  18. Orla: This enchanting Irish name means “golden princess.”
  19. Sabah: A name of Arabic origin, Sabah heralds “morning.”
  20. Savit: Savit, in Hindi, means “sun.”
  21. Shahar: A lovely Hebrew name, Shahar means “dawn.”
  22. Soleil: French for “sun,” Soleil captures the feel of dawn by evoking the image of the morning sun rising.
  23. Sunniva: A name with Scandinavian flair, Sunniva means “sun gift” — a nod to the promise of dawn.
  24. Tarana: While not directly meaning “dawn,” Tarana is a captivating Hindi name meaning “born during the day.”
  25. Thea: Rooted in Greek mythology, Thea is the goddess of light, and by extension, can be linked to the light of dawn.
  26. Tsehai: This endearing Ethiopian name means sunshine.
  27. Zorina: With Serbo-Croatian roots, it signifies “dawn.” Zorina also means “golden dawn” in Slavic languages.
  28. Zora/Zarah: Of Arabic origin, this name connotes “dawn.”

Bottom Line!

In the golden glow of dawn, each name we’ve explored carries the whisper of a new beginning, the warmth of the rising sun, and the promise of a day filled with endless possibilities.

Whether drawn to the vivid imagery of Altan and Zoran or the subtle dawn light of Alaula and Thea, choosing a name for your child is a profound act of hope and imagination. 

Each name is a tribute to the beauty of dawn and the fresh start it signifies, making them all perfect choices for the little ray of sunshine in your life.

So embrace the vibrant colors and limitless promise that each new day brings, and choose a name that reflects it.  So go ahead, let your imagination soar as you choose a name worthy of the beautiful child who will bring light into your world.

Let’s start a conversation and continue celebrating the beauty of dawn through our names.

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