120 Names That Mean End, Last, or Complete

Perhaps you’ve decided that your next child will be the last addition to your family, marking the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

Or maybe you simply like the idea of a name that symbolizes completion and finality.

Whatever your reason, we’ve compiled a list of 120 names that embody the concepts of end, last, or complete.

Be it for your child or your next original character (OC) in a story, there’s sure to be something on this list that catches your eye.

Names That Mean End, Last or Complete

Boys Names That Mean End, Last or Complete

  • Akhir: Arabic for ‘last’ or ‘final’.
  • Fiyinfoluwa: A Yoruba name from Nigeria, meaning ‘the end of the love’.
  • Conlan: Meaning ‘hero’ or ‘little wolf’ in Irish.
  • Yuka: A Mongolian name that means ‘the end’.
  • Extan: A combination of the Latin element ‘ex’, meaning ‘out of’, and ‘tan’ for ‘finish’.
  • Vultan: From Turkish origins, Vultan signifies ‘the last man’.
  • Akim: A Russian name meaning ‘God will establish’ or ‘set the last’.
  • Navino: An Italian and Spanish name that translates to ‘the last’.
  • Antonius: A Latin name that means ‘priceless’ or ‘of inestimable worth’.
  • Philogen: A unique name meaning ‘the last to be born’ from Greek origins.
  • Takkara: A name from the Sumerian language that refers to the ‘last lord’.
  • Efre: A Scottish name that means ‘the last-born’.
  • Kamal: This Arabic name means ‘perfection’ or ‘excellence’.
  • Tama: A Maori and Polynesian name that translates to ‘complete’.
  • Jaivyn: An American name signifying ‘the one who is complete’.
  • Bandhu: A Hindi name that means ‘companion’ or ‘complete with you’.
  • Niam: An Irish name that denotes ‘full’, symbolizing integrity and wholeness.
  • Akhil: An Indian name that means ‘complete’ or ‘whole’.
  • Gwynfor: A Welsh name meaning ‘white end’ or ‘fair conclusion’.
  • Modibo: Meaning ‘the last one born’ in Malian.
  • Nithin: An Indian name that translates to ‘one who completes’.
  • Remiel: A Hebrew name that means ‘God’s end’ or ‘completion of God’s will’.
  • Ausar: From Egyptian origins, this name signifies ‘the last one born’.
  • Amritsar: A Sikh name that means ‘complete pool of nectar’.
  • Khalil: An Arabic name meaning ‘friend’ or ‘companion’.
  • Taranis: From Celtic origins, Taranis signifies the ‘Lord of Thunder’.
  • Arunav: An Indian name that translates to ‘the end of the ocean’.
  • Tamaki: A Japanese name that signifies ‘Last jewel’ or ‘island’.
  • Aadinath: A Sanskrit name that means ‘the first lord’ or ‘beginning and end’.
  • Zade: A Hebrew name meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘blessed one’.
  • Angharad: A Welsh name meaning ‘complete love’.
  • Arminius: This Latin name symbolizes ‘the last one’ or ‘end’.
  • Jaye: An American name that means ‘victory’ or ‘success’.
  • Alva: A Swedish name meaning ‘elf warrior‘ or ‘old friend’.
  • Gomer: A Welsh name that signifies ‘complete’.
  • Ender: A Turkish name meaning ‘one who finishes’ or ‘completes’.
  • Nirupam: An Indian name that translates to ‘unique’ or ‘without comparison’.
  • Tatton: From English origins, this unique name means ‘from the enclosure town’.
  • Touya: A Japanese name that means ‘the end valley’.
  • Wakendolyn: An old Germanic name meaning ‘complete in battle’.

