104 Enchanting Baby Girl Names That Mean Fairy

Welcome to a magical realm where names are not just words, but windows to enchanting stories and mythical whispers.

Delve into our collection of captivating baby names that mean Fairy, where each name is a spellbinding blend of elegance and mystique.

Imagine naming your little one with a moniker that carries the charm of fairytales, the allure of ancient myths, and the delicate touch of the supernatural.

These names are woven from the threads of folklore and fantasy, ready to wrap your child in a cloak of wonder and whimsy.

Let’s explore together the names that are as magical as the beings they represent, names that promise to sprinkle a little fairy dust on the life of your little one.

Why Choose Baby Names That Mean Fairy

Choosing a baby name that means Fairy carries with it a special significance, infusing your child’s identity with an essence of magic, curiosity, and beauty.

These names serve as a bridge to the natural world, embodying the delicate balance and harmony found in nature, much like the fairies that dance in tales of lore.

They stand as a testament to your hopes for your child to possess qualities such as grace, kindness, and a spirited sense of wonder.

Furthermore, opting for a name with fairy-inspired roots celebrates cultural heritage and storytelling, preserving the rich tapestry of myths and legends that have been passed down through generations.

It’s a way to gift your child a legacy of enchantment, inspiring them to carry forward the stories and dreams that such names evoke.

Enchanting Girl Names That Mean Fairy

Enchanting Girl Names That Mean Fairy

Adelina – (German) Adelina means “small winged one,” suggesting a delicate and ethereal beauty reminiscent of a gentle fairy.

Alette: Like Adelina, Alette carries the meaning “small winged one” in Latin, evoking images of grace and elegance in flight.

Alfreda: In Old English, Alfreda means “elf power,” hinting at a mystical strength and otherworldliness.

Amitola: This beautiful Native American name means “rainbow,” symbolizing hope and promise like a magical sign in the sky.

Aine – (Irish) Aine signifies “radiance, glow, splendor,” echoing the enchanting allure of a sparkling fairy.

Ariel – (Hebrew) Ariel is synonymous with the spirited and enchanting sea fairy, known for its magical connection to the ocean.

Aurora – (Latin) Aurora means “dawn,” like the dawn fairy spreading light and joy at the break of day.

Ashera: In Hebrew, Ashera represents the goddess of fertility and motherhood, embodying the nurturing aspect of the divine feminine.

Aubrette: Aubrette means “elf” in German, conveying a playful and mischievous character.

Aurora: A repeat, but worth mentioning again as the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology, symbolizing new beginnings.

Avery: In Old English, Avery means “the ruler of elves,” suggesting leadership and authority in a mystical realm.

Breena – (Celtic) Breena means “fairy palace,” inviting thoughts of grandeur and mystical places beyond our imagination.

Brucie: Originating from Scottish, Brucie means “forest fairy,” bringing to mind the guardians of ancient woods.

Calliope: In Greek, Calliope means “beautiful voice,” reminiscent of the enchanting melodies that might be sung by a muse.

Calypso: A sea nymph in Greek mythology, Calypso embodies the allure and mystery of the ocean.

Celeste: Meaning “heavenly” in French, Celeste evokes the celestial and the divine, like a fairy from the skies.

Chepi: This charming Algonquin name means “fairy,” suggesting a connection to nature and the indigenous spirit of North America.

Dela: Dela carries the meaning “small winged one” in Latin, similar to Adelina and Alette, emphasizing the beauty in delicacy.

Deema: In Arabic, Deema means “soft, rainy cloud,” evoking a sense of gentleness and refreshment.

Dianthe: Dianthe means “divine flower” in Greek, symbolizing a beauty that is otherworldly and sublime.

Elara – (Greek) Associated with myths of a beautiful nymph or fairy, Elara signifies enchantment and allure.

Elga: Elga, meaning “elfin spear” in English, suggests a warrior spirit within the fairy realm.

Elisa: Elisa means “swan princess,” conjuring images of elegance, grace, and beauty.

Ellie: In Greek, Ellie means “beautiful fairy woman,” celebrating the beauty and charm of fairy folklore.

