90 Names That Mean Dream or Vision

Dive into the world of dreams through the lens of namesakes that carry the essence of dreams themselves.

Imagine bestowing a name that encapsulates the very essence of aspiration, fantasy, and imagination.

Every name tells a story, and within this collection, the narratives are woven with the threads of dreams, casting a spell of enchantment and possibility.

Whether you’re naming a new arrival, seeking inspiration for a character in your next novel, or simply indulging in the beauty of names from around the globe, you’re about to embark on a whimsical journey.

Get ready to explore names that breathe life into the dreamlike wonders of the night and the limitless realms of imagination.

Names That Mean Dream or Vision

Girls Names That Mean Dream or Vision

  1. Ahlam: An enchanting Arabic name that translates to ‘pleasant dreamer,’ evoking images of serenity and inspiration.
  2. Aislin: This name, derived from Irish, carries the profound meaning of ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ hinting at foresight and imagination.
  3. Aisling: An Irish name rich in cultural heritage, also meaning ‘vision,’ connects the bearer to the realm of dreams and aspirations.
  4. Aislinn: Of Irish origin, it translates to ‘vision,’ offering a mystical touch to the name’s essence.
  5. Alora: Bearing African roots, ‘my dream’ is what this name means, symbolizing hope and aspiration.
  6. Alviva: From the English language, it signifies ‘a dreamer,’ encapsulating a person with a visionary spirit.
  7. Amabil: With an uncertain origin, it carries the beautiful meaning of ‘turning dreams into reality,’ encouraging creativity and determination.
  8. Anoushka: A name of Hindu tradition that means ‘aspirations,’ reflecting ambition and the pursuit of goals.
  9. Ariadne: Originating from Greek, this name means ‘dream,’ connecting the bearer to ancient myths and the power of imagination.
  10. Avic: A Gaelic name that translates to ‘dreams,’ offering a mystical and dreamy quality.
  11. Azlin: A French name with the delicate meaning of ‘dream,’ evoking images of softness and wonder.
  12. Bhranti: This name, of Gaelic origin, brings to life the concept of ‘daydream,’ blending reality with fantasy.
  13. Chimere: French in origin, it beautifully means ‘dreamy,’ perfect for someone with a head always in the clouds.
  14. Deisy: Also hailing from France, signifies ‘dreams,’ painting a picture of aspirations and hopes.
  15. Dream: An English name that stands boldly on its own significance, embodying the essence of dreaming.
  16. Eislyn: This old English name means ‘beautiful dream,’ suggesting both beauty and the ethereal nature of dreams.
  17. Godusa: From Old English, the name translates to ‘big dream,’ ideal for someone with grand ambitions.
  18. Guaraman: An Irish name, rich in cultural significance, meaning ‘dreamer,’ for those who envision a better world.
  19. Hayal: Of Old English origin, this name elegantly translates to ‘dream,’ evoking a sense of quiet aspirations.
  20. Hayali: Arabic for ‘dream girl,’ this name is imbued with the magic and mystery of dreams.
  21. Imena: An African name that means ‘dream,’ it reflects the continent’s rich tradition of storytelling and aspiration.
  22. Isleen: Irish in origin, meaning ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ connecting the bearer to the powers of insight and imagination.
  23. Joetta: With its roots in Old English, it means ‘dreamer,’ perfect for someone always exploring the landscape of their dreams.
  24. Kalpana: A name of Gaelic origin meaning ‘dream-like,’ it captures the ethereal beauty and surreal aspects of dreams.
  25. Kanasu: Translates to ‘dreamy’ in Gaelic, offering a soft, whimsical touch to the name.
  26. Lourdes: A name of French origin, associated with the famous pilgrimage site, evoking a sense of miracles and healing.
  27. Lurdes: Of Spanish origin, it connects to Lourdes in France, also symbolizing faith and spirituality.
  28. Marzena: This Polish name means ‘dreamed one,’ perfect for someone who seems to have stepped out of a dream.
  29. Roya: A gorgeous Persian name meaning ‘a vision from the dream,’ for someone who embodies the essence of a dream come to life.
  30. Ruyaa: Gaelic for ‘dreamy,’ it has a soft, ethereal quality reminiscent of gentle dreams.
  31. Ruyah: Also of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘dream,’ it speaks to the heart of those who dream deeply.
  32. apana: A name of Gaelic origin, ‘apana’ offers a dreamy allure, inviting thoughts of whimsical landscapes and serene visions.
  33. Sapna: Means ‘dream girl’ in Gaelic, perfect for someone who captivates with the depth of her dreams.
  34. Svajone: This Lithuanian name translates to ‘dream,’ reflecting a deep connection to the imaginative realm.
  35. Swapan: A Hindu name that carries the profound meaning of ‘dream,’ linking the bearer to a rich tradition of dreaming.
  36. Swapnali: Signifies ‘dream girl’ in Gaelic, embodying the essence of someone who lives in the beauty of her dreams.
  37. Vienna: An Austrian name meaning ‘city of dreams,’ inspires thoughts of romance, culture, and history.
  38. Yume: Derived from the Japanese word for ‘dream,’ this name embodies the tranquil beauty and mystery of dreams, inviting contemplation and wonder.
  39. Zlota: Polish for ‘golden woman,’ it suggests not only dreams but the value and beauty of the dreamer herself.
  40. Miyako: A Japanese name meaning ‘beautiful dream’ that captures the enchanting and ethereal nature of dreams.