Girl Names That Mean End, Last or Complete

  • Lilith: Of Babylonian origin, meaning ‘of the night’.
  • Gwyneth: A Welsh name, likely meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘holy’.
  • Nahir: Of Egyptian origin, Nahir means ‘river’ which marks a natural ‘end’.
  • Eurydice: From Greek mythology, one who could foresee the ‘end’.
  • Bryhanna: A name that combines ‘bry’ from the word ‘bright’ and ‘hanna’ meaning ‘end’.
  • Ekon: A Nigerian name meaning ‘the last’.
  • Janan: A name from the Arab world meaning ‘paradise’, the ultimate ‘end’.
  • Quiria: A name derived from the Latin word ‘quies’, which means ‘rest’.
  • Natesa: An Indian name that conveys ‘the last’.
  • Altima: Meaning ‘the last in line’ in Spanish.
  • Agena: A Greek name denoting ‘the last’.
  • Dova: A Hebrew name meaning ‘the last’.
  • Azenor: A Breton name that embodies ‘last’.
  • Cherita: A variation of ‘cher’, meaning ‘dear’, it signifies the ‘last one’.
  • Nisha: Of Sanskrit origin, Nisha conveys ‘the end of night’.
  • Tarika: An African name with the meaning ‘arrival at the last station’.
  • Fina: A diminutive of Josephina or Delphina, it conveys ‘the final one’.
  • Aliza: A Hebrew name that means ‘joyful’ or ‘complete’.
  • Takoda: Of Native American origins, it conveys ‘friend to everyone’—a completeness in the community.
  • Karinya: An Australian Aboriginal name that signifies ‘complete’.
  • Armina: Of Armenian origin, it denotes ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
  • Ananda: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘bliss’ or ‘complete happiness’.
  • Ewa: A Polish name meaning ‘life’ or ‘to breathe’—complete in vitality.
  • Pearl: A precious gemstone that symbolizes ‘completeness’.
  • Eseld: A rare Welsh name that denotes ‘a complete being’.
  • Anjuli: Derived from the Indian word for ‘blessings’ or ‘the unwavering’—a sign of a complete life.
  • Mona: A Celtic name signifying ‘noble good’ or ‘a complete leader’.
  • Ailynn: A variation of the name ‘Eilin’ which means ‘the last’.
  • Nila: An Indian name meaning ‘dark blue’, representing the end of day.
  • Jahida: This Arabic name denotes someone who is ‘complete’ or ‘perfect’.
  • Akhila: A variation of the name ‘Akhil’, it also means ‘complete’ or ‘whole’.
  • Zrenya: Of Russian origin, this name signifies someone who is ready to reach their ‘end goal’.
  • Eden: A Hebrew name that translates to ‘delight’ or ‘paradise’.
  • Amaia: A Basque name that means ‘the end’.
  • Hermione: From Greek mythology, her name means ‘Earthly messenger’ or ‘complete’.
  • Finola: A variation of Fionnuala, this Irish name signifies someone who is ‘fair and complete’.
  • Bamby: This name of Greek origin means ‘last child’.
  • Tayzia: A variation of Taisia, this name means ‘the end’.
  • Rena: Of Hebrew origin, Rena translates to ‘reborn’ or ‘complete’.
  • Amalur: A Basque name that signifies the ‘enduring land’.

Unisex Names That Mean End, Last or Complete

  • Abeje – [African] “last born”
  • Akhil – [Indian] “complete, last”
  • Alastair – [Scottish] “defender of mankind”
  • Alonzo – [Spanish] “ready for”
  • Maveth – A unisex name with Hebrew origins meaning “death
  • Merripen – A Romani name meaning “manner” or “behavior”
  • Nina – A short form of names that end in -nina
  • Amaia – Spanish or Basque for “high place or end”
  • Rika – Japanese or diminutive of names meaning “end”
  • Aabid
  • Aaryanna
  • Benjamin
  • Zella
  • Omega
  • Huling – (Filipino) “Last” or “final”
  • Dovas
  • Omodaka – Japanese for “end of the line”
  • Kamari – Swahili for “moonlight”, representing the end of day
  • Chiyoko – Japanese for “thousand generations”, symbolizing completeness in lineage.
  • Umberto – Italian for “bright” or “shining”, representing completeness in personality.
  • Yanai – Hebrew for “he will answer” or “ending”.
  • Eria – Ethiopian name meaning “the last one”
  • Nikos – Greek for “victory of the people”, symbolizing a final triumph.
  • Kaimana – Hawaiian for “the diamond”, symbolizing completion and perfection.
  • Foye – Scottish name meaning “end”.
  • Tharun– An Indian name that means ‘last born’ or ‘ultimate’.

Tips for Choosing a Name

The process of naming a child, though deeply personal, can be guided by various factors to ensure its resonance and significance.

Consider the following steps as you go about choosing that perfect name with its wonderful connotations.

Understand the Cultural and Linguistic Context

A name carries the essence of a culture, and understanding its roots can provide insight into its meaning. It’s a wonderful way to honor your family’s heritage, or to choose a name from a culture that you admire.

Think About How It Sounds

The sound of a name can be just as important as its meaning. Does it roll off the tongue or is it a little clunky? Does it convey strength or gentleness? The sound of a name can affect how others perceive your child.

Consider the Future

Remember, your child’s name is with them for life. Considering how the name might be perceived in different contexts, such as professionally or socially, can help avoid any potential issues down the line.

Find Personal Connections

Perhaps a name has a special meaning in your family, or it’s the name of someone you deeply respect. Personal connections can make a name even more special.

Reflect on its Bearer

Think about the person or character who inspired the name. Is it someone who embodies qualities you wish for your child? Reflect on this as part of the naming process.

Seek Input

Talking to loved ones or involving them in the decision process can be rewarding and provide a range of insights, resonating meaningfully with various family members.

Wrapping Up Names Meaning Last or Complete

Choosing a name that means ‘end’, ‘last’, or ‘complete’ is a powerful way to embed deep significance into the fabric of your child’s identity.

It reflects the past, honors the present, and offers a prophetic glimpse into their future.

Enjoy the process of searching through hundreds of names until you find the one that speaks to you and feels like the perfect match.

Customize these suggestions to your unique preferences and remember, ultimately the name you choose is in celebration of this new, irreplaceable life that you’re bringing into the world.

The list above is only a starting point. You’re encouraged to combine elements, vary spellings, or even create entirely new names that resonate with your desired theme.

May the name you choose be the beginning of a grand adventure, and may it bring joy and distinction to your child throughout their days.

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