Elvina: Elvina means “elf empress” in Old English, indicating majesty and sovereignty in the mystical world.

Fay: A simple yet profound name, Fay means “fairy” in Old English, capturing the essence of fairy folklore.

Fayora – (Invented) Fayora is a blend of “fairy” and “aura,” suggesting a mystical and enchanting presence.

Fayetta: In French, Fayetta means “little fairy,” emphasizing the diminutive and delicate nature of fairies.

Fairy: Direct and to the point, Fairy means, as one would guess, “fairy” in English, embodying the magic and wonder of these mythical beings.

Fae – (English) Fae simply means “fairy,” evoking magic, mystery, and the supernatural.

Faylinn – (English) Faylinn means “fairy kingdom,” transporting thoughts to a realm of enchantment and beauty.

Feya: Feya means “fairy” in Hebrew, adding to the international collection of names that celebrate these magical creatures.

Firtha: Firtha means “sea maiden” in Scottish, hinting at a connection between fairies and the vast, mysterious ocean.

Flora: A fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Flora symbolizes the nurturing aspect of nature and the gentle care of the fairy folk.

Hai: Meaning fairy shoe in Vietnamese, Hai invites curiosity about the tiny, intricate details that define the fairy world.

Ilayda: Meaning “water fairy” in Turkish, a magical being associated with aquatic elements.

Iridessa: (Invented) This name is inspired by radiant, light-filled fairy qualities, evoking images of glowing and magical beings.

Linetta: Meaning “small songbird” in Welsh, suggesting a delicate and melodious nature reminiscent of fairy tales.

Linette: Meaning fairy or nymph in French, conjuring images of mystical forest dwellers with enchanting powers.

Liriel: (Invented) This name blends the grace of song with fairy beauty, suggesting a lyrical and ethereal presence.

Luna: (Latin) for the moon, which is often associated with Lunar fairies and the magical night sky.

Lynette: Meaning “small songbird” in French, similar to Linetta, it evokes the gentle and harmonious aspects of nature.

Mariam: Meaning “star of the sea” in Latin, suggesting a luminous and guiding presence in the vast ocean.

Marica: Meaning “nymph” in Romanian, referring to a spirit of nature that is both beautiful and mysterious.

Maurelle: Meaning “elfin” in French, indicating a small and graceful being with magical powers.

Melody: Meaning “music” in Greek, a name that reflects the harmonious and enchanting qualities of fairy tales.

Melian: (Literature) from J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, akin to a fairy, representing wisdom and ethereal beauty.

Migina: Meaning fairy woman in Native American, suggesting a guardian of nature with mystical abilities.

Naida: Meaning “water nymph” in Arabic, symbolizing a graceful entity that embodies the fluid beauty of water.

Nidaw: This Omaha name means “fairy,” offering a unique cultural perspective on these enchanting beings.

Nissa: Meaning “elf” or “fairy” in several Scandinavian languages, indicating a mischievous yet benevolent nature spirit.

Ondine: Meaning “spirit of the waters” in Latin, referring to a mythological figure associated with water’s life-giving and mysterious qualities.

Olette: Meaning “small winged one” in Latin, evoking the image of a diminutive being with the power of flight.

Oona: (Irish) means “queen of the fairies,” indicating sovereignty and majesty within the fairy realm.

Pari: Meaning fairy in an Indian language, emphasizing the universal appeal of these magical beings across cultures.

Parisa: Meaning fairy-like in Persian, suggesting an otherworldly beauty and elegance.

Pippy: Meaning “horse lover” in Swedish, a name that while not directly fairy-related, captures the whimsical and free spirit often associated with these creatures.

Posy: Meaning “small flower” in English, reflecting the natural world’s delicate beauty that fairies are often connected to.

Poppy: Meaning “milk of happiness” in Latin, a flower name that conveys the joy and enchantment often associated with fairies.

Rhiannon: (Welsh) linked to fairy queens, a name that carries with it an air of mystery and regal beauty.

Rosemary: Meaning “sea dew” in Latin, a herb associated with remembrance and the mystical.