Boys Names That Mean Dream or Vision

  1. Alweo: Derived from Latin, this name embodies the essence of someone who is a ‘dreamer at heart’, symbolizing a person with a vivid imagination and hopes.
  2. Almos: In Hungarian, ‘sleepy’ or ‘dream’ captures the essence of tranquility and the state of dreaming, reflecting a gentle and serene personality.
  3. Arien: Originating from Greek, this name means ‘a dreamy person’, suggesting someone with a creative and imaginative mind, often lost in their thoughts.
  4. Arman: This name comes from Kazakh and translates to ‘dream vision’, indicating someone who sees beyond the present into a hopeful future.
  5. Baduli: An Indian name with deep roots, ‘dreamer’ describes a person always envisioning possibilities and what could be.
  6. Bruadair: In Gaelic, ‘dream’ beautifully captures the mystical and elusive nature of dreams, connecting the person to the ancient and magical.
  7. Bruadar: Also from Gaelic, signifying ‘dream vision’, this name suggests clarity and insight within the dream state.
  8. Bruatar: Gaelic for ‘dream’, emphasizing the culture’s rich history of storytelling and myth, where dreams hold significant meaning.
  9. Ceeven: A Hindu name, ‘dream’ signifies the spiritual and transcendent nature of dreams in Hindu culture, reflecting a connection to the divine.
  10. Chavez: Of Spanish origin, this name translates to ‘dream maker’, implying someone who creates visions of a better future for themselves and others.
  11. Cimon: Latin for ‘sleepy’, encapsulating the blissful state of rest and the gateway to dreams, reflecting a peaceful demeanor.
  12. Eidniuet: From ancient Welsh, meaning ‘day dreamer’, this name suggests someone who fantasizes and imagines possibilities in the daylight.
  13. Gabriel: Linked to angels in biblical texts and of Arabic origin, representing a celestial messenger of dreams and revelations.
  14. Gramercy: French, meaning ‘dream’, signifies the elegance and depth of dreams, highlighting the beauty of the mind’s creations.
  15. Hulum: In Gaelic, ‘dream’ connects to the cultural significance of dreams as messages and omens, reflecting a deep spiritual connection.
  16. Ialu: Egyptian, translating to ‘field of dreams’, symbolizes a place of endless possibilities and a journey of the soul.
  17. Israel: Biblical, associated with dreams in the scriptures, representing divine inspiration and guidance through dreams.
  18. Jacob: A biblical character known for his significant dreams, symbolizing the transformative power of divine visions.
  19. Joldewin: From Old English, meaning ‘dreamers’, this name reflects a collective vision and the shared human experience of dreaming.
  20. Jones: Old English for ‘fulfilled dream’, embodying the realization of one’s deepest desires and aspirations.
  21. Jonn: Signifies ‘dream big’ in Old English, encouraging boundless imagination and the pursuit of lofty goals.
  22. Ramiel: In Hebrew, ‘vision’ connects to the clarity and foresight gained through divine encounters or introspection.
  23. Rasui: Egyptian, meaning ‘dream’, highlights the ancient civilization’s belief in dreams as portents and messages from the gods.
  24. Remiel: In Hebrew, means ‘Mercy of God’. In the Book of Enoch, Remiel is an angel known for granting divine visions, symbolizing divine intervention and guidance.
  25. Reve: French for ‘dream’, capturing the romance and mystery of dreams, inviting one to explore the depths of their imagination.
  26. Neo: The main protagonist of The Matrix, the name means ‘new’, symbolizing a new beginning and the power of dreams to defy limits and create change.
  27. Somnio: A Latin name, meaning ‘dream’, emphasizing the profound and transformative nature of dreams in ancient Roman culture.
  28. Kimon: Japanese, meaning ‘dream world’ or ‘Demon Gate’, symbolizing the beauty and infinite potential of dreams in Japanese folklore.
  29. Tigernach: Irish name meaning ‘lord of dreams’, representing a deep connection to the spiritual realm and the power of visions.
  30. Narciso: A Spanish name, meaning ‘dreaming’, evoking the beauty and mystery of self-reflection and introspection in dreams.
  31. Abhidhyan:  Sanskrit name meaning ‘dream’ or ‘contemplation’, reflecting the deep spiritual connection and meaning of dreams in Hinduism.
  32. Chelem: Meaning ‘vision’ in Mayan culture, this name embodies the belief in visions and prophetic dreams within the ancient civilization.
  33. Ariston: From Greek mythology, Ariston is the god of prophecy and visions, symbolizing the power of dreams to reveal truths and hidden knowledge.
  34. Khamari: Arabic meaning ‘moonlit’, suggesting the dreamy and ethereal nature of the night sky and dreams themselves.
  35. Suvit: From Sanskrit, meaning ‘dreaming’ or ‘reverie’, embodying the peaceful and restful state of mind in dreams.
  36. Lorien: From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Lorien is a magical forest known for its enchanting beauty and ethereal dreamscape.
  37. Nehkaam: In Egyptian, ‘dreamer’ signifies the belief in dreams as a source of knowledge and understanding within their ancient culture.
  38. Sajneet: Indian name meaning ‘dreamy’, embodying the enchanting and imaginative nature of dreams in Indian society.
  39. Nidra: Originating from Sanskrit, this name means ‘sleep’ or ‘dream’, representing the peaceful and restful state of mind in dreams.
  40. Sapan: A Hindi name that translates to ‘dream’, symbolizing the dreamer’s desire and drive to make their dreams a reality.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Dream

  1. Amets: Originating from the Basque language, ‘Amets’ translates directly to ‘dream.’ Its pronunciation is as straightforward as its meaning, making it a versatile, unisex option that’s both modern and distinctive.
  2. Ashaya: With roots in the rich Sanskrit language, ‘Ashaya’ signifies ‘dream.’ This name possesses a transcendent quality, seamlessly crossing gender lines with its beautifully neutral resonance.
  3. Chalom: Hailing from Hebrew, ‘Chalom’ means ‘dream’ and offers a tender sound that suits any child, capturing the universal essence of dreaming.
  4. Hulm: Arabic in origin, ‘Hulm’ means ‘dream.’ Its brevity and the gentle way it rolls off the tongue render it a flexible name for any newborn.
  5. Morpheus: Named after the Greek god of dreams, ‘Morpheus’ brings with it a contemporary, bold flair that defies gender norms, offering a timeless appeal.
  6. Roya: Recognized in various cultures as a gender-neutral name, ‘Roya’ signifies ‘dream’ or ‘vision.’ It serves as a reminder of the shared nature of dreams, transcending gender distinctions.
  7. Sognatore/Sognatrice: In Italian, ‘dreamer’ is ‘Sognatore’ for males and ‘Sognatrice’ for females. However, both versions find themselves in a gender-neutral light within English-speaking contexts, celebrating the fluidity of dreams.
  8. Sueño: The Spanish word for ‘dream,’ ‘Sueño,’ carries a tender sound and an open meaning, making it a poetic and universally welcome option.
  9. Visión: Borrowed from Spanish and meaning ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ ‘Visión’ projects a futuristic, gender-neutral allure, perfect for those seeking a name that’s both deep and singular.
  10. Yume: In Japanese, ‘yume’ translates to ‘dream.’ Its unique sound and spelling add a touch of mystique to any name choice, making it an option for parents who value individuality.

Bottom Line

In the realm of names, the power of a dream transcends boundaries, encapsulating hopes, aspirations, and the ethereal essence of our very souls.

These names, each a vessel of meaning from cultures around the globe, invite us to dream bigger, envision a brighter future, and connect deeply with the mystique of the unseen.

Whether you’re drawn to the gentle whisper of ‘Amets’ or the divine promise enshrined in ‘Gabriel’, choosing a name from this celestial collection ensures a lifetime inspiration for your child.

Dare to dream, for in dreams, we unlock the limitless potential of the future.

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