Rusalka: Meaning “wood sprite” in Russian, referring to a forest-dwelling fairy with deep connections to the natural world.

Sadie: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew, a name that while not fairy-specific, suggests nobility and grace.

Sebille: A fairy, a name that is simple yet evocative of the magical and enigmatic nature of fairies.

Sen: Meaning “lotus flower” in Vietnamese, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth often found in fairy tales.

Shayla: Meaning fairy palace in Hindi, suggesting a grand and mystical dwelling place of fairy royalty.

Siofra: (Irish) means “elf” or “sprite,” a playful spirit, highlighting the whimsical and mischievous side of fairy folklore.

Soni: Meaning fairy princess in Japanese, a name that combines elements of delicacy, beauty, and nobility.

Taneisha: Meaning fairy queen and of American origin, a modern name that evokes the timeless appeal of fairy lore.

Tiana: Meaning fairy queen in Russian, another name that denotes leadership and majesty within the fairy kingdom.

Tien: Meaning fairy in Vietnamese, a simple yet powerful reminder of the enchanting and mysterious nature of fairies.

Tinka: Meaning “heavenly one” in Latin, suggesting a celestial or divine aspect to the fairy’s nature.

Titania: The queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a name that has become synonymous with fairy royalty and grandeur.

Trixy: Meaning “blessed” or “voyager through life” in Latin, a name that conveys a sense of adventure and fortune.

Tryamon: A fairy princess in Arthurian legend, linking the name to tales of chivalry and enchantment.

Tunder: Meaning “fairy” in Hungarian, a word that captures the magical essence of these mythical beings.

Viviane: (Arthurian) the Lady of the Lake, a fairy enchantress, known for her wisdom, beauty, and powerful magic.

Willo: (English) evokes willow trees, where fairies are often said to dance, a name that connects the bearer to nature and mysticism.

Yaritza: Meaning “tiny butterfly” in Portuguese, a name that emphasizes transformation and the delicate beauty associated with fairies.

Win: Meaning “elf,” a straightforward name that brings to mind the playful and benevolent aspects of fairy folklore.

Zia: Meaning “splendor” or “light” in Latin, a name that reflects the brightness and positive energy often attributed to fairies.

Each name is imbued with its own kind of magic, hoping to bring not just a unique moniker to your child, but a story, a character, and a little touch of enchantment from the very first breath.

Enchanting Irish Girl Names That Mean Fairy

Ailsa: Meaning “elf victory.”

Aine: Meaning “the queen of fairies.”

Aisling: Meaning “dream” or “vision,” often associated with mystical fairy dreams.

Beagan: Meaning “little one.”

Breena: Meaning “fairy land.”

Dana: An Irish goddess.

Elida: Meaning “small winged one.”

Elfie: Meaning “elf.”

Elvinia: Meaning “queen of the elves.”

Firtha: Meaning “maiden of the sea.”

Kelpie: This Celtic water horse turns into a beautiful woman.

Marilla: Meaning “shining sea.”

Marin: Meaning “star of the sea.”

Meriol: A sea nymph.

Pixie: A naughty, mythical flying creature.

Shae: Meaning “from the fairy fort.”

Shailagh: Meaning “one who is from the fairy palace.” Shailyn and Shaylah are pretty variations.

Siobhan: Meaning “graceful fairy.”

Siofra: Meaning “elf.”

Talulla: Meaning “princess of abundance” or could be interpreted as “lady of abundance” in a fairy sense.

Teagan: Meaning “beautiful, perfect” which can be associated with the ethereal beauty of fairies.

Una: Derived from “Oonagh,” meaning “queen of the fairies.”


Your Fairy Tale Awaits…

In wrapping up our enchanting journey through the realm of fairy-inspired names, we hope you’ve discovered not just a name, but a gateway to a world where magic is real, and every day holds the possibility of a new adventure.

Whether drawn to the delicate strength of Aisling or the regal charm of Una, may your choice inspire stories to be told and dreams to be dreamt.

Remember, in every name lies a spell waiting to be cast—may yours enchant the world in the most wondrous ways.

Your story, like those of the fairies, is just beginning. 🧚✨